True Confessions Of A Hooters Girl

True Confessions Of A Hooters Girl

Image via Image via Rodolfo Arpia/Shutterstock

Image via Image via Rodolfo Arpia/Shutterstock

Contrary to popular belief, cup size is not on the Hooter’s job application and the restaurant does not subsidize servers’ breast augmentations. These, and other myths about the popular restaurant chain—known for its scantily-clad staff—were put to rest by a former Hooters Girl who recently spoke to Business Insider. According to Brittany, 28, Hooters does not ask job applicants to try on the uniform at any point during the interview process.

“It was just like any other restaurant,” she said. “You fill out an application and they talk to you, you wear what you want. I didn’t have to try on the uniform or anything.”
In fact, Brittany said, a lot of the Hooters girls—including her—are relatively flat-chested.

Our clients all had different tastes and I would say that there was someone for everyone. We had all kinds of women, with different races and features.”

Hooters does encourage its servers, however, to personalize customer service. Although the chain calls it the “hands-off approach,” servers are expected to pour customers beers, open all containers, and make sure diners don’t have to do anything but eat. They are also encouraged to sit down, talk and get to know customers. And although most of her customers were regulars, Brittany explained they certainly weren’t all men.

We had families all the time,” she said. “It’s a very kid and family-friendly environment. Wives, girlfriends, kids, not all the customers are men.”

Still, the 5’10”, 130-pound Caucasian who says she’s sometimes blonde and sometimes brunette got asked out on her fair share of dates. But she also explained most Hooters girls are just trying to make a living and work toward a better life.

People act like working at Hooters is a stepping stone to becoming a stripper,” she said. “That isn’t true at all. No one there is using their bodies to make money; they’re just servers in a restaurant. Like anyone, they’re working toward a better life.”

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