Get A Fake Girlfriend On Facebook For $20


Embarrassed to be the only single among your group of friends? Want to make an ex-girlfriend jealous and show her you’ve had no trouble moving on and up? has the answer.

For $20 Brazilian company will create a fake Facebook profile to serve as a customer’s “girlfriend,” complete with comments and relationship statuses showing her true love for her boyfriend, over a seven-day period. Although it hasn’t released numbers, the site says it has “a lot” of male clients and plans to add fake boyfriends in the future.

The fake girlfriends are entirely fictitious and are unlikely to get busted by the real thing. says “all profiles are fictitious and not based on real people,” so don’t worry about the girl in the picture coming forward or her real-life boyfriend.

Although a fake girlfriend might get your match-making mother off your back for a few days, it may be against Facebook’s terms of service. The social network clearly forbids the creation of any profiles that “provide false information,” or the creation of any accounts “for anyone other than yourself without permission.” But that will be NamoroFake’s bridge to cross.

[Image via Namorofake]