iLeak: Fifth Avenue Apple Store Has Rain Problem

Apple stores may be home to some of the best-designed gadgets available, but its stores may need some redesign after yesterday’s events.

A torrential downpour hit New York City yesterday, and soon a large bubble began to appear in the ceiling of the Fifth Avenue store. Apple employees rushed to solve the problem and began furiously moving tables full of devices out of the way. Onlookers watched with glee as rain began drizzling through the bubble in the ceiling. Thankfully no precious Apple devices were harmed during the incident.

I’m not surprised that the storm yesterday would have caused damage to any sort of structure in the city, but this is Apple were talking about. A technology company that prides itself in making the most durable and well-designed technology on the market. A similar incident to yesterday’s happened two weeks ago, and the summer thunderstorms have barely started yet.

Let’s hope Apple can avoid another embarrassing incident like this one in the coming months. It doesn’t help that the inside of this particular Apple store looks more like an industrial warehouse than something out of the future.

For those who can’t be bothered to watch two 30-second videos, Jimmy Buntley summarized it all for you on Vine: