Jimmy Choo Panda Clutch Available for $15,000

This holiday season the devil—or the angel—will love panda, at least for 28 fashionistas willing to drop $15,000 on designer Jimmy Choo’s newest handbag. The fashion icon enlisted New York visual design artist Rob Pruitt to infuse Choo’s signature panda design into an exclusive line of handbags. And exclusive they are. Not only do the designer clutches feature 11,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals and a detachable strap made of gold, but the limited-edition bags—available in either a devil panda or angel panda design—are rarer than the animal that inspired them. Only 14 of each style will be sold worldwide.

Choo’s directors first tapped into Pruitt’s talent earlier this year when he helped design the designer’s spring/summer 2013 capsule cruise collection. Choo’s creative directors knew Pruitt from his colorful, pop art-influenced work in the late ‘80s, and brought him on board to help create shoes, handbags and other leather accessories.

“We were captivated by Pruitt’s energy, his computer screen use of color and the festive exuberance of his prints and materials; there were elements in his work that reminded us in subtle ways of the Jimmy Choo design iconography,” Jimmy Choo creative directors Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway told Vogue UK. “We sensed that Rob’s twist on Jimmy Choo glamour would yield something very collectable and uniquely beautiful.”

Although rare, the Huffington Post compared the panda bags to colorful, sparkling Teletubbies, and countless bloggers have agreed. According to photos of the bags, they more closely resemble crystal-covered toys than any sort of purses. In fact, in a Huffington Post poll, more than 70 percent of readers stated they would never be caught carrying the panda bag. Less than 10 percent said the bag is adorable and worth every penny. The rest thought it was just overpriced. Perhaps that is why, although only 28 in all, they are still available to purchase on Choo’s Web site.

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