Rap Genius Launches iPhone App

screen shot via iTunes/Rap Genius

Rap Genius just launched a new iPhone app, letting users more easily browse lyrics and content from their phones.

The app makes Google search results less important, as people can more easily go directly to Rap Genius for answers. That’s a big step for the site; it found out the hard way just how dependent it is on Google search results when it was punished for bad SEO tactics and almost entirely stopped showing up in searches.

Like the traditional website, the app will be able to give information like lyrics, annotations and news. It can automatically bring up information for a song playing from users’ Apple Music app. It also has a Shazam-like feature which can identify a song after listening to it for a short period.

Thousands of years from now, the mobile app is how people will remember Rap Genius,” co-founder Tom Lehman told TechCrunch.

Lehman’s official statement was along the same lines. “Right now, more than half of our traffic comes from mobile devices,” he said. “Soon, it will be 100% – In 1,000 years, when the aliens land, ‘Rap Genius’ will literally mean ‘that dope iPhone app’. This app has long been our users’ most-requested feature, and we’re pumped to finally deliver.”