Supercar Crashes In A Polish Rally And Injures 19 People (Video)

Polish Koenigsegg accident

Tragedy struck Poznan, Poland on Sunday during the three-day Gran Turismo Polonia event, where a luxury sports car lost control and injured 17 adults and two children.

The entire scene was captured on video by a spectator, where the Swedish hyper-car, the Koenigsegg CCX, can be seen hurdling through a gated barrier just seconds after leaving the starting line, knocking down the 19 people. The car spun 180 degrees before coming to a halt, and a handful of people are seen rushing to the aid of the driver and innocent observers.

According to the Daily Mail, at least four people were seriously injured, including the two children. The motorist was not seriously injured and, thought the driver was determined to be sober, is being questioned.

Joseph Klimczewski, head of Highway Patrol in Poznan, told local news that the driver didn’t know how to operate his car. Watching the video, this is evident; he lost control of the vehicle very quickly on a straight stretch of road.

“There is no doubt that the driver of the vehicle has not mastered (it),’he said, adding that he had “no control of the vehicle.”