50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men

50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men

Don Jon

Don Jon

This one’s for the ladies. Fellas, you can hang around if you want to, but you gotta stand over there in the corner and be real quiet. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hit on your girlfriends and wives, but I got a few things to tell them. Trust me, this is for your own good.

Okay girls, now it’s just you and me. You’re all looking very pretty today, maybe we can go grab a drink sometime—no, shit. I promised I wouldn’t do that. Sorry. Habit.

Anyway, the reason I pulled you all aside…is to show you my penis. Wait! Don’t leave, I was just kidding. Okay, I think I got it all out of my system now.

Seriously, though, I want to let you in on a little secret—men don’t know shit about women. We just can’t figure you out, and all our attempts end in humiliating defeat. So stop expecting us to understand the intricate mystery that is the feminine psyche and just accept the fact that it’s never going to happen. However…there is hope. Once you stop over-thinking men and realize that they are much less complex than you are, you can take charge, keep them content and get what you want at the same time.

So here’s a list of things that will help you help him to create a strong and lasting relationship with just about any guy. And if you need any extra help, I do offer private tutorials. You know where to find me.

1. You Gotta Stay Away From His Internet Search History

You can’t handle it. It’s more or less the same for every guy, so don’t think he’s a perv or anything. But if you go browsing where he’s been, you’ll regret it. There are some things you can’t unsee.

2. You Can’t Change Him

I know that you know this intellectually, but on some level, you may still think you can pull it off. You can’t. And if you do manage to get it done, he’ll figure it out and resent you for it. Love him the way he is or not at all.

3. You Shouldn’t Take It Personally When He Checks Out Other Women

Unless he’s leering and drooling, just let it slide. It’s a reflex and he can’t help it. Just let it slide.

4. He Will Choose His Friends Over You

They’ve been with him for way longer than you have, and no matter how much he loves the regular sex, he’ll sacrifice it if you’re trying to 86 his buddies from his life.

5. Never Criticize His Mother

If he wants to do it, and you commiserate with him, that’s fine. But if you’re the one who brings it up, watch the fuck out. Odds are, there are qualities she has that he sees in you, so try to figure out what those are and relate to her on that level.

6. You Have To Let Shit Go

You’ll have a lot of fights over the course of the relationship, but when they’re over, they really need to be over. Throwing old arguments back in his face will lead to loss of trust and ultimately change how he feels about you.

7. Don’t Ask Questions You Don’t Want To Know The Answers To

Hey, he’s got a history and so do you. If you love him for who he is now, don’t worry so much about the steps he took to get there.

8. You Can’t Bombard Him The Second He Walks In The Door

He knows you want to talk about what that bitch said to you at work today or your plans to redecorate the bedroom, but for god’s sake, let him have a beer and stare at the TV for at least half an hour first.

9. Withholding Sex Is A Dangerous Game

I don’t care how mad you are at him, if you cut him off for an extended period of time, what happens next is on you.

10. He’s Jealous Of All Your Straight Guy Friends

Bitch about him to the girls all you want, but if you’re confiding things to other men and he finds out about it, he’s going to get jealous. Sorry to break it to you, but he wants to be the only man in your life.
11. He Wants To Try Anal

He might never ask for it, but he wants it. And odds are, most, if not all of his former girlfriends wouldn’t let him. Let him have it at least once, maybe on his birthday. It’ll be a bonding experience.

12. He Wants To Bang Your Friends

I’m not saying he’ll do it, but he wants to. Don’t take it personally—he’s wanted to bang 90% of all the women he’s ever met. It’s really not that big a deal. Let him know you know and watch how red he gets.

13. You Should Learn To Play Pool

There’s nothing hotter than a chick who can beat you in pool.

14. He Wants You To Seduce Him

Yes, he probably likes sex more than you do, but you want him to be happy, right? Don’t wait for him to instigate every time. Surprise him every once in a while.

15. He Notices When You Don’t Wear The Jewelry He Bought You

If you don’t like it, for Christ’s sake, say so and let him try again. It seems ungrateful when you wear it once and then he never sees it again.

16. He Wants You To Need Him

Sure, you’re an independent lady and he likes that. But he also wants to feel useful. So let him change a light bulb and open pickle jars for you. It boosts his self-esteem.

17. You’ve Got To Watch Your Weight

Oh shit, did I really say that? Well, it’s true. Just because you landed him doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want and stop going to the gym (and to be fair, neither can he).

18. If You’ve Been Living Together For Longer Than Three Years, He’s Not Going To Marry You

At that point, he already considers himself married, and the idea of a wedding is more of a hassle than the special day it is to you. You can try to force him into it if you want, but…

19. Ultimatums Do NOT Work

Any time you try to force a guy to do anything, he WILL resent you for it. Try an honest talk about how you feel and what you want out of the relationship before you give him an “either/or.”

20. He Wants Kids

It’s hardwired into his DNA. No matter what he says when he’s in his twenties, when he gets a little older, he’s going to want a legacy to leave behind. But please make sure he’s ready before you stop taking your birth control.

21. He Knows When You’re Lying To Him

He might not even be sure what you’re lying about, but he knows when you’re not being honest. Better come clean, or his head will fill up with worst-case scenarios.

22. He Wants You To Like What He Likes

Whether it’s movies, sports or hobbies, he wants you to enjoy those things with him. Even if it’s not your thing, try to have fun with the fact that it makes him happy.

23. He Thought You Looked Good In That First Outfit

The more you change clothes before you go out, the more impatient he gets. After the second one, he doesn’t care anymore. Just pick one and let’s go!

24. He Has No Interest In Shoes

What is it with women and shoes? You may think that new pair is the cutest thing in the world, but it just mystifies him.

25. You Should Always Take His Side

Within reason. But if he’s involved in some kind of debate and you take sides against him in public, he will never forgive you.

26. He Wants You To Expose Him To New Things

He wants to feel like you’re bringing something extra into his life, so tell him about your favorite authors, philosophers, whatever. If you help him grow as a person, he’ll always be grateful to you for it.

27. You Need To Tell Him Exactly What You Want

Don’t make him guess, because he’ll pick wrong. And don’t be vague about it either. If you want something, just say it straight out. Odds are, he’ll give it to you.

28. He Hates That Short Haircut

Very few women can pull off that pixie hairdo (although the ones that can do it beautifully). He likes your hair long, so don’t go chopping it all off without running it by him first. How would you feel if he got a Mohawk or grew a rattail?

29. He Wants You By His Side

If you abandon him at parties and go talk to your friends while he talks to his, you’re not giving him that level of completion he wants in a partner. Sure, you can branch out now and then, but he wants you to work as a duo.

30. You Should Never Flirt With His Friend

I know I said earlier that he wants to bang your friends, so this might seem like a double standard, but it’s true. He’ll think you’re fucking with him—or worse, that you’re actually attracted to one of his buddies. Don’t risk ruining his friendships or there will be bad times ahead.

31. He Wants You To Be His Muse

Behind every great man is a great woman. And of course you can have your own hopes and dreams, but he needs you help and inspire him to achieve his.

32. Whatever It Is  You Want In Bed, He WILL Do It

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for it. Whatever you sickest, most twisted sexual fantasy, it’s PG-13 material compared to the shit that goes on in his head.

33. He Needs To Lean On You Sometimes

Most of us are pretty good at shouldering our burdens, but every so often, they get too heavy. But don’t sit him down and make him talk about his feelings—that’s YOUR thing. Just do some little things for him to pick up his slack when he’s overwhelmed.

34. Save The Big Piece Of Chicken For Him

He works hard, he doesn’t complain much. He deserves it (thanks to Chris Rock for that one).

35. Don’t EVER Emasculate Him

Even if you’re just joking. I promise you, he won’t think it’s funny. And if you do it during a fight, your relationship might never recover.

36. He Doesn’t Want To Hear About Your Sexual Past

If you feel the need to give him a number, fine, but don’t get into what you did with whom, no matter how much he asks. I promise you, he doesn’t want to know.

37. He Wants To Be The Best Lover You’ve Ever Had

And if he’s the love of your life, he probably is. But if he’s not, just lie to him.

38. If He Cheats On You Once, He’ll Do It Again

Even if he apologizes and honestly regrets it, if you let him get away with it, it WILL happen again.

39. You Should Let Him Open Doors For You

It’s great that you’re all liberated and shit, but being a gentleman never goes out of style. Let him do those little things and it will make him love you more.

40. You Need To Be His Moral Compass

He looks to his woman to keep him in check. Make sure he always does the right thing.

41. You Should Let Him Win Sometimes

Men hate it when you’re better at them at what they love. He has a fragile ego, and sorry, but you need you to cater to it sometimes. If you throw a game and he gloats, though, all bets are off.

42. If You Make Him Watch A Chick Flick, At Least Give Him A Blowjob Afterwards

Seriously, those things are painful. You have no idea how much we hate them. If he made it through the whole thing without complaining, reward him. And if it was one of the SEX & THE CITY movies, you owe him either anal or a threesome. Your choice.

43. Speaking Of Threesomes… He Will NEVER Stop Trying

It doesn’t mean you’re not enough for him, it’s just that it’s the ultimate male fantasy. I’m not saying you ever have to cave in (it’s probably best if you don’t). But just tolerate his attempts to make it happen. He can’t help himself.

44. He Needs Quiet Sometimes

You don’t have to fill the silence with pointless chatter and small talk. If you’re comfortable together, you should be able to just shut the fuck up every once in a while.

45. You Should Compliment Him More

Hey, women aren’t the only ones who like compliments. Tell him he looks good, tell him he’s smart, whatever. He needs to hear that shit every once in a while.

46. You Don’t Always Have To Be Right

Hey, if it’s worth it, then just dig your heels in and fight to your dying breath. But sometimes, he just wants his opinion validated and you don’t have to contradict him just because you see things differently.

47. Make Sure You Look Just As Good When You Go Out With Him As When You Go Out With The Girls

We all get lazy after a while when we don’t have to impress anyone anymore. But if you’re all sweats and T-shirts when it’s just the two of you and you’re smoking hot when you’re going out without him, he’s going to wonder who you’re doing that for.

48. He’s Not Your Dad

For all you princesses out there. Yes, he’s supposed to take care of you, but it’s not in the same way. You’re a grown woman, for Christ’s sake. Learn the difference between a father and a partner.

49. You’re Not His Mother

If you’re always picking up after him and washing his dishes, he’s got some growing up to do. Don’t play into his Freudian fantasy.

50. He’s Not As Complicated As You Are

Don’t go thinking that means you’re deeper than he is, though. Or smarter. He just likes to keep it simple. If you can understand and appreciate that, you might end up complimenting each other very well.

Chuck Henderson
  • shadow_sora999

    I’m a guy, and this list over all is very true. Few things go back and forth between guys, but the list is solid enough to learn about a few things about us. Guys are really simple most of the time they don’t want to complicate stuff for no reason. A simple date idea to them is likely better than an over complicated one.

  • theeinkbec

    Wow. This is not only degrading to women, but also makes men look like total assholes. This just goes to show how simple-minded and selfish many men can be. It’s sad that this is the reality of society today, but I never thought I’d read it in such a blunt and condescending way.

  • pandabear81

    I’m a chick- I’ve been in a relationship for 12 years with no marriage in sight and I’m 100% OK with it.  We both want to be with each other more than we want to be married and weddings are expensive.  I get it and I’m cool with it. For this reason, I consider myself a pretty laid back and accepting girlfriend but I find this article to be funny in parts, true in others, and just downright offensive a few times.  
    So, according to this, I should like what he likes, but he has no interest in shoes… Why is it that I should get excited about the aftermarket muffler on his motorcycle if he doesn’t care about my new peep toe pumps?  If I should give him a BJ after he’s willing to watch “It’s Complicated”, shouldn’t he go down on me for sitting through hours of MotoGP trail races?  He wants to have sex with my friends, but I’m not allowed to find his tall, dark and handsome friends with well maintained beards attractive?  I see some double standards, my friend.  And, just so you’re aware, most of us also prefer silence over mindless chatter and need some downtime just after getting home from work too.  Last time I checked, we’re not all sitting on the couch waiting for our men to come home…


    Congratulations on being and outlier.
    “So, according to this, I should like what he likes”
    Where does the article explicitly say this?
    “but he has no interest in shoes”
    Yes, you have to give him a pass on this ONE thing. “I should like what he likes” (which was never explicitly stated) is a positive generalization; it has exceptions. “he has no interest in shoes” is a negative specification; EVERYTHING ELSE is fair game. So no, it is not unfair to ask that you accept this ONE condition.
    ” If I should give him a BJ after he’s willing to watch “It’s
    Complicated”, shouldn’t he go down on me for sitting through hours of
    MotoGP trail races?”
    Where does this article disagree with that statement? Cite me a quote that explicitly says anything to the contrary?
    “He wants to have sex with my friends, but I’m not allowed to find his tall, dark and handsome friends with well maintained beards attractive?”
    Once again, nowhere in this article does it say you can’t find his friends attractive. It does say not to flirt with them. He can’t see what’s happening inside your skull, but he can see what’s happening right in front of him. In his head, he wants to bang 90% of the females he’s met. Outwardly, he shouldn’t, and I would assume the author would agree that he shouldn’t flirt either. This is NOT a double standard. Behavior =/= thought.
    Seriously chill out. The man is offering legitimately helpful advice. Getting advice is a good thing because it allows us to improve ourselves. He’s going out of his way to make the world a better place…we should all be thankful. 
    51. Everything that anybody has ever said can be interpreted as “offensive” to something as long as YOU LET IT BE. *GET OVER IT*.


    theeinkbec Please read my above response to pandabear81

  • ScottSnow1

    What a shameful and pathetic article. This piece of bullshit not only exaggerates damaging oversimplifications of the relationships between men and women, but it is based on the whole assumption that men and women cannot understand one another. This is especially harmful to women, perpetrating the idea that they’re these inhuman creatures we cannot relate to, much less have a relationship with other than what popular society has scripted for us. While yes, our biology and chemistry have led to a dichotomy of idiosyncrasies between the way men and women think, these differences are not alienating, they are harmonious. Think women speak another language then us? Then learn to speak it you neanderthal. And not for the selfish purpose of controlling them or grooming them to suit the ideals the media has provided for you. Learn to understand a woman so that you can best submit your thoughts and actions to provide them peace and joy. Understand women so you can love them –your mother, your sister, your friends, your partner. Aside from being fulfilled by the selfless act of loving, you will encourage the women in your life to treat you with the same respect, reverence, and love that you treat them. If this has not been clear, this has been written by a man, and as a man I know that the only thing I need a woman to understand about me is that I will devote myself to helping her live the best life she may, and I would be privileged if she felt the same. Not to submit to me or please me, but to accompany me in life.

  • DanielTomczak

    ScottSnow1 I’m guessing you’ve been single for a while and trying to understand why you keep having those “the one that got away” encounters. You’re not impressing anyone by downplaying an article which actually holds a lot of truths we don’t want to openly admit as men. I’ve got two words for you. “Man Up” you may be spewing what “some” women want to hear, but that cold hard fact is you’re either lying to yourself, or you’re still not convinced of your own sexuality. Men are primal by instinct, don’t let estrogen ruin your life.

  • lisacake5

    pandabear81  Go read #22 again

  • ElizabethBiro

    This is disgusting. I’m assuming the author is either pitifully single or in a terrible downhill relationship with a doormat of a woman. Not a SINGLE one of these is true in any way. This is practically telling women to let him do whatever he wants, never expect any maturity or responsibility from him, and yes, he can treat you however he likes and you should suck it up. Because hey, boys will be boys! And sadly, I’ve met men who believe this. I’ve told them they’re pathetic and worthless, and I’ve walked away. And interestingly enough they’re still to this day pathetic and worthless.

    NO real man acts like this and NO real woman would let them. “Be a doormat” is not good advice. Throw their stupid ass out is good advice. Go find yourself someone who isn’t perpetually 14 and have a happy life. He can go on being a joke as long as he wants, it’s all he’ll ever be if this is the type of thing he follows.

    The one about don’t mess with his friends actually made me feel sick to read, because someone actually believes that enough to write it. “He likes the regular sex”?!?!?!   …”But they’ve been there longer and will win”
    Because you love him, but to him you’re just regular sex. OH that sounds healthy. I’m not saying either of you should ever give up your friends. But your significant other actually does need to be put before them. If you’re serious about a person, odds are they are your best friend. They are also the friend you may spend the rest of your life with. So who comes first? You’re drinking buddies or your life partner? Hmm that’s a tough one. Anyone with any responsibility or life goals doesn’t even see a decision there.

