3-Year-Old Claims To Remember Who Killed Him In Past Life, Leads Police To Body

3-Year-Old Claims To Remember Who Killed Him In Past Life, Leads Police To Body

Stock image via Shutterstock

Stock image via Shutterstock

In his book, “Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation today,” German therapist Trutz Hardo shares extraordinary case studies of children from around the world who remember details of their past lives. One child in the Golan Heights, a region near the border of Syria and Israel, has a tale that will give you goosebumps.

A three-year-old of the Druze ethnic group, a group of people for whom reincarnation is a core belief, told his elders that he knew what had happened to him in his past life: He was murdered. The boy, whose story was documented by Dr. Eli Lasch and then told to Hardo, was born with a long, red birthmark on his head. For the Druse birthmarks like these are an indication of death wounds, says Hardo, and children born with them are paid close attention to for anything they may remember of their past lives.

“As soon as a child is born its body is searched for birthmarks, since they are convinced that these stem from death wounds, which were received in a past life,” Hardo writes.

If such marks are found on a child they try to discover something from his or her past life as soon as the child is able to speak in order to get the first clues to the circumstances of his or her former death.”

Once this particular child turned three and could speak, he told his elders that he was killed by an axe blow to the head. He was led through villages to see if he could remember where he lived, until he came to one that seemed familiar to him. The child said he remembered both the first and last name of his killer with complete clarity.

Hardo writes that the boy confronted a man he’d never met but knowing his full name, claiming him to be the murderer.

“Suddenly the boy walked up to a man and said, “Aren’t you … (Eli [Lasch] forgot the name)?” The man answered yes. Then the boy said, “I used to be your neighbour. We had a fight and you killed me with an axe.” Eli told me how the man had suddenly gone white as a sheet. The three-year-old boy then said, “I even know where he buried my body.”

Lo and behold, the boy led the elders to the exact spot, a pile of stones, under which there lay a buried body. The buried man’s skull showed a split in the front. The boy also led the group to the spot where the axe was buried, forcing the accused killer to eventually confess his crime.

Foram Mehta
  • KarenElkinsEiler

    That’s it? That’s your story? No research to see if this story checks out? You just read books, then reproduce anecdotes from the books as articles. Wow. Where do I get that kind of job?

  • MarkStapleton

    Cool story Bro. Sources or it didn’t happen.

  • AnthonyRSchultz

    The very first line provides reference material– Maybe read the article before critiquing.  Remembering what you read also helps.

  • PeteDunn

    Well, it’s on the internet, so it must be true. What an amazing story. Time to go outside now and play a game of sarcastaball.

  • Evan Smith

    So many original skeptics on here. This isn’t Wikipedia, don’t bother asking for sources. Maybe you should read the actual book and see if you can wrap your mind around it first. My guess is that it’s over your head.

  • VeNoM56k

    How did he know where the axe was buried if it was buried after he was killed?

  • tommyburken

    lmao, she wasn’t ready for this to blow up, look at her other posts, 10 – 5 likes, this ones 52,000+

  • BergDaddyFresh

    Of all the things that didn’t happen, this didn’t happen the most.

  • kttaylor112233

    Uh… while i can say that I am not going to randomly believe something like this until I have more evidence or even some kind of link to any source whatsoever, I do have to laugh a little bit at the comments. According to well researched statistics, individuals who believe in an afterlife of some kind are still in the majority. Is it really THAT far fetched then, if you already believe in a soul or some kind of afterlife, to believe in reincarnation? If you don’t believe in anything of the sort, then that makes sense. But you have to be a little overly cocky to take a concept you already believe in (a soul), find something different than what you personally believe, and think “ha! idiots!”

  • TiaraDawnJenkins

    okay the boy was three… so that means he would have died at least 4 years ago or more… I dont know about you BUT i can barely remember what I had for breakfast. and if it was in a village, don’t you think someone else might have seen it? Sounds like this little boys head was either filled with the story or he saw the murder happen.

  • LauraSegrin

    VeNoM56k That is a very good question!

  • KevinChuff

    LOL thanks for going through my facebook page and grabbing this image… Its a picture of my cousin and uncle.. Thank you though.

  • AsiaKhan

    lol let me add the last name Mehta implicates the write also believes in reincarnation and is just spreading her religious views via this bogus article. 
    Stop butchering science with this BS.

  • natmaddox

    How did he know where the body was buried, even?

  • ohnocal911

    KevinChuff It says stock image…

  • Trigger1988

    If he killed him with an axe how would the boy have known where it was buried after he was killed with the axe?

  • wesleyholt95

    TiaraDawnJenkins while this is most likely just a story, some people do have very good memory 🙂

  • MaddyReese

    BergDaddyFresh lol

  • RobotPiratNinja

    Trigger1988 Because god and jesus.
    Really…you think logic is going to affect anyone who likes this story?

  • SkyeBrummert

    Many cultures believe the soul lingers on earth for 3 days after death before moving on to the next part of the journey. Reincarnation is a process.

  • SkyeBrummert

    Many cultures believe the soul lingers on earth for 3 days after death, so they could witness events happening in that timeframe before the soul moves on to the next step of their spiritual journey.

  • BriannaLandvatter

    I wont believe crap til I see this on the news or at least see a pic of the boy with the birth mark instead of some fake pic

  • PeteDunn

    ohnocal911 KevinChuff its called sarcasm . new concept from the late 1990’s

  • angel_eyes_30

    Does it really matter if the story is real or fake..? People are going to believe whatever they want. If your a believer, then its a good factual story. If your not a believer, then its a good fictional story. This “story” is no different than any other fact or fictional story. It’s all about how a person receives the message of the story. So, should we as a society criticize Dr. Sesus for making up a fictional character or even Ann Frank for telling her story..? No, because it doesnt matter, it’s only a story.

  • BrianTyczki

    Took me all of 10 seconds to Google the doctor’s name to find out that he passed away in 2009.

  • Wrongm8

    angel_eyes_30 Well, considering its portrayed as true, yes it does matter. If I said.
    Would you say “Does it really matter if the story is real or fake..? People are going to believe whatever they want.”?
    Probably not.

  • azeventdiva

    BrianTyczki The story is a recent publish, but it doesn’t say what year it took place. Could of easily been prior to 2009

  • azeventdiva

    TiaraDawnJenkins On a day to day, you can’t always remember things true. But, the mind has endless possibilities, and you can remember a lot more than you realize, given the right circumstances. I don’t always remember what I had for lunch, but I can remember certain things from life, from as long ago as 2yo. I’ve also had several recurring dreams throughout my life that all take place in Italy (which I’ve never been to before). I drown in some of the dreams. Maybe it has something to do with a past life. I’m going to Italy with my daughter in a couple years, maybe I’ll be able to find some of the places that are in my dreams (that I have never seen pictures of).

  • azeventdiva

    BriannaLandvatter Because everything on the news is true? Just like the internet, the news can be very wrong as well. The pic probably isn’t the child in question, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen.

  • RaeRaeDem

    I’m not saying that the story about the child knowing his killer and knowing where the axe was buried is real, its hard to take people at their word now adays, but I do believe in soul’s as well as reincarnation. We are all made up of energy, and energy cant be created no destroyed, so it has to go somewhere. I’m not trying to start a debate about religious beliefs or anything like that. And I’m not saying that all that really happened, but I do believe in the possibility of it all. Of people having memories from past lives, or even two souls finding one another after years (centuries even). The world is a mysterious place, and as human beings we have only scratched the surface.

  • jperry13p

    BriannaLandvatter That’s amusing. It will probably come on right after they glorify the most recent celebrity overdose.

  • RAJones06

    BriannaLandvatter There is so much hidden and untold information on the news, if you believe every word they come out with then you’re just another sheeple.

  • ShiloSzuszka

    TiaraDawnJenkins comparing what you had for breakfast years ago to “possibly being murdered” I think that’s a big difference to remember. I remember vividly the car accident I was in in 2010, 4 years ago.

  • worlds_fittest

    Trigger1988 because he could have died instantly and watched on as a spirit (similar to what happens in the film Ghost)

  • AlexEvans1

    RaeRaeDem i appreciate what your saying. but energy cant be created or destroyed no? what about when you charge a drill up, not use it for a year, and the battery is flat? where did that energy go?
    energy cant be destroyed i suppose no, but it can be converted, normally into heat.

  • ChristineRoseInfanger

    BrianTyczki Your point being what? The kid is 3.

  • Forslimjims

    Hmm, poor people with birthmarks on their bottom, victims of the crazed butt stabber.

  • TwinsFanTrisha

    BrianTyczki Book was published in 2004…

  • socratesinc

    Total hogwash… this kind of crap should not be published. Completely unsubstantiated local folklore

  • JimmieKrager

    Forslimjims a wild Markiplier fan appears… Should I B to Blow?

  • goteamben

    A story made-up 14 years ago, recently repeated anti semite who thought the jews  who died in the holocaust  “had it coming” and now repeated by this website.

    Classy journalism.

  • MarieBirkett

    If you have never had any proof how can you be so quick to judge this as hogwash etc . I have had the proof so believe absolutely that this does happen

  • MarieBirkett

    azeventdiva  The book was first published in 2004 took me 1 second to find out by clicking on the title on first line

  • DickieGibbs

    Interesting. He knew where he was “murdered” and then knew where he buried the axe? After he was dead? Makes total sense now!

  • FunghinaKaomudii

    DickieGibbs fuckin hottie ((not the place but when a face popps out like that what can i say))

  • tazzron

    Wait, so after being murdered “with an axe”, he still knew where his own deceased body was buried? At least try making sense when making up blatantly fake stories like this.

    Also, he was coincidentally born near where he lived and was subsequently murdered? He is 3 years old but mature enough to articulate that he was murdered?

  • charliehhsteele

    tazzron surely this involves some sort of spirit thing? so he could supposedly see the evens unfolding from afar

  • ToniMurphy

    My boyfriend is a hypnotherapist, you can do past life regressions all the time. Its quite possible for any new comer to the world to still have vivid details of a past life, its also called age regression. It’s much more common than you think for a kid to know more than they should.

  • grevyturty

    ToniMurphy Absolute nonsense and not supported by peer reviewed research. Amazing there are idiots who buy into such scams.

  • grevyturty

    Unbelievable there are idiots who buy this nonsense. No evidence for it being true. Argument from ignorance at best.

