Geeky Retailers Offer Special Black Friday Deals To Bitcoin Users

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More than 400 retailers are offering exclusive deals today to people paying in Bitcoins, according to Techcrunch. And because of the simple nature of Bitcoin and its typical user, many of these deals are on the geeky side.

The deals offered on include discounted Reddit Gold, sriracha bacon lollipops and more bitcoins. And if you really have a lot of bitcoins to spend, you can always buy that special someone a trip to space.

The Practicality Of The Sale

Bitcoin Black Friday offers good deals, but only if you find something you actually want. Some online retailers, for example, are giving across-the-board discounts of 10 or 20 percent when you pay with bitcoins.

But the retailers and their deals are very niche. Techcrunch points out that you won’t find big retailers like eBay or Google on the list, for example. And there’s a reason for that. These companies have their own forms of payment to push, eBay preferring PayPal and Google using Google Wallet.

There is one thing the sale is definitely good for: giving to charity. Users can currently choose from 34 charities and charitable companies to support on the Bitcoin Black Friday site. And many donations earn something in return. Gocoin is offering to match every donation made to The Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica, for example. And if you buy a belt on Completely Royal, the company gives you a 15 percent discount and donates 10 percent of the price to the charity Raising Bitcoin for Phillipines.

Whatever you’re in the market for, Bitcoin Black Friday deals are worth browsing for any Bitcoin user. Browse all of today’s Bitcoin Black Friday deals here.