Somersby Plays On ‘Apple’ To Sell Apple Cider

It’s 2013 and when we hear the word “apple,” we tend to think of the tech giant based in Cupertino, Calif. and founded by a couple of guys named Steve. It’s amazing how quickly we’ve forgotten the luscious little fruit that got Adam and Eve kicked out of paradise (OK, so we don’t really know what fruit was growing on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but I digress…). A new commercial from Somersby Cider is set on reminding us what apple came first, regardless of who holds the trademark.

The uber-creative ad depicts a group customers entering a typical apple store. The catch is, although it looks just like the classic Apple store, it’s set up to sell apples and apple cider. The commercial continues to play on words, noting apples come in “single core” or “dual core” varieties, explaining they can be eaten by moving them “in-to-face,” glasses of cider “click,” and apples are completely wireless.

The idea is rather clever. What remains to be seem is how Apple will react. Will Tim Cook and Co. get the joke or will they throw their weight around and sue Somersby for trademark infringement? Because how dare an apple company call the fruit “apples.” For that matter, maybe any fruit that resembles the Apple logo should just be eradicated. Who cares that Apple designed its logo from the fruit, no one else thought to trademark it, right? Sorry God, you snooze you lose.