  • grevyturty

    MarieBirkett You have no objective, demonstrable, measurable proof of any such thing. Take your meds and be quiet.

  • grevyturty

    worlds_fittest Trigger1988 Movie educated moron. There’s no evidence for life after death, spirits, souls or any such thing. Learn to think rationally.

  • 71sketch17

    tazzron If reincarnation is true, than your brainwaves will be nearby wherever you died. Not saying it’s true or false but reincarnation is a big part of my belief system. Just thought I’d share.

  • Be_The_Change

    grevyturty MarieBirkett Fuck you

  • Be_The_Change

    BriannaLandvatter The news is the people running this world telling you what they want you to know

  • kgp

    i think I read about this in ripley’s believe it or not in the 60s
    I choose the latter

  • seanUSA

    grevyturty if people like you are where science is going than the future seems dim and VERY disrespectful. ya douche

  • kgp

    if this is not fiction the alleged killer should have lawyered up before confessing. would have save him from conviction

  • GabeVoluntadJr


    Maybe he will come back as a child and close this tread!!! Just a thought…..

  • AaliyahDjLaEarle

    AlexEvans1 RaeRaeDem You should read about your spirit or human energy .  We never die , the human body does , which we have temporally borrowed . you have a child in your hand on your picture please educate your daughter

  • JoshGray1

    I wonder how many people here are religious and are saying this is all a lie when this religion is 100% peer review, just as this is.

  • ZoeOlivia3

    Wrongm8 angel_eyes_30 there’s a difference between false research reports and false stories. To some people the Bible is complete hogwash and to others it dominates their entire view on life. The Bible is portrayed as true, but science refutes the possibility of many of its stories. This is just another story like those in the Bible, some people will believe it, others will laugh at it. This is only a story, not research, and its implications may merely influence people’s beliefs, not cause them health risks like drinking bleach.

  • The Message Carrier

    Very interesting story! Unfortunately my mind does not allow me to believe it as I trust what the Bible says about death. Other sources are at work here..

  • iamlimner

    The Message Carrier What does the Bible say about death? Do you not recall Jesus being asked if he was Elijah come again, and Jesus said no, Elijah came again and you knew him not.

  • iamlimner

    tazzron I take it you never heard of Bridey Murphy.

  • FrankThornton

    Whether this story is true or not, none of us will ever know… However, we all know that science cannot prove many things. There are a few comments in regards to the Bible and I am assuming that many of the writers of these “prove it” comments are Christian. Was Christ’s reincarnation ever scientifically proven? Was God ever scientifically proven. And if I’m correct, the Bible does point to reincarnation. Christ was…

  • CloneTroopr

    FrankThornton No, the Bible never does support reincarnation. “God incarnate” is just referring to Jesus being both 100% God and 100% human. But your point about science not being able to prove many things is correct: i.e. we can’t scientifically prove George Washington ever existed. That’s where archaeological and historical evidence (eyewitness accounts, etc.) comes in.

  • ElouiseRugg

    How did he know where the axe was buried if he was dead?

  • FrankThornton

    CloneTroopr Archaeological and historical evidence is all a matter of interpretation. Even as recent as the past World War, many things are interpreted in different ways.  Many things that were believed to be “proven” scientifically in our world have been re-examined with newer technology. If you Google “Bible Reincarnation” you will find numerous examples of what i’m talking about.  Again, i’m not saying what is a fact or not.  Many people think its rubbish.  That’s fine with me. I just like to keep and open mind.

  • StephanieZeman

    This is true. I had a conversation with my grandmother before she passed about my grandfather’s shop, where it was, what they wore, etc. She told me that’s impossible for me to know because I wasn’t born yet. I told her I remember us picking him up. I even described him and the building inside and out to a T. She was baffled. She showed me papers for when he owned and sold the auto repair shop; I wasn’t born yet. ☺

  • StephanieZeman

    That’s. Not a very good example. Common sense would tell a person you don’t drink bleach therefore that’s bull. Please use better analogies.
    It doesn’t matter if the story is true. It’s all in a person’s belief and perspective. I am eclectic and am open to all beliefs. We are all spirits which are forms of energy and our bodies are temporary vessels we use until it dies then our Spirit/energy moves on. I believe everyone will see and go in accordance to what he or she believes in whether it Heaven or Reincarnation. It is best that if anyone has anything negative to say just keep it to yourself. There’s no reason to bash what one’s beliefs are because It’s not what you believe in.

  • StephanieZeman

    I think people are too closed minded. There are many things that we do not know that no one can actually proove 100%. Besides it doesn’t matter if the story is true. It’s all in a person’s belief and perspective. I am eclectic and am open to all beliefs.
    I will say I believe in it. I have had an experience with my past that came out when talking to my grandmother. It was something that happened way before I was born but I remembered it like it was yesterday.
    We are all spirits which are forms of energy and our bodies are the temporary vessels for which we use until it dies then our Spirit/energy moves on. I believe everyone will see and go in accordance to what he or she believes in whether it is Heaven or Reincarnation.
    It is best that if anyone has anything negative to say to just keep it to yourself. There’s no reason to bash what one’s beliefs are because It’s not what you believe in.

  • MarieBirkett

    ElouiseRugg His spirit saw it after he had died hence when he reincarnated his spirit remembered this from his previous incarnation

  • MarieBirkett

    The Message Carrier It does happen there are far to many   case of this happening and not one of these people are in any way evil . I for one have 100% proof of reincarnation  and I am a Christian,the bible has been written down by man so many times,the interpretations changed,added and taken out to suit .King   James had the part about contacting spirits being evil added . Books of the bible locked away in the Vatican openly talk about being able to communicate with spirit but were never allowed to be published. The devil is actually based on on Pan . A lot of Christianity used dates from Paganism .

  • JenniLynnMcGowan

    i believe in reincarnation

  • 71sketch17

    grevyturty The soul is a measurable thing. It’s called brainwaves you fucking retard. They can be measured anywhere from 1-40Hz. This is what your body uses to activate different glands in your endocrine system. It uses on and off waves just like a TV or a computer and depending on the Hz of your brainwaves, different glands will produce more or less of different chemicals sort of like a potentiometer. When you die, your body loses weight (no, not when you shit and piss yourself because that’s still on the table) This is the weight of energy leaving your body. Spirits can be captured in pictures as either brainwaves still traveling in the form of the nervous system they were recently released from or as an orb which is just energy that swirls itself back into a rotating ball, similar to how planets form from rotating matter around an inward spiraling energy. This is shit that has been researched and confirmed for centuries. Why don’t you look into Quantum Physics and stop being an ignorant, egotistical asshole who thinks they know what’s good about life.

  • craigread7

    I believe in flying purple unicorns that sing, both have the same amount of real evidence

  • corourke

    StephanieZeman The fact that you think  that it’s spelt “prove” tightly shuts the chest on your idiocy. The best thing to do, if you believe something NOT to be true IS talk about it, because if people are lead to believe things, people die. Would you like to discuss the violent consequences of religion? Perhaps the time-wasting beliefs oh hippies? Maybe even the lies that spirituality preaches about crystal healing causing many people to put their faith in not doctors, but people that have no valid evidence other than personal experience? 
    I am not close minded. I am very open minded. Being open minded does NOT mean accepting every new nice-sounding idea that leaps forward. Being open minded means that you are willing to change your mind if someone presents you with god enough evidence to not only knock the last hypothesis out of the park, but also introduce their own substantial evidence. If anything, you’re TOO open minded, so open in fact that I worry for your brain falling out.

  • corourke

    MarieBirkett The Message Carrier You have 100% PROOF? Do you know what proof is?

  • corourke

    MarieBirkett grevyturty ToniMurphy Clearly you’re a moron. I’m not surprised that anyone here that believes in this can’t spell for shit.

  • corourke

    StephanieZeman Seems legit. So, if you can prove this, why do you sit here on comment sections. By the way, James Randi is offering anyone a million dollars if they can, under controlled conditions, perform ANY supernatural feat.

  • corourke

    71sketch17 tazzron If it’s part of your belief system, you obviously think it’s true. If reincarnation is real, AND we have the ability to reincarnate as a less intelligent life-form, then why does the population rise?

  • corourke

    seanUSA grevyturty You know nothing of Science, you ignorant, pathetic fuck.

  • corourke

    RaeRaeDem Yes! We ARE all constructed of mass-energy. Do you know where it goes? INTO THE FUCKING ATMOSPHERE.

  • corourke

    AaliyahDjLaEarle AlexEvans1 RaeRaeDem Educate his daughter? Fucking educate yourself.

  • corourke

    StephanieZeman Common sense would tell you that? You are absolutely moronic. I agree, naturally, that common sense DOES tell you that drinking bleach would not cure cancer, but this story is equally unlikely.

  • corourke

    71sketch17 grevyturty Why don’t you look at quantum physics? Why don’t YOU! I bet you believe that the double-slit experiment is evidence for spirituality.

  • 71sketch17

    corourke 71sketch17 tazzron That makes absolutely no sense. Just because I believe in reincarnation, doesn’t mean that I believe this story is true. I base my opinions on things that are measurable, like brainwaves. Had a case been attached to this article, I’d be more convinced. According to my belief system (similar to the Druids) You can only reincarnate into something that is compatible with your brainwaves. However, you can develop your brainwaves in a way that’ll help them attach to a different being if you so chose. This is a process similar to DNA stimulation and activation. To me, it is much more feasible then being sent to a land of milk and honey or fire and brimstone. (unless you take into account the attachment of energies to like energies than perhaps positive energy will allow your brainwaves to connect to the atmospheric energy where as negative energy could cause your soul to connect to the energy of the core of the Earth) Either way the population is rising because people are too idiotic to wrap their shit or take a pill. Not to mention all of the people who are against abortions are forcing these idiots to raise these kids who in turn, do the same thing.

  • cbodie

    corourke StephanieZeman It’s called a typo. Shouldn’t be a means to judge someone’s personal OPINION lol.

  • azeventdiva

    CloneTroopr FrankThornton Actually it does mention reincarnation. When Jesus came again, the people asked him if he was Elijah, to which he responded “No, Elijah did come again, and you did not know him”. Elijah wasn’t God, or God’s son.

