How Much Is An Hour With Apple CEO Tim Cook Worth?

Image via CharityBuzz

How much is an hour of Tim Cook’s time worth? According to his 2012 salary filed with the SEC, Cook makes about $2,000 an hour based on a 40-hour work week. But apparently people are willing to spend a shit-ton more to spend some time with Apple’s head honcho. Charitybuzz is auctioning the chance to have coffee with Cook, and the latest bid is for a whopping $600,000, and there’s 15 days left in the auction.

The opening bid of $50,000 was placed on April 24, and within two days the auction had surpassed Charitybuzz’s previous all-time high bid of $255,000 placed in a previous auction to spend a whole day with former President Bill Clinton.

Proceeds from the auction, as well as a number of other Charitybuzz sales, will be donated to the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. Some of those auctions include a meeting with Elon Musk and a tour of Los Angeles’ SpaceX Center.

Several of the bidders appear to be Web companies, no doubt hoping for some of Cook’s time to tout their products. But the winner should know there won’t be much shop talk during the meeting at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. According to the auction’s rules, “the winner cannot blog, social network, talk to press, write about, take pictures or record during the experience in any way due to security regulations.” The winning bidder must also sign a non-disclosure agreement, and travel costs aren’t included. Of course, anyone who can afford a $600,000-plus coffee break can surely afford a plane ticket to California.