Ghanaian Tribe Celebrates Death By Being Buried In Very Unusual Coffins

The Ga tribe in Ghana has a different outlook on death. Rather than mourning an individual’s passing, they celebrate that the person is beginning an exciting journey in the afterlife. To commemorate the occasion, they make sure to send their loved ones off in style. Numerous coffin vendors in the area create custom coffins that reflect each person’s life or livelihood.

Coffins can represent what people did for a living or what they enjoyed. They can take the form of just about anything. Pictures show a wide range of coffins in the shape of animals, foods, shoes, cars and cigarettes.

Apparently such a send-off doesn’t come without a price. Each coffin can cost up to $400, close to the average person’s annual salary.

Red fish, a very common fish in the region of Accra

Pig coffin ordered for a fisherman who was also a businessman who introduced pigs in Accra

Agouti (a kind of rodent) for a man who loved to eat its meat

Eagle for a chief

Turtle to symbolize slow passage into death

Accra’s public bus for a driver

Mercedes Benz for a successful business man

Airplane, a symbol of a successful businessman

Cruise Ship

Fishing Boat

Onion for a farmer

Cocoa pod for a farmer

Corn for a farmer

Bible for a religious person

Star® bottle of beer

Aquarius soda can

Wrench for a mechanic

Traditional sword for a traditional ruler

Old cell phone



Computer Mouse


Ghana Airways

Filtered Cigarette

Hammer for a carpenter

Piano for a musician

Fuel pump for a gas station manager

Plane joiner for a carpenter



Asante tool for a traditional leader

Trowel for a mason


Hen for a mother

Lion for a chief

Bic pen and notebook for a teacher