  • MarieBirkett

    corourke MarieBirkett The Message Carrier Yes I have my own proof you would need your own to know exactly what I mean

  • azeventdiva

    MarieBirkett The Message Carrier THANK YOU, finally another Christian who understands the Bible and what it really is. 🙂

  • BenedictAustin

    corourke StephanieZeman Although, humorously, you also made a type by putting “god” instead of “good”

    Ironic also seeing as the word ‘god’ can be seen as a myth / religion / fact / legend / lie

    Sorry, i’m not the ‘grammar police’ but it did make me giggle when your typo was ‘god’ – lol

  • StephanieZeman

    First of all “prove” was a typo, I am sure you have heard of that before so who is showing their intelligence now? Definitely not you. As for your comment re: people die; everyone eventually dies. To die is inevitable. When I say I am open minded does not mean I accept everything either. But I am not judgemental of others and their beliefs either. I have an open mind means I listen with intent to learn and see from all aspects of what can, may, cannot, or may not be. To not have an open mind means you do not hear to listen you hear to judge; therefore you do not actually hear either because in most cases judgment has already been made before some one finishes what they are saying and you cannot learn (no growth of the mind.)
    Now, crawl back into the hole of negativity you came from and leave people alone. You are only looking for company because misery loves company and obviously you are not a happy soul. Bye bye now!

  • Ambersss

    corourke It’s “Spelled” not “Spelt”……………

  • MarieBirkett

    grevyturty ToniMurphy Obviously  you are a  very bigoted man who refuses to think out of your safety zone

  • tazzron

    craigread7 Not really, the half-llama half-ant has more evidence of existing. I had a vision of the creature while praying to Lord Ganesh. As they say, seeing is believing.

  • LoganNortz

    corourke StephanieZeman If you’re going to be critical of someone else’s grammar, you should be concerned about your own. “spelt” is not now nor has ever been the past tense of “spell”. The proper word is “spelled”.

  • NascentIdea

    azeventdiva CloneTroopr FrankThornton But in the Bible, Elijah never died, so it’s not even real reincarnation.

  • azeventdiva

    NascentIdea azeventdiva CloneTroopr FrankThornton 
    OK, Elijah did not TECHNICALLY die, but was taken up into heaven. And then came back as someone else. Still reincarnation in my mind. 
    In many documented
    near-death experiences involving Jesus, the
    concept of reincarnation appears. In the NDE
    testimony of
    http://www.near-death.com/experiences/reincarnation05.html, she was asked by Jesus if
    she would like to reincarnate or return.
    http://www.near-death.com/experiences/suicide03.html was asked the same question
    by Jesus during her NDE. One of the reasons
    many Christians reject the validity of near-death
    testimony is because they sometimes appear to
    conflict with their interpretation of Christian
    doctrines. But Christians are usually very surprised
    to learn that reincarnation was a doctrine once
    held by many early Christians. Not only that,
    as you will soon see there is overwhelming evidence
    in the Bible of Jesus himself teaching it. More
    Biblical evidence can be found in Herbert Puryear’s
    outstanding book entitled
    http://www.amazon.com/dp/0963496492/?tag=neardeathcom-20 and
    Dr. Quincy
    Howe, Jr.’s excellent book entitled

    The first-century Jewish historian

    wrote about the
    being believers in reincarnation. 
    The Pharisees were the Jewish
    sect which Paul belonged to before his NDE and conversion to
    Christianity. Josephus wrote about the Pharisees’ belief that
    the souls of evil men are punished after death. But the souls
    of good men are “removed into other bodies”and they
    will have “power to revive and live again.”
    The first great Father of the early
    Orthodox Church was
    (185-254 AD) who was the first person since Paul to develop
    a system of theology around the teachings of Jesus. Origen was
    an ardent defender of pre-existence and reincarnation. Pre-existence
    is the religious concept of the soul as not being created at
    birth; rather the soul existed before birth in heaven or in
    a past life on Earth. Origen taught that pre-existence is found
    in Hebrew scriptures and the teachings of Jesus.
    I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but
    we will all be changed.” (1 Corinthians 15:51)
    The doctrines of pre-existence
    and reincarnation existed as secret teachings of Jesus until
    they were declared a heresy by the Roman Church in 553 A.D at
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Council_of_Constantinople. It was at this time that
    the Roman Church aggressively destroyed competing teachings
    and so-called heresies within the Church. Along with the destruction
    of unorthodox teachings came the destruction of Jews, Gnostics,
    and ultimately anyone who stood in the way of the Inquisition
    and Crusades.

    But on December, 1945,
    writings containing many of these
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nag_Hammadi_library were unearthed in Upper Egypt.
    This area was one of the the main locations where Christians
    fled to when the Romans invaded Israel. It was here that these
    secrets were continued to be taught. Undisturbed since their
    concealment almost two thousand years ago, these writings of
    the secret teachings belonged to a early sect of Christians
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fathers_of_Christian_Gnosticism and these writings ranked in importance with the
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Sea_Scrolls which were discovered two years later.
    These so-called secret teachings concerning life and death are
    strikingly similar to what we know about near-death experiences.
    The episode in the Bible where Jesus identified
    John the Baptist as the reincarnation of Elijah the prophet
    is one of the clearest statements which Jesus made concerning

    all the prophets and the law have prophesied until
    John. And if you are willing to receive it, he is
    Elijah who was to come.” (Matthew 11:13-14)
     In very explicit language,
    Jesus identified John the Baptist as the reincarnation of Elijah.
    Even the disciples of Jesus understood what Jesus was saying.
    This identification of John to be the reincarnation of Elijah
    is very important when it comes to Bible prophecy. By identifying
    the John with Elijah, Jesus identified himself as the Messiah.
    The Hebrew scriptures mentions specific signs that would precede
    the coming of the Messiah. One of them is that Elijah will return
    John was the reincarnation of
    Elijah the Prophet; therefore, reincarnation must become
    once again a part of Judeo-Christian theology. It also
    means the current concept of resurrection – the “reanimation
    of corpses on judgment day” – can be discarded
    and replaced with “the reanimation of spiritually
    dead LIVING people.” In other words, becoming “born
    again,” or receiving “eternal life,”
    or becoming free from the slavery of the birth-death-rebirth
    I could keep going….

  • azeventdiva

    NascentIdea azeventdiva CloneTroopr FrankThornton When
    we die, we are dead, gone! Our physical body and the personality that
    goes with it will return to dust! That aspect of ourselves will not
    reincarnate because it will be dead. Our soul, on the other hand, is
    eternal and it is the soul that will be reborn. It is true that many of
    the qualities of our character will be stored after death in our
    subconscious – the mind of the soul – and they will influence the
    personality of our next physical body. Yet, it is the physical body that
    is appointed one permanent death, not the eternal soul! Our soul could
    occupy many physical bodies, each of them appointed once to die. 
    And, keep in mind that the Bible is written by men, over thousands of years, and then interpreted by other men. Both incorrectly & purposely missing parts, as well as purposely adding in doctrines.

  • amy22eleven

    corourke StephanieZeman dude you call her out on a typo and make at least two of you own….talk about priceless. you’re about as smart as you claim the other person isn’t. she made one typo… you made two… “god enough” ? really? and the other one “beliefs oh hippies”  check yourself before you go ignorantly checking someone else. you missed the entire message of this story with your ignorant ass comment.

  • MilesLoudon

    Ambersss corourke You do know that there are two correct spellings right? You look pretty ignorant calling people out like this, especially when you’re wrong.

  • DerekJames1

    corourke StephanieZeman Kind of like how “spelt” is spelled “spelled”.


  • NascentIdea

    azeventdiva As far as the actual Bible goes, I personally believe that what most people interpret as reincarnation, the original author intended to mean the resurrection. There is a difference between reincarnation and resurrection, but the way resurrection is described in the Bible might sometimes share some characteristics with reincarnation. As far as the early churchmen go…the way I see it, they were just as fallible as anyone. Origen was largely just speculating many points of theology the Bible didn’t touch on at all.

  • Mrphotophill

    corourke The fact that you think a spelling mistake is grounds to call someone stupid tightly shuts the chest on your idiocy.

  • MelKuPhD

    71sketch17 grevyturty  Brain waves are generated by the living brain.  The mind is what the brain does, and the brain no longer generates brain waves after death.  There has never been any neuroimaging evidence of brainwave-like activity in the vicinity of a recently deceased body.  Neurologically, your argument about post-death brainwaves is nonsense.  Regarding the “weight of the soul” issue, the entire idea of the soul in most spiritual systems is that it is … SPIRITual and not physical in nature.  Therefore, the soul would have no
    mass.  Only things composed of atoms and subatomic particles have mass.  Light waves, sound waves, brain waves, etc. do not, themselves, have mass.  Yes, grevyturty is not the king/queen of tact.  However, his/her statements make a LOT more sense that a lot of the other ridiculousness in the comments for this story.

  • JaneKrick

    corourke StephanieZeman awesome job typo police 🙂

  • JaneKrick

    ElouiseRugg good point!

  • JaneKrick

    grevyturty Are ppl idiots because you don’t believe it?

  • JaneKrick

    corourke AaliyahDjLaEarle AlexEvans1 RaeRaeDem You sound very educated with your dirty language.

  • RachelMarie1

    corourke MarieBirkett The Message Carrier She is correct go do your research…it is easy to look that crap online. Look up the dates for Christmas vs Peagan holidays. Christmas is actually a Peagan holiday that was basically robbed by the Vatican. Ever recall hearing about winter solstice, yup that is on Dec 25th. The Vatican hides information to manipulate Christians and brainwash them…it worked. I have to hand it to them. They had e fooled for years. Then I got wise and  started researching and fact checking stuff. It just seemed too good to be true. Plus what kind of God makes you live a damn near perfect life to be with him then if you don’t apologize before you de for all your sins your going to hell…that is almost impossible. I know a lot of Christians and they break an awful lot of rules from that think book of rules. I say no way I will just live a happy fulfilling life with my family and not be stressed about pleasing an imaginary man in the sky.

  • Terror Bird

    Just learn more about biology to be able to judge in a better way about such a things. We have no proof that soul exists. All we know we are made of the food that our parents ate to create the two cells(sperm and egg) to join together and make a new human being!

  • RustyMarloPageCarbaugh

    parasane No. It’s just saying in the parentheses that he, the interviewer, forgot the name of the accused.

