8 Ways To Make Money With Your Car

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Thanks to the invention of the internet and the growth of the “gig” economy, there’s never been a better time to earn some cash through side hustles. In particular, there are more ways to make money with your car than ever.

Many people are dropping the 9-5 lifestyle and embracing the flexibility that making money with your car brings.

Not everyone is able to commit to that lifestyle, though; still, they work for some of these services to cushion their finances, make some extra fun money, or something else entirely.

If you have a car and some free time, joining the exploding gig economy is a great way to fatten your wallet a bit. Sign up for one of these companies to make money with your car.


Postmates is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to delivery services. Postmates drivers deliver groceries, restaurant meals, and even retail items to a variety of customers. Such a wide variety of items makes Postmates one of the most versatile ways to make money with your car.

Speaking of pay, there are two factors that go into your compensation: delivery fees and tips.

Delivery fees are charged on every order; the amount is determined by factors such as order size and order distance. Postmates takes a 20% cut of each delivery fee and hands you the other 80%.

Tips are where excellent drivers can make the big bucks, as they are calculated based on the total order price. Both the delivery fee and the service charge added to the total, which directly increases the amount of tips drivers can make.

Each city has a slightly different formula for calculating the fees customers pay, but you can expect some decent cash flow based on their pay structure.

To sign up, you need to have a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years old. Once signed up and ready to drive, the actual delivery process is simple.


Founded in 2013 by a few Stanford students, DoorDash is one of the biggest food delivery services in the industry.

Cleverly dubbed “Dashers” by DoorDash, drivers earn a flat rate per order plus tips. The flat rate alone can add up nicely, but the tips will really bolster your earnings.

Fortunately, DoorDash provides a guaranteed amount for drivers working during slower times. If you don’t meet that guaranteed amount on an hourly basis, DoorDash will simply pay them the difference.

DoorDash isn’t quite as large as some other services. However, they are constantly expanding into new markets, so keep your eyes peeled if they aren’t yet in your city. If they are in your city, you could sign up with them and start to make money with your car this week!


Uber is one of the most popular ride-sharing apps in the US; that means you can make great money by driving with them.

In addition to a standard base fare that varies by area, you’re paid based on driving time and/or distance while “on the road”. On top of that, riders can tip you directly in the app.

Uber doesn’t make you set up a schedule at all. Instead, once you’re cleared to drive, you can just turn on the app and immediately start giving rides. Once you need a break or decide you’re done for the day, just logout on the app.

Driver’s can earn even more by taking advantage of the higher pricing that can happen during peak times and in certain locations, for instance, this could happen on some Friday nights in certain areas with nightlife-heavy districts.

Due to Uber’s popularity with riders, there could be plenty of rides even during these higher demand times.

If you’re looking for ways to make money with your car that have both high earning potential and a flexible schedule, try driving with Uber.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an app from the popular ride-sharing company that connects you to local restaurants that offer food delivery.

No schedule required here: simply turn on the app when you’re ready to deliver orders and log out when you need a break or you’re done for the day, just like the “normal” Uber driver-partner app.

Delivery-partners can cash out their earnings up to 5 times a day when registered for Instant Pay (terms apply) making this a great side gig for those who need their earnings as soon as possible.

The best part is, you don’t have to deal with any payment hassle for the customer. It’s all handled through the Uber Eats app; you just grab the food and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

Whether you’re already an Uber driver-partner or brand new to the ride-sharing game, delivering with Uber Eats is an excellent way to make money with your car.

Instacart Shopper

Do you enjoy your weekly supermarket trips? By signing up as an Instacart shopper, you could be making money shopping for groceries.

Everything is done through their app, making this a very convenient method of making money with your car.

They’re flexible, too: you get to pick your hours. Work as much or as little as you want; as long as you’re accepting orders during your scheduled hours, you’re all good!

In addition, some markets offer on-demand orders.  Shoppers can accept on-demand orders as they appear on the app. If you have some free time, these are a great way to pad your pockets while maintaining a very flexible work schedule.

All in all, you should sign up for Instacart if you think it sounds fun to make money with your car while shopping for groceries.


Lyft is similar to Uber in that you work completely on your own schedule, with potential for high earnings.

One of their greatest conveniences is their Express pay: they let you cash out your earning at any time as long as you’ve earned a mere $5.

Lyft also offers a variety of driver bonuses (aside from your typical peak hours bonus) that can accelerate your earnings. For example, if you can complete a specific amount of rides within a certain time period, you can earn extra in the form of “Ride Challenges” that are tailored to you based on your Lyft driving history.

Another one is “personal power zones.” Lyft will offer you bonuses if you drive in nearby areas they find to have high demand.

On top of those and other bonuses, passengers can leave you tips after you drop them off.

With all these ways to make money with your car, driving with Lyft is a foolproof option for cushioning your bank account.


Turo is like Airbnb but for cars.

Founded in 2010 under the name RelayRides, Turo lets you rent other people’s cool and interesting cars instead of renting a boring rental car.

If you live in a popular tourist destination and you have a fun sports car or rare collectible car that meets Turo’s requirements, you can make substantial extra income from your car without even driving it.

But users aren’t limited to flashy cars; even a plain-old SUV will get some willing customers on Turo.

Car owners on Turo can increase their earning potential by offering extras such as prepaid fuel and child seats, too.

No need to worry about insurance, either: Turo’s got you covered. They provide protection for your car up to its cash value for collisions and most other “comprehensive” causes of damage or loss; in addition, they provide $1 million in liability insurance.

Oh, and Turo is everywhere: Turo is currently available in over 5,500 cities across the US, Canada, the UK, and even Germany.

List your car on Turo today and start to make money with your car now!


If you don’t use your car very often, you could make a significant side income by renting it out on Getaround.

Car owners can set one-off or repeating availability schedules, so you can ensure you’re only getting interested renters when you aren’t using your car. You don’t have to transport your car to renters either, as they can use Getaround’s mobile app to find and unlock the car.

What about security? Getaround has anti-theft features such as engine locking and GPS tracking to minimize the chance of theft. They also give owners a digital key that allows them to locate and unlock their car at any time.

As for earnings, your potential Getaround earnings could be enough to cover your car expenses AND still take home a profit. In other words, it’s almost like you’re getting paid to own a car!

As a nifty bonus, Getaround offers those who list their car a monthly $50 credit that they can use to rent other people’s cars when they need them.

Getaround is currently available in Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, NYC, Miami, and the State of New Jersey.

Keep your eyes peeled, though; as demand for car sharing services grows, Getaround will inevitably expand into new markets.

Don’t miss out on one of the easiest ways to make money with your car by letting your vehicle sit in the garage unused! List your vehicle on Getaround and get paid to let others use it.

But here’s a better idea: sign up and list your car on Getaround and Turo at the same time if they’re both available in your area! You’ll have a much larger customer base, meaning more money in your pocket.

It’s Easy to Make Money with Your Car

Before the current decade, making money with your car was mostly limited to pizza delivery and taxi cab drivers.

But thanks to rapidly-advancing tech and a growing disdain for the 9-5 lifestyle among large swathes of the population, there are endless ways to make money with your car.

Even if you love your current job, you should take advantage of a few of these money-making opportunities.

After all, unless it’s a collectible, your car is losing value with every passing mile.

You might as well make the most of it and make money with your car while you still can.