When Mint Toothpaste Just Isn’t Exciting Enough, Try Wasabi Toothpaste

Nothing gives your mouth that clean, fresh feeling like brushing with a searingly hot, food-flavored toothpaste, right? Village Vanguard, a Japanese retailer, knows this, which is why it’s now offering wasabi toothpaste.

The toothpaste, which comes packaged in a tube made to look like an actual tube of wasabi, “smells like wasabi, has a wasabi-like texture, and most importantly… tastes like wasabi,” according to Kotaku, which also notes that in 2001, Japanese researchers showed that real wasabi can prevent tooth decay.

Image via VV Store

Image via VV Store

It’s unclear whether there’s any real wasabi in this toothpaste, but it’ll still clean your mouth, because it’s, you know, toothpaste. So if the idea of squirting a big glob of wasabi onto your toothbrush and scrubbing it around your teeth, gums and tongue twice a day is something you’ve always wanted to do, go nuts!