Look Stunning In all Your Pictures With Facetune App

Image via Facetune

No one’s face is perfect. Acne, wrinkles and other blemishes can get in the way of a beautiful portrait. Photoshop and other editing tools can help us look beautiful, but the price tag and learning curve is off-putting to most. Want to hide that pimple? Maybe make your eyes a little bigger? Change your hair color?

In comes Facetune, the latest app that lets you touch up your face before you display it online. At only $2.99, Facetune is a cheap way to make sure you look great in all your social media pictures.

Image via Facetune/iTunes

Image via Facetune/iTunes

With a variety of editing features and a lot of filters, Facetune is hoping to make Photoshop and other expensive photo editing tools a thing of the past. Average users don’t need the extensive features of an Adobe program. They just need to make sure their faces looks good.

But sometimes photo editing can go a bit too far. We’ve all seen those funny “fail” posts where guys try to make their biceps look bigger, or girls try to increase the size of their boobs. Facetune specializes in faces, so hopefully we won’t see anything terrible come out of this app.

Below is a tutorial of how to transform an acne-ridden face into a beautiful portrait. As you can see, the app is simple to use, but it still requires a good touch and a bit of judgment in order for a picture to turn out well.

No word yet on when the app is coming to Android, but for now iPhone users can cheaply make their faces look polished and clean. Then you can share it on any social network of your choosing.

So maybe our news feeds will no longer be filled with ugly selfies and blemished faces. But hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Remember, when a girl’s profile picture is a 10, she’s likely a 6 in reality.  And after Facetune, online daters don’t stand a chance of recognizing their blind dates in a bar. As of yet, there’s no cure-all Photoshop for real life.