Ron Burgundy Commercials Push Dodge Sales Higher

Image via Dodge/YouTube screenshot

Sometimes, all you need is a celebrity face in character to get sales pumping. The Dodge Durango campaign is a testament to this. The commercial, called “Staring Contest,” features The Anchorman’s Ron Burgandy (Will Ferrel) character. As a result, Dodge’s sales have spiked drastically.

According to analyst Michelle Krebs, sales of the new Durango climbed 59 percent in October with 5,120 and are up 50 percent for the year. She also stated that shopping for the Durango “soared on after the ad launched.”

In this ad, Ferrel demeans the power of a horse as compared to the Durango, and then promptly wins a staring contest against it.

Dodge brand boss Tim Kuniskis told Ad Age, “We’ve seen almost an 80 percent increase in Web traffic alone since the campaign launched.” Dodge’s ad agency, Wieden and Kennedy, gave complete creative control to Ferrell and his team at

So far, nine of the 70 videos they shot have been released. The full lineup is available on Dodge’s YouTube channel, and you won’t be disappointed. They’re short, funny, and very Burgundy.

Durango sales have been very strong this year, and the Ron Burgundy Durango ads are absolutely building on that momentum,” said Kuniskis.