I Love Watching News Anchors Fail At Their Job! Best Bloopers From June 2013 (Video)

News bloopers  From June 2013

There’s something magical about seeing news people break out of their seemingly robotic “General American” accents and start swearing, have an on-screen nose bleed, or even run away from spiders.

I have a theory that most news anchors and morning show hosts are constantly drunk on screen and this seems to give it some validation.

The last several minutes of the the video focuses on an ongoing beef between CBS 3’s righteous babe newscaster, Nicole, and her apparent weather woman nemesis, Carol. Nicole unleashes an on-going flurry of snide personal attacks on Carol, who is not so easy on the eyes, but perhaps had her day back before all the wine coolers and cartons of Virginia Slims, to the point where it’s almost uncomfortable to watch.

Makes you wonder if Carol has stolen Nicole’s adderall or something?

Probably the case.