Take A Tour Inside A Ramen Noodles Factory And Learn How They’re Made (Video)

Ramen. The name conjures up visions of a cheap plastic-wrapped block of dehydrated noodles that are a staple in college dorm rooms across the country. The noodles may not look all that appealing at first glance, but surprisingly they are much more than vittles for cash-strapped students. In fact, the noodles are so popular that over 100 billion packs are consumed worldwide each year. That’s a lot of instant noodles.

If you’ve ever wondered how this starchy snack is made, this video gives an insider’s peek into the world of ramen noodles. “Potluck Video” visited Sun Noodles, where every day about 20,000 servings of noodles are made, to learn the process of how they are made. The basic ingredients are wheat flour, water, salt, and another ingredient that I promised my wife I’d never say again. It’s also pretty cool how they make their employees dress like Walt and Jesse from “Breaking Bad” since they too are mass-producing something highly addictive.