Shocking PSA Filmed Using Google Glass Will Open Your Eyes About Domestic Violence (Video)

At this point you’re probably familiar with Google’s new wearable technology, Google Glass. The futuristic specs allow you to search the web, send text messages, and get directions with only the sound of your voice. The information is displayed right in front of your eyes on the inside of the glasses’ lens.

A London-based creative group recently produced a video entitled “Woman’s Day #throughglass” that shows a woman going about a normal day while wearing Google Glass.

The video starts with the woman picking out her outfit and ends with her being a victim of domestic violence.

Screams continue to resonate as the clip draws to a close. A message at the end reads, “Despite all of our progress, women still see this every day.”

The now viral video was released as part of Saturday’s International Women’s Day, which helps shine a light on the women subjected to abuse and domestic violence around the world.