    This whole article is pathetic and disgusting, I wish I could unread it. Men, please PLEASE do not act like the piece if crap that wrote this. And women, it’s disgraceful to your entire gender, and the human race, if you take the “advice” posted here.


    lisacake5 MTSMTS
    “Even if it’s not your thing, try to have fun with the fact that it makes him happy.” That doesn’t mean – nor does it even say – you should like what he likes. Just be glad it makes him happy; be glad he has something that he can enjoy that prevents him from losing his mind. That author wants you to accept THAT he enjoys what he does, not ENJOY what he does.

    Definition # 1.

  • ElizabethBiro

    DanielTomczak ScottSnow1  Actually, no,t hey are not. Stop using “primal by instinct” as an excuse to be an asshole. You are not primal, you are just an asshole. This is not the caveman era, we are supposed to be modern free thinking beings, You sound like you would like a woman to sit home and do you’re bidding while you go out and have  wild life…good luck with that, you missed it by a couple hundred years. I am also “primal by instinct” AND I refuse to let testosterone ruin my life. So how about you shut up and talk to me about romance movies? Don’t look at my friends. But god I want to bang yours. OMG I don’t care about your car! Stop trying to make me care! Also, pay more attention to me. You need to tell me I’m pretty at least 12 times a day.

    Hey this is fun, I should write an advice article for men!


    “it is based on the whole assumption that men and women cannot understand one another.”
    No, it is based on the whole assumption that most women do not know these facts about men, and that knowing this information would make the whole world a better place.
    “Think women speak another language then [sic] us? Then learn to speak it you neanderthal.”
    This statement makes many assumptions, most importantly missing the point that the article is – if anything – trying to teach women about men, not vice versa. Even if the first part of that statement had anything at all to do with the article’s intentions, the second half clearly assumes that if we do in fact speak different languages, men should learn to speak womantalk and women have no need at all to learn to speak mantalk. If a child repeatedly swings a hammer from the wrong end and clearly is not going to figure it out on his own, it is not wrong for a parent who cares about the child to take the hammer from them, turn it around, and give it back. This is called “teaching” and is a good thing.
    “I will devote myself to helping her live the best life she may, and I would be privileged if she felt the same.”
    And Napolean is always right.

  • lisacake5

    MTSMTS lisacake5  I realize it’s easy to miss in that sneaky, big, bold font: “22. He Wants You To Like What He Likes.”

    I won’t condescendingly link to a definition for you.

  • kasedm

    ElizabethBiro  The author’s profile says he was “raised by wolves.” Makes sense. Also says he’s not afraid to tell it like he sees it – well that’s convenient since your face isn’t visible. And wisely so, since any girl who came across this article would head for the hills if she were dating him. This guy sucks.

  • cls91

    MTSMTS you are the defintion of a douchebag

  • M Destro

    ElizabethBiro  Which article did you read? at no point did “Be a doormat” come up in this… are you sure you’re not reading things into this that are not actually there? Or possibly taking this click-bait article a little too seriously?  at no point does the author claim this is an instruction manual for men (or for women).
    you say “not a SINGLE word of this is true”…did you magically transform into a guy for a day and therefore know the inner workings of their brains?…. if none of it is true… how about point 49..”if you are constantly cleaning up after him he has some growing up to do”…does that sound inaccurate? does the author follow that statement by saying you MUST continue to date his immature ass? NO…by all means dump the deadbeat. This is more of a heads up to women that if you are always doing this for him its not likely to change anytime soon. (and therefore its prob best to move on) 
    Or how about point #9 “withholding sex is a dangerous game”… do you know that one is false because you employ that tactic? and it works out great for you?…this doesnt say “give him all the sex he wants all the time”…its more of a heads up that #27 is much more useful tool than denying intimacy… (open communication?!? what a crazy idea!!)
    #27 “you need to tell him exactly what you want”…. do you prefer the vague hint approach? is that working well for you?

    #4. He Will Choose His Friends Over You…. i believe this is directed at the women who make changing their partner their primary goal. (see #2)…. all this is saying is that if you try to wedge away his friends…he will resent you for it. If you actually love him you can accept his friends… even the idiots. (we -human beings- all have those friends)
    #33. He Needs To Lean On You Sometimes…. you’re right… this is total BS…. leave that F$%#ER out to dry! Why should he get support for his partner?!? 
    Your assessment of this silly click-bait article is obviously flawless since you clearly understand perfectly what goes on in men’s heads. 
    So enjoy your relationship where you continuously emasculate your man, drive his friends away, attempt change him into the person you’d like to be dating (rather than the one you actually chose), deny him intimacy to get a point across while avoiding direct questions as to whats bothering you, not sharing any of your interests, not taking an interest in any of his, ditching him at parties, flirting with his friends in front of him (plz see point on emasculation), bad mouthing his mother, oppose him in every debate and arguing your point to death, never try anything new in bed, never tell him about anything you’d like to try in bed (why would you if you’re holding sex back as a reward token for being a good boy?), dress way hotter to go out with your friends than when you go out on date…. did i miss any?.. 
    so yeah… keep doing all those things, since you obviously know what men want, and you know for a fact this article is dead wrong… everything i just listed must be your flawless game plan to landing a man that will love and cherish you for the rest of your lives together.

  • cc59

    Thank you for once again perpetuating the misleading stereotype that women are stupid, needy, pushy, insecure, revolting, cruel, ugly, sloppy, unfashionable, wrong, overbearing, annoying, self-absorbed, spiteful, and paranoid.

    P.S. If you are a woman and can answer ‘yes’ to or have ever experienced any of the above situations, do yourself a favor, DUMP THE LOSER and let him get back to his job at Olive Garden. 😛

  • Nafda

    Wall Street INSANITY – It’s like cracked but with the douche charm of a fedora to make it look classy.

  • WilliamDuvall

    ElizabethBiro DanielTomczakScottSnow1  so your a woman…saying this article isnt true…about men?? DAFUQ?

  • matthagemann

    ElizabethBiro actually on the contrary quite of few of these are true, and its not telling women to let any man do “whatever they want” no where in the list does it say that so were are you getting that from? “treat you however he likes and you should suck it up” seriously? how are you getting that out of this page? you are just spewing stuff at this point. 
    There you go with being a door mat again seriously stop with the rants. seriously pointed out nothing with this paragraph. just basically bashing on men at this point.
    id say this one for newer couples as in a few months of dating. not that 30 year couple. its a blunt way to say it but yes its that fact we like that we have a girlfriend but do to the simple fact that we just got to know each other and your already trying to change me makes it so my friends will “win”. and yes for that person with a family and responsibility doesnt see a decision there but a new couple there will be a decision factor. i would go on with this but im trying to keep it short.

    ive actually seen my buddies marriage go down the drain do to this one. new married couple and all she wanted to him to do is stay home and basically do nothing with her but sit there and watch tv. when hes the sole provider for the house and all he wants is a relaxing night drinking a few beer shooting the shit. when he would have a “guys night” she would be blowing up his phone. eventually pushing him to the point of no return. the marriage sadly didn’t make it much longer.

    yes men dont act like this man….as in opening doors, doing anything your women asks of you in bed(that you are comfortable with). such terrible advice…or informing the women that if he cheats on you more or less hes going to do it again. so stop being so lightly skinned. its not all about you females a relationship works both ways so please don’t pull the “men can be irresponsible beacause this article said it” this is in fact an Article about 50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men not the other way around. so please elizabeth biro stick a tampon in it

  • Eljayen

    Please let this just be a very poorly written parody.

  • TonyMaselli

    I don’t know what the hell everyone here is complaining about, Boo hoo this is sexist boo hoo men and women aren’t like this; RELAX. This article of course is only applied to how you take it and honestly there is a lot of this that is true. Open your eyes and your mind and learn to appreciate others points of view even if it is yours

  • DiegoAyala

    ScottSnow1  lol you’ve probably been cheat don by most of your exe,stop trying to play the prince charming card,women aren’t gonna message you and try to talk to you just cuz you wanna kiss their ass lol  not everything this says is true but a lot of it is.man up and maybe just maybe you’ll make a woman happy enough to be with you for a long time.

  • DiegoAyala

    ElizabethBiro DanielTomczak ScottSnow1  lol elizabeth  you sound like a sad lonely bitch, i try to watch chick flicks with my girl cuz i don’t mind it if it makes her happy, i remind her how beautiful i think she is every day,i try not to look at other women but sometimes its hard but sen then its a quick glance and thats it cuz i don’t wanna disrespect my girl,when i want her to like what i like it doesn’t necessarily mean i want her to care about my car,but maybe the movies i enjoy or things i read and stuff like that.  you seem to think that a woman doesn’t have to change a few things for the person they’re with and men should change everything just to make women happy.you’re obviously a crazy controlling broad and thats probably why you’re single,(Facebook tells all)  you sound miserable  lol I’m not surprised.  quite a few things here are way off but most are pretty accurate,if you don’t like how men think then maybe you should start eating some twat or just go out with very feminine guys like scotty up there  lol

  • julieglynn

    I thought it was funny. Apparently this isn’t for insecure women to read.

  • DimkaNov

    ElizabethBiro DanielTomczak ScottSnow1  

    http://www.livefyre.com/profile/34948318/ no one is going to be a whipped little bitch for you and tell you your pretty 12 times a day simple because its not the case ! have a good day !

  • Michael Glen

    This list is absolutely fucking atrocious.  This only applies to douchebag tools who are trying to pick up the sluttiest woman in a bar, because guess what, that’s the only chick you’re gonna be able to get.  Any self-respecting woman would kick you in the nuts if you had this kind of mentality.  Oh, and to all the comments of “Man up” that I’ve seen and that I’m sure I’m going to get, if you think these qualities make you a man, you’re wrong, it makes you a prepubescent child who never learned about equality.  I’m not saying we, as men, should bow down to women and place them up on a pedestal, but this article says we should treat them like a fuck-toy, and that’s not right.  Male chauvinists are pieces of shit, and feminists are pieces of shit, only people who understand equality and compromise should be writing articles about relationships.  Stop trying to put your gender above all else, we’re all humans and we’re not as different as you think.  Unfortunately, it’s people like this article-writer and the men who agree with him that make the rest of us look like uneducated tools.  To all the women out there: We aren’t all like this.  Don’t expect me to treat you like you’re better than me, but I sure as hell won’t expect you to treat me like I’m better than you.  That’s true equality.  Any man or woman who disagrees is just plain sexist.


    Rule # 2 goes both ways – if she can’t change you, why the hell should she change for you?
    Rule # 20 is pure nonsense. Lots of folks – male and female – don’t want kids. Also,
    anybody who uses the phrase “hardwired into their DNA” to describe
    contemporary 21st century cultural behavior among a particular subgroup
    of Americans has a special needs 1st grader level of understanding of sociology, anthropology and genetics.
    As far as Rule # 11 goes – if you like
    anal so much, perhaps YOU should try being on the receiving end? Strapons
    aren’t that expensive – neither is lube. Or you could date men and get all the anal you want (but remember, a pancake isn’t done til it’s flipped!)

  • rmccoy3

    Another manifesto from a man child. You know, the secret might be acting like a fucking adult.


    rmccoy3 Manchildifesto?
    Indeed, the author is a massive douche and emotionally around 14 years old.

  • heyyall

    Michael Glen  Oh I really, really like most of your comment. But I just wanted to point out that your idea of feminism is flawed. Actual feminism promotes equality between all genders. I think a lot of people get mixed up about that because feminists historically have gotten a bad rap for some reason or another…everyone seems to think we just hate men. We don’t. I would recommend researching a little about feminism and what feminists stand for to better understand what it really is.

  • KLInIdaho

    Just buy a ROOMBA.

  • KerryJcom

    This is a joke, right?

  • heyyall

    cc59  Yes! I’m just thinking, when is there going to be a list every woman should know about men that’s like #1 – He is a person. You are a person.  #2 – If he doesn’t respect you and your wants and needs, he’s a turd. #3 – He should want to treat you the way he’d want to be treated. #4 – Men who can’t take losing to their partner haven’t yet reached emotional maturity. And so on and so forth.

  • tarynemy

    Some of these things are a bit obvious right?  Of course you shouldn’t flirt with his friends. Duh.  I’d be pissed if he flirted with mine.  And some of these are a bit ridiculous. It really doesn’t matter what my husband wants, I’m not going to suddenly start liking things I didn’t like before I met him.  It’s pretty fair to say women can’t be changed any more than men can. 

    Bottom line, can we just all agree to treat each other with respect and how we would like to be treated ourselves?  I don’t really like to watch Michael Bay movies, but I will once in a while.  Just like my man will watch scary movies with me even though he doesn’t like them.  It’s called compromise.  That’s the secret to a good relationship.  Not some internet list.

  • adamremysmall

    lisacake5 MTSMTS  
    LOL no. It says he wants you to like what he likes. Not that you have to, and it’s supporting text confirms that. Stop it.

  • lizmua

    9! really, really!!!! so if ur upset ill or just cant have sex for a while what happens next is on you? that is implying either he will cheat on you or worse he will take what he wants from you. your a sick fuck you really are. your girlfriend doesn’t owe you an allotted amount of sex,  this whole list is void of any thought towards you girl friend and is a recipe for a man child. how about have respect for each other, stop treating each other like aliens and talk.

  • rmccoy3

    GREGORYABUTLER rmccoy3  Someone should tell him that kind of humor was stale when Maxin did it 10 years ago.

  • lizmua

    julieglynn  this isnt for humans to read. plenty of men have commented on how stupid this list is but u pick on the women! let me guess ur just one of the lads nt like the other girls? sounds like ur the insecure 1!

  • LittleTart

    DanielTomczak Do you actually know how our primal ancestors lived?  Are you a biological or cultural anthropologist?  Are you familiar with hominid family units, ancestral gender roles, or anything other than what you learned about “primal man” outside of 1950s comic strips and Flintstones cartoons?

    There is nothing primal in this list or the bullsh*t you are trying to sell in an effort to rationalize male dominance and privilege.  Get over yourself, and quit telling men tha they aren’t men just because they aren’t selfish uneducated tools like you.

  • lizmua

    DimkaNov ElizabethBiro DanielTomczak ScottSnow1  that was sarcasm on elizabeths part u idiot, it was to show how stupid these ‘rules’ are if u flip them.

  • adamremysmall

    No, silly. It’s saying don’t withhold sex as a punishment. It goes hand in hand with the ultimatum thing.
    Which is actually ALL bout respect. Respect your partner enough to work through an issue and get over it, not hold sex (or anything else for that matter) above him in a COMMITTED SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP. Because it’s unnecessary and juvenile.
    Honestly, half the complaints in these comments are from people that really didn’t read the things they’re complaining about in their entirety. Jeez.

  • lizmua

    ScottSnow1  i ageee with scott, love how much stick he gets just from basically saying treat each other with respect. your gf is a partner not a tool to use

  • Kate Anderson

    heyyall Michael Glen  I had exactly the same reaction. Don’t believe everything you read about feminism; real feminists believe in equality for men, too!

  • marmellatacioccolata

    I am straight woman in a relationship with a handsome, funny and clever man. And I feel that this useless piece of writing that I’ve just read is much more insulting for my partner than it is for me. 

    If that was meant to be funny, I’m sorry dude, but you better put your effort instead into writing postcards to your family or whatever else. However, I had to smile a little sometimes, because it reminded me of the situation when somebody tells a bad joke and then tries to explain it to the audience. 

    Anyway, I am sure that this website is getting is peak of visits after you wrote this. Maybe you just wanted to make an easy provocation?

  • lizmua

    adamremysmall  ‘punishment’ totally means if he has done something to upset you and you dont want to have sex with him and what do u think he means by what happens next is on you? its fucked u

  • adamremysmall

    lizmua It CLEARLY says “for an extended period of time”.
    And “what happens next” could just as easily mean getting dumped. Not everyone cheats. It’s really not worth it. 
    All I’m saying is someone who says “I’m mad at you. no sex for blah blah weeks” or whatever is CLEARLY just trying to hold it over your head. You’re not his mom, telling him he can’t have cookies because he didn’t put his toys away. That’s absurd. Treat your partner like a child and accept whatever reaction you get. Simple.
    I’m not saying “suck it up and fuck him anyway” lol, just don’t be obnoxious about whatever (i’m going to assume) trivial little fight that needs to be left alone. And if you do, don’t be surprised when things start to deteriorate.

