Stop Watering Plants That Are Dead: A Principle For Growing Your Business


One size fits all does not translate well to business. When you are selling a product, you are either going to have customers, non-customers, or those in between – that’s it. Through your valiant efforts, you hope to turn those in the middle towards the side that gives you money.

Businesses spend $100’s of millions in an attempt to get customers in the middle. What they really should be doing is spending that $ on the customers they already have. Your loyal customers – whom are the core of your business because without them you wouldn’t exist – are the ones that are more likely to persuade those in the middle. So take care of them. Take really good care of them.

Your customers are more important than non-customers or those in the middle because they know how to speak the language of a customer. You don’t. You know how to speak the language of your business because that’s what you are. Sure, you can do surveys and hire strategist to learn more about your customers, but as long as you’re a company that intends to make a profit from what you sell, making money is going to be your primary goal.

And that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with making money. I, personally, love making money. I’m writing this article so you can use my advice to help make you more money. It is my belief that you should spend the money you make on the people that gave you money in the first place.

Don’t you dare call me a socialist – hear me out. What I’m saying is that you should treat your customers well so they can recommend you to their friends, people they meet, and whomever else might be in the middle of being your customer or being your non-customer. And here’s an even bigger reason: your customers are more likely to turn a non-customer into a customer way better than you ever could.

This is what you want to happen: your customers preaching and praising how wonderful you are to everyone they know. This is passive marketing. This is a way for you to focus your efforts on making better stuff to sell. This allows you to not worry about those in the middle or those that have turned their back on you. Don’t worry about those people. Don’t worry about getting new customers. If you take care of the customers you have, the rest will take care of itself.

The American pie is big enough to share. You CAN have your cake and you CAN eat it too. In America, everyone is a buyer and seller of something. We are at often times both. But if you really want to sell something, take care of the people that are buying it from you. And in return, your sales will go up. Your views will go up. You’ll get more emails.

Your plants will grow.