Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admits To Purchasing Illegal Drugs

Image via Instagram/brucearthur

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford just keeps on messing up. For the second time this week, he’s confessed to smoking crack cocaine. And even though there are ways to tell if your mayor’s smoking crack, he’s managed to stay below the radar for a while.

Surrounded by dozens of reporters, when asked if he had smoked crack cocaine before, he replied, “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine. I’ve made mistakes… all I can do is apologize and move on… Am I an addict? No… Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago.”

Had he not given a recent timeframe, it might not have been as bad. But a year ago?

He claims that his trysts have been isolated instances, and wants to appear as if his honesty is noble amidst it all.Supposedly, there is a recording of the mayor smoking cocaine, although it has yet to be revealed. The mayor claimed in the interview above that he would rather everyone see the tape to know the truth.

I felt I had to say it,” the mayor told the Toronto Sun about coming clean about the scandal. “It is what is. I feel two inches high right now but I needed to deal with it. I am not going to quit or take a leave.”

Now, on the floor of Toronto’s city council this morning, he further admitted that he’d purchased illegal drugs over the past two years. But before he could answer there was an awkward, questionable pause, followed by a concrete, “Yes, I have.”

Toronto city councillors are attempting to suspend, but he hasn’t made any moves to step down voluntarily.