  • Rae Porclaina

    This would be really cool if it were real. Unfortunately, it is not real, as reporter/writer would have sources, names of places/people and cited quotes, more background information on the boy and the accused, and a real reporter would have written down something as important as the NAME OF THE MURDERER.

  • kingpau0821

    Try googling Dr. Eli Lasch. Search for his name on Wiki. Nothing comes up.

  • StephaneVayer

    How could he know where the “killer” buried the axe; surely he must have been unable to follow his killer after having his skull spilt and his body buried…

  • azeventdiva

    kingpau0821 You must be doing it wrong. I googled him, and the whole first page of the search was different web sites and articles about him, including a facebook page.

  • MarieBirkett

    kingpau0821 Here is proof he existed http://israelseen.com/2009/04/06/dr-eli-lasch-1929-2009/

  • ctguy4242

    Since the human population is constantly increasing,  where do new souls come from?   Is there a soul factory?

  • BJD

    the power of suggestion, especially to a young child, can be very misleading.  sounds to me like the kid was coached, if i take what is written here has any grain of truth to it that would be my conclusion.

  • test123456

    Bullshit.  Someone read too much Sylvia Browne (another liar)

  • test123456

    BULLSHIT.  Someone’s read too much Sylvia Browne (another scUm)

  • daisyspins

    parasane RustyMarloPageCarbaugh “the man” is not Eli, the man is the accused man and Eli is the witness, telling the writer what he saw.

  • parasane

    daisyspins RustyMarloPageCarbaugh You’re both exactly right.  I had “read” it via a text-to-speech browser, which didn’t take into account the parentheses.  Technology has come a long way.  Far enough to make subtle things like that take on an entirely different context.  Thank you both for helping to point that out.

  • 71sketch17

    Terror Bird Souls are a real and measurable thing. They are brainwaves that exist between 1-40Hz (with exceptions) and control your endocrine system functions. Science has already brought this to light. It’s not some big metaphorical phenomenon. People need to stop over complicating science. It’s not that difficult to understand.

  • 71sketch17

    ctguy4242 They recirculate. When someone dies their brainwaves can be attached to another life form. Also souls can come from different dimensions or even animals that have built up enough energy throughout their existence to become compatible with the human body. There is an infinite amount of frequencies and only about 4% can be picked up by a typical human being. You can’t even imagine all of the different types of energies around you. If you could see them, you’d be unable to see a mere foot in front of you. But that’s just according to a belief system that is based on Quantum Physics.

  • LeeAnnC1

    RachelMarie1 Holidays that we celebrate today are not from the Bible so even if the vatican used pagan dates to celebrate holidays the church decided to celebrate is irrelevant…these aren’t Bible or God ordained and no one says they are. God doesn’t expect us to live a perfect life. He knows we won’t yet he loves us anyway. The Old Testament shows us God’s holiness and his perfection and the purpose of the law shows us God’s standard.He created us to have relationships with Him and with each other. Because of our sinful nature we can not have a relationship with God because he is perfect and Holy and can not by his nature be around sin, but because God loves us and wants us to have a relationship with Him, HE made a way for that to happen himself. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. The purpose of Christ dying is to exchange his death for ours. He paid our debt. It’s like breaking the law, standing before the judge (God) and him dismissing our charges because Jesus said he would pay the penalty for it for us. Even in our earthly relationships, to show love to people we do things for them and try to avoid doing things that hurt them…if we do and we love them we apologize. This is also how we show love to God…by keeping his commands to show our love and if we fail, we ask for forgiveness…it’s not about doing good works, and being perfect. He is perfect and our savior is perfect. If we accept Christ in our hearts, he covers our sinful deeds with his perfect blood. All other religions are trying to please their gods by what they do and hope for the best. Christianity is our God coming down to us and making the way for us because he already loves us. There is no stress involved here…please reconsider loving God back and letting him be the perfect one…no stress required. It’s actually very freeing!

  • 71sketch17

    MelKuPhD 71sketch17 grevyturty There are machines that pick up brain waves specifically. Even cameras, radios, and other people can pick up on brainwaves. The brain doesn’t generate brain waves after death because they are released back into the atmosphere. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed into another form of energy. So how can brain waves just disappear? Also, you can create mass by supplying energy to it, hence the term “energetic mass.” We are in the process of creating video games and body parts that work solely off of brain wave power. It’s there and it’s real. Even DNA from a person can be put in a glass of water in another room and still change the water molecules based on photos or videos that the same person is watching from that other room. You’re arguments are all invalid. This is all shit that i’ve either studied first hand or gathered from not only college text books from Universities around the world but books that have been written by some of the most prestigious neurologists. I don’t just look up information online and dub it true. Why does everyone have to complicate spirituality? It’s not some crazy phenomenon that hippies talk about while tripping on mushrooms.

  • 71sketch17

    corourke You’re just an idiot. Quantum physics is the study of frequencies and how they interact. There are an infinite amount of frequencies, and only 4% can be picked up by a typical human being. Probably less now that our pineal glands have been calcified by fluoride as seen by the multiple idiots commenting about this supposed occurrence of reincarnation. Either way, there is a lot more to the evidence of spirituality then just the double slit experiment. That just describes how multiple energies interact through a cut barrier and really doesn’t prove that a soul exists. The proof that a soul exists is our lives. Our abilities to receive, interoperate, and respond with energies, is evidence that our bodies are controlled by an energy source. That is ALL a spirit is.

  • raehuestis1995

    71sketch17 ctguy4242  how do you know this???

  • raehuestis1995

    The Message Carrier

    are you concerned that it is the work of the devil???  something evil??  I tell you it is not evil.  What we know today and what we will know tomorrow…..

  • raehuestis1995

    JoshGray1 I believe in God…Yahweh, what ever you call it….I also believe there is so much more to what we know as our current existence … I continue to research and learn….so much has to be sifted thru….but who is to say…I say we are here to learn and teach..if we do not get it right this time..then we come back and try again….how do new souls get created?/  i have no idea…I am no genius….I am here to learn and teach…and one day I may get it right….did Ghandi get it right..Mother Teresa??  who knows….

  • raehuestis1995

    grevyturty it’s like those that believe in God and those that do not…those that do not should not claim that those that do..are idiots…but yet they do….it is how the world is as we know it now…we are here to learn and teach…you need to decide what you will teach and what you will learn…will you teach good…will you learn only the bad things from others….??  If we would all just practice the golden rule the world would be a much better place for us all

  • Tobydash

    corourke StephanieZeman And we should listen to you because you have “god” enough evidence? Let us talk about insta Karma and your idiocy!

  • kingpau0821

    MarieBirkett not a credible proof

  • 71sketch17

    raehuestis1995 My lack of friends throughout school pushed me to learn more about why people act the way they do. I spent most of my spare time reading books regarding the human brain and the endocrine system. The study of psychology opened up a whole other world of interests including anatomy and how thoughts directly affect the endocrine system. Once I understood that, I wanted to learn more about frequencies and found Quantum Physics. The more I read about Quantum Physics, the more I realized that I know nothing. That is what continued to push me to learn as much as possible. Over the past few years, with all of the amazing information that has surfaced, I’ve noticed that all of these discoveries tie into the same beliefs that both my Native American ancestors and my Druid ancestors held, even though they are both from different parts of the world and different time periods. My great x3 grandmother was a Shaman and her teachings have been passed down from generation to generation which are also similar to many other past spiritual religions around the world, before the rise of Christianity and the “discovery” of America.This is how I realized that we are all linked by a giant electrical grid where information can be passed from one thing to another without them ever meeting. Also being a mechanic, I know a lot about electricity and how to manipulate and convert energy many ways. There’s a lot more than just that but it would be a long boring explanation of my life story (as demonstrated by this already long response)

  • StevenPaulMorales

    71sketch17 ctguy4242 What’s 4% of infinity?

  • NicholasYoung

    71sketch17 I saw in to one of those light spectrum’s as a kid, I saw a being of pure energy, it was about a week after my Grand Father died, I will tell you this much, there is a LOT that humans don’t understand and I for one have tried to keep my mind as open as possible trying to understand my surroundings Also, Isn’t it closer to 00.000.1% of the light frequencies that the human eye can see?

  • 71sketch17

    NicholasYoung 71sketch17 Realistically, there is no way to confirm what percentage of frequencies can be captured including what we can see, hear, touch, smell, taste. Every word has it’s own frequency along with every belief system be it religious, spiritual, political etc. A persons outlook on life can determine whether they pick up a large amount or a small amount. I believe the 4% actually comes from what we’ve documented as sensible energy. Since there are an infinite amount of frequencies, there’s really no way of knowing how much one person can actually perceive.

  • 71sketch17

    StevenPaulMorales 71sketch17 ctguy4242 That’s a good question. I should have specified that most people can sense about 4% of documented energy.

  • MarieBirkett

    kingpau0821 MarieBirkett What proof do you need he is the Doctor who witnessed this I have found  at least  4 mentions of this man where are you looking !!!!!

  • MarieBirkett

    71sketch17 raehuestis1995 I am going to a talk on Shaman this evening I had never heard of it til lnow and thats twice in one day !

  • velestro1

    @http://www.livefyre.com/profile/46134343/ I am unable to find any evidence supporting this claim. Could you be so kind as to provide some evidence or possibly where i could go to find evidence and please only valid peer reviewed sources. I find your ideas interesting but would like to see some research or conformation of this information’s validity.

  • corourke

    MarieBirkett kingpau0821 Personal evidence (anecdotal) doesn’t count in science.

  • corourke

    71sketch17 NicholasYoung I’m sorry. but if you knew ANYTHING about Quantum Theory, you would know that energy comes in discrete packets, and hence you don’t get an infinite number.

  • corourke

    StephanieZeman If I’m not hearing to listen, I’m hearing to judge, but then because I’ve already made my mind up, I’m not listening? leems segit 
    If I’m not a happy soul, why don’t you help me out, seemingly peaceful one? Or are you going to take the road of snide derision and not take into account basically anything I said in the first paragraph?

  • corourke

    amy22eleven corourke StephanieZeman Spelt and spelled are both correct. Actually, there are typos throughout her comments; it was unfortunate that I chose this one. I was mainly shooting for content (backed up by the fact that most of my comment was NOT about the type). How can YOU criticise me when your comment is a fucking train wreck of punctuation? It’s just difficult to read properly. Oh, and please tell me how this makes sense: “stupid is as stupid does and you stepped all up in it”.

