Fox Business Network’s Charles Payne’s 5 Reasons To Invest

Fox Business

In today’s economy people are always looking at ways to make and save more money. A lot of people are afraid to invest in the stock market. Below are 5 reasons why you should invest in the market:

1. Economic Independence

Getting a great education helps you on the path to financial success but the destination of independence only happens when your money works for you. You must be an owner and must be committed.

2. Beat The Ravages Of Inflation

Sticking your cash in the bank or under a pillow is the worst mistake… I’m not sure why they don’t call this “risk on” because we know it’s going to be devoured. Your money most grow in value faster than inflation can eat it away.

3. Enhance Comfort And Options In Retirement

We are living longer and while everyone is worried about the solvency of Social Security not enough people are doing enough to make sure those golden years are indeed golden. You cannot live the life you want balancing on the social safety net.

4. A Greater Sense Of Self

Owning stocks, owning businesses, having skin in the game enhances your sense of self. You become aware of things and you gain a sense of pride that also influence those around you.

5. A Better Hobby Than Ant Farm

Have you ever looked at an ant farm? It gets real borrowing after a few hours and it’s hard to remember each ant’s name.

FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne is the host of Making Money with Charles Payne debuting tonight (June 2nd) at 6PM/ET. The show will explores investment avenues based on the day’s top stories. Each night Payne will be joined by a panel of business and market experts to debate the headlines, give viewers an end-of-day wrap, and provide an insider’s look at tomorrow’s money makers.