  • Kate Anderson

    lisacake5 MTSMTS  Nicely done, Lisa!

  • julieglynn

    Were you trying to type words?

  • naminejamie

    I am really hoping it is a joke or a satire piece or something along those lines, because if not, this is the biggest piece of bullshit I have ever read. This makes it sound as if women need to conform to be just the way need us to be, which is such an ignorant, sexist thought, that even considering the people still feel this way makes me see red. Don’t withhold sex, let him look at other women, give him the biggest piece of chicken because he “works hard”, and no chick flicks without a blowjob??? These are just a few of the things listed above, and they’re terrible enough without adding everything else that was said into the mix. I could discount everything that was said above, but I honestly don’t want to waste enough of my time to do all of that, so I’ll just argue against the ones I just listed.
    Don’t Withhold Sex: What if we don’t like sex? What if we have a relationship with our partner that doesn’t require us to have sex with them constantly or EVER, for that matter? Are you saying that if we don’t bang them they have every right to go off and find someone that will and then lie to us about it? Because it sounds to me like this is endorsing cheating if girls say no to sex.
    Let Him Look At Other Women: You see, I find this to be a bit of a double standard, because at some point on this list it said not to flirt with his friends (and FYI, most girls in relationships don’t flirt with other men), and yet we’re supposed to let him look at all the other women he wants to, both in real life and on his computer.

    Give Him the Biggest Piece of Chicken: So, he needs the biggest piece of chicken because we works hard, does he? That implies that we women HAVEN’T been working hard. Well guess what? We have been. Nowadays, most women have jobs, so we often work just as hard as our partners. And don;t even try playing the manual labor card, because a lot of men work at white collar jobs, which merely require them to sit at a desk and work on a computer all day long.

    No Chick Flicks Without a Blowjob: I find this one hilariously stupid simply because I’m not a huge fan of chick flicks. But I remember growing up that my dad was a huge chick flick fan, so on nights when he and I were going to watch a movie, we’d sometimes watch action or horror or things like that, but a lot of the time he’d pick out a romantic comedy that he really liked, and often they were movies that he had seen years before but he still remembered fondly. The guy liked chick flicks more than me and my mom. So I think it’s fair to say that guys can sometimes like chick flicks. However, even if they don’t, having them watch it with us doesn’t mean we owe them anything. You said that girls were supposed to pretend to like what their boyfriends liked simply because it would make the boy feel good somewhere on here, and yet if a guy has to do anything that his girlfriend likes, she automatically owes him? That’s so ignorant, and again, it’s a total double standard.

    The entire argument presented in this article honestly makes me a bit sick. I forget sometimes just how terrible men can be because I have male friends who are rather gentlemanly, and yet I’m cruelly reminded the way most of the world works when I stumble across articles like this one. Ladies, I’m truly sorry if you read this article and let it influence your way of thinking about your behavior towards your partners, because you shouldn’t let poorly thought out pieces like this one effect your behavior at all.

  • adamremysmall

    This list is of course a huge generalization, and you’re a fool if you don’t get that. I mean it obviously doesn’t take into account men who don’t want anything to do with anal, or those who’ve already had threesomes lol
    That being said, I found it both humorous and unfortunately far too stimulating of a common and ridiculous thought process. This whole “It’s not like MY perfect relationship, thus it can’t be right!” thing going on is just plain stupid. If it doesn’t occur to you that two people can be happy and healthy with one liking shoes and the other not giving a rat’s ass, or with a man who’d rather drop a woman who’d hold sex over him like some bitchqueen caricature (again assuming there are no women who like sex as much as the average man does) than stay in a potentially poisonous relationship, OR with a guy who likes it when a woman attempts to put herself in all aspects of his life including the things he likes but she may not…well then I don’t want to know you.

  • JayTaylor1

    HAHAH, I guess I’m just an unevolved man child but I found this list funny and a great response to the millions of ” how a man should be” lists polluting the internet. Best thing about a lot of these leave America and head to country where women aren’t  waiting to rage against the penis for not being like the douche bags in romantic comedies

  • BoatAsshole

    *50 Things Every Women Should Realize About Man-Childs


    Might I add 51: They’re not worth your time. Find a real man.

  • DiegoAyala

    lizmua ScottSnow1    you must have a shitty relationship or the guys just end up cheating on you if you;re like this. but most likely  you aren’t really the way you wanna make yourself seem to be like,  you just wanna make shit up to try to be part of the convo,gtfo

  • JulieJennings

    1 Thing Every Woman Should Know About Men: Most men are NOT misogynistic, sexist, idiotic toolbags as is the man who wrote this article.

  • soccerguy66

    Seriously all the woman on here must be lesbians.  That or they are 80 years old and have a man with their balls in a jar.  I am dating a woman who I shared this with and instead of bitching about how incorrect it is, we laughed about how true a lot of those things are.  It’s a generalization and if you don’t want to listen to it then go away and stop bitching per usual.  It by no means you HAVE to have anal or HAVE to have a threesome, it’s a list of things to tell you what a man feels because unlike woman we aren’t always ones to go out and say shit like that upfront.  Personally I think a lot is true such as watch your weight, regardless of what you think LOVE is, it’s different from person to person hence why this list is not necessarily a literal list of MUST DO’s.  Stop taking everything so literally and realize that A. some of these are actually quite entertaining and B. just as not all men are dirt bags, not all woman are innocent little girls who feel the need to control their men.  If he wants to look, let him look but don’t touch (This especially goes for those of you who are so anti-porn, and even more so for those of you who say a relationship shouldn’t have to do with sex).  Guess what ladies, most men enjoy sex it’s LITERALLY in our DNA and there is science/biology that proves you release chemicals that help with things such as depression even after climaxing.  So if you don’t want to put out then don’t but don’t sit on here and talk so much shit that these “men” you are seeing either don’t seem real, or seem like a bunch of dick-less bitches.  Again, not everything on this list is necessarily true but by no means at all are all of them false either.  So if you don’t like it then hit that little “x” to close the tab or window and go away instead of attacking someone you don’t even know.  It literally goes back to “you don’t always have to be right ladies” which is why its on the list.  I will repeat myself yet again, this list is by no means all inclusive or all true, but some if not most are pretty spot on so quit hating because you OBVIOUSLY need to get laid and maybe you wouldn’t have so much penis-envy.

  • conerlysa

    JayTaylor1  The “how a man should be” lists are just as much bullshit as this one.

  • conerlysa

    adamremysmall  This should apply to both people in the relationship, but the threat of “if you don’t have sex with me, I’m going to find it somewhere else” should not even exist. If it does, your relationship is already screwed. This list 99% bullshit, with 1 or 2 that make sense when applied to men and women. And, yes, I read every single one in its entirety.

  • conerlysa

    Michael Glen  Thank you heyyall and Kate! Michael, this was almost a good post until you called any woman a slut and badmouthed feminists. Feminism is not the counterpart to male chauvinist-female  chauvinist is. Women haters-misogynists and men haters-misandrists.

  • jessssoliver

    Sounds like a boy, not a man.

  • conerlysa

    julieglynn  Sorry your life is sad.

  • conerlysa

    TonyMaselli  No one has to appreciate another person’s point of view. That’s ridiculous. I believe he has the right to put forth his viewpoints just as much as I have the right to call them bullshit.

  • soccerguy66

    Kate Anderson lisacake5 MTSMTS  lisa and kate you are literally idiots.

  • ScottRollison

    I an pissed – PISSED – that, in my three decades of life as a man, not a single person told me that it was supposed to be an endless quest for MFF threesomes with anal. NOT ONE. Was this in a pamphlet somewhere? Were my friends supposed to tell me? My father.

    Here I am, simply being myself, treating my wife as an equal, a partner, someone with whom I was establishing a bond, when in fact I was supposed to be treating her as an extension of myself, keeping her at arms distance (lest she emasculate me while flirting with my friends and criticizing my mother). I had no idea I was supposed to be telling her to STFU when I walked through the door at the beginning of the evening and then pressure her into sticking it in her pooper by the end.


  • GhostWriterL

    Chuck Henderson is a manchild who probably ‘pokes’ women on the subway just because he knows most would be too terrified to kick his pecker into an L shape, catcalls because he believes that as a male he is a “sexual beast hunting extremely hot and juicy prey”, had “non-approved sex” with girls that came to his frat parties and were “too drunk give a clear no and if they were there they knew what was happening so they WANTED IT” because he thinks his cock and sperm are worth their weight in gold, and likely in any relationship he was able to manipulate a woman into having with him spent the majority of it whittling down her self esteem and being emotionally and physically abusive until people who actually cared about her convinced her to leave his worthless, misogynistic, abusive, and likely rapist asshole self.
    Every point on this list here is nothing but the fantasies of someone who is so insecure in their own masculinity and value as a male human being that he has the need to tell the female world that they need to make exceptions and be “understanding of” stupid fucking things like “He wants to bang your friends”, because in the same list, he also says that “your man doesn’t like it when you flirt with other guys”. It’s ok for men to want to fuck everything with two legs and a hole in between them, but clearly women are sluts if they think that someone other than the guy they are with might be fun to bang someday.

    This line of thinking is in the same vein as those who think women bring rape upon themselves because they “dressed too provocatively” or “were alone” or “she held the door open for the guy earlier in the day and it made his penis sad because he couldn’t be ‘chivalrous'” or “he’s been putting forth so much Nice Guy effort and she wouldn’t put out so he TOOK what he was OWED!”.

    I seriously hope this Chuck Henderson hasn’t conned a woman into thinking that he, on any sort of level, is worth the oxygen he’s wasting on a daily basis. I also seriously hope that she doesn’t think his DNA was worthwhile to accept in the creation of children. Above all, I really hope that if the latter two have somehow happened, that he doesn’t have any daughters from which to instill this knowledge of “You’re a horrid and terrible little slut, unless you obey these 50 commandments to make sure your man is perpetually horny AND has his ego petted and soothed by you being subservient and constantly available to make his wiggle-worm happy!”…

    Chuck Henderson can take his devolved, illogical, misogynistic, and factually stupid tripe and put it back in the 1920’s where it belongs… or he can peddle it off someplace more accepting of his knowledge that women have to adhere to strict standards or face being spiteful whores… Like Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or Uganda.

  • soccerguy66

    naminejamie  romantic comedy and chick flick….not the same….

  • rita g

    what is this shit? are you serious?

  • rita g

    Kate Anderson heyyallMichael Glen 
    me too.

  • willisbell1997

    #32 (even this I have reservations about) and 38 are the only parts that aren’t either misogynistic nonsense, ignorant that many men aren’t jerks (presumably like the author), or painfully obvious.  I say that as a guy.

  • rita g

    Why does he get the bigger piece of chicken exactly?

  • rita g

    DiegoAyala ElizabethBiroDanielTomczakScottSnow1 
    Diego, you are pathetic excuse for a man if you have to call a woman a bitch and put her down about her looks just to feel good about yourself. Plus you are a moron because you obviously don’t get wit or sarcasm. You are right, Facebook does tell it all. You are not exactly handsome yourself and that gold gun will not make your penis any bigger. Good luck being mediocre.

  • laurenigma

    what a piece of garbage article.

  • Tex1883

    What a fool. Only number 38 is not complete nonsense. As a man, I take umbrage to this guy saying that all guys are simple. This guy sounds like a simpleton that has not matured past his days in a frat.
    “It’s great that you’re all liberated and shit, but being a gentleman
    never goes out of style. Let him do those little things and it will make
    him love you more.” -> How condescending can you get? What an asshole.

  • conerlysa

    lisacake5 MTSMTS  I’m not sure that he handled comprehension well in school.

  • Dorkus

    ScottRollison  I created an account just to tell you you’re awesome.

  • conerlysa

    rita g DiegoAyala ElizabethBiro DanielTomczak ScottSnow1
    All you have to do is look @ Diego’s FB page & the people he’s following to know how much respect he has for the opposite sex. He’s not worth the time it takes to argue.

  • Nobodyshere

    I personally disagree with most of this list, but hey, whatever. I also think it’s pretty fucking stupid that people who are intentionally offended by this stuff actively seek it out just to shit on it. (Somebody linked it to me)

  • Dorkus

    I have a counter list for the boyz*
    1. Grow up
    2. Get over yourself
    3. Women don’t care that feminism made you lose your boner so please stop asking us to care. We don’t.
    4. There’s no such thing as emasculation unless you’re talking about the literal definition of the word. Notice there’s no equivalent word for women? Yeah, there’s a reason for that, why don’t you think about why that might be? I’ll give you a hint… something something fragile manly ego something something superiority complex.

    *Note I said boyz not men, please disregard this list if you’re not a whiny man-child and also thank you for not being a whiny man child.

  • jpopper1

    Idk, about some of these men writing in the comments. I say this list pretty spot on. I’m reading all these comments, from both men and women, and I just see children. Children because they’re minds are warped to an “ideal” of what a man and woman should be, how a society should be…but really, this is human nature., there’s a lot to it. Don’t agree to this or the article. I’m pretty sure you may rmbr this at one point.

    To the author: Good job.

  • jpopper1

    GREGORYABUTLER  This article was written for you. Sadly, the msg wasn’t well received/understood.

  • jpopper1

    Maybe I should’ve said this: The writers in the comments seem to be the target for this article. But they don’t seem to realize it. Nor do they get that phrases used in the article.

  • Shiny_Jayne

    …this was written by a sociopath who has never met a woman over the age of 19, yes? Otherwise, this list makes no sense.

  • Shiny_Jayne

    ScottRollison  You are awesome, and your wife did good.

  • JulieJennings

    Dorkus  Hi Dorkus! I love your reply to this neanderthal. It made me want to be your friend! Seriously, keep up the cheeky, witty replies to d-bags like this author! 🙂

  • akma

    Dorkus  Please, follow your own advice. Obviously any real men or women who are mature would not take this article seriously or be insulted.  There are billions of people in the world, men AND women can relate to this article, its a fantasy after all.  I’m sorry but your post has been the most immature/ironic comment I’ve read out of the list here.

  • ElyahDucos

    To all american girls who has to deal with those kind of dumb f*cks: just travel to europe (France) and give a try to more civilised, intelligent and well behaved (and I m not saying metrosexuals) men. Let those uneducated dumbfcks alone in the states and come visit us. We’re cool, and we actually read books.

  • akma

    This is just a fantasy.  The author isnt trying to tell you this is how to be a perfect woman to your partner.  Its just a very simple list of some amusing things a guy would appreciate. We all want different things.  We may not agree w the whole list but there are different people men AND women who can agree to any part of the list.  Men can bullshit all they want here, but who are you kidding?  If you found a woman who did all this, you would be the happiest man alive.  But like i said, its a FANTASY, not reality.  This list just seems sexist because its just a list for what men want.  I’m sure theres a list for what women want.  I would gladly read it and if i could do some of it to make my gf happier.. why not? you dont have to agree with the whole list.  I mean i will never get the biggest piece of the chicken but i would def take her home right away if she ever beats me in pool. she wants different things, i want different thing. It’s about compromise. Dont take this article so literally. Open up your minds and just enjoy the little things you do for each other.

  • akma

    ElyahDucos  what kind of respectable women would ever fall for that?  No “civilized, intelligent, and well behaved MEN” would ever make that kind of ignorant comment.

  • DaisyCadiou

    Hope this guy doesn’t have a girlfriend … if he does, I would just tell her to run far away Oo

  • GillesWittezaele

    So true !
    I checked it with your mother, it works 🙂
    Call me daddy now 🙂

  • ScottRollison

    ElyahDucos  Yeah, but you don’t bathe. So there’s that.


    jpopper1 GREGORYABUTLERActually NO, it wasn’t, because I’m not a dumbass dudebro manboy

  • katebraedley

    You want to know how to treat women? Here’s your answer: Be a good person. Turns out women aren’t so complicated after all. And just FYI, this article would not be an example of being a good person.

  • Heather_W

    This is the expectations of a self-absorbed, weak, insecure, narcissistic, infantile, idiotic douchebag.

  • Heather_W

    jpopper1  So what you’re saying is you’re a self-absorbed, insecure, narcissistic prick too…

  • Jezzerat

    I don’t really think you can apply your weird list of rules for your Real Doll to an actual living woman.