  • corourke

    Tobydash corourke StephanieZeman Shall we? I’d be happy with that. In no instance did I say that I believed that all of her idiocy came from the type; it was a nice starting point, which, if I may, is underlined in Google Chrome. My mistakes, however, were not, and are excusable.

  • 71sketch17

    corourke That makes no sense. When I say there are an infinite amount of frequencies, I am referring to the actual rotations per second. There are an infinite amount of numbers meaning there are an infinite amount of possible wave patterns. The smallest thing scientists have been able to discover are little strings of energy but they claim that you can never zero in on the smallest thing because there will always be space between you and the focal point. Some scientists believe that the matter that holds everything together, dark matter, is actually a collection of other frequencies that are beyond our technology, but represent a complete opposite set to what we can physically sense. On the other end of the spectrum, we could be traveling within a colossal wave. For all we know, we could be existing on a cell that is in the blood stream of a giant creature. Some studies suggest that we could be a mere holographic representation of energy. Our realities are really nothing more than manifested thoughts and interpretations of energy. So please, continue to try and educate me on multiple aspects of Quantum Physics.

  • 71sketch17

    velestro1 http://jeffreygignac.com/the-science/ This one goes in depth and provides a study using brainwave entrainment. 

    http://www.williamjames.com/Theory/BIOLOGY.htm This one is much longer and more in depth regarding the endocrine system. 

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjs0q5AKG-Y#t=56 This is a pretty good video of a neuroscientist explaining how the “soul” is measurable.

    http://www.transpersonalstudies.org/ImagesRepository/ijts/Downloads/Best.pdf This one describes the bodies different focal points of energy.

    I hope these help better explain my points of view.

  • corourke

    71sketch17 corourke Half of your comment was just full of random theories that have very little evidence other than “you can’t prove it wrong”, you can’t then say “continue to educate me…of Quantum Physics”. Besides, what then of singularities? Are you going to tell me that space exists in the already-defined spaceless point?

  • 71sketch17

    corourke Are you illiterate? For the sake of argument, do some in-depth research so you can tie what you believe to be random theories together. There is a reason why I stated all of those “theories.” That reason is to show you that the most prestigious of scientists believe that there are an infinite amount of frequencies. The reason they believe this, is because FREQUENCIES ARE MEASURABLE. Just because we don’t have the technology to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste them all, doesn’t mean they are not there. Why do I even bother arguing with people like you. You’re either just a fucking retard or trying to provoke me.

  • raehuestis1995

    71sketch17 corourke really do like the way you think

  • corourke

    71sketch17 corourke The reason that Scientists believe in an infinite amount of frequencies is because frequencies are measurable? So, you’re saying that your knowledge of Quantum Mechanics is all self-taught? Fair enough; that clears that up.

  • corourke

    71sketch17 corourke Would you like the textbook definition of a singularity or…?

  • 71sketch17

    corourke Yes, there is an infinite amount of measurements because there is an infinite amount of numbers. Do you not know basic math? You can’t even formulate a sentence that is readable. It’s one thing to fuck up grammar and spelling. It’s another story when you try to argue points while you are incapable of speaking English. That’s probably why you can’t seem to grasp what I’m saying. Some of the most educated people in history were self taught. The reason for that is because we have no boundaries of a classroom but still read, take notes on, and study the same material that is presented by universities. Every piece of information that I have used in this argument can be referenced in peer reviewed studies. You must be google taught.

  • Tavi6233

    When I was around 5 I had a dream that I was a Chinese business man, I was sitting at an outside cafe and a car came by and shot me to death and sped away. When I woke my grandmother said it sounded like I was speaking in another language.  
    Who knows, maybe I did watch too much tv or something, can’t imagine watching something like that at 5 though.  All logic says it was just a strange dream but part of me really believes it was a past life.

  • corourke

    Tavi6233 Seems reasonable, clearly.

  • corourke

    71sketch17 corourke Translation: “You disagree, your English is bad. I disagree, your English is bad.” Cats are measurable; there are an infinite amount of cats. Particles are measurable, there are an infinite amount of particles. Google, at it’s best, provides definitions and the preview to Wiki entries. While it was a joke, it was poor, because Google doesn’t even do anything; the punchline was just bad. But I guess you disagree and therefore I’m poor at English.

  • WeiYuHo

    corourke StephanieZeman So you know from personal experience what all these things that other people believe are total bullshit? “The” time-wasting beliefs of hippies, healing with crystals, other peoples religion including reincarnation etc? Im willing to bet 100% that you have no personal experience or in depth knowledge about most of the information you know except for second hand information mostly from online sources. Yet the way to talk seems to imply you know full well, more so than anybody else about all of this because you are more intelligent.

    Youre not as smart as you think you are mate, and the things you know for sure is not for certain either you toolbag.

    Btw its ‘led’ not ‘lead’ as led is the past tense. http://www.grammar-monster.com/easily_confused/lead_led.htm

  • corourke

    WeiYuHo corourke StephanieZeman Personal experience counts for absolutely nothing. They are the exact reason science deals with controlled conditions. I don’t care what you’ve “seen”. For what it’s worth, James Randi is offering a million dollars to anyone that can prove, under controlled conditions, with their own designed experiment, to prove something supernatural or spiritual. Fancy a million dollars? 

    If I know them for sure, then they’re certain, by definition. Are you now going to tell me how invalid Quantum Mechanics, Gravity and Evolution are because they’re “theories”?

  • seanUSA

    corourke you know everything about every commenter, you sly, intelligent  internet user.

  • StephanieZeman

    I don’t need to entertain you. I’ve been reading your comments. You talk like you know everything when you don’t. You talk about quantum physics like you know about it personally. Unless you are actually physically working with scientist you only know what you have read from the internet etc. SO please stop preaching to everyone about it. My son is 19 and knows about Quantum physics etc. Really!
    As for helping you, there is no help for people like you. Yes, I am a very peaceful person until I am put in place where I can’t be. Since you do not know me personally do not judge. For you doing so you only shows your ignorance and lack of maturity. I’m done with this topic and have said what I needed to say. Have a good day.

  • raehuestis1995

    71sketch17 tazzron tazzron..it’s good, I think, to have ideas outside the “norm”…otherwise we would still think the world is flat…

  • raehuestis1995

    71sketch17 corourke tazzron 71….I like the way you think….

  • Honey_bee

    This story doesn’t make sense. Child at 3 said this and said that and walked up to the man and said you killed me blah blah blah, no way a 3 year old would do or say such things. Maybe he would say to mommy and daddy thing or two which probably won’t even make sense to them. Not saying I don’t believe, or I believe. Just saying this story is a joke

  • MikeSears1

    The human mind is a highly localized form of compressed and focused energy. Science has proven that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It is possible although improbable that this type of thing can happen

  • MarieBirkett

    Honey_bee yes he would , he is recalling a past life and he is an old soul, young children are very in tune with spirit both mine were as youngsters and said remarkable things at the age of 2 +

  • NicholasYoung

    corourke 71sketch17 NicholasYoung  If I know any thing about humanity and science is that it often times is incorrect. 😉

  • NicholasYoung

    71sketch17 corourke I’m glad Some one else thinks like I do. XD

  • NicholasYoung

    71sketch17 Id say just stop responding to him, I’ve learned one thing about humanity, most are narrow minded and will not or cannot think for them self’s.

  • azeventdiva

    Honey_bee When my oldest was about 3/4yo she would tell EVERYONE everything. She would tell them about the ghost she talked to in the attic (she did talk to someone in the attic, she said it was a man, I never went up there while she was talking to him was too damn frightened myself. But, would sit about half way up the stairs and listen to her and call her from there. She was about a year old when she started talking to him), she would tell them about her grandfather passing away (whom she only met once, when she was almost 2), she would tell these complete strangers anything and everything. The kid in this article grew up in a society where the elders are a pretty big part of his life. They are not strangers to him. And, young children can be very out spoken. And some can be very shy. It all depends on the kid. In this case, it didn’t matter if he was out spoken or shy, he knew the elders in his community.

  • 71sketch17

    corourke 71sketch17 Cats are a compilation of frequencies. I’m referring to wave patterns, not the things that tightly wound wave patterns can form. Every number has its own frequency just like every word, every emotion, every color, every planet, etc. If numbers are infinite than frequencies must also be since you need a frequency in order to communicate a number. Ask any Quantum Physicist about how many energy patterns exist and I guarantee they will provide you with similar information. You don’t even have a valid argument anymore. Yes, I am making fun of your English because you are failing to make points by using poor wording. However, it doesn’t matter as your argument is also failing. Your attempt to dismiss information, while claiming to know about Quantum Mechanics, just proves how ignorant you really are.

  • 71sketch17

    NicholasYoung 71sketch17 I totally agree, but I can’t help myself.

  • NicholasYoung

    71sketch17 NicholasYoung  I understand. XD

  • 71sketch17

    Honey_bee Between the ages of one and five is when children’s ability to absorb information is at its peak. When I was that age, I would ask people the craziest of questions. One time, I asked a black man why his hands were white not realizing that it was kind of a fucked up thing to say. A child’s mind has no boundaries until they are formulated for them by adults, media, education, etc. I used to always ask my parents about death and what would happen to my soul. My mom’s explanation was my favorite bedtime story. I used to always ask her about the universe and the purpose of life on Earth. Mind you, this was all before I turned 5. However, I’m not going to say that this story is 100% true either. You can never know the legitimacy of anything anymore 🙁

  • MarieBirkett
  • PipMoore

    If reincarnation is real, how can there be world population growth?

  • MarieBirkett

    PipMoore There will always will be new spirits starting out

  • KatieSerrato

    ctguy4242  you are ignorant.. obviously souls come into existance.. where did your soul come from then?

  • corourke

    KatieSerrato ctguy4242 Souls are real because your soul has to have come from somewhere. Circular logic works because circular logic works because…

  • RodgerPugh
  • Captric

    Just because you read it in the internet does not make it true! LOL

  • mproncace


  • ZoeCelesteRoberts

    PipMoore Easy, all the endangered specie that we have killed off are being reincarnated to humans.

