16 Apps We Wish Existed In The 90s

3/24/14 4:11PM EST

16 Apps We Wish Existed In The 90s 16 Apps We Wish Existed In The 90s

The 90s would have been so much more…efficient (?) if we had some keys apps to get us through the last years of MTV showing music videos and the Olsen twins solving mysteries. Here are some apps we wish could have existed in the 90s:

1. Tamagotchi App

Caring for your all of your Tamagotchis on the phone would have been much easier than toting around five, separate Tamagotchi universes.

2. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire App

At the height of this game show’s popularity, practicing on your phone would have been worth the potential millionaire-dollar prize.

3. “Home Alone” App

16 Apps We Wish Existed In The 90s 1 16 Apps We Wish Existed In The 90s

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Helping to you to create a checklist of things to do while your parents left you alone for the evening, the “Home Alone” app would ensure that you maximized your king-of-the-house time, a la Macaulay Culkin.

4. TV Guide App

This app would have let you look up the day’s television programming so you would know when to make it home for a new episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

5. Mood Ring App

Instead of wearing these color-changing fashion statements on your fingers, your phone could’ve told you your mood, instead. It would know better, based on the kinds of texts you were sending and receiving.

6. Beanie Baby Alert App

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With an alert built-in for every time a new Beanie Baby came out, you would have always stayed on top of this (odd) trend! Made for adults, as well, this app would also keep track of market value of the most coveted bean-filled toys.

7. Kid Pix App

The most advanced drawing program for kids of its time, Kid Pix certainly deserved a place on your mobile phone.

8. Lisa Frank App

If Lisa Frank had a virtual presence in the 90s, our small screens would have enjoyed a lot more color.

9. Bop It App

It would have been very interesting for someone to come up with a version of Bop It suitable for smartphone use. Though it might have interfered with your phone’s primary purpose, it would have been more fun than receiving a text message.

10. Paint By Numbers App

Considering Bob Ross’s (of “The Joy of Painting”) current YouTube popularity, his painting approach would have well suited the app format.

11. Overall Finder App

With this app, you could have found the nearest store in a ten-mile radius that had overalls of your size in stock. This would have been crucial if you wanted to match Will Smith, a number of boy bands, and…just about everybody who was anybody in the 90s.

12. Steve Urkel Voice App

16 Apps We Wish Existed In The 90s 2 16 Apps We Wish Existed In The 90s

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For appropriate occasions only, you could have used this app to record your voice and play it back in the sweet cadence of your favorite, annoying sitcom star. What fun!

13. Rollerblade Pacer App

When you were rollerblading around the 90s, didn’t you wish you could’ve had some device to easily track your speed?

14. To Bleach or Not To Bleach App

This app would’ve allowed you to preview what your hair would look like if bleached just by holding your phone up to your head and glancing in the mirror! A lot of people in the 90s could’ve avoided some tragic style faux pas with this one.

15. Boy Band Rating App

To settle the argument once and for all between 14-year-olds fighting over the supremacy of the Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC vs. 98 Degrees, etc., this app would’ve set up a simple, easy to use rating system on our phones to whip out when the war of the boy bands got heated.

16. Grunge Rock App

With the touch of your fingertip alone, this app would have started the likes of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins pouring from your smartphone speakers during times of teenage (or adult) angst.


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