You Won’t Believe This Hilarious Solution To India’s Public Urination Problem (Video)

In South Asian countries like India, hygiene and cleanliness have become a growing concern. A particular aspect of this issue concerns public toilet shortages. Without enough of these, India has been overwrought with people using the great, urban outdoors as their bathroom. One group has decided to clean up the problem in a unique and justice-serving manner.

Enter “the pissing tanker.” In Mumbai, an anonymous activist group known as “The Clean Indian” decided to clean up the streets and rid them of public urination by riding around in a massive, yellow taker from whence they spray public pissers, showing the dirty offenders who truly has the strongest stream. The video footage provides a new meaning to the words “pissing contest” and shows how one group hopes to squelch the huge trend of public urination in India.