16 Harsh Truths Everyone Should Hear To Help Them Succeed

4/14/14 12:32PM EST

16 Harsh Truths Everyone Should Hear To Help Them Succeed 16 Harsh Truths Everyone Should Hear To Help Them Succeed

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Remember all those things you were told in kindergarten, about you and everyone else in your class? How you were poised to succeed in the creative endeavor of your choosing? Forget all of that, because you’re not in kindergarten anymore, and the real world isn’t decorated with cardboard flowers that have you and your friends names on them. In case you’re just waking up to this fact, here are a few more harsh truths you should hear to give you that push towards doing something with your life:

1. You’re Not Special

Perhaps one of the first times your parents lied to you, telling you you were special was a bit of an exaggeration. Truth is, you measure up to a lot of other people in terms of your skills, so it’ll take more than “being special” to get ahead in this world.

2. People Will Judge You By How Much Money You Make

16 Harsh Truths Everyone Should Hear To Help Them Succeed 1 16 Harsh Truths Everyone Should Hear To Help Them Succeed

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For a lot of people, success is measured in dollar bills. Even those who are “above such judgments” will act differently towards you based on whether you live in a mansion or a trailer.

3. Your Skills Are Your Worth

As far as strangers are concerned, you’re worth what you have to offer them. Whether it’s fixing their cars or counseling them through difficult times, being useful and having something to offer is more important than just having a job.

4. Being Lazy Is Bad For You

Laziness can lead to poor health/hygiene and lack of stimulation. It’s great as an interlude from your busy life, but too much sitting around will make you soft.

5. Time Is Money

Taking time to not money is almost just as good as taking time to spend it.

6. No One Wants You To Succeed More Than You

However much you want yourself to succeed is the most anyone in the world wants you to succeed. Don’t wait for someone else to come along and push you (unless you have overly supportive parents).

7. Everybody Lies

Even the kindest people are capable of untruths. It doesn’t mean they’re being malicious; it’s just that everybody stretches reality a bit to make life easier.

8. People Are Quick To Pity Losers

Oftentimes, feeling others’ pity for you is worse than whatever the cause of the pity was.

9. Many Are Just There To Take What They Can Get From You

Watch out for these people. Being able to identify them from afar can save you a lot of grief. Oh and they’re everywhere.

10. Pretty People Have Untold Power Over Others

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Knowing this will help keep you from succumbing to the average beautiful person’s mystique. And if you’re lucky enough to be a member of the beautiful people’s club, then you should learn to use this power to your advantage (for good and not evil?).

11. You’re Not Going To Win The Lottery

Odds make it so that I feel safe saying this based on the number of people who are going to read this sentence.

12. Ambition Beats Talent Every time

Talent alone will get you so far. It may open doors for you, but without ambition and drive you’ll never reach your potential.

13. You Are Constantly Aging

On one hand, this means you’re steadily maturing. On the other hand, you’re getting duller by the minute. Use that mental alacrity while you got it, and try not to espouse much wisdom until you’re of age.

14. Complaining Will Make People Hate You

You know that friend who hates his job, is always in a fight with his girlfriend, and even has beef with the guy who sells him coffee every morning? Think of how tired you are of hearing him endlessly dish about his problems. Now remember to never be like him.

15. Only A Few Of Your Good Friends Will Last Into Adulthood

Other priorities, like jobs and significant others, will take precedence over many of your close childhood friends. Or you’ll simply grow up in different directions. Don’t let it bog you down by taking it personally.

16. Those Who’ve Made It To The Top Have Stepped Over Others

Remember that when you try to join them up there.


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