Watch A Moose Enjoying A Swim In A Pool

Urban sprawl has long led to increases in wildlife sightings as suburbia reaches into deforested areas animals call home. The moose is no exception, particularly in Alaskan cities where the line between city and rural areas is often blurred. As early as the late 1990s, 2,000 moose were known to inhabit areas in and around Anchorage.

According to a YouTube video viewed almost a million times, however, moose sightings aren’t limited to the far north. A moose was spotted taking a swim in a Redmond, Wash. swimming pool. After standing on the shallow end for a few moments, the moose swims a few laps. He then steps out of the pool and, after a moment of pondering, over the fence. The giant mammal doesn’t appear confused or alarmed, just happy to relax in the crystal-clear water. It’s truly an incredible image, and a story that you must see to believe.