This Hyundai Dealer ‘Erection’ Commercial Hopes To Excite You (Video)

YouTube screenshot

One Hyundai dealer in Long Island City, Queens, is going the extra mile to get some attention geared towards its dealership. And it got exactly what it wanted. In a 30-second commercial, the dealer managed to set up a scene that puts quite a vivid picture in your head.

It starts off simple enough. A wife comes into a doctor’s office, concerned about the state of her husband.

Well, he’s definitely excited,” the doctor says.

The wife replies, “They said if it lasted for more than four hours, we should call the doctor.”

He’s just been holding it like that?” the doctor asks.

Yes,” she responds, “with both hands.” And then the wife gets the dreadful news that “it will have to be removed.”

A creative play on words, the camera then turns to show the husband, who has a fixated, frozen expression of joy clutching a steering wheel. Long Island City’s Hyundai commercial was a ballsy move, but the ad was picked up the Huffington Post and garnered more than 250 comments and over one hundred shares collectively.

This isn’t the first time Hyundai dealerships have gone all out. The Brad Benson dealership in South Brunswick, New Jersey, advertised its cars with a video titled “40 Foot Erection.”

Here’s a question,” the dealer asks, “If I were to tell you that you could come visit our dealership to see my 40 foot erection, would you think I was just another car dealership making an exaggerated claim?”

Lo and behold, you shouldn’t be expecting to see an actual 40 foot erection, although the more than 8,000 YouTube views the video received were probably hopeful.