Video Proof That Comcast Is The Worst: Man Gets Put On Hold For 3 Hours While Trying To Cancel Service

No matter where you live, I’m sure you’ve had some kind of negative experience while dealing with a giant corporation over the phone. You’re bounced from robot to robot before being transferred to a guy who can’t understand a word you’re saying, who then puts you on hold for five minutes so you can speak to his manager before being mysteriously “cut off” just so you can call back and repeat the hellish process over again.

But Comcast’s customer service is a different beast.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed directly, I have strong reason to believe that Comcast’s HR specialists are trained to scout their talent by summoning demons directly from the seventh circle of hell. The company was awarded the “Worst Company in America” award in April 2014, which is an annual contest held by The Consumerist, which runs a series of reader polls to determine the least popular company in America.

It was actually the second time Comcast was honored for its lack of social graces; the first occurred in 2010.

A disgruntled Comcast customer, Aaron Spain, went as far as to record himself being on hold with the cable juggernaut for over three hours! Then, to make matters worse, he called from another line, only to find out their call center was closed for the night. Odd, considering I’ve talked to Comcast reps on the phone well after midnight.

Ironically, the young man was calling to cancel his service.

Give it up, Aaron Spain. Comcast owns you. They own all of us. Take that video down before we all get hung for treason.