Guy Does 29 Celeb Impressions In One Song, Result Is Jaw-Droppingly Amazing (Video)

Rob Cantor is first and foremost a musician. This LA native’s debut album, “Not a Trampoline,” has gotten rave reviews from buyers, but it’s probably his performance of the original song, “Perfect,” in 29 different celebrity voices, that will leave your mouth hanging open.

And Cantor doesn’t discriminate. Everyone from Frank Sinatra and Ray Romano to Britney Spears and Shakira — even a few… non-humans — makes pseudo-cameos in Cantor’s performance. The impressions are so spot on, you won’t know whether to watch, listen or rewind the video over and over again. Cantor’s incredibly talented vocal cords even spend some time multitasking as musical instruments. Also, the song is pretty awesome on its own.

So, what does this singer/songwriter/impressionist sound like in real life? Ironically, just another celeb.