Looking For An Honest Man Or Woman? Don’t Go To D.C.

Looking For An Honest Man Or Woman? Don’t Go To D.C.

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Washington already has a crummy reputation, and honestly, so does online dating. You know what? If you’re dating online, and you’re from Washington, either move or start lying about your location. But… wait, wouldn’t that just throw you under the bus when it comes to this new study? Hmm. Better move then.

Before you just think I’m being an ass, let me explain. Whatsyourprice.com is a pretty big dating Web site that specializes in… well, date auctioning. That should be a piece of news on its own because that’s downright wrong. Anyway, you go and bid on hot days with hot people. And yes, it’s almost illegal because of anti-prostitution laws; but it’s not yet, so you’re free to find a hottie for $600 tomorrow night if you’d like. The Web site recently surveyed men and women around the country that both use and don’t use the Web site and found some interesting news.

D.C. is not only the infidelity capital of the US, it’s also the most dishonest city in the entire United States. I wonder if they’re being dishonest about that, too. A whopping 37 percent of men in the D.C. area are lying on their profiles. Usually it’s harmless stuff like career and education, and not number of kids, but still. That’s a lot of liars.

Here’s the top five list (Hint: don’t move there, ladies):

1. Washington D.C.
2. San Francisco
3. New York (not the whole damn state, at least)
4. Philadelphia
5. Miami

But ladies, you are definitely not off the hook. You lie too. Here are your top five lying cities (and you lie about more than men):

1. Vegas
2. Washington D.C.
3. Atlanta (lies about your WEIGHT, ladies? Tsk tsk)
4. Las Angeles
5. New York

The survey included almost 20,000 people, so these numbers are probably fairly accurate.

What’s sad about the whole thing is that 95 percent of men in Houston are honest and only 62 percent of women. Damn, that’s a lose-lose if I haven’t seen one before.

While I understand some people lie about some things because of insecurity or stupidity, I’m not sure why so many people lie about stupid crap like weight and height. I mean really, can’t someone just… look at you and figure out if you’ve fibbed or not? I mean, some people won’t notice, but some will, and they’ll immediately pin you as a liar. That’s so much worse than just telling the truth in the first place and never having to know if someone is only interested in you because you said that you were 5’4” on your profile and you’re actually 5’3”.

A young person’s advice, straight from my own experience: Stop being a douche bag to those who may love you forever. That’s exactly how you’re forever alone, and that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid because you’re dating online, right? Just be honest if your eyes are brown and not green. In the end, the right person won’t care… OK, that's a lie. They might care, but that's what contacts are for.