NCAA Denies Akron’s Request To Place Twitter Handle On Basketball Jerseys


Akron’s men’s basketball team was ready for its social media night Feb. 2 during its home game against Ohio. It even had special jerseys prepared with the team’s Twitter handle, @ZipsMBB, on the back in place of players’ names. But alas, it was not to be.

The Zips made sure to consult with the NCAA before planning its uniform alterations, and according to team spokesperson Dallas Moyer, Akron received a “vague” response that its idea did not violate NCAA Rule 3, Sec. 5, Art. 5, which states jerseys must “identify the school, the school nickname or mascot, or the player’s name.

We thought it would go through,” Moyer told ESPN.

It wasn’t until after the Zips created the promotional jerseys and distributed their images to national media outlets that it received additional world from the NCAA, advising Akron it could not wear the jerseys.

Therefore, Akron had to eat crow and released the following statement Jan. 28:

While we appreciate the social media response, we feel it’s important to set the record straight about our @ZipsMBB Social Media Night promotion and the jerseys we will wear for our next home game, as some incorrect information has been reported.

Our Men’s Basketball Twitter handle, @ZipsMBB, will not be on the backs of our jerseys when we play on @ESPNU at 5 p.m. Saturday at James A. Rhodes Arena. We had asked the NCAA if this was permissible and were told it is not.

[Image via @zipsMBB]

@ZipsMBB will appear on our shooting shirts, and we have planned plenty of other social media activities and promotions:

Should the NCAA have allowed the Twitter handles on the game jerseys? After all, it does identify the Zips. Perhaps the rules are outdated. What do you think?