This Site Tracks Where In The World The F-Bomb Is Being Dropped On Twitter In Real Time

A website called, created by junior student at Carleton University, tracks Twitter users’ use of the f-bomb in real time. The site provides you with an interactive map showing you everywhere around the world that it’s being tweeted. You can then view that specific tweet by clicking on its corresponding drop-pin, which animatedly blows up like a bomb.

Describing where the idea for originated, on his personal website, Gingras says, “We were talking about how people misuse and abuse the English language. As the conversation devolved, swearing was brought up. In particular we talked about how swearing can completely undermine ones argument … From there our conversation wound its way to how it’d be neat to map where people swear.”

The Carleton student said it took him a couple months to get around to writing the coding, but when he finally did, he finished it over one weekend in October. A quick glance shows the United States with the most drop-pins, while U.K is comes in at second. Within the States, further along the East Coast seems to have the crown for most dropped f-bomb. And right now, the first snow day of the season seems to be really upsetting people in New York.

Still, there is no real purpose to the site, which is more symbolic to a gag gift than anything. Once you’ve clicked around to see what a few people are saying, there’s little left to do with it and no real traction to return. But even the coder is aware of that.

I am surprised by how wide spread the attention has been for for this website, however I agree that it is pretty entertaining and, in my humble opinion worth the 30-60 seconds it generally receives,” he write on his website.

The website only catches tweets using the f-word spelled out completely. Many people use it with asterisks or dashes, but those censored aren’t aren’t displayed.