Video: Make A Candle From Butter

Video: Make A Candle From Butter

If Bill Nye and Paula Dean had a baby, it would star in this video, which shows how to make a candle from a stick of butter. Why the heck would you ever want to do that? Well, according to the video’s theory, if the lights go out, and you suddenly discover the strawberry-scented candle you’ve been using forever doesn’t have enough wax to burn anymore. Just reach in the fridge and grab a stick of Land O’ Lakes. Cut it in half and grab some toilet paper. Yes, TP. Not normally what you think of when you associate butter with toilet paper, huh.

Now it gets pretty tricky here, so pay attention. Cut the square of TP into quarters. Fold one of the quarters in half, then twist it up tightly so it looks like a wick. You might want to fold the bottom portion of the “wick” up to adjust length.  Poke a hole in the middle of the butter with a toothpick and slide the “wick” into the hole. Voila! The perfect candle. Place it into some sort of dish or holder to catch the drippings, and light ‘er up. It should burn for hours.

Now for the burning question on everyone’s mind, little Paula Nye. If it’s pitch dark from a blackout, how are we supposed to complete this project?

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Samantha Lile