Watch What Happens When Parents Tell Their Kids They Ate All Their Halloween Candy (Video)

Imagine that you’re under 10 years old and it’s the day after Halloween. You’ve got a huge stash of candy saved up and are going to eat the whole thing in two days, feeling mildly sick and incredibly satisfied at the same time. Now imagine that your parents ate all that candy. Would you a) start screaming as if your dog had died or b) start throwing things?

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” has been challenging parents to tell their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy and film the responses for the past three years, and this year’s crop of contestants exhibits all of the above behavior and more. One little boy tells his mother that she ruined his life. Another, who appears too young to talk yet, has an increasingly frantic freakout involving shaking his head, waving his arms and making strange noises as his father pretends to eat his candy. A little girl starts flinging objects — including a chair and a plate — across her kitchen. Watch the video below while you contemplate the age-old philosophical question: Which is worse, a parent that messes with their kid and shares it on national television, or a kid that screams at their mother to shut up because they think she ate their Halloween candy?