F*ck Yeah! 20 Reasons Men Love A Woman With A Dirty Mouth

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Cursing is an art form. Some people are good at it, some aren’t. There are still some people out there who will tell you that using profanity demonstrates a lack of vocabulary or intelligence. Those people can suck my fat fucking balls. Some of the most creative, imaginative language I’ve ever heard has been centered on swearing. So let’s put that one to rest, okay?

“Fucking” may be the greatest, most versatile adjective of all time. The difference between “great” and “fucking great” is immeasurably vast. For example, if someone went to a concert and told me, “It was fucking awesome,” I’m like, “Shit, I wish I’d been there.” Conversely, if that same someone told me, “It was quite wonderful,” well, that paints a less-enticing picture, and I don’t really feel like I missed out on anything.

Or what about “goddammit?” By the way, as you can see, I prefer the phonetic spelling of that particular curse. You can spell it however you fucking want. There is no other phrase in the English language that makes a point like a well-placed “goddammit!” Especially when expressing displeasure. When someone shouts it out, you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that someone’s in big trouble.

Anyway, the thing about cursing, even among those who accept it, is that there’s still a widely held double standard about men vs. women using it. Even some men who drop an f-bomb every other word sometimes cringe when they hear the same kind of language from the fairer sex. Well, fuck all that. There’s nothing wrong at all with a woman who knows how to curse. In fact, there’s something very right about it, and I’ve provided you with a handy list of why that is.

But before we get into the particulars, here’s a quick caveat: Read the room. Weather you do or don’t have a dick, never swear around kids or old people. That’s really fucking tacky.

1. They tell it like it fucking is.

When people aren’t afraid to curse, you usually can assume they’re being honest, because they clearly don’t have much of a filter.

2. They don’t take any shit.


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Women who curse freely will not put up with your bullshit. Don’t believe me? Try it and see. She’ll rip you a new asshole.

3. They’re goddamn sexy.

Clearly, this is a matter of taste, but if you don’t agree, you’re wrong.

4. They don’t give a damn what any mother-fucker thinks.

Not giving a shit about the opinions of others is always an attractive quality.

5. They talk really fucking dirty during sex.

Oh yeah. You will hear some of the filthiest shit you’ve ever heard in your life. You better do it, too.

6. You don’t have to watch your own goddamn mouth.

Isn’t it refreshing to not have to censor yourself around the person with whom freedom of expression should be so important?

7. They’re really fucking funny.

This flies in the face of most of the shit on this list, but there’s something hilarious about a cute, five-foot woman with a squeaky voice cursing like a sailor. And then you’ve got Sarah Silverman. Awesome.

8. They don’t give a shit about being ladylike.

Fuck that noise. Haven’t we moved past those antiquated definitions of a lady, anyway?

9. They’re fucking passionate.

A good curse word here and there let’s people know you fucking mean it.

10. They don’t keep shit inside.

You always know where you stand with a woman who’s not afraid to let loose with a profanity-heavy tirade.

11. They don’t date pussies.

Guys who blush easily need not apply.

12. They’re allowed to say “the c word,” which is funny to hear in the right context.

Dudes aren’t allowed to say this word unless they’re British. But a woman can drop it whenever she wants. Cue the spit-take.

13. They know how to tell a fucking story.

I don’t know. Without a few f-bombs, I tend to drift off.

14. They know how to have a good goddamn time.

Let’s be honest. People who curse are a lot more fun than people who don’t.

15. They’re creative as shit.

This falls under the “expression” umbrella, but there’s a definite correlation between swearing and creativity.

16. They’re strong as shit.

A woman who swears a lot is not someone you want to fuck with.

17. It shows they’re fucking confident.

Cursing projects confidence. It’s fucking true.

18. They’re generally less fucking stressed out.

Profanity releases tension. Believe it and practice it.

19. They’re not afraid of a goddamn thing.

I hate using the word “fierce,” but it applies here.

20. They’re clearly not fucking concerned with gender-specific stereotypes.

So maybe she’ll pick up the goddamn check every once in a while.