The Ryno Motorcycle Has Just One Wheel

Ryno Motors

The Ryno one-wheeled motorcycle is the first vehicle of its kind. The electric vehicle has just one wheel, and it balances itself. The rider sits atop it with a seat and handlebars that resemble those on a traditional motorcycle.

And riding a completely street-legal Ryno is meant to be intuitive. Lean forward to make it go forward, lean side to side or use the handlebars to turn, and lean back to stop.

It’s not be the most practical mode of transportation, but it’s similar to a Segway in a lot of ways. It has a maximum speed of about 10 mph and can go just 10 miles on a single battery charge, according to the website. The Segway can go a marginally faster 12.5 mph.

But the likeness to the Segway may work in Ryno’s favor, according to the New York Times. Chris Hoffman, the founder of Portland, Ore.’s Ryno Motors, is hoping security officers will replace Segways with Ryno’s electric unicycles.

Ryno Motors

Ryno Motors

And Ryno does have a leg up on Segway in some ways. Because it’s around the height of a small motorcycle, an officer would be able to stand upright while straddling the Ryno. “He can look right at whoever he’s talking to, and if he has to, he can drop it and run after someone,” Hoffman told the New York Times.

The Ryno is also cheaper, retailing at $5,295. Segways typically cost $6,000 to $8,000.

The original idea for the Ryno actually came from Hoffman’s daughter Lauren, who was 13 years old at the time. She saw a single-wheeled motorcycle in a video game, drew a picture of it and asked her father if he could make it for her. That was seven years ago.

Now, the cartoonish vehicle is about to become a reality. Hoffman told the New York Times that he plans to begin delivering Rynos April 16. As of early last week, he’s already received about 100 orders.