  • sunny_burn

    “I don’t care how mad you are at him, if you cut him off for an extended period of time, what happens next is on you.”

    Soooo basically women have to give up sex whenever a man wants or… what? He’ll cheat on her? or worse, RAPE her? And it’s her fault? What, are men animals? You know , when dogs can’t control their sexual urges, we cut off their balls. Maybe thay’s the sort of thing we need to start thinking about for people who write or believe this sort of tripe.

  • Kristelle

    I feel so sorry for straight women, having to put up with straight men and then having people making ridiculous lists like this one of how much you should be putting up with.

  • sunny_burn

    Kristelle  Shit like this is why, as a bisexual women, I’ve more or less given up on relationships with cis men.

  • mksharpie

    I counted and found that at least 29 of these items go both ways, in any relationship. Especially #27 (say exactly what you want). The rest of the remaining items are just BS. You can’t pigeon-hole people; no characteristic, trait, or behavioral tendency is predominantly male or female, so stop trying to give relationship advice “for men,” or “for women.” It just doesn’t work.

    And really, the only relationship advice anybody should be giving a stranger whose relationship they know nothing about is “BE RESPECTFUL.”

  • brianpatrickanthony

    sunny_burn KristelleThis list does not represent most men. This list was written by a sociopathic prick.

  • Flaming Iron

    brianpatrickanthony sunny_burn Kristelle  

    Uh no. This list was written by a typical dude who doesn’t identify as a feminist.

  • Flaming Iron


    It doesn’t have to be so evil. It means don’t be surprised if he just jerks off to porn instead, or dumps the chick who’s cut him off for a new GF.

  • Flaming Iron


    Nope. Normal dude.

  • Flaming Iron


    Nope. I don’t agree with all the points, but really, the large majority are true.

  • Flaming Iron

    How many people have read the HUGE lists women put out about what they want in men that are TOTALLY unrealistic?

    *raises hand*

    I disagree with maybe 10 – 20 points – most of this list goes both ways in a real relationship.

    Women can tell men they are pigs all day, but don’t complain that some guy was finally honest with you about what he really wanted. Most guys are too chickenshit to say so.

  • Flaming Iron

    Here’s the best points in this list:

    3. You Shouldn’t Take It Personally When He Checks Out Other Women
    Unless he’s leering and drooling, just let it slide. It’s a reflex and he can’t help it. Just let it slide.

    5. Never Criticize His Mother
    If he wants to do it, and you commiserate with him, that’s fine. But if you’re the one who brings it up, watch the fuck out. Odds are, there are qualities she has that he sees in you, so try to figure out what those are and relate to her on that level.

    6. You Have To Let Shit Go
    You’ll have a lot of fights over the course of the relationship, but when they’re over, they really need to be over. Throwing old arguments back in his face will lead to loss of trust and ultimately change how he feels about you.

    8. You Can’t Bombard Him The Second He Walks In The Door
    He knows you want to talk about what that bitch said to you at work today or your plans to redecorate the bedroom, but for god’s sake, let him have a beer and stare at the TV for at least half an hour first.

    17. You’ve Got To Watch Your Weight

    Oh shit, did I really say that? Well, it’s true. Just because you landed him doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want and stop going to the gym (and to be fair, neither can he).

    19. Ultimatums Do NOT Work
    Any time you try to force a guy to do anything, he WILL resent you for it. Try an honest talk about how you feel and what you want out of the relationship before you give him an “either/or.”

    22. He Wants You To Like What He Likes
    Whether it’s movies, sports or hobbies, he wants you to enjoy those things with him. Even if it’s not your thing, try to have fun with the fact that it makes him happy.

    25. You Should Always Take His Side
    Within reason. But if he’s involved in some kind of debate and you take sides against him in public, he will never forgive you.

    28. He Hates That Short Haircut
    Very few women can pull off that pixie hairdo (although the ones that can do it beautifully). He likes your hair long, so don’t go chopping it all off without running it by him first. How would you feel if he got a Mohawk or grew a rattail?

    34. Save The Big Piece Of Chicken For Him
    He works hard, he doesn’t complain much. He deserves it (thanks to Chris Rock for that one).

    35. Don’t EVER Emasculate Him
    Even if you’re just joking. I promise you, he won’t think it’s funny. And if you do it during a fight, your relationship might never recover.

    44. He Needs Quiet Sometimes
    You don’t have to fill the silence with pointless chatter and small talk. If you’re comfortable together, you should be able to just shut the fuck up every once in a while.

    45. You Should Compliment Him More
    Hey, women aren’t the only ones who like compliments. Tell him he looks good, tell him he’s smart, whatever. He needs to hear that shit every once in a while.

    46. You Don’t Always Have To Be Right
    Hey, if it’s worth it, then just dig your heels in and fight to your dying breath. But sometimes, he just wants his opinion validated and you don’t have to contradict him just because you see things differently.

    47. Make Sure You Look Just As Good When You Go Out With Him As When You Go Out With The Girls
    We all get lazy after a while when we don’t have to impress anyone anymore. But if you’re all sweats and T-shirts when it’s just the two of you and you’re smoking hot when you’re going out without him, he’s going to wonder who you’re doing that for.

  • pinquot

    Translation: “I watch a lot of TV and this is how the couples on there work.”  It’s always funny that “feminists,” who get a rap for “hating men,” are the ones who think enough of men to believe they aren’t all the stupid, selfish cartoon pricks this list makes them out to be (and even those who are are capable of something better.)

  • MaryAroyo

    UGH too many rules… Can’t keep up… Why am I supposed to want to be with anyone who would hold me to all these rules?  I’ll stay single, it would be easier than having to appease someone 24/7.

  • Kristelle

    Flaming Iron brianpatrickanthony sunny_burn Kristelle  If this is a “typical dude,” then I’m very glad I’m a lesbian. If an adult man has to be treated like a child in order to stay with a woman, he’s not worth it. 

    My male friends would take offense to this list.

  • Kingl3onidas

    I think everyone should relax and just take this article as a piece of entertainment. No need to be hating men, women, or the writer.

  • dalibologna

    I just want to say I admire your ability to  convince someone to pay you to poop onto your keyboard.

  • courtdale

    Identified, laughed, cried, and hid here and there.  Very entertaining.

  • I would never in a billion years bang a guy as insecure and shitty as the ones portrayed in this list!

  • jpopper1, I actually think it’s childish to reach an age where you just go, “Hey I’m shitty — deal, ’cause I’ve got a penis!” Which is what I got from the list.

  • ScottRollison, that was hilarious.

  • adamremysmall, I totally think that withholding sex as punishment is a bullshit move. But I really didn’t like the author’s follow-up to that point.

  • JeremyBider

    Flaming Iron Heather_W  Nope. I’m sorry but if you fear Emasculation, really care about your girls hairstyle and constantly desire anal and threesomes I think you’d probably be a bad choice for a boyfriend anyway. C’mon dude this guy demands a girl who never makes him look bad in any way shape or form, if the “average man”  is this insecure I don’t see how he gets very far in life

  • julieglynn Or intelligent ones.

  • RockThrustcrotch

    He sounds like a real pain in the arse. Based on that I’d just date women.

  • PatrickScott1


  • MikeMannion

    Judi Sunshine  Please answer this and explain to me WHAT THE FUCK you are talking about. What are you 14 years old?  How in the world is this being “insecure” like you said? I am very curious what you meant,  PLEASE explain.

  • bakersdozen13

    MikeMannion Judi Sunshine   I’ll humor you. It sounds like she’s NOT, in fact, 14 years old because she isn’t of the same mentality as this emotionally stunted manchild the author is describing. Let’s break it down, shall we?

    1. “He wants to bang your friends” and “He will check out other girls”  and “He will always want a threesome” is followed by “Never flirt with his friends.” Hypocrisy rolled up with sexism and insecurity. Not all men are single-minded Neanderthals. Many mature adult men enjoy healthy, monogamous relationships. 
    2. “He doesn’t want to hear about your sexual past.” Sure. When you’re a teenager, I can see how this would make you squirm.
    3. “Keep your hair long” and “Don’t change your outfit too many times or he’ll get cranky.” Really? 
    4. “He’ll choose his friends over you.” Again, yeah this happens in high school in college. In adult relationships, not as much. “Guy nights” and “girl nights” obviously still happen, but not the “Bros before hos” mentality.
    5. “If you don’t put out when he wants it, he’ll cheat on you and it’s your fault.” LOL. 

    The 40th and 50th items sum up what’s wrong with this list. “You need to be his moral compass” and “He’s not as complicated as you are.” The “man” this author describes is shallow, insecure and laughably primitive. He sounds more like a small child or pet than an adult human being. Hence, Judi Sunshine understandably wouldn’t want anything to do with such a person.

    This load of tripe is sexist to both genders.

  • bakersdozen13

    Flaming Iron brianpatrickanthony sunny_burn Kristelle  What the hell does feminism have anything to do with this low-effort B.S.?

  • bakersdozen13

    Flaming Iron Heather_W  “….under the age of 18.”

  • AlphaSquared

    Perhaps OP should just get a dog.

  • pinquot

    Note that “we” (women) are supposed to be tolerant of his explicit sexual interest in other women, but are cautioned against even seeming like we might be attracted to any other men. Because a woman must be single-mindedly devoted to her man, but his eyes are free to rove (and if he roves further than that, it’s “our” fault for not sufficiently bending our lives around his whims — though he should never be expected to modify himself or his behavior for us.)


    AlphaSquared Problem – he’d probably try and have anal sex with it, and he’d get arrested

  • RosalindaT

    I love how this guy seems to think for a man and woman to have a successful relationship, a women has to cater to her man….sad
    I just had to LOL at the amount of things he think men deserve
    I feel sorry for his girlfriend

  • RosalindaT

    Oh, hit a nerve buddy?

  • RosalindaT

    Hunny, you just look so sad in this post

  • RosalindaT

    Lol I love how this is the one comment you have the most problem with
    Did she hit a nerve by exposing you as a self egotist…I’m thinking yes

  • IdiotsareEntertaining

    change the wording around and the comment section would be much different lol

  • IdiotsareEntertaining

    like my name suggests the people in the comments are entertaining but i have to stop reading this b.s im starting to lose brain cells jesus i hope you are all joking/trolling i really really do

  • akma

    RosalindaT  no. i actually agree with most of the people who doesnt agree w the list.  you dont bad mouth people and then tell them to grow up at the same time dont you think?  Thanks for your dumbass logic comment lol.

  • DWoolfson

    I really hope no one got paid for writing this crap.

  • frrrr

    Reading all the women who commented on this post is why I am so glad I dumped my GF to start fucking hookers for the rest of my life.

  • nebis

    I think the female reactions are hilarious.

  • IamHST

    1.not really
    4.not really
    5. ??
    6. True
    7. True
    8. True
    9. I guess
    10. no
    11. bullshit
    12. not really
    13. bullshit
    14. ok true
    15. bullshit
    16. I guess
    17. 18.
    18. bullshit
    19. sort of
    20. sort of
    21. somewhat
    22. not really
    23. true
    24. true
    25. not really
    26. not really
    27. True
    28. True
    29. sort of
    30. I guess
    31. Ok
    32. Ok
    33. Ok
    34. True
    35. Sort of
    36. doesnt matter
    37. True
    38. Bullshit
    39. I guess
    40. Ok.
    41. Not really
    42. lol what
    43. Bullshit
    44. True
    45. not really
    46. True
    47. True
    48. True
    49. True
    50. True

  • NinaZurita

    i dated a few like that…. thats why they are exs….

  • AlexandreDesclos

    I hope it’s a joke 🙂

  • IamHST

    The one thing I will say is that a few of these are true (as I listed below). The response from the women is ironic actually.  

    Usually men don’t make list of things women should know or realize but when women do (which is often) men are supposed to adhere to such list without question. 

    Yet none of the women really took time to read the list it seems and basically are bashing the OP as a jerk for doing what women do all the time. Voice their wants , wow. 

    So men are to be seen and not heard I guess. Thats the vibe I get from the women in the comments section. Very Ironic indeed. 

    I didnt agree with everything he listed but that doesn’t automatically make the man an ass or a bad boyfriend. Some of you really don’t think beyond your Internet education.

  • RihanM

    This list is one of the best I’ve ever read. I agree with most of it. Lol at all the butthurt from the white knights and feminists in the comments.

  • Expat_Canuck

    This is GOOD ADVICE for the ladies.

    I would just add a few things though,

    1. Do not SETTLE.  Marrying a man you do not love, only to divorce him in 10 years or deny him intimacy is the height of cruelty.  Marry the MAN, not the wallet.

    2. A woman attracts with her body and keeps with her mind.  That is wisdom from time immemorial.  Women should heed that advice.

    Men do not get off scott free either.

    1. Follow the Greek ideal of a sound mind balanced with a sound body.  Engage yourself intellectually and physically.  No woman will look at you if you’re fat, a slob or speak jibberish.

    2. In today’s world where even good Christian girls have their legs in the air within a half hour of meeting that hot guy, you can gauge your own attractiveness by how women react to your advances.  If you’re not bedding the ladies by at least the third date, take steps to improve yourself.  See suggestion #1.

    3. Learn how to fuck.  Sex with a woman you love is both an emotional and physical experience that is beyond anything you will get from jerking off to Internet porn.  Get a copy of “Joy of Sex” and put into practice that advice.

    4.  When a woman declines to have sex with you but wants to continue the relationship “because you’re special”, run for the exit.  She’s a re-virginated whore who is putting on aires of chastity.  She is sizing up your earning potential and will marry you for your wallet.  She does not desire you nor want you for who you are.

    5. Become the man that women desire, and the rest will fall into place

  • Jezzerat

    RihanM  Admitting that you’re also a horrible douchebag doesn’t make the article legit.

  • PickledTink

    The more points I read the more I started to think I might be a guy..

  • bakersdozen13

    IamHST  “So men are to be seen and not heard I guess.”


    THAT’S what you take away from this? For someone who wants to pass judgement on others’ level of education, it seems like you haven’t even grasped basic reading comprehension.

  • HabibSThomas

    bakersdozen13 IamHST Ironically you don’t comprehend my reply. I guess you are still grasping your own reading comprehension. Good luck

  • WidiuVideos

    pinquot no but if u behave like a man, society will respond differently. Yes, its equality in some countries now, but at the end of the day men and women have different sexual drive levels

  • HabibSThomas

    Jezzerat RihanM He said there are things women should realize not things women should adhere to or else. That doesn’t mean they cant be talked about. Like I said , the vibe I get from the comments is that he shouldn’t be honest and should just shut up, but why?

    If this was 50 things a man should realize about a woman no one would say a word

  • WidiuVideos

    bakersdozen13 MikeMannionJudi Sunshineno, most of this list is right. its not sexist, women just get ahead of themselves sometimes, esp in america. in sum the whole list is that the man needs a woman, the woman is pure and is the guide to a man, who is a simpler, more sexual human being.. thats it.

    dont forget that men can be assholes for life, they can still get married and have a family after 50-60..unfortunately the ultimate reality of nature remains, no matter how women are empowered and what they think about themselves. time ticks for both sexes, but for one the consequences are much different..

  • CoolAndNormal69

    Heather_W  This is the comment of a fat, ugly, over 40 internet feminist

  • CoolAndNormal69

    rita g 
    right, because i’m sure you’re a fuckin beauty queen

  • WidiuVideos

    sunny_burn again, a man can have sex all his life, and he will.. a woman cant after couple decades go by, and is not driven as much by it. you either understand this, or you may as well start meeting other girls.

  • WidiuVideos

    ScottRollison ElyahDucosanother european chiming in; also american perm resident. no, dude come over to america, its the paradise to us EU men here, this country is still a ghetto, we get a** just like we do since 1492. americans in general are gullible and naiv, friendly, a social breeze. 
    Men here are simple, almost childish in some ways; trying to be buff and seem aggressive, but when it comes to getting women and actual competition, one on one, their frat bro mentality and insecurity meeting european males whips them. esp when we are talking 21st century, where 2-3 languages fluency is the norm boi.. this aint hollywood and reality TV shows/PS4/apple pies and American Pie on which they grow up on here. it aint credit cards and wearing flipflops w jeans, sneakers to work, trying to be cool being gay and US military talking when Russia makes moves..its global brotha, double passports and having houses in many cities/countries and leveraging your global network. its being w women of many races, treating them well, learning their cultures/cuisine, raising international minded kids and making big moves, EU-US career…

    and i live in NYC, and i work in finance.. so i meet the best of the breed of US men, who would not survive much in europe. London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Barcelona..wouldnt last long in our clubs/social scene, esp after we hear you from america. rip you apart on spot or have our women practice a bit of english w you and after make you pay up for drinks. those backpacking american tourists first time seeing the world, snappin instagram shit all over the place if they see italian gelato or french bagel..

