This 80-Year-Old Man Lives With Wild Wolves


Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I haven’t even watched this yet and I’m already declaring this man my hero. Sorry David Bowie and Marc Summers, you’re out bitches. Eighty-year-old German Werner Freund has been living with wild wolves in Germany for the last 30 years. The folks over at Vice made an 11-minute documentary about his life that you definitely need to check out. Just in case you’re questioning my hero criteria, dig this.Dude grew up in a village. Check. Was a marine. Check. Was an explorer. Check. Casually walks around chewin’ on bull penis. Check check check. Plus, there’s not a doubt in my mind this guy pretends to be a wolf when he’s boning his wife. Just watch the life of Werner Freund and be prepared to feel like a huge pussy.

“I have two lives. One as a human, one as a wolf. I prefer the life of a wolf.”