Man With Cerebral Palsy Working Out Will Inspire You (Video)

Thirty-year-old Scott may be unable to communicate normally (he uses a text-to-speech translator), but he certainly works out.

All my life people tell me I can’t do things because of my disability. I don’t take that,” Scott said in a video.

Scott’s story is heartwarming and incredibly inspirational. As a child, his mother tried to take him swimming. When he was unable to swim normally like the other kids in the pool, he was taken to a hospital, where the doctors diagnosed him with CP or Cerebral Palsy. CP is a very general term, but essentially it is a series of motor conditions that affects how the body operates. Scott’s CP is bad enough that he is unable to speak or use his legs normally. But he certainly can get to the gym and work on his biceps.

After sharing his story from his own home, the rest of the video shows Scott incredibly lifting hundreds of pounds and walking on the treadmill, setting up the weights and the machine all by myself. No one in the gym looks at him any differently, and Scott never seems to get frustrated with his disability at any point in the video.

“People who don’t have disability,” Scott said. “You need to stop being sorry for us. That doesn’t help us.” Scott is the first to admit that having a disability is a living hell, but he doesn’t want to be looked down upon for having one. If we can treat those who are disabled just like the rest of us, they will be able to give back to society. Scott constantly reaffirms that he is just like everyone else who doesn’t have a disability. His life is a lot harder, but that doesn’t make him any less of a human being.

Scott’s determination and hard work is nothing short of incredible. He ends the video with his lovable smile as he programs his machine to say, “Go big or go home.”