    BUT american women, thats a totally different story. that is pure fresh, clean, still untouched meat, one of the best, still on vast supply for us european men to..

    (srry if there was some bias/colonial spirit here, but its true, why else would we come over the pond??)

  • ScottRollison

    WidiuVideos ScottRollisonElyahDucosYeah, so my comment was basically a dig at the over generalizing and was satirical. But if your “game” is no better than how you type, then I don’t think we have anything to worry about when it comes to European men stealing American women.

  • conerlysa

    WidiuVideos sunny_burn I think you are confused. Women can have sex all their lives. Men are the ones with the faulty penises.

  • Triple_Bizzle

    Heather_W  I don’t know that it is self-absorbed to appreciate quiet personal time, not to be bombarded the moment you walk in from a full day of work, expect that sex will not be used as a tool of power, or expect that your s/o (I say s/o because these concepts could very easily apply to both sexes) attempts to remain attractive for you (general maintenance, nothing ridiculous). I see a lot of women immediately striking at the author’s level of security/self-esteem, but the opposite seems to be true to me. He struck a chord and may have highlighted things that you feel you are not living up to in your own relationships. These concepts are certainly fluid and vary in application on an individual basis like 42 and 43 (not my thing), but most of the concepts are universally applicable to both sexes and we could all benefit from doing some of these things a little better. He’s not attacking you ladies, he’s speaking up for himself. You don’t have to be with a man like this if you don’t agree. There are other men available that don’t require “changing”.


    HabibSThomas JezzeratRihanMI would – especially if that list was as assholish as this one is.

  • Triple_Bizzle

    Kristelle  Have you seen some of the male-bashing posts generated by women? While, I do not agree with everything written above, there are many concepts that are universally applicable to both sexes. Appreciating quiet time, or expecting that your partner makes an attempt to remain attractive (within reason – general maintenance not plastic surgery) for you (yes, FOR you) is not a primitive or outrageous concept. You don’t have to agree with this all. I am a man and I don’t agree with all of this (chick flicks and threesomes for example), but I can appreciate the general message; try to as well.

  • Triple_Bizzle

    Flaming Iron  Those are good ones. Some of the others are admittedly misogynistic and primitive. However, most are universally applicable to both sexes.

  • HabibSThomas

    GREGORYABUTLER HabibSThomasJezzeratRihanM As a matter of fact , Ive found the other list. 

  • WidiuVideos

    ScottRollison WidiuVideosElyahDucoswho cares about how u type? maybe ill switch to german so ur american head can do some thinking to it.

    and we dont call it game braw, u play games in america, we finish those in high shool what you start after ur legal 21st yr in college. 
    we call it dating. in europe we men can surely be sexist assholes, the more east the more dominant, but we treat our ladies well (im talking about general society not leaders or some public figures, the exception). look at italy fe. roses, musicals, theaters, venice boat rides, Alps skiing, old school shit like that; cause Western romance, its all quintessentially european at the end of the day.

    and we dont steal your women. it just so happens out in the city, that some men are more desirable for women, got more confidence and potential. most of the times (in todays world) being international and having that leverage is hard to beat if ur a hoodlum suburb raised redneck, which most of this country is. its not after WW2 or the 60s anymore

    again, my comment is purely how european men trump american men in most regard (in america today) countering that shower comment of yours, and it will be hard for you to refute that.

    cause the more you try the more i will be right
    but if you dont try than you may get some respect

  • geobur

    Jezzerat RihanM
    Agreed Jezzerat, this list is an absolute load of tripe…shit like this is what gives men a bad stereotype.

  • AaronOsullivan

    pretty spot on. lol at women complaining. im sorry i didn’t know you were men before…

  • HabibSThomas

    Triple_Bizzle Heather_W Don’t you know a man isn’t allowed to speak up for himself?? That’s the irony when feminism mirrors chauvinism by forcing its will  and agenda on another gender.

  • RealisticGuy

    This list is 100% legit.. If you don’t get it girls you’re either single, soon to be single, or a feminist (read lesbian)

  • LoRo1

    Women can have sex all their lives as long as they want to as much as men do they just can’t have kids all their lives also I don’t think men who are agreeing with this guy realize how incredibly asinine this whole list is. Don’t claim this is true because you want a girl to be okay with you jerk face ways also that your not a feminist this doesn’t have anything to do with feminism this is all to with selfish pricks. The only thing this list should say is trust your guy respect your guy be honest with him and he should expect and do the same with you.

  • bakersdozen13

    HabibSThomas bakersdozen13 IamHST  You’re not the original poster, unless you have two accounts. LOL Keep it straight, amigo. I know How To Internet 101 is tough stuff.

    I comprehended (funny that you had to use that word twice in two sentences. Vocabulary problem?) your reply just fine. You boiled it down to “men should be seen and not heard.” The fact that’s what you take away from the majority of these comments shows that you are more interested in victimizing yourself than enjoying a constructive conversation.

  • AlphaSquared

    GREGORYABUTLER  Bestiality is only illegal in 37 states.

  • bakersdozen13

    WidiuVideos bakersdozen13 MikeMannion Judi Sunshine  

    “the man needs a woman, the woman is pure and is the guide to a man, who is a simpler, more sexual human being”

    Yeah, no, that’s definitely sexist (toward men). Also shows a lack of basic understanding of women, since they’re JUST AS sexual of human beings.

  • bakersdozen13

    CoolAndNormal69 Heather_W  This is the comment of a hideous, malformed rodent creature. See, isn’t using profile pictures as a measure of someone’s worth fun?

  • LoRo1

    The way this list and comments are going you would think some of us evolved while others died out with the cavemen and dinosaurs because the prolonged practice of using outdated unrealistic ideals and expectations of what you feel females should know

  • AnnoyedWithYou

    RealisticGuy  So, I’m a lesbian/feminist because I believe #9 implies it’s okay to rape a woman because she’s withholding sex? There are a few things wrong here. 1: Not all feminists are lesbian, since feminism simply implies the want for gender equality and not that men are inferior. Also, MEN CAN BE FEMINISTS. 2: Most of these points without the explanation are fine. The little descriptions for most of them are rather misogynistic. 3: In regards to #9, it is completely okay to be so mad at someone to not want to have sex. However, using that as a punishment is what’s wrong. For anybody. BUT THIS DOES NOT GIVE THE PUNISHED PERMISSION TO FORCE THEM SELF UPON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.

  • AnnoyedWithYou

    “He’s not as complicated as you are.” Bull. Shit. If men really weren’t as complicated as believed, would this list be necessary?

  • omglol4real

    The majority of this “article” is disgusting and beyond immature. This author has every right to post his opinions. He shouldn’t be presenting this “information” as if it speaks for anyone but himself, though. As a man I would be utterly embarrassed and ashamed to think that any woman thought of me in the way this list portrays my gender. Or that I would think of women in the way this list portrays men to.

  • Ka_uilaniKim

    You contradict yourself too many time.  She is supposed to take your side but you will choose your friends over her?  Hypocrite, much?

  • JohnFoxII

    AnnoyedWithYou RealisticGuy  I don’t think they are talking about rape when they say what happens next. I am pretty sure the person is implying that they will cheat/breakup with the withholding party. I mean that is where my mind goes.

  • saraloves2hug

    I think the problem here, for both sexes, is the fact that the author is being honest. He’s not sugar coating anything, and a lot of you are not okay with that. I admit, I read some things and was taken aback by them, but that’s how a LOT of guys think. This author has some balls to be able to articulate such thoughts through an internet article, but if I had a penis I would probably be able to relate to a lot of these.

  • natashalenaorlova

    WidiuVideos bakersdozen13 MikeMannion Judi Sunshine  I am not pure and I am a sexual being just like you (oh and that might shock you, but women are just as visual as men and fantasise about other people, they just hide it better).
    It’s pretty interesting that you put the word “pure” in your satement, seems like you have a Madonna-Whore-Complex.
    Luckily I’ve never been in a serious relationship with males who think like that. Well, maybe that’s just because I like to date MEN, not little boys,

  • natashalenaorlova

    WidiuVideos Actually it mostly is the other way around…

  • cymbeline6

    saraloves2hug  Well exactly, and the problem is that too many people think like this. That doesn’t mean that it’s ok and we should accept it. If an article like this was written ‘things every white person should realize about black people’, then quite rightly there would be an uproar. But because it’s ‘just’ women, and we’re all ‘feminazis’, us taking offence isn’t seen as valid.
    This is simply an issue of respect, and the author has none. It’s not just women he’s making look bad here.

  • FrankSposato

    women are at it again, never letting a man win an argument

  • natashalenaorlova

    jpopper1  I think this article is insulting to men. It portrays them as dogs who can’t think straight.
    This article caters to all the insecure boys with fragil egos who cannot handle that we aren’t in the 50s anymore. The “boys will be boys” statement is older than your granpa’s penis (there I said it).
    Just for the record, men are not more sexual and aren’t more visual. We women love to look at hot men and we usually love sex – I have no idea why some men don’t want to understand this.I’m done with this idiocy – if a man can’t handle a strong woman who demands respect, like f.ex. not drooling over her friends while she isn’t “allowed” to do the same or actually seeing a person when he looks at her, not just a walking vagina with boobs. 
    Luckily, I have never had problems finding men who treated me well and weren’t anything like these boys who are described in the list. I met guys who were idiots, but I had them out of my life within a second. And just that you know, (intelligent) women aren’t that complicated, just be a good person who shows respect and she will do the same.

  • bakersdozen13

    There are three types of people commenting on this post.

    1) Men who are disgusted they’ve been painted like this.
    2) Women who are disgusted that men have been painted like this.
    3) Boys who cry “FEMINISM!” and make general sexist comments because they ARE the type of person the author describes and they’re bitter both men and women generally don’t like that type of person.

  • NikkiCallahan

    “I don’t care how mad you are at him, if you cut him off for an extended period of time, what happens next is on you.”
    The writer of this article has disgusting logic. No man is entitled to getting their dick wet. Man or women, getting laid or not, you are still responsible for your OWN actions and you are still a pathetic, disloyal, cheater for CHEATING simply because you weren’t getting laid. 
    I’m going to go throw up now.

  • natashalenaorlova

    ScottSnow1 I don’t take people seriously who write like 10-year olds. So sit down little boy and go to your little porn websites because that and maybe paying for prostitutes will clearly be the closest you ever come to being intimate with a women.

  • KrystaLee

    1) We already know you watch porn. 2) Nobody is trying to change you. There’s a reason why we’re with you. The only thing we want you to change is your hygiene issues. Please take a shower more than once a week. 
    3) It hurts us when you check out other women because we automatically think that you want something that she has that we don’t have. 
    4) Nobody has any problems with you hanging with your friends, but if you make it an all day, every day occurrence then there’s a problem. 
    5) I’m agreeing with this one
    6) I’ll let shit go when you stop doing the same shit every fucking week
    7) We already know the answer but we want you to man the fuck up and tell us the truth 
    8) Fair enough
    9) This one is so full of rape that I can’t even
    10) If you want us to be fine with you checking out other girls, than you should be fine with us hanging with our guy friends. It’s only fair. 
    11) We already know you want to try anal. But here’s the thing: It fucking hurts and feels like taking a massive shit. It’s not fun and leaves us sore and full of hemorrhoids for days. 
    12) Okay so you want to bang our friends but we can’t hang out with our guy friends? And also you want us to be okay with checking out other women whom you just admitted to wanting to fuck? Why are we even together? 
    13) I guess this ones okay. 
    14) I don’t know about this one, but I come on to my guys just as much as they come on to me so
    15) I don’t wear my jewelry because that shit breaks easily, plus the nicer it is, the more likely we’ll only wear it for special occasions. And we’re usually wary of wearing nice jewels due to the fact that we’re afraid of being mugged. 
    16) We do?
    17) Why am I with you if you only love me for my looks?
    18) This should be between you and your love.
    19) Okay but if we continually keep bringing something up, you consider it “nagging” 
    20) Again, this should be between you and your partner. 
    21) This one is okay too
    22) Most of the time we do, but we also want you to like what we like too
    23) It’s not about you. Usually we just ask the person closest to us. But what we want is something that makes us feel confident in which is why we change clothes so much. 
    24) I have no idea about this one either. I only have three pairs of shoes- flip flops I wear everyday, tennis shoes I wear when I’m running, and high heels I’ve worn maybe twice in five years
    25) If you’re wrong, you’re wrong and you should man up and accept the fact that sometimes you’re wrong. 
    26) I agree with this one
    27) We usually DO. For example, I ask a guy to get me something at the store and he either brings me something completely different than what I asked or a thousand of the items I asked for. 
    28) Again, why am I with you if you only like me for my looks? 
    29) So you can talk to your friends but I can’t talk to my friends? Controlling much?
    30) So you can check out other girls and want to bang my friends but I can’t check out your friends? What the fuck is even going on in your head?
    31) Agree with this one
    32) I also agree with this one. Make sure you have a safe word tho
    33) We usually do but you never notice. You think we want to clean your smelly laundry? No. But we do it because you’ll have clean clothes and be less stressed about shit
    34) Uhm. Okay?
    35) So we can’t talk about how you look but it’s completely fine for you to shit on our weight or short haircut? Okay hypocrite
    36) If you don’t want to know, why do you keep asking jfc
    37) Okay but in number 21 you said not to lie to him? 
    38) If you’re unhappy in a relationship get out. 
    39) I’ve done this before so idk?
    40) I agree with this one. Even if it means holding him accountable for every thing shitty he does (like looking at other women, cheat, making fun of your weight, etc) 
    41) Fair enough
    42) So we have to like whatever it is you like and not expect anything in return, but god forbid we want to watch something we like and suddenly you’re demanding a blow job in return. 
    43) Girls want threesomes too, but with someone less attractive than we are or with another guy. 
    44) I can agree with this one
    45) So we should compliment you while you insult our weight and hair cuts? You gotta give to get
    46) And vice versa
    47) Okay but no girl and I mean NO girl wants to wear make up every day when all she’s doing is staying at home. 
    48) And you’re not our son so stop acting like we’re your damn mother and wash your own fucking dishes every once in a while for fucks sake
    49) See number 48
    50) And women aren’t as complicated as guys think we are.

  • glasgowuni01

    This post is offensive, condones aggressive behaviour towards women with implications of rape, especially in point 9. “Articles” like this perpetuate a culture that believes gender norms and derogatory behaviour is not only okay but should be encouraged by “informing women” what they should realise about men. Generalising attitudes and beliefs of any gender is unhelpful and formulates false perceptions of what is expected and what is wanted in relationships. I think the irony in this “article” is that against a  background of a culture that encourages individualism and individual identity the author here has stereotyped and homogenised societal characters. How thoroughly uninteresting, unhelpful and downright offensive.

  • natashalenaorlova

    DiegoAyala ScottSnow1 Please learn to write proper english. Please go to your porn websites because that and maybe paying for prostitutes will clearly be the closest you ever come to being intimate with a women.
    But for the future a few suggestions:

    1. If you drool over and flirt with other women, she will flirt and drool over other men (because well she has already seen your attributes as well and new is always better right?).

    2. If you make her watch something she doesn’t like, you better go down on her in order to make up for her incredible sacrifice.

    3. If you want a FFM threesome, you better do a MMF threesome in return – she deserves some fun too.

    4. If you don’t satisfy her in bed you are responsible if she cheats on you.

    5. If you want anal, you better get some lube and prepare your anus for a strap-on.

    6. If you want her to be interested in your hobbies, you better be interested in hers.

    7. You better have a six-pack or she will leave you for someone who is hotter than you.

    (Oh and just by the way this was called sarcasm. I just wanted to point that out because you seem to have difficulties understanding this.)

  • richcook1960

    Reading the responses by the women make me realize why men are ‘opting out’. Just screech, screech, screech. The failure of self analysis is not really surprising.  Women have been headed in this direction for a while.  3rd wave feminism just ramps its up. Y’all just sound like the fools you are.

