Lay’s Offers Pepsi-Chicken Chips In China

Lay’s Offers Pepsi-Chicken Chips In China

Joining the ranks of some of the world’s strangest potato chip flavors, Pepsi-chicken Lay’s recently hit the shelves in China. Believe it or not, however, the cola-poultry flavored chips are not nearly as far-fetched as they sound. Cola chicken is a popular dish in China, where Pepsi is mixed with soy sauce to create a marinade that caramelizes when stir-fried. The chips are just the newest of several unique flavors that PepsiCo-owned Lay’s has released in recent years. Others include lemon tea, cucumber and hot-and-sour fish soup.

The flavors may sound odd, but creating potato chips that taste like local cuisine has become a growing trend worldwide. Other interesting chip flavors released in recent years include olive-flavored chips in Italy, spaghetti Bolognese chips in France, prawn cocktail chips and roast ox chips in the UK, Kyushu seaweed chips in Thailand and meat pie with tomato sauce chips in Australia, just to name a few.

[Image via PepsiCo]

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