This Hilarious Craigslist Ad For ‘Super Mario Land’ Will Get You Pumped To Play On Your Game Boy

Image via Flickr/ Robin Danehav

“Longing for a simpler time, before anyone gave a shit about tending to virtual farms and your biggest concern was running out of AA batteries?”

That’s the pitch that one guy from Austin, Texas is using to try to sell his “Super Mario Land” for Game Boy, which he says is in good condition. The price: a whopping $5. The game is posted for sale on Central Austin’s Craigslist, and the seller is looking for “the one person in the world who owns a Game Boy and somehow has never owned the game that anyone who ever owned a Game Boy has already owned.”

Although limited in features, this classic 90s game is an item of nostalgia. And if you can’t remember just what was so fun about eating cartoon mushrooms and diving through weird obstacles to save Daisy, this guy will remind you with a list features that are rare to find since the dawn of the Internet.

screen shot via Craigslist

screen shot via Craigslist