Google Honors Hermann Rorschach By Asking What Do You See? #RorschachDoodle

Image via Google

Today, Google honors the 129th birthday of Hermann Rorschach, who invented the inkblot used to diagnose mental illness such as schizophrenia and personality disorder.

Even if you’ve never been the person on the other side of the ink blot card, you probably know what it is. Rorschach would hold up the card and ask the person to interpret what he or she saw. In this way, the person’s responses are usually representative of their mood and/or personality.

Head to, and you’ll see Google Doodle’s own variation of the ink blot test. It features a pair of disembodied hands holding an ink blot card, and inviting you to share what you see on Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter.

Now, a trending topic is #rorschachdoodle on Twitter, where people are doing just that.

What do you see? Let us know in the comments below.