  • NoGodafterlifeDavidCage

    Occam’s Razor:  The parents committed in the murder and told the little brat about it in order to become famous and frame Eli Lasch.  No reincarnation, just a crazy plan.

  • taffy3350

    It’s clearly lies

  • taffy3350

    MarieBirkett I know how to explain it. They are all lieing. There. Done.

  • taffy3350

    71sketch17 velestro1 If you get your science from YT then you need to learn Science

  • 71sketch17

    taffy3350  Out of the four sources that I posted, one was from youtube, and it was a link from a Quantum Physics site. Just because a video is posted on youtube, doesn’t mean some retard uploaded it for fun. Anyone who wants to spread their findings would look to youtube as a form of outreach. You don’t seem like you’re smart enough to comprehend that. Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, Robert Lanza, amongst many other prestigious scientists have youtube channels. Are you saying that they don’t know science because they have videos on youtube? Actually, why do I even bother arguing with an idiot like yourself? Had you looked through these sources, you’d realize that they are legitimate based on your understanding of science. I’m assuming you know nothing of science, which is why you’re attempting to undermine my intelligence with such a poor attack.

  • it is true and reincarnation is real. Why ? because God brought them back to be reborn again!

  • Pebbles5487

    This would explain why world never run off of idiots

  • MarieBirkett

    rudometal You are quite right It is true I have had enough proof to know it is

  • questionsparks

    NoGodafterlifeDavidCage That wouldn’t really work. They’d have to have murdered the man BEFORE conceiving the child. And that’s a lot of work for a murder cover up. I’d love to see how they’d come up with that plan.
    “Well… that escalated quickly.”
    “We just wanted to talk about viticulture and… wow, what happened?”
    “We just axed in some guys head!”
    “Okay, alright… yeah, that happened.”
    “It sure did happen. Hey, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
    “Depends, are you thinking that we should get married, you impregnate me and I bring the child to term. Than we spend a few years rising the child and then we have the child claim that they’re the reincarnated version of the man we murdered here today.”
    “That was exactly what I was thinking about. This is great. I really needed an excuse to propose and have a child with you.”
    “I know, right? I’m so glad we axed this man in the face. We really bonded over this shared axe murder.”
    Aw, young love. We’ve all been there right? I’m not saying that the kid is the reincarnated version of an axe murder victim. I’m just saying your Occam’s Razor might need a little sharpening if that’s the alternative it gave you. Either that or your whittling skills need some work.

  • nsigarnd

    PipMoore there’s no answer to that cuz reincarnation is not real and these people are retarded hippies.

  • nsigarnd

    MarieBirkett Honey_bee your kids were messing with your crazy head

  • MarieBirkett

    nsigarnd MarieBirkett Honey_bee what a 2   sadly you are the deluded one

  • obecksiyke

    The Power of imagination is one aspect of humans that is endless.

  • MarieBirkett

    taffy3350 MarieBirkett Narrow mindedness gets you know where

  • diss1

    what an absolute load of bollocks

  • JadeKitten1985

    taffy3350 MarieBirkett  makes more sense than god and jesus born of a virgin

  • JadeKitten1985

    diss1  why? Many people have memories of something that was from another lifetime. people can believe a one so almighty GOD can be real and jesus was born from a virgin and we go to heaven but the thought of us being reborn isn’t plausible? Being reborn makes more sense then going to heaven. Being one with mother earth makes more sense than a god you cant see that supposedly told a person to write a book of stories and whats right an wrong and you will either go to heaven or hell

  • diss1

    JadeKitten1985 “Many people have memories of something that was from another lifetime”. no, they don’t. they might believe they do, but that’s not the same thing.

    this story is exactly as plausible as the God of the Christian religion, in that there’s no evidence for either of them

  • diss1

    MarieBirkett believing in nonsense ain’t worth it, Ms Birkett (to me. if it works for you, go ahead, work it)

  • BretMillett

    MarieBirkett The human mind can make absurd leaps of logic. And the world is full of mild coincidences that some people are all to eagle to place wherever they might fit in a puzzle.

  • MarieBirkett

    BretMillett MarieBirkett Your views Brett of which you are entitled. I have in 50 years seen, heard and experienced to many things for it to be coincidences and experienced first hand a child being reincarnated

  • pineapplechunk

    MarieBirkett diss1  yous big hand bags, there is nothing real outside our perception of reality, is there?

  • MildredMarieMartin

    MarieBirkett Thank you very much MarieBirkett.

  • etsahodges

    If this story is true. Reincarnation is real. active imaginations and parental programming could not lead this boy to his body. So dont say stupid things like that

  • MichelleLilly

    Where is the actual police report of a body being found by a boy..? It would be public record.

  • MichelleLilly

    MarieBirkett pineapplechunk diss1 I respect your “beliefs”, Marie, but where are the facts? Enough of this “believing” I want facts. Police reports of a boy finding a body, etc. Nothing. Just “This is what happened and it says so in a book”, sounds a bit familiar.. But there are no facts or scientific evidence to back up this story.

  • diss1

    MarieBirkett MichelleLilly pineapplechunk diss1 you mean “belief”, not “proof”. you have your own personal belief.

  • MichelleLilly

    MarieBirkett MichelleLilly pineapplechunk diss1 You have no proof. Proof requires physical evidence that you can present to a Scientist for analyzing. Anything you cannot provide someone with proof/evidence is all in your mind, fiction, belief, imagination.. Until proven factual by one person to another. A story book only has stories in it. Even Non-Fiction books are full of fabrication. A simple exaggeration is a lie.

  • HeatherMoorecroft

    nsigarnd PipMoore ZoeCelesteRoberts MarieBirkett they cant even agree on one answer. Site your sources, or are you just pulling these answers out of your asses?

  • HeatherMoorecroft

    MarieBirkett taffy3350 lolol

  • HeatherMoorecroft
  • goteamben

    MarieBirkett MichelleLilly pineapplechunk diss1 You ‘know’ that reincarnation exits in the same way that Christians ‘know’ that God exists, or in the same way that a Muslim martyr knows that there’s going to be a heap of virgins waiting for him in heaven.

    I’m not sure where you get your own ‘personal proof’ from, but I doubt it would stand up to any sort of scrutiny.  I’d be interested to hear what this proof was, though.

  • goteamben

    MarieBirkett – then please, enlighten us.

    Its amazing how people of all sorts of belief systems have so much evidence for their seemingly conflicting beliefs.  It’s almost as if most (or all) of them are being duped!

    Out of interest, if a Christian told you they’d had a near death experience, had seen the pearly gates and has been told categorically by St Peter that reincarnation was a load of nonsense, what would you say to that person?

  • goteamben

    MichelleLilly Well, unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen.  The source for this article is a book that was published 15 years ago, by someone who once spoke to someone who claimed to have witnessed the events.  There is no other record of the meeting.

    The person who claimed to have witnessed the event, Dr Eli Lasch, made a very handsome living as a spiritual healer, and also became something of a tv & print celebrity, pedalling his treatments.

    So what we have here is an internet story, based on an old book which is based on a conversation the author had with someone who had a significant financial interest in making up this kind of crap.  

    I think the police report (or even a record of the boy’s name) might be a long time coming!

  • MichelleLilly

    goteamben So there is no proof. Noted.

  • MichelleLilly

    goteamben MarieBirkett She is lost to reality. No return. Just take a look around this whole comment section.

  • MichelleLilly

    MarieBirkett rudometal You have yet to present any evidence or proof to your claims. Stop believing your delusions are factual.

  • MichelleLilly

    NoGodafterlifeDavidCage You’re absolutely right. The only way they could ever prove any of this is real is by presenting evidence.. Which they cannot. Debunked.

  • goteamben

    MarieBirkett goteamben MichelleLilly pineapplechunk diss1

    You’ve accused people in the comments section of being close-minded and blinkered, yet (a) you wont share your proof with anyone, and (b) you’ve confirmed that nothing could ever dissuade you from your points of view (near enough the definition of close-minded!

    From the fact that you wont share, that it’s clearly such a personal matter and you’ve clearly put all your faith in it, I’d be willing to be you’ve gone through a personal tragedy and have found comfort in your new belief.  i just hope you didn’t pay anyone money to be given your ‘proof’.

  • goteamben

    MarieBirkett goteamben MichelleLilly pineapplechunk diss1
    It is times of loss are when people generally turn to some sort of supernatural comfort; the problem is that they all say they have ‘proof’ of their particular belief – but some people’s beliefs contradict other peoples.

    If you came across someone on the internet who said they had a ‘personal proof’ of some form of afterlife which did not fit in with your beliefs, and for which they offered no evidence, would you believe them?

    And how about the story in the article?  To repeat, it is an article based on a 15 year old book, in which the author recounts a story that someone once told him (the person who told the author the story made a handsome living out of practising spiritual healing).  There is no other recorded account of the events in the story; so, do you believe the events in the article happened?  Or do you agree that it is reasonable to be skeptical?

  • MichelleLilly

    Uou don’t have anything.

  • thebrandedman

    MichelleLilly She’s probably got dementia. I’d just give up. Her mind was made up, then it was shot. There’s no recovering for her.

  • MichelleLilly

    That is not proof. You have a weak and gullible little mind.

  • MichelleLilly

    It’s fake. Enough said.

  • MarieBirkett

    MichelleLilly Well you prove to me 100% this is fake then I will believe you, you keep asking for proof you prove to me this is https://www.google.co.uk/search?rls=com.microsoft:en-US:%7Breferrer:source%7D&q=categorically&spell=1&sa=X&ei=jVH3VLC8FYL1UrachJAP&ved=0CBsQvwUoAA nonsense they I will accept it

  • MichelleLilly

    MarieBirkett goteamben Nope. Nothing has proven an afterlife.. ever. You just believe there is because you believe stories. Ingorant bible thumper.

  • MichelleLilly

    MarieBirkett MichelleLilly You cannot prove it is real. Lack of evidence is proof enough. I bet you watched a lot of Sylvia Brown garbage.

  • MarieBirkett

    MichelleLilly MarieBirkett No I have never watched her and I have first hand experience of a child reincarnated

  • goteamben

    MarieBirkett MichelleLilly rudometal
    In this story (and omitted from the video – except for a brief photo), the James’s interest in planes (and his nightmares) began after his dad took him on a trip to see the Kavanaugh Flight Museum in Dallas.