  • AngryFeministKilljoy

    RealisticGuy  Wow homophobic misogynistic bullshittery alert. Go eat a bag of dicks.

  • AngryFeministKilljoy

    frrrr  Enjoy your syphilis! 🙂

  • AngryFeministKilljoy

    DebbieWatson NikkiCallahan  You’re ignoring the rape culture surrounding the article. Do yourself a favor and read up a bit on it. The entire way we perceive sex is catered towards men getting what they want, no matter what.

  • spacengine

    what the fuck is this shit?

  • annieport

    “You should always take his side” but he will ALWAYS choose his friends over you. “you should like what he likes” but he doesn’t give a rats ass about your day, so don’t even try to tell him about it. Oh and, he wants to bang all of your friends but you better not make him feel the least bit insecure about himself compared to HIS friends (that he always chooses over you anyway). Make sense!

    Oh and, I’m sorry, but if you piss me off chances are I don’t feel like having sex with you. It’s not really a “punishment”, it’s about the fact that sex is supposed to be enjoyable for BOTH parties, and if you’ve upset me I’m not going to enjoy intercourse with you at that time. Also, while on the note of sex being for the enjoyment for women as much as it is men, I am not, in fact, obligated to take it in the butt, and never will. Sorry not sorry.

    This article was so stupid, I feel like sticking pins in my eyes.


    LittleTart DanielTomczakBut, but…the Flintstones was a documentary!



    richcook1960 Homie, you aren’t “opting out”.
    Women have jobs and educations these days, so they are “opting out” of dating douchey men like you and the nimrod who wrote this article.

  • conerlysa

    richcook1960 The only “fools” are you and the other men like you on here who thinks like this stupid article. Sounds like some woman “opted out” on you. If so, good for her. The only ones screeching are all you little boys who wouldn’t know a real woman if she sat on your face.

  • paulpaulpapul

    cymbeline6 saraloves2hug  Hey http://www.livefyre.com/profile/35089558/, you forgot to compare him to Hitler.

  • AndrewDirnberger

    RAPE!?!?! Get out of here with that bullshit. This article was written in a very sarcastic and joking manor. He could have been more PC for you feminists, and other pussies, but for the most part he is correct. I disagree with the anal thing, its really not that fun, but he is obviously not serious. This article just calls for a little more accountability and understanding in the simplicity of a man as these days everything is usually about the woman. Sex is a tool women have always used to puppet most men. Always have, always will. Heaven forbid we get a few bones thrown our way for being “good boys”.

  • herppderpp

    AnnoyedWithYou No where does it imply anything about Rape, Stfu.
    It simply states what happens next is on you, that could mean due to the strife that continues because either he or she decided to use withholding Sex as a weapon against their S.O, the relationship as a whole could go downhill. You could argue more, talk less, start thinking about ending things, it could carry over into plenty of areas. Stop jumping to such extreme negative assumptions –

  • AndrewDirnberger

    conerlysa richcook1960  Probably because the woman youre referring to is fat enough to suffocate said man by sitting on his face.

  • kayla2684

    people like the guy that wrote this should not have been born he don’t deserve to live he should kill him self and anyone that agrees with what he wrote should not have been born either

  • kayla2684

    the men that wrote this should not have been born he should just kill himself and if anyone agrees with what he said should not have been born either

  • kayla2684

    that man and everyone that agrees with him should just kill them self

  • MrTitanicus

    NikkiCallahan I don’t know what you’ve experienced in the past but I don’t think the writer was specifically implying that men are “entitled” to sex from a woman when they are or  aren’t in a relationship.. I don’t entirely agree with how he wrote that either .. He could have been more clear or just said, “ignore him/ deny him time with you, (not necessarily sex).. or some kind of affection and what happens next is on you.”  Men won’t always cheat or even consider it as an option when you say “No”. They could think that they did something wrong or start to form all kinds of worst-case scenarios in their minds. They could just leave you.. not for another woman; simply because they could. If a man cheated on you or threw a fit because you wouldn’t have sex with him… he must not have been very manly.

  • GregSeggewiss

    annieport  don’t stick pins in your eyes unless directed to do so by your doctor. 😉

  • conerlysa

    AndrewDirnberger conerlysarichcook1960 Oh look, another child has attempted to make a comment.

  • mfoley93

    glasgowuni01 I’m pretty sure point 9 was implying a breakup.  Any implications of violence or rape never crossed my mind.

  • mfoley93

    annieport These are generalizations about what he wants you to do, not what you should do.


    DanielTomczak ScottSnow1″Primal” doesn’t mean what you think it means, junior.

  • TonyMaselli

    Well no shit everyone; A few of these obviously shouldn’t be on the list, but the fact is a lot of these are true. 2,3,5,6,7,8,9,11,13,14,15,19,20,21-26,28,30,31,32,34, 35,37,38,39,44,45,50-Are all ones I’m on par with, maybe a tweak here and there. And honestly, some of them go for both sexes. Lighten up people, it’s an article. Take the good points and throw away the bad.

  • TonyMaselli

    kayla2684  lol yeah god forbid someone agrees with some points on this list, they should definitely die. And hey while were at it if you like grape flavored bubble gum you should also die.

  • hayley3

    annieport  thank you for saying what I could not quite figure out how to say.

  • EngineeringLife

    I decided this needed a secure man’s commentary. See Parentheses. 

    1. You Gotta Stay Away From His Internet
    Search History
    (False: You should be
    able to share this with your partner. They should want to know what makes you
    turned on.)
    2. You Can’t Change Him
    (True: If he wants to change for you, that’s one thing, but forcing a
    change is never good for anyone.)
    3. You Shouldn’t Take It Personally When He
    Checks Out Other Women
    (False: When you’re what we want, you’re
    what we want. Though occasionally our eyes wander, but that’s human nature.)
    4. He Will Choose His Friends Over You
    (Worded incorrectly, but fairly true: Unless they
    truly are bad for us, ie a drug addict, criminal, etc. If you’re compatible, you most likely will like them so shouldn’t even be a problem.)
    5. Never Criticize His Mother
    (True: If we have a good relationship with our
    mother and she’s a good person, we don’t ever want to hear bad things about her.
    She brought us into the world. We’re gonna defend her. If she’s legitimately wrong, don’t gloat about it. We’ll know.)
    6. You Have To Let Shit Go
    (True: This is a two way street though. Get past your argument and leave it
    7. Don’t Ask Questions You Don’t Want To
    Know The Answers To
    (Some truth:
    We all have secrets we’d like to carry to our deathbed. As long as they don’t
    interfere with or hurt the relationship, I don’t see the problem.)
    8. You Can’t Bombard Him The Second He
    Walks In The Door
    (False: I
    mean, if I’ve had a bad day, let me go first, but feel free to talk about your
    problems to us. Some of us like to hear them and discuss them if you want to.)
    9. Withholding Sex Is A Dangerous Game
    (This one seems to be the
    touchiest one. I’d say this is situational. If he gives you a good reason to,
    maybe, but if it’s cause you’re just mad at him, talk to him. Don’t be passive
    aggressive in this manner. That’s way worse. Also for those of you screaming
    rape, seriously I highly doubt that’s what he meant.)
    10. He’s Jealous Of All Your Straight Guy
    (True and
    False: If he’s insecure, he’s jealous of your guy friends, but he does want to
    be your confidant. We want to hear your problems or secrets. It makes us feel
    more connected to you. Same way you want us to tell you ours.)
    11. He Wants To Try Anal
    (Kinda true: Most
    of us do want to try it, but honestly, it’s not that big of a deal if it never
    happens. We’re just curious. Sidenote: It’s not that great.)
    12. He Wants To Bang Your Friends
    A. Standards people. B. We may find some of your friends attractive, but we’re
    with you.)
    13. You Should Learn To Play Pool
    think this should be more generalized. We find girls more attractive that share
    our interests. We’ll share yours too. Two way street, people.)
    14. He Wants You To Seduce Him
    (True: I disagree with the sex thing. I’ve had girlfriends who
    wanted it more than I did. We would like you to be sexy and feminine for us
    though. If you’re a female and feel that’s unfair, then I guess I will never
    try to impress you ever either. Two way street.)
    15. He Notices When You Don’t Wear The
    Jewelry He Bought You
    (True: We like that you like what we got you. You should tell us if you
    don’t. We want to be able to surprise you with things or activities you like. It brings us joy
    to bring you joy. Should be the same for you I’d think. Two way street.)
    16. He Wants You To Need Him
    (This may be completely, partially, or not at
    all true. I think this one is individually different. I enjoy being leaned upon
    every now and then, just like later in this article, we sometimes need to lean
    on someone.)
    17. You’ve Got To Watch Your Weight
    (Relationship and person dependent.
    Personally, I am very fit and am attracted to other fit people as that is
    compatibility. This doesn’t go for everyone.)
    18. If You’ve Been Living Together For
    Longer Than Three Years, He’s Not Going To Marry You
     (Really can’t speak to this one, but
    feel like it’s not really true. To be honest, I think I’ll enjoy the hell out
    of my wedding day. It’s a big ass party, and all my friends and family would be
    19. Ultimatums Do NOT Work
    (True: Again though, two way
    street. If it really is that big of an issue, the discussion of it might end up
    showing you that you’re not meant for each other.)
    20. He Wants Kids
    (Can’t speak knowledgeably on this. I mean I do, but I feel there are
    people out there that don’t have this goal. Can’t lump everyone into this.)
    21. He Knows When You’re Lying To Him
    (False: I suck at reading people and pretty sure I know
    plenty of guys who suck too. Though if we do catch wind of something that seems
    fishy, we’d like to talk to you about it. If you’re a good person, then nothing
    to worry about probably. Don’t get angry at us if we ask the question. It may
    have looked different from our perspective. We want to know the reality.)
    22. He Wants You To Like What He Likes
    (True: Two way street. That’s just compatibility
    though. You don’t have to like everything we like, but we’d like to share
    common interests. We do have friends from before.)
    23. He Thought You Looked Good In That
    First Outfit
    (True and False: Went want you to look good, but if we truly love you, we
    probably always think you look good.)
    24. He Has No Interest In Shoes
    (True and False:
    While we may not understand what makes those heels so adorable, we’ll try to
    share that interest with you if it’s that important.)
    25. You Should Always Take His Side
    (False: We can
    debate, even in public. The secure men will enjoy a girl that challenges him. I
    mean, don’t argue just for the sake of argument. That’s probably not a healthy
    relationship to begin with.)


  • ElleDesu

    MaryAroyo these aren’t rules. if you actually read the title, it’s actually just things that women should realize. not necessarily things to abide by.

  • EngineeringLife


    26. He Wants You To Expose Him To New Things
    (True: While being stated poorly, we want to hear about your interests. It doesn’t particularly have to make us better. That’s a bit selfish.)
    27. You Need To Tell Him Exactly What You Want
    (True-ish: I mean, we should be listening enough to figure some of this shit out. Though some guys pretty slow witted, so some may need more help than others.)
    28. He Hates That Short Haircut
    (False: Way too generalized. To each his own on this.)
    29. He Wants You By His Side
    (False with a dash of truth: If we have friends there and you have friends there, we can split to talk to them. If it’s a party with just people you know, we’d prefer you keep us near as we don’t know these people. We’ll try to make friends, but it’d be helpful if you navigate us the first time meeting a new group.)
    30. You Should Never Flirt With His Friend
    (I think this is universal for men and women. You shouldn’t be flirting with anyone else, friend or not, and neither should we.)
    31. He Wants You To Be His Muse
    (True: Two way street. That’s a relationship. Obviously, the muse part sounds a bit chauvinistic. Just be there for us. I don’t think anyone’s job is to be a professional muse.)
    32. Whatever It Is  You Want In Bed, He WILL Do It
    (False: I think there’s plenty of places I’d draw the line, but hopefully, I’m simpatico with my mate in bed to start with.)
    33. He Needs To Lean On You Sometimes
    (Person to person. I know my girlfriends have always wanted to me to open up more, but a lot of us guys have just had it ingrained in us to bottle certain things up. We should share though. Sorry about that.)
    34. Save The Big Piece Of Chicken For Him
    (Meh, kinda chauvinistic, but generally scientifically, we are larger. We need more food.)
    35. Don’t EVER Emasculate Him
    (Wow, this one is dumb. If we’re secure, we can handle it and throw it right back. Witty banter makes a relationship fun. I mean, it shouldn’t be mean spirited, but jokes are fine.)
    36. He Doesn’t Want To Hear About Your Sexual Past
    (Too generalized. Can’t say for all guys, but I’d prefer not too. Maybe some people get turned on by that *shrugs*.)
    37. He Wants To Be The Best Lover You’ve Ever Had
    (Insecure issues again. We don’t have to be the best. We’d like to be good enough to take care of your needs. Tell us how to improve or where you like it. We can work up to best if need be.)
    38. If He Cheats On You Once, he’ll Do It Again
    (Too generalized. I don’t really know on this one. I’ve never cheated nor felt like it would ever be okay. I think cheating is a no-no. One and done, but everyone has their own idea.)
    39. You Should Let Him Open Doors For You
    (True: Some girls would call this chauvinistic, but why can’t we be gentlemen and you be ladies.)
    40. You Need To Be His Moral Compass
    (True: Not always though. We should have our own moral compass, though we do sometimes get lost. Everyone does in the gray.)
    41. You Should Let Him Win Sometimes
    (Insecure bullshit again. I admit, I’ve gotten a little insecure about losing from time to time, but then I realize it’s insignificant. We’re in this together, not trying to beat each other.)
    42. If You Make Him Watch A Chick Flick, At Least Give Him A Blowjob Afterwards
    (False: A. Not all chick flicks are horrid affairs. Some are well written movies. I’ll appreciate those. B. Relationships aren’t about keeping score. Just do things cause you want to for the person, not because they did that one thing two weeks ago.)
    43. Speaking Of Threesomes… He Will NEVER Stop Trying
    (That’s a bit piggish, but as being a guy, it is on my list. If you want to offer it to us, some of us will take you up on it, some won’t. I’m not about to broach that subject first.)
    44. He Needs Quiet Sometimes
    (True: I think this is worded poorly, but we do want quiet time when the world just shuts up and we can be with you enjoying your company.)
    45. You Should Compliment Him More
    (More insecure bullshit. I think if you’re a boy, maybe you need that validation. Men don’t, though we won’t be upset if you want to make one.)
    46. You Don’t Always Have To Be Right
    (False: If it’s opinion, everyone deserves their own. If it’s fact, then let the facts speak. Go look it up if you need affirmation.)
    47. Make Sure You Look Just As Good When You Go Out With Him As When You Go Out With The Girls
    (Kinda true: We will wonder why you don’t enjoy looking good with us too. Not saying getting all dressy for your girls is wrong. Some of us want to see you looking nice too.)
    48. He’s Not Your Dad
    (Pretty true for the most part.)
    49. You’re Not His Mother
    (Also pretty true.)
    50. He’s Not As Complicated As You Are
     (Too generalizing. I’m a fairly complex person at my core. I think everyone has their own motivations.)

  • ElleDesu

    annieport You realize that he did mention “within reason”, right? And if a woman were to be unreasonable like completely cutting him off from his buddies then why shouldn’t he choose them over her? I’m pretty sure this was also written half jokingly/sarcastically. Obviously, not all men want to bang 90% of women they meet. That’s an exaggeration.
    Just seems to me that you only took in half of what you read and it’s totally okay to have an opinion and disagree.. but to not completely comprehend what was written is sort of sideways, imo.
    And it’s just what the author believes are things women should realized (even though it’s very generalized and may not apply to all men) not actually guidelines to abide by, geez.
    While I don’t agree with everything on the list, I personally, found it quite humorous and enjoyable.
    People really need to stop getting so butt hurt so easily.


    AlphaSquared GREGORYABUTLERThen I guess this dude is Moving To Utah!

  • KayKayHey

    I think this article just perpetuates the belief that all men are the same and all women should just learn to deal with it.  Oh, okay.  Back to the kitchen I go.

  • JonnyIsLemons

    AngryFeministKilljoy DebbieWatson NikkiCallahan  There is no “rape culture” in this article you absolute idiot. I don’t need to “read up on it” and nor does anyone else if they have even a smidgen of common sense, which you obviously won’t have being an angry feminist.
    “The entire way we perceive sex is catered towards men getting what they want, no matter what.”

