Korean Girls Try American Snacks For The First Time, Are Not Impressed (Video)

What do Goldfish, Pop-Tarts, Rice Krispies Treats and other sugary snacks have in common, aside from being sugary snacks? Apparently they puzzle and repel people from other countries.

In a video posted by sw yoon, Korean girls are offered American junk food, some of which they’ve never tried before. While they appear to like chocolate Rice Krispies Treats, clearly approving of the chocolaty flavor and chewy texture, they’re not as impressed with the other items.

“When it melts in my mouth, it kinda feels like I’m eating belly fat” is how one girl describes Goldfish’s S’Mores flavor. The girls also do not approve of Twizzlers, which one taste-tester describes as like “chewing a rubber.” Mmm… nothing like belly fat and fruit-flavored latex!