Ford Knows When You’re Breaking The Law, But It Won’t Tell

Image via IgorGolovniov/Shutterstock

A Ford executive divulged a little secret yesterday at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Appearing in a panel discussion on data privacy, Ford’s global vice president of marketing and sales Jim Farley said Ford has access to plenty of information but doesn’t use it.

We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing. By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone,” he said.

He did say privacy policies could change in the future. While Ford isn’t about to partner with police to dole out speeding tickets, Farley imagines that the company may one day supply aggregate, anonymous data to marketers. As an example, he said traffic data could be used by event venues to make last-minute adjustments to parking plans.

Farley’s statement is obvious – of course your GPS can supply information about driving habits – but still scary. If you’re that concerned about your privacy, maybe you should take up biking.