    The paintings are nothing – I was obsessed with trains as a kid and drew loads of pictures – normal child behaviour.  

    Most of the details don’t appear to have been provided by the child himself, they have been searched out by his parents who have, in essence, created the story (they ask his his name – he says its ‘James’…they go out of their way to track down a real, dead, pilot called James Hudson – who actually went by the name ‘Jim’ and they tell the child thats who he was in a past life.

    Also, some of the details turned out to be false – they got they type of plane wrong for a start.  Originally, James Jnr said that the type of plane he was shot down in was a Corsair fighter – but they the found out this wasn’t true and changed the story.

    Also, it was only when James was taken to a therapist that ‘evidence’ of his dreams being related to a past life first emerged, and then snowballed. The same thing has happened many times before, including in the much more serious creation of false memories of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_child_abuse_scandal. 

    James’s story is one of the ‘better’ accounts out there, but still reeks of BS.

    (I am sure there are plenty of more detailed debunkings available online)

  • MichelleLilly

    MarieBirkett MichelleLilly goteamben “My Child” Spoken like a true delusional moron. Get over yourself you old bag.You dont know anything about spiritualism and you wont ever know Science because you’re mind is shut off from reality. You worship fairytales.. You’re a very said and pathetic waste.

  • goteamben

    Hmmm, did someone delete my comment? Long and short, this has been debunked. His dad took him to a flight museum, which is when he got really into the planes and started having the nightmares.
    The rest of it is essentially made up by his parents, they ask a child, called James, what his name is – he replies ‘James’ and , instead of accepting it at face value, his dad goes off to find a dead pilot called James and tells his son that was him in a past life! Mental.
    his dad then found out what plane James Hudson used to fly and James jnr agreed this was his plane……then his dad found out he was wrong and James Hudson flew a different kind of plane, so they’ve now changed their story!
    Basically, a kid has something odd and his parents have gone out of their way to research a fantasy world and implanted all of these ‘facts’ in James Jnr’s head…shame they weren’t always accurate!

  • NaziPedo

    MarieBirkett diss1 The guy who wrote that story also wrote about how all the Jews in the Holocaust deserved their fates because of Karma. Do you agree with that too?

  • justiceismybtch

    The doctor who relayed this incredible tale “forgot” the name of the murderer?  How “convenient,” since it leaves no way to fact-check the “truth” of this story.  Also, If the boy was killed with an axe in his previous life, how would his former self have known where the murder weapon was hidden after his death? Amazing what people will believe just because it is a group of sentences presented under an unverified “news” site.

  • BillySymes

    Has nothing to do with this story but when my boy was very young we were in a cab and a fast car raced by, he showed great interest and started talking about when he was a teenager.  Given the fact that he was only 3 at this time I found this quite interesting, he continued to talk about a GTO said it was blue and very fast and all the girls liked it but he got in trouble from the cops and his dad cause it was so fast. At this time I said Billy I am your dad and I am not mad what are you talking about, and the little boy just shook his head and I have never been able to get him to talk about it since.

  • JustinRobertson

    Trutz Hardo is a well known nut job and pretty much a Nazi.

  • DeniseMcconnell

    come on guys,  it;s on the internet, it has to be true!!!!!  lol

  • VadimLane

    DeniseMcconnell just because you don’t think it true it doesn’t mean It can’t be true. and Just because it’s on the internet it doesn’t mean it’s not true. There are False and Factual thing on the internet. It is not all a lie or the truth.

  • aBigPurpleDiamond

    justiceismybtch He would have known because when many people die they hang around a few minutes looking at their bodies or “visiting” important people in their lives. My brother in law whispered to me,”I’m gone” about 2 hours later I got the call.

  • amadhatter53

    Just curious – how many reincarnation exist concurrently with an afterlife? Just because they are both fictitious inventions doesn’t make them any less mutually exclusive.  You can’t  have a soul go to an afterlife upon death and have it reborn as well.  Pick a fantasy people

  • Witchy Mama

    amadhatter53 Afterlife simply means that the soul continues to exist even after bodily death. Think of it as recycling. Before an old glass container can be made into a new one it has to go to a recycling center for processing. Reincarnation isn’t instantaneous. The soul has to go somewhere before being reassigned.

  • Witchy Mama

    Holy crap, people. Stop being jerks. If someone asks a question about how faith works and then another someone does their best to try to answer the question, that’s not an open invitation to start attacking their beliefs. If you think that after we die we merely become fertilizer and nothing more, then fine. But don’t assume that those of us that think there might still be something beyond death are stupid. That’s rude.

  • MarieBirkett

    Witchy Mama Hear Hear  x

  • goteamben

    I’m afraid I think belief in an afterlife actually is a stupid belief to hold, but if you examined all of my beliefs I’m sure you’d find plenty of stupid in those too. All people, regardless of their intellect, probably hold some stupid beliefs.
    I would like Marie to confirm whether or not she thinks it’s reasonable to be sceptical about the actuall story, though. I actually do think that if someone is happy to take the story as fact, given its source, then that certainly is evidence of a less than average intellect!
    And it’s not as if recognising this story to be bullshit would actually undermine anyone’s beliefs anyway!
    Dementia comment was completely out of order btw.

  • goteamben

    MarieBir goteamben  Marie you have just linked everyone to the exact same account that everyone has been discussing for the last year!!!! It is not Lasch’s account, it is someone giving an account of a story he alleges Lasch once told him. 

    I give up with you; you haven’t taken in a word anyone else has said in the year since this article was posted.

    And as has been said before, there’s proofs for all sorts of crap on google, which is why critical thought needs to be applied to stuff you read on the internet.

  • goteamben

    MarieBir goteamben

    Marie, you do appear to have provided a link to the source we’ve all been discussing for the last year!  Once again; the article on this website is based on a extract from a book (which you’ve just provided a link to), which is based on the author’s account of what he says the Eli Lasch once said to him.  This is the only account of the story that existed before website like this one started releasing articles based on it.

    As others have pointed out, the author has some fairly controversial views about jews and the holocaust, and Eli Lasch himself made a very handsome living out of peddaling his spiritual beliefs.

    And even if I were to accept your first hand accounts as 100% correct, they don’t appear to be anything to do with reincarnation?

    As for “there’s a lot of proof on google” – there’s a whole heap of “proof” for a whole lot of shit on google.  Its amazing the amount of people who believe that our world leaders are actually shape shifting space lizards, ; and all because of proof they read on the internet.

  • amadhatter53

    @http://www.livefyre.com/profile/46053823/ I mean no disrespect by the following queries, rather  I’m just curious what you have to say about a few issues. If we assume reincarnation is real, how would you or anyone else know anything about how  it works?  Is this going to turn into people saying not only do they remember past lives, but they remember waiting around for the new one?  Additionally, where would the soul go if it has a down period between lives, and how would it reassignment be determined? God, karma, or some kind of committee of higher powers?

    A problem I see with reincarnation is it predicated on that souls are only recycled instead of new ones being created. In the last several thousand years the world populace has increased exponentially, hence new souls being created would be required.  

    One last question.  Are only human beings supposedly reincarnated?  If so, what happens to all other the other life forms that coexist with people on Earth?   I suppose that would also answer whether or not humans are only reborn again as humans. 

    Forgive my skepticism, but I can’t understand how anyone could believe something as an absolute, especially when there is literally nothing but vague anecdotes to back it up, without a single instance demonstrating something more concrete.

  • amadhatter53

    Witchy Mama I mean no disrespect by the following queries, rather  I’m just curious what you have to say about a few issues. If we assume reincarnation is real, how would you or anyone else know anything about how  it works?  Is this going to turn into people saying not only do they remember past lives, but they remember waiting around for the new one?  Additionally, where would the soul go if it has a down period between lives, and how would it reassignment be determined? God, karma, or some kind of committee of higher powers?

    A problem I see with reincarnation is it predicated on that souls are only recycled instead of new ones being created. In the last several thousand years the world populace has increased exponentially, hence new souls being created would be required.  

    One last question.  Are only human beings supposedly reincarnated?  If so, what happens to all other the other life forms that coexist with people on Earth?   I suppose that would also answer whether or not humans are only reborn again as humans. 

    Forgive my skepticism, but I can’t understand how anyone could believe something as an absolute, especially when there is literally nothing but vague anecdotes to back it up, without a single instance demonstrating something more concrete.

  • shirleyis

    amadhatter53 Interesting story…interesting to note about the birthmarks….I had a friends who had bad migraine headaches but doctors couldn’t find anything physically that was causing them. One day he was told by someone who soul traveled and saw his past lives that like in this live, he has always been a great warrior (he had served in Vietnam and received numerous medals) but back during the days of the Crusades, during battle, he was hit on the head with a mace and to this day, carries the pain of that event. When I was young, I used to wonder why it was that some people were born with physical handicaps or other disabling problems…after learning about previous lives, I came to understand that some circumstances from previous lives haven’t been resolved and therefore carry into their present lives. And when I hear the phrase that “all men are created equal”, I believe that perhaps it needs to be clarified that all men are created on an equal basis (depending on one’s karma and therefore, one’s dharma ).
    The Lords of Dharma (the Judges) are the ones responsible for viewing your good deeds and your dirty deeds everything done has a price and ignorance is no excuse.  These Lords sit at a round table (because they are all equal…no one sits at the head of the table) and wear the white raiment of soul (I know this because I have died before in this life and encountered them (what scientists call NDE.  They spoke, but no mouths moved. 
    All life has soul….all animal (including humans), vegetation (plants) , and minerals (which is why some minerals are used for healing and the story of why diamonds are used for wedding rings is quite interesting).  During my soul travels, trees and rocks in my driveway have talked with me. (These are very good “watchdogs and can tell you who has been there while you weren’t home and they can tell you who has ill intent)
    Souls come (and return) from the great powerhouse we refer to as “God” (a massive collective of pure energy that shines intense blinding white light that has full consciousness and is omniscient (all seeing), omnipotent (all powerful) and omnipresent (present everywhere)   .  We, as soul are a collective, all a part of It as a whole. Soul is that which is made in the image of God that we all have and with that also have those three qualities 8.
    Without God-knowledge and enlightenment, it is very difficult for soul to escape the Wheel of 84, also known as the Wheel of Awegawan.  This is the cycle of birth, death and rebirth a trap that buries soul deeper and deeper to forget where it came from and why it Is.   Baraka Bashad (May the Blessings Be) ☼.

