Former CEO Of Groupon Releases Album To Mixed Reviews

Image via Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason, the founder and ousted CEO of Groupon, released a seven-track album entitled “Hardly Workin’” that’s seen mixed reviews. The album is available on iTunes, where, as of this writing, it has three out of five stars and nine total reviews.

Mason wrote on his blog this morning, “This album pulls some of the most important learnings from my years at the helm of one of the fastest growing businesses in history, and packages them as music.  Executives, mid-level management, and front-line employees are all sure to find valuable takeaways. I’ve probably listened to the album over a dozen times now, and with each spin I feel like I learn something.

Mason has described the record as “motivational business music targeted at people newly entering the workforce.” Many people thought his record venture would turn out to be a joke, as he is notorious for being a prankster, even in his role as CEO. Mason once hired someone to walk around Groupon headquarters in a tutu and dedicated office space to a fictitious character.

One reviewer of the album on iTunes wrote,

“Andrew Mason is notorious for being a prankster. And I’m pretty sure no self-respecting man would put out this kind of music seriously.” A five-star reviewer wrote, “Kind of like a business version of Ween.” TechCrunch says, “If you’re a tech exec who finds Nickelback a bit too edgy, Groupon’s former CEO Andrew Mason has just released an album for you… Hardly Workin’” is 80s alternative rock about how to run your startup. I can’t tell if it’s a joke or not, but, regardless, it will make you laugh, either with or at Mason.”

The album is also up on RapGenius, a website that helps listeners decipher lyrics. Business Insider Broke down some of the lyrics. Here is a sample:

Song: K.I.S.S

Meaning: Mason has a blues-style feel to K.I.S.S. where he pays homage to the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The song is all about keeping it simple. Mason arguably turned a very simple idea into a once incredibly successful company with millions of subscribers, and a billion dollars in funding.

Song: Look No Further

Meaning: “If you’re seeking business wisdom, you don’t need no MBA. Look no further than the beauty that surrounds us every day.”

Mason famously never got an MBA. Instead, he majored in music. But one could argue that maybe you do need an MBA, given what happened to Mason. 

You can see the full break-down at Business Insider and lyrics on RapGenius.