    That is one of the most sexist things i’ve ever heard. How ironic that a feminist would hold that completely outdated and gender-specific stereotype. Wow, the ignorance is strong in this one.

  • TalinAbadian

    l think no self-respecting woman would want to be with a man with almost 10 of the above “things”

  • ChrisNes1

    You are a selfish lady TalinAbadian

  • motwister23

    disagree on #24…there are sneakerheads in the world lol  try to google sometimes.

  • FannyDvorkin

    Number 9 comes off as a rape threat.  And oh you think anything I can come up with is pg13? yeah, you wanna get pegged?  Let’s do this.  I’ll tie you up to the fucking rack and fuck your ass til you beg for mercy.  Oh is that not lady like?  Fuck you, you misogynist piece of shit.  You’re not worth the lube it would take to get you ready.

  • BBopper

    EngineeringLife  I like you. You’re alright.

  • BBopper

    There’s some merit to some parts of this post. There are. But to expect a woman to bend over backwards and treat him like a king, as this post implies, he damn well better be ready to treat her like a queen. 

    On another note, a lot of the points made here make it look as those men are simpletons who can’t control themselves, and can’t handle a woman who’s an actual person who does more than give beejers and cook dinner. This article really needs to give both sexes more credit. Not all guys are shallow walking penises, and not all women are going to praise them as such. How about we just show each other a little mutual respect and behave like the civilized humans we really are? Women just want a guy who’s an overall stand-up guy (and that includes not kicking us to the curb if you’ve done something shitty and we’re pissed at you for it and don’t want to have sex because of it); we don’t tend to have an extensive list of 50 things he must do for us to keep him around.

  • SlightlyLeisure

    I’m sorry, did this list transport itself from the 50’s? 
    This is crap I was taught as a child. What next? Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses?

  • JoshJolly

    your man card is revoked. i need a blog just to point out all these flawed “what men want – post-op” want to be guy blogs.

  • Nobodyshere

    annieport Nobodyshere  That was phrased poorly on my part. What I meant was, what’s the point of arguing over a flamebait article? Nobody’s changing their minds based on it. Complaning/fighting/agreeing on a list this strident serves no purpose other than to make people’s blood boil, whatever their leaning may be. By talking about it or arguing over it we’re just adding fuel to the fire on both sides, nobody’s winning any converts here.

  • Nobodyshere

    That was phrased poorly on my part. What I meant was, what’s the point of arguing over a flamebait article? Nobody’s changing their minds based on it. Complaning/fighting/agreeing on a list this strident serves no purpose other than to make people’s blood boil, whatever their leaning may be. By talking about it or arguing over it we’re just adding fuel to the fire on both sides, nobody’s winning any converts here.

  • This is probably one of the worst articles I have ever read in my life. I sincerely hope that the author really did mean this to be in a sarcastic manor. I for one am a full time student, part time working woman and I could give two fucks if he gets “The biggest piece of chicken”. What if I want that piece of chicken? I’m gonna fucking have at it. And anal? Lol that’s an exit only, if he wants that he should have found a woman before me that was willing to try it. Most of these “realizations” are bullshit. And if a man ever said more than half of these things to me I’d be walking out that door in heartbeat. He’s a big boy, I’m not going to cater to his every whim. If he wants that piece of fucking chicken, he better take it before I do. I don’t need to look like 10 million dollars every day, I don’t need to compliment him more, the same way he shouldn’t have to compliment me all the time, or dress nicey nice every time we walk out the front door. You know what a strong relationship is built on? Trust, common interests and an understanding of one another. If you have those, then most of these things are completely irrelevant. Go ahead and find my friends attractive, chances are I’ll find some of yours attractive. If you look and don’t touch or flirt, that’s fine. When there’s words being exchanged, that’s different. Some of these I do agree with, I’m not his mother, he’s not my father. But personally, if his mother was trying to break us up or something to that extremity, damn right I’m going to bring her up. Most women in this day and age have no filter. “If he watches a chick flick at least give him a blow job”. Nobody says he has to watch it. I’m not gonna suck his dick because he agreed to sit through a movie he could have easily not watched.  I know plenty of guys who want nothing to do with children, that’s a generalization. If he wanted to bang my friends so badly, he shouldn’t have gotten with me in the first place. And no, I shouldn’t learn to play pool. I know how but that has nothing to do with it. If he likes pool, cool. I’m not gonna sit there and teach him how to do hair and makeup. He has his guy friends for pool, we have our girl friends for hair/makeup. That right there is just stupid. Ugh. I hate this article. It should have been written in the 1950’s, not in 2014.

  • adrii_muniz

    This goes back to how young boys are taught that they are owed a woman to do all of these things for them. They are entitled in life to have this because when they grow up they will be men, and regardless of how incompetent or lazy or undeserving they are, they DESERVE this because of male entitlement. This is the wish list of a sad man that hasn’t quite gotten what he was expecting, and deserves no anger or retort on my part. I pity the poor guy, aha.

  • holliebirdd

    EngineeringLife  I am so glad you took the time to go through these. You’re saying what most women reading this are thinking. Most of these are insecure or boyish tendencies. High five, you masculine man, you!

  • Heather_W

    CoolAndNormal69 As if I care about the opinion of someone who doesn’t even have the balls to show his own face….

    For the record, calling someone a feminist is not an insult, and your idea that insulting me personally somehow invalidates my statement about the OP is false.

  • Heather_W

    Triple_Bizzle Heather_W  I don’t care that he wants a woman not to let herself go, nor do I mind that he needs cave time. My problem is the overall picture of a guy that wants the entire relationship to revolve around his wants: like what he likes, agree with him, shut up, put out, and so on. And if you dare not do that, he clearly threatens that he will cheat, or worse, bang your friends ending two or more relationships she thought she could count on. This is what I have a problem with. 

    He’s welcome to speak up for himself, but he also is not immune to criticism for the opinions he expresses in a public forum. If men can attack women online for their opinion, it goes both ways. Notice, however, that no women threatened to rape or kill him. That’s what men say to us when they don’t like what we say.

  • AndrewMainor

    funny i see lists like this for women all the time that basically parallel this, stating that men should cook, and do things that women want and women dont disagree but when a man makes a list it he’s branded an asshole. Get over yourselves women, we arent asking you to be a servant just stating what makes us happy and what might help a relationship.

  • GeorgiaMueck

    Please never reproduce.

  • Robin Milnes

    “Trust me, this is for your own good.” Hahaha x infinity. You think you know what’s good for me, huh?

    This is more what the writer wants women to think than what an ordinary, well adjusted MAN would want. Though i’m sure he has skanks lining up for an easy ride and maybe a few drinks off him. I might congratulate him on working in his opinions in alongside what is generally regarded as common knowledge though.

    I feel bad for anyone who takes this seriously. There’s only one thing that anyone has to know when it comes to relationships; No one is perfect. Stop acting like they should be.

  • Aslinn

    This is sexist to women AND men, jfc. I hope this was meant to be a joke.

  • JamesBosquez

    There is a blend of honesty and generalizing in this article that will leave most people dissatisfied. It’s just an internet article written from one man’s point of view. If you don’t agree with it, at least the discussion is being had. Communication builds bridges. Being dismissive of the entire conversation because you don’t agree with each detail reflects ignorance. The world is rarely black and white. The only thing I am sure of is he was not insinuating rape in the 9th subhead, but rather an increased chance of infidelity.

  • maladroitcat

    The levels of sexism in this article are kind of disturbing…. not only for women but also men. I’ve seen articles written like this from the woman’s perspective too and they are equally as disturbing. This is insulting to men because it paints them in a light of complete and utter douchbaggery…. it’s one thing to state things that a man really wants in a relationship, but it’s another thing entirely when you start bringing up points like “all men want this or that…” and that a woman should conform to that want immediately. because if this were reality this would be disgustingly one sided. a relationship is about discussing things and doing things that make both people happy, not just expecting someone to do things for you. furthermore, it’s extremely ridiculous to assume that as a woman the only thing we have going on in life is wanting to attain a man. we have better things in life to worry about. and if we DO already have a man, we definitely do want to please him! that’s what a relationship is. however, we’re not doing it like this. if a man or a woman is upset about something and they don’t feel like having sex for a while, then it’s not their fault. to say that whatever happens is on them is disgusting. if a man OR a woman cheats at that point, then they’re deplorable people and that person is luck to not be in a relationship with them anyway. there are a LOT more areas of this list that I can comment on, but I think you see the point.
    it’s sexist to think that any woman should conform to standards just to attain/please her man. and it’s sexist to think that this is how a man really thinks.

  • Silverwane

    In this article: OP has a series of failed relationships with women. Instead of looking at himself and going, “Hey, maybe I’m a piece of shit,” OP decides to fall back on a long series of cultural tropes that justify his shitty-ass behavior instead of actually trying to become a better person.

    OP also develops a rabid love of fedoras.

    I’m also disturbed by how this article hints that guys are totally rapists. (re: #9, #42 – yes, saying that you are “owed” a sexual act and pressuring your partner to perform them even when s/he doesn’t want to is…uh…RAPE.) And I know #9 *might* also be “he’ll go cheat,” but it sure as hell doesn’t say that, and it sure as hell sounds like a THREAT to me.

    One of the things I never get is, MRAs and people like that will say things like this list, but then say feminists are the ones who hate men.

    The person who wrote this article sure as hell hates men.

  • annieport

    ElleDesu Uhm this was a very simple minded post, I had no trouble fully comprehending what I read. However, I still disagree with about 95% of it and find it extremely demeaning and pathetic. I’m not “butt hurt” though because I do not take someone like this seriously. What I don’t like, though, is the idea of a much younger, or just more impressionable girl seeing this and thinking this truly is how all men feel. No woman needs to do most of what this list implies in order to find and keep a good, loving, and wonderful man by her side. So it’s frustrating to see men who feel this way trying to get away with infiltrating these ideals into women’s sub-consciences.

  • ChrisNes1

    I really like this article even though it’s very generalized and it’s a bit personal preference. I find that it highlights things  that both women and men should pay attention to in a relationship and they should be equal towards each other. I find it rather rude that you criticize someone you don’t know who wrote this despite that he knew he would get criticism. I’m sure you aren’t perfect in every way shape and form so why poke fun at this person’s insecurities instead why don’t you encourage constructive criticism as I’m sure you would like the same type of responses if you posted something like this article. Just saying 😉

  • ChrisNes1

    I think people need to stop judging people on the express themselves whether it is right or wrong to you this person live their life this way. You have the right and so does everyone else to take this article seriously or as a joke. I personally think it was funny but I also think some things make sense on a equalized level. If women treated us the same way they it would be fair wouldn’t it? Just my opinion or is it not fact?

  • jimdiesel4

    GeorgiaMueck You must have a short haircut, huh?

  • jimdiesel4

    adrii_muniz Go home Feminist, you’re drunk.

  • jimdiesel4

    TalinAbadian That’s just something Women with short-hair say.

  • jimdiesel4

    GREGORYABUTLER richcook1960White Knight detected.

  • natashalenaorlova

    Triple_Bizzle Flaming Iron  Women work too nowadays and even the women who are housewives and mothers have to work hard and aren’t even getting paid for it (same goes for housemen and fathers). Plus I would replace “emasculate” with “respect”, because respect is a two way street and both partners have to respect each other.
    I also disagree that you have to get intrested in the same stuff – pretending to like something you don’t is dishonest and rather stupid.
    I think the thing we always should remember is that we should treat our partner like we want to be treated without any double-standards and this article is full of the latter.

  • Nano Nanoface


    Did you know that some men say “no” in bed, are not preoccupied sex slaves, and have a mind of their own? This article is insulting to men. My husband would be livid to hear these things about him.

  • jimdiesel4

    conerlysa richcook1960We’ll see…  In Japan 60% of men have opted out at this point and Women are losing their minds.  They are ahead of us in Japan, but we are catching up here in the US.  Once it reaches critical mass we will introduce legislation making sperm banks illegal.  Then, if the economy collapses in our lifetime (which is likely)  We get to see how you Feminists do without Uncle Sugar around to redistribute our wealth to you.  That will be the day when you rediscover what the value of a Man is.  When your either being chased down the block by a roving band of vagabonds with rape in their collective eyes or turning tricks on the corner for a quarter-loaf of bread.  We’ll see how well those boyish pixie cuts help you then.  It is true American Women no longer need Men because the State is now the Husband.  He sees to your every need.  But when that circumstance is no longer (none last historically), that’s when you’ll look to us and say “save us.”  We may or may not whisper back, “NO.”

  • Nano Nanoface

    jimdiesel4 conerlysa richcook1960  Hey baby, the guy in this article said you’ll agree to anything in bed. I have something I’d LOVE to do to you with my teeth… and it’ll also really help the gene pool while we’re at it!

  • Nano Nanoface

    GREGORYABUTLER richcook1960  The gene pool thanks him!

  • AmandaHyatt

    Wow this is a joke right?! How is it okay and respectful to a woman if your constantly checking out other women we are suppose to turn our head and ignore it….Or better yet watch your weight because god forbid you have a baby together….C’mon any real man don’t guy by these rules. Oh and the best part…..He’s not as complicated as you are. HAHAHAHA riiiggghhhttt…

  • WordDisastersInSpace

    Since so many say this is supposed to be humorous.  I made a humorous reply here: http://worddisastersinspace.wordpress.com/

  • smokeybearzzz

    Makes me sick.

    A man doesn’t deserve sexual acts because he watched a chick flic with you. That is so messed up. As if every sweet thing deserves a blow job. Does that mean if you watch an action movie with him you deserve him to go down on you? Of course not. No one is obligated to do ANYTHING. And if that is why he does kind things for you DUMP HIS A**. There are good man out there that aren’t always thinking about sex. I PROMISE. 

    NOT every man wants a threesome. If he is a good man he does NOT want to bang your friends. Some men truly desire and strive to be loyal and faithful in their thoughts AND actions. I am not naive. I have seen both sides and could name MANY men who whole hardheartedly agree with me.  

    Woman, don’t listen to a lot of this stuff, it is immature. Men are SO much more than their sexuality and so are woman. The man who wrote this is leading people astray.

  • RickDorsey

    so fucking true

  • richard28200

    smokeybearzzz Stop with the faux white night schitck.  Wants to sleep with friends is not the same thing as trying.  I guess you could substitute “would like to” but you’re just being dense.  I’m calling BS.  If your woman has any semi-goodlooking friends you’ve thought about what it’d be like.
    Some of this stuff is humor.  Lighten up Francis.

  • richard28200

    AmandaHyatt How would you know?  Were you a man before?  It’s true.  Checking out and noticing are two different things.  The article explained it.

  • JennNalls

    smokeybearzzz  couldn’t have said it better!…this guy is an idiot!

  • richard28200

    KayKayHey Sure would be nice instead of trying to change us…..

  • richard28200

    Nano Nanoface GREGORYABUTLER richcook1960 Hey look at me, I’m a white knight!

  • smokeybearzzz

    richcook1960  Reading this article it is no wonder woman are ‘opting out.’ Just  controlling, dochbag, assholes. The failure of self analysis is not really surprising. Men have been heading in the D-bag direction for a while. 
    You just sound like the fool you are.

  • Nano Nanoface

    richard28200 Nano Nanoface GREGORYABUTLER richcook1960  fucking fantastic. We have a troll. Okay, good-bye e-mail notifications!

  • richard28200

    So a man posts a list of how he wants to be treated and emasculated men and women go bananas?  However, women can express how they want to be treated or advise other women how they should be treated in various blogs and magazines but men better not say anything lest they “show” how misogynistic they are.  Double Standard, got it.

  • ChelleG

    This is more like, “50 things every woman should know about douchebros.” Maybe try dating an actual adult male instead.

  • klynneb3

    Blow job after a chic flick is only fair….if I have to watch a boring action movie, I better get the same happy ending. Its all about give and take 🙂

  • richard28200

    How do you expect us not to notice other women?  We were visually attracted to you weren’t we?  It’s biology.

  • Anabanana6994

    ChelleG fucking THANK YOU! its such a double standard! isn’t it?

  • Anabanana6994

    richard28200 you must be single….

  • richard28200

    klynneb3 Tastes like candy (hopefully)!

  • Anabanana6994

    AmandaHyatt thank you! couldn’t have said it better, real men don’t do this.

  • Anabanana6994

    I read a review where it says 75% of men look at overweight women than underweight women when they watch porn.

