Kmart Ad So Funny You’ll Ship Yourself

The pun is most definitely intended in this ass-slapping hilarious ad for Kmart. Dude finds out he can ship his pants (to the store), and before you know it, everybody is shipping their pants, shipping their drawers, shipping their nightie and shipping their bed. Pretty ballsy advertising for the discount retailer, but it’s definitely caught on with folks.

The video has been viewed more than 620,000 times since it was posted on YouTube April 10, and garnered more than 2,700 comments. John Bell, for example, posted, “Take Notes Advertisers!!! Greatest campaigns I’ve seen in years, very well done… this is how to advertise to an internet generation… perfection.” And Austin Trip said, “I find this video difficult to masturbate to.” OK, maybe that was TMI, but still, the ad is genius marketing. Who is going to forget they can ship their K-Mart shit for free now? Maybe Alzheimer’s granny, but she won’t remember what she ordered, anyway.

Two thumbs up, K-Mart. This shit’s so funny we almost shipped ourselves!