Google Gets Slammed By Microsoft With New Scroogled Merchandise

Image via Microsoft

Google has been taking fire lately over its recent admission of retrieving data from users without their permission. In the latest installment of the story, we find Microsoft taking aim at Google through its Scroogled merchandis, which is aimed at mocking Google.

The difference between simply calling Google out on its breach of privacy and making the big dog mad is a fine line, and Microsoft may be crossing that line. With a new line of products that feature Google’s Chrome browser logo and mocking statements, Microsoft may be in for a battle royale.


With coffee mugs lettered with the words “Keep Calm While We Steal Your Data,” and T-shirts with “I’m Watching You” screen-printed on them under Google’s logo, the company may have grounds for a lawsuit. The original aim of the Scroogled campaign was for Microsoft to have an outlet for poking fun at Google’s shopping search results and make fun of Gmail as a custom advertising service. However, with Google’s admission comes a whole new arena for Microsoft to use to poke at its nemesis.

Apple Remains Quiet

Amazingly enough, Apple has not joined in the fun of designing wearable clothes mocking Google. Perhaps this is because Tim Cook is more focused on creating a profit than making fun of a competitor; or it could be that Samsung has Apple all tied up with court litigation and the company doesn’t have time to mess with Google. Of course, the third option might be that Apple did order wearable items to market, but the delivery trucks were using Apple Maps to locate their drop point, which might explain why they are not here yet. I guess we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, a spokesperson from Google said that “Microsoft’s latest venture comes as no surprise. Competition in the wearable space is really heating up.” While this may be true, if Microsoft has its way, the only thing getting cooked is Google’s Goose.