Freedom Tower BASE Jumpers Face Criminal Charges

Four men were arrested for an alleged September BASE jump off the One World Trade Center, better known as the Freedom Tower, Monday. The video above, which is both terrifying and awesome for its beautiful view of New York City, shows a first person view of the jump off the tower.

The four men—Andrew Rossig, James Brady, Kyle Hartwell and Marco Markovich—are facing multiple charges from the Manhattan district attorney’s office, including burglary. Three of the men took part in the jump, while a fourth acted as a lookout. They were arraigned Monday night and released on $3,500 bail.

This is the second break in at the Freedom Tower in recent months. Just last week, a teenager climbed to the very top of the 1,368-foot building by entering the premise through a hole in the fence. He was later arrested for the stunt.

Timothy Parlatore, Rossig’s attorney, is accusing the city of lax security around the building, seen as how the teenager’s stunt happened six months after the BASE jump.

This isn’t the first time Rossig and Brady have been in trouble for BASE jumping. Both were previously arrested in December 2012 for trying to jump from a tower in the Bronx, according to a Bronx Times report. Rossig was also arrested in 2008 after jumping from an Orange Country bridge.