  • shirleyis

    MarieBir MichelleLilly MarieBir rudometal
    Marie…you don’t have to prove anything to anyone….in essence it’s up to them to prove it does not exist because a truth cannot be proven wrong.  However. I can say there are many many who know of how the physics of life work and many who have viewed Akashic records (available for anyone who has the insight to soul travel to the 4th plane to view them.  The Akashic records hold the birth and rebirth records of all souls that are on the Wheel of Awegawan.  And many who’ve viewed themselves in events of previous lives.  Let them come up with proof that it isn’t something that souls that didn’t learn come back to until they understand life.

  • Witchy Mama

    amadhatter53 No, no, I’m happy to answer the questions you’ve asked. But please keep in mind, I can only give my own personal perspective and not everyone who believes in reincarnation will agree with what I say here.

    First, you’re right about world population, which is why I think that new souls do have to be created to keep up with our spectacular ability to breed. And that’s why (again, personal opinion) there is so much evil in the world. A new/young soul will be selfish and cruel because it has not developed a moral compass. Each life we live is meant to teach us something. So every time a soul is reincarnated, it has gained something that was lacking before. But in order to use the knowledge gained from previous life lessons, we have to retain a little bit of memory from those times. Some people remember quite a bit, and others only experience the occasional déjà vu.

    I also believe that animals have souls as well and get included in the reincarnation process. I know there are many people who believe in reincarnation that say they remember living lives as animals. Honestly, I don’t know where I stand on that one. ~shrug~

    Does that help at all?

  • Witchy Mama

    shirleyis Is what you’ve described Hindu belief?

  • shirleyis

    Witchy Mama shirleyis No..it is a way of life that has been here before any religion…as a matter of fact all religions stem from it. In the course of my NDE my “guardian angel” or spiritual guide asked me if I had any questions.  So I asked “what is the true religion?”  He told me “There is no true religion…religion is man-made”.  I retained conscious awareness of a few times prior to then that were spiritual voyages, but a lot of the names of things were foreign to me and I had nothing around me to relate to and keep in my conscious memory.  A few years after that, I came upon the ancient way of life that wasn’t a religion and wasn’t a science, it just is.  This is the way that all great avatars (which religions were built upon) and saints found their path home.   To advance in ascension, soul must master the plane it is currently learning about (which begins with the plane the physical body resides in).  There is a Holy Book on every plane that is in the guardianship care of a Master of that plane.  These are open for any true heart/soul to study. The guardian knows from one glance of you if you are meant to study it- they can tell from your vibratory rate..  The higher one’s vibratory rate, the more disciplined (focused/undistracted-uncluttered with less thought and baggage), hence purer and closer to The Source   There are 2 holy books  (Shariyat Ki Sugmad) for the physical  plane.  The language most is referenced with is Sanskrit – it is the first language all other languages grew from this language and many still have words that can be referenced back to Sanskrit (like “human”  a compound word meaning God Mind.  Although Sanskrit literally translates “without writing” it was the first written language on earth.  Rama was the 1st master to teach the way The Hindu’s adapted his teachings, but then deviated from it inserting their own dogma and creed and ritual (as all religions do)  Guru Nanak (The Sikh religion adapted him as it’s founder) was the first to make written reference of the way in his poetry.  The first words written were verbally pronounced “Ek Onkar” meaning “God Is One”  This way is an esoteric wisdom passed down through the ages via one on one in the physical, master to chela and via sou travel:l soul to soul teachings, Mahanta (great soul the living GodMan on Earth, the current torchbearer, and Acolyte).  It’s said that there is no other published writings referencing this way of life until 1966 when Paul Twichell publiched a series of books. However, I remember reading a comic book referencing this way in a master/disciple story line in 1961 or ’62 (when I was 8 or 9).  The true path is learned via soul (They’ve also, since Paul Twitchell’s passing, formed a religion from what he brought to print-and yes, they too have deviated). All of what I’ve learned has come from soul travels with the Master…and oddly enough, in some form or another, the next day I would have an actual physical reference that I would come upon in writing to instill the memory to my conscious awareness.  (Sorry I didn’t mean to carry on so long but I detected an interest.  – don’t get me started….hhahaahh ) 
    Baraka Bashad (May The Blessings Be)  ☼

  • MarieBir

    shirleyis MarieBir MichelleLilly rudometal Thank you Shirley . I have astral travelled once and saw my father and my best friend and a three babies I had miscarried. After that my life changed for the better as my father told me it would. I have said all along it is personal to each person and if these human souls have not yet had any experience of an after life or reincarnation they will always be sceptic, but they don’t have to be so rude and condescending. I had my proof and had read many books on reincarnation long before Google. As for not showing the name of a person saying they have been here before  in published books, this is a privacy thing adhered to with some people . There are books of people written by themselves of past incarnations openly available.

  • shirleyis

    MarieBir shirleyis MichelleLilly rudometal Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience, you are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit and communicate with your passed family!  That is certainly a heartfelt blessing!
    Experience is the best teacher of compassion.  And yes, in matters 
    like this, unless a person has personally had some form of 
    participating experience, it’s healthy to be skeptical, but not to the point of demeaning and demanding proof from anyone.  Even if you
    somehow came up with something material, they would still be  skeptical and accusing.  One day their eyes will be open (even if only for a short time) and they will be shown their actions and they will feel the humility of speaking and acting without knowing.    Perhaps those that don’t understand will be fortunate enough to have the veil lifted to gain some insight and they can make amends with themselves before soul goes before the Lords for review of the last life lived .  If not, they are shown all instances displaying lack of compassion and lack of self-discipline and if too many instances are brought up, it just all gets muddled in their memories and reduced to (if they’re fortunate) a feeling of deja vu.  Sometimes soul has a difficult time controlling the actions of the mind’s ego, when this occurs, soul can become exasperated and back off and if it happens too much, it will dissociate from the self and will literally be “beside themselves” instead of being properly seated, commandeering that life.
    Marie, you are emphatic and gentle and I appreciate that you haven’t let the coarseness of this world harden you.  Don’t feel intimidated or that you have to prove anything.  You have your convictions based on your personal experience and your opinions do not hurt anybody and really should not matter to them, unless they were truly interested in benefitting with learning more about the subject.
    Baraka Bashad (May The Blessings Be) ☼

  • MarieBir

    shirleyis MarieBir MichelleLilly rudometal Thank you Shirley for your lovely and so informitive reply you are a very old soul on your last incarnation I feel . My mother was an old soul and has informed me she will not be back in an earthly body .I always find empathy with a soul with similarity to mine over 50 years of spiritual enlightenment I have always found this so. 
    May The Blessings Be

  • pradip_26

    amadhatter53 The spiritual texts referred in the India have some explanations to your questions but it just provides a logical base. Actual details is difficult to be verified since there is no physical evidence on this. Regarding reassignment, the texts do mention that the mind impressions of the earlier birth at the time of death do to a high degree decide the next assignment. Also linkages with other people , locations , habits have a role too. I also somewhat agree with this since I have had some sort of experiences which have brought out interests which I did not have in my childhood. Again regarding the committe etc, it is difficult for anyone to give a confirmed answer since we do not have evidences. Animals, humans etc all get reincarnated is what the texts indicate.

  • yhawit

    How would the kid know where the body and axe were buried? That must’ve meant that his soul or spirit, or whatever, watched the murder after death, meaning maybe he never left the physical plane before reincarnating and hence why he retained his memory 😛

  • SandraVaughan

    aBigPurpleDiamond justiceismybtch my grandma did the same thing- whisper in the middle of night- “Sandra I gotta go now”  She wasn’t sick I just talked to her a week before and then the call-

  • SueKelly2

    I am fascinated by this subject as I came to a similar ‘belief’ of my own many years ago when the ‘dying rooms’ were exposed (China’s slow and systematic slaughter of mainly baby girls). I was so distraught by the issue that I concluded that we must be sent here to earth in order to either learn something or to teach something. In my mind, those who suffer so horribly are sent here to learn humility or maybe how to suffer without retaliation. I can’t expand further as I have no theoretical knowledge of the subject – it was just the only way that I could rationalise my simple and easy existence while these innocents were starved to death. It is very reassuring to find that maybe I had a glimpse of a memory which referred me to what could possibly be the ultimate truth. I certainly believe that organised religion has caused more trouble and death/hardship/witch-hunts etc than anything else in the world. And yes, Dave Allen was right when he talked of a particular religious group sitting in a corner in heaven and crying as they had just found out that they weren’t the only ones there!  🙂

  • dolores70

    amadhatter53 If you read Journey of Souls by  Michaal Newton you will find all your answers.

  • AndrewAbad

    just my theory.  some say when they die they go to some sort of path and meet god , then god throws them off to earth again and thus reborn. why where they reborn? mostly all of the reincarnated people speak of tragedy of their past lives . maybe God was thinking that life was took from them and God said that we have no right to kill. so maybe God had given them a chance to fulfill their god given destiny or if not (mostly because of free will), relive a life again that was taken from them

  • ChadPoelman

    Thing is we are a getting at least a third hand account of this.  We don’t know if the story had changed over time, or if everyone involved was being honest, or if it was recounted accurately in the retelling.  This is at best an interesting story, but there are far too many holes for this to be considered evidence of anything.

  • moreclicks

    Strange events in this world.  Isn’t it any more difficult to believe we are here more than once…than to accept our
    precent existence? Who really knows?  Often those “ghosts” or reincarnation subjects have had traumatic deaths, it’s said that the electrical force remains.  Many stores about ghosts at Gettysburg battlefield.
    Suggest you might read Twenty Cases suggestive of Reincarnation by Dr. Ian Stevenson written many years ago. Not in a sensational type presentation, but a scientific study. Some interesting cases profiled.

  • melissa1998

    The only problem with this story is the lack of evidence it has to it. If we want to believe this story then we have to take Lasch’s word for it. Since there has been no further research on this case we cannot say whether it is a true story or not. We don’t even know and of the details such as the Boy’s name, the name of the dead person or the name of the murderer. There is also a lack of witnesses so therefore, there is no way of falsifying the story or even for someone to back up the claims given by the Doctor.