4 Ways To Guarantee Sex With Your Woman Whenever You Want It

4 Ways To Guarantee Sex With Your Woman Whenever You Want It

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Image via Shutterstock

New relationship = frequent sex. That is one of the major perks of first getting together with a new partner – you can’t seem to get your hands off of each other! But as time goes on, the frequency of sex may decline as people become comfortable one another and no longer experience that natural high that goes along with the wooing period. Time can kill sex.

Furthermore, in a study of 16,000 American adults, the average participant reported having sexual intercourse just two to three times each month. Two to three times a MONTH? Blasphemy! In a perfect world, I’d be having sex two to three times a day, regardless of relationship duration and age of partners.

Those sex-starved female vixens? We’re out there. She’s in us. And I’m going to tell you how to bring out that inner sex goddess inherent in all your female partners so that you too can have sex whenever you damn well want.

Pleasure Her

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Happy wife, happy life, as they say, and there are few things that truly make a gal happier than sexual gratification. Make your woman feel comfortable. Light a candle, kiss her neck, work your way elsewhere. The key is to not make her feel as though you’re pressed for time. And fellas, these things do take time. But put the time in and she’ll be jumping your bones with gratitude. Women are naturally giving beings, and when someone takes the time to give back to us, we WILL reciprocate. It’s in our genes.

Text Sweet (And Not-So-Sweet) Nothings

Learn the art of sexting. Sexy text messages go a long way these days. Start off sweet; tell her you’re thinking of her. Call her beautiful. Women need to feel wanted, so after you feel out the situation, you can be explicit! We aren’t entirely fragile beings. In the sack, we like some aggression, and we want you to talk dirty. So plant the seed during the day, and her engine will be 100 percent revved up by night.

Bring Little Gifts

Flowers are not cliché — I don’t care what anyone says. Bring flowers, get laid. Surprise with champagne, get laid. Bring home her favorite meal, get laid. Pick up a little memento that reminds you of her, get laid. If she thinks you are thinking of her, she will feel wanted and loved, and she will be more interested in sex.

Physical Affection

Cuddling on the couch or in bed definitely leads to more sex. Initiate snuggle sessions. It’s intimate, makes women feel comfortable and gets us more in the mood. It’s also a really fun sex position. Cuddle sex: Try it.

And listen: Just because you’ve been together for a long time, that does not mean you should be having less sex. According to a Kinsey Institute study of 1,009 heterosexual long-term couples, women who have been in relationships for 15 years or longer reported greater sexual satisfaction than those in relationships for less than 15 years. So saddle up boys, because it only gets better if you work at it!