An Instagram Account Named ‘Tips For Jesus’ Is Surprising Lucky Servers With $10,000 Tips

A new Instagram account is making waves in the service industry. The people behind the account are posting pictures of their bills and the obscenely high tips they leave – up to $10,000.

The wealthy tippers haven’t revealed their identities to the public. Instead, the Instagram account tipsforjesus simply says they are “doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.” And lucky servers and bartenders say the receipts are completely real. “These guys are 100% legit,” Instagram user robbie734 commented on one of the pictures. “Not just amazing tippers but truly nice people also… I can assure you the tips were processed and went through!!!”

Receipts are snapped from all over the country, from Hollywood to Chicago. And the exorbitant tips aren’t just confusing the recipients. The charges regularly confound credit card companies, raising red flags for potential fraud. This means the people at Tips For Jesus have to do a lot of backtracking and always check their credit statements.

After one person said she hadn’t received the tip yet, tipsforjesus responded, “AMEX got paid, you should’ve got paid… Tipsforjesus pays its tabs!”