Larry David To Star In HBO Movie: Clear History (Video)

This is some great news for me, and trust me when I tell you that I need this. I’ve recently been struggling with a serious episode of depression after learning that I can not play candy crush for 15:32 seconds due to an apparent lack of lives. (Damn you level 27!)

But never mind that.

Larry David, one of my favorite funny guys, will be starring in a movie that he co-wrote, with the help of some other funny Jewish guys.

The upcoming film, “Clear History,” is about a castaway-looking David dumping all of his stock in some start-up automobile company that ultimately proves to be a wild success. Hilarity ensues.

The cast in unbelievably star-studded including: Eva Mendes, Danny McBride, Kate Hudson, John “madman” Hamm.

August 10 2013. It’s going down.