  • richard28200

    Anabanana6994 richard28200 Nope.  My woman embraces me for who I am.  She’s asked which friends I think are hot and understands I’m who I am.  There’s not one thing in here that’s over the top.  People are just mad because men aren’t supposed to have any power or thoughts.  We’re supposed to be mindless dolts according to society.

  • richard28200

    Anabanana6994 AmandaHyatt Yes they do.  The preacher, your dad, and man do.

  • lynda1307

    Ok – first let me say, that I’m female and I’m engaged and we’re very happy. And holy hell are people overreacting like mad to this! I thought it was fairly accurate in some cases and really quite humorous. I thought it was pretty clear from the first paragraph that this had a tone of sarcasm to it, so lighten the hell up people! My thoughts on what he wrote

    1. You Gotta Stay Away From His Internet Search History
    Maybe, but you should be able to be open with each other. Chances are he watches porn. It doesn’t mean he’s not attracted to you or doesn’t love, it just means that sometimes you’re not around. If you have a problem with that, then don’t look.

    2. You Can’t Change Him
    Mostly true. I would say nearly every single person in a relationship changes at least little for their partner. But if you try to force them to be someone they’re not, it will never work.

    3. You Shouldn’t Take It Personally When He Checks Out Other Women
    Fact. And let’s be honest ladies, we check out other guys sometimes too.

    4. He Will Choose His Friends Over You
    Ok this apparently pissed off a lot of people. I read this as “if you try to force him to not hang out with his friends, he’s not going to go with it”. Let him have some guy time.You need to have your girl time too. But if you try to get rid of his friends, it’s not going to go over well – and the same is true if he tries to get rid of your friends.

    5. Never Criticize His Mother
    I think this should just be said of people in general. Just be nice. End of story.

    6. You Have To Let Shit Go
    Fact. We harbour shit, and as a woman, I can say that. I guarantee I remember things about arguments 5 years ago that my fiance would have no clue about. But don’t bring it up. It’s done.

    7. Don’t Ask Questions You Don’t Want To Know The Answers To
    Fact. And this goes both way. Your past doesn’t define who you are and neither does his. And if you don’t want to know how people he slept with before you, then don’t ask him. If you’re committed to each other, it really doesn’t matter anyway.

    8. You Can’t Bombard Him The Second He Walks In The Door
    Speaking from experience, this is very true. Maybe women can switch from work brain to home/relationship brain faster, but I know that my fiance needs some time to decompress at the end of the work day. If you have something important to talk about, give it 20 minutes after you both get home from work. And I’m sure there are some women who need that time to de-stress as well. Just recognize how your partner is feeling before you start a conversation.

    9. Withholding Sex Is A Dangerous Game
    Ok, never for one second did rape cross my mind here, so maybe people are looking for reasons to be offended. I don’t know how I feel about this point as it’s not something I think either sex should do to try and get their way. If you’re not interested in having sex, then that’s fine. But you shouldn’t hold out to prove a point or get your way. And if you do, you’re relationship probably won’t fare all that well. Maybe one of you will cheat, maybe you will break up, maybe it will lead to a fight. Whatever it is, don’t use sex as a tactic to win. And for that matter, don’t try to win. That’s not what relationships are about.

    10. He’s Jealous Of All Your Straight Guy Friends
    Maybe. Some guys are more jealous than others. But I think the point here is that if you’re confiding to a man, it should be him.
    11. He Wants To Try Anal
    Maybe – I don’t think all guys want the same things. I say be open with each other in your sex life.

    12. He Wants To Bang Your Friends
    I think this is a gross over generalization speaking to the fact that men like sex. If you’re happy together, he only wants to bang you.

    13. You Should Learn To Play Pool
    Whatever it is, if there’s something either or you enjoy doing, then the other should try and learn. Have some competitive fun.

    14. He Wants You To Seduce Him
    Fact. And that’s that. Initiate every now and again. It’s really not that hard.

    15. He Notices When You Don’t Wear The Jewelry He Bought You
    Just be honest. Don’t make him guess or be passive aggressive or pretend to like something you don’t. Just be honest. And guys, this goes for you too. If she buys you a shirt you don’t like, tell her. She’ll notice when you don’t wear it.

    16. He Wants You To Need Him
    I think this is just a hard-wired aspect of men. They want to be needed. Whether they’re confident or not, men like to feel like they’re taking care of you.

    17. You’ve Got To Watch Your Weight
    Yup – both of you. Just because you’re committed doesn’t mean you no longer should try to look good for each other. This doesn’t mean you need to go workout 3 hours a day or that you might gain weight if you have kids or whatever. It just means don’t let yourself go just because you’re in a committed relationship.

    18. If You’ve Been Living Together For Longer Than Three Years, He’s Not Going To Marry You
    This is just a random bullshit statement. All relationships progress at different rates. But I think the point here is don’t try to force your way into marriage. Not everyone wants to get married and not all relationships lead to marriage.

    19. Ultimatums Do NOT Work
    This is true for everyone. Men and women both.

    20. He Wants Kids
    Maybe. Not everyone wants kids and that’s totally ok. But both of you should be on the same page. Communication is key.

    21. He Knows When You’re Lying To Him
    This is just good advice in life. Just be honest.

    22. He Wants You To Like What He Likes
    True. If it’s not your thing, at least give it a try. And the same should go for him. You don’t have to love it, but at least try it if it’s something your partner loves to do.

    23. He Thought You Looked Good In That First Outfit
    He doesn’t think as hard about your clothes as you do. End of story.

    24. He Has No Interest In Shoes
    I have no idea if this is true nor do I think it matters in any way. I love shoes. My fiance really doesn’t care about my shoes.

    25. You Should Always Take His Side
    Key words here people “within reason”. Yes, you can disagree on things, and you should. Have conversations where you disagree with each other. But don’t take him down in public. You’re supposed to support each other. And the same goes for him.

  • lynda1307

    26. He Wants You To Expose Him To New Things
    I think this is true for both of you. You should strive to make each other better people.

    27. You Need To Tell Him Exactly What You Want
    Back to the earlier point, just be honest.

    28. He Hates That Short Haircut
    Ok, read the description below the heading people! This isn’t saying you can’t have short hair. It’s just saying give your guy a heads up. You would expect the same if he was going to shave him head wouldn’t you?

    29. He Wants You By His Side
    Support each other, be together, do things together, socialize together. You both want this.

    30. You Should Never Flirt With His Friend
    True. This goes for both of you.

    31. He Wants You To Be His Muse
    I don’t like the wording of this, but I think the point is that he wants your support, just as you want his. Just support each other.

    32. Whatever It Is You Want In Bed, He WILL Do It
    Maybe not but probably. Not that he’s sick and twisted, but he will probably do whatever you want in bed (again, within reason. There’s some weird shit out there).

    33. He Needs To Lean On You Sometimes
    True. He will need your support sometimes, just as you need him to listen to you rant about work or your crazy friends sometimes. But don’t try to force a therapy session on him. If he wants to talk he will.

    34. Save The Big Piece Of Chicken For Him
    I literally laughed out loud at this. I’m not really sure what the point of this comment was but I thought it was funny. Guys eat more I guess?

    35. Don’t EVER Emasculate Him
    I think this is just common kindness.

    36. He Doesn’t Want To Hear About Your Sexual Past
    True. If it’s something to do with a man that’s not him, he doesn’t want to know.

    37. He Wants To Be The Best Lover You’ve Ever Had
    Don’t we all want to be the best our partner has ever had? But don’t lie. If it’s not that good in the bedroom, that’s probably something you should talk about it.

    38. If He Cheats On You Once, he’ll Do It Again
    I don’t know if this is true. I’ve never been cheated on nor have I ever cheated. But if one of you cheats, then that’s a problem. Never let cheating slide.

    39. You Should Let Him Open Doors For You
    I’m not sure why you wouldn’t let him open doors for you, so just let him open the damn door.

    40. You Need To Be His Moral Compass
    I’d say this is a pretty big overgeneralization. Maybe you do need to be his moral compass, but maybe he needs to be yours. Just try to make each other better people.

    41. You Should Let Him Win Sometimes
    I really have no opinion on this. Maybe you need to let him win sometimes, maybe he needs to let you win sometimes – and I mean when you’re playing cards or pool or something. Just have some competitive fun with each other.

    42. If You Make Him Watch A Chick Flick, At Least Give Him A Blowjob Afterwards
    Ok, people freaked out about this one too. I laughed. I really don’t think this was meant literally. I think the point was that most guys really dislike chick flicks, so if he watches one with you, be grateful. Maybe watch his move next time.

    43. Speaking Of Threesomes… He Will NEVER Stop Trying
    I don’t know that he’ll never stop trying to have a threesome, but the idea will never go away. It is what it is, and he probably knows it will never happen. But don’t freak out because it’s one of his fantasies.

    44. He Needs Quiet Sometimes
    True. Silence is good every now and again.

    45. You Should Compliment Him More
    This is just true in life I think. Be nice to each other. Compliment each other. We all like to feel good about ourselves, so help others to feel good too.

    46. You Don’t Always Have To Be Right
    Pick your battles. Not everything is worth arguing about just because you have a different opinion. Don’t argue for the sake of arguing. This goes for both of you.

    47. Make Sure You Look Just As Good When You Go Out With Him As When You Go Out With The Girls
    True. Just because you’re comfortable together doesn’t mean you should stop trying to look good for each other.

    48. He’s Not Your Dad
    True. Don’t expect him to do everything for you.

    49. You’re Not His Mother
    True. Don’t do everything for him.

    50. He’s Not As Complicated As You Are
    Maybe, maybe not. I’ve met some complicated guys. But chances are if you talk about things, communicate well, and try not to analyze the shit out of every situation, everything will be fine.

  • richard28200

    Anabanana6994 ChelleG So douchie to want your woman to stand behind you….

  • sknost

    adrii_muniz  This is the most hypocritical bull$hit I have ever read.  Male entitlement?  Your post SCREAMS female entitlement.  I can only imagine the poor sap that has to put up with what you were taught to be “owed” from a man.  I pity that poor fool.  Better yet, stick with women.  I bet they are undeserving of you too.

  • richard28200

    LittleTart DanielTomczak I happen to be an anthropologist and agree with this list as a whole…..

  • Anabanana6994

    richard28200 Anabanana6994 wrong, look at how you men treat us women. im not saying to change and be the next jesus Christ, im saying if you want US to accept YOU, than YOU need to accept US! i do things for my husband dudes only dream of…but like it says go ahead check her out, im the one who point out hot girl to him, but im saying if u wana check her out cool, but if i turn my head at a guy jogging shirtless down the street and he has a 6 pack and looks like a Hollister model,  don’t be getting mad at me… you know?

  • richard28200

    Anabanana6994 richard28200 I sent a pic of Channing Tatum shirtless to her earlier today.

  • AmandaHyatt

    richard28200 Anabanana6994 AmandaHyatt  Looking , glancing is one thing but to take a second look or to turn your head in a complete different direction please….move on already.

  • rosevdwerf

    richard28200 Anabanana6994 ChelleG  actually, yeah, that’s exactly what douchebag behavious is, richard.

  • richard28200

    AmandaHyatt richard28200 Anabanana6994 That’s fine in my book.  It’s almost involuntary for us.  It’s what we do next that makes the difference.

  • Anabanana6994

    richard28200 yeah dude it is,… she would stand BESIDE you…

  • richard28200

    Anabanana6994 richard28200 She should be behind me.  Got to block the dust from getting in the sammich she’s making me.

  • rosevdwerf

    richard28200 Anabanana6994  i hope you’re joking

  • Anabanana6994

    richard28200 Anabanana6994 would you rather be behind her, if ya know what I mean 😉

  • AmandaHyatt

    richard28200 AmandaHyatt Anabanana6994  right because men are more visual than women? I think it’s funny men feel the need to be so defensive….How old are?

  • richard28200

    Anabanana6994 richard28200 Hey now, I’m in the office!

  • Anabanana6994

    richard28200 why would I be joking…? this aint the 1920’s a relationship is equal,…women have right now y’know?

  • DaminiMohan

    Hello Chuck,
    How insecure does one have to be about their masculinity to write this list?
    My guess is extremely.
    Not only are you insecure, you are also extremely sexist and insufferable.
    Also, an asshole.

  • AmandaHyatt

    DaminiMohan  Couldn’t have said it better!

  • richard28200

    rosevdwerf richard28200 Anabanana6994 Of course I’m joking.  Seriously, how thoughtless would that be of me?  She only has two hands.  I can’t expect her to carry bread, meat, and condiments while still having the ability to make it.

  • Anabanana6994

    richard28200 im just saying be who u r, but don’t hate me for being who I am… if ur guna do it ima do it too…

  • richard28200

    AmandaHyatt richard28200 Anabanana6994 Not defensive at all.  Just giving you a glimpse into our mind.

  • richard28200

    Anabanana6994 richard28200 You’re fine with me sister!  You think men open doors for women and close their eyes or stare at the ceiling?  Women have just as colorful minds as men IMO.

  • Anabanana6994

    richard28200 Anabanana6994 Amen!

  • Anabanana6994

    and for the record, 36 isn’t always true. Mine wont stop asking about my past sex life, I refuse to tell him because it was all shit before I met him…

  • rosevdwerf

    WordDisastersInSpace  This is an amazing response.

  • ConnorSmith

    #37 and #21 contradict eachother.

  • rosevdwerf

    JamesBosquez  The only problem with the communication this article opens up is that if a person expresses dissent with the content of the article, they’re berated and their opinion is ignored.

  • rosevdwerf

    jimdiesel4 GeorgiaMueck  Oh god

  • rosevdwerf

    GeorgiaMueck  What would we do without middle-class white male telling us how to behave?

  • rosevdwerf

    richard28200 KayKayHey  Richard, I guess it makes more sense for us to shrink ourselves into non-threatening help-mates, fuck-mates, and ego-boosters to make space for you. We women have to do our best to keep the men from feeling castrated and weak.

  • rosevdwerf

    annieport  Yeah, god forbid you’re actually excited to see the person you’re committed to at the end of the day, and god forbid you’re interested in how their day went.

  • ChristopherJoseDePaz
  • Ka_uilaniKim

    klynneb3  Boring action?  What an oxymoron, one that I’ve never heard of. If it’s an action movie, how is it boring?  It’s ACTION. -_-

  • KayKayHey

    I find it funny that you believe we’re all trying to “change” you after reading an entire list of things that you believe we should change about ourselves or our ways of thinking in order to accommodate you all.  Instead of trying to “change” each other, why can’t we inspire each other, learn from each other, grow together?  I prefer “evolve” rather than change.

  • sterlingmallory

    DaminiMohan  Why does this make him insecure, sexist, or an asshole? First of all, I’ve seen about a thousand of these lists on the internet with the roles reversed, things girls want guys to know. Explain to me the difference? 

    How big a pain-in-the-ass girlfriend do you have to be to make that kind of comment so blindly? My guess is extremely.

  • Anabanana6994

    if he wants to bang my friends, ima flirt with him.

  • Anabanana6994

    ok, and #40 contradicts this whole fucking thing! how am I suppose to guide u to do the “right” thing, when every other thing on this list is saying. “he’s not perfect theres things men do that women think are wrong,…get over it”

  • Anabanana6994

    im very different I guess, cuz I take a lot of  shit from my man. ill stand there listening to him yell at me call me names hate me tell me he don’t want me, and in the end wont say anything negative just ask what he wants for dinner… im not the girl who is “boss” I know im the women. i don’t always think im right, in fact 99.9% im wrong and i know it!

  • Anabanana6994

    one last question about the porn, or “browser history” issue… what are you suppost to do if he’s (and this is just an example) watching things that are,…how do i say this….ILLIGAL! if u get my drift.?

  • Anabanana6994

    HONOST TALK???? the only time he wants ur mouth open is to put his dingaling in it… honest talk pshh please!

  • TalinAbadian

    jimdiesel4 adrii_muniz  is “Feminist” supposed to be an insult?! hahah come on!

  • FuckGenderNorms

    How about we stop making a bunch of assumptions based on our partners gender. Instead lets foster open and honest discourse with our partners about what
    they want, expect & hope for in a relationship. And then be willing to share the same information back. Because that shit is
    going to be different from person to person & as of yet telepathy has yet to be proven in humans. No matter what set of genitalia they happen to possess. SHOCKER!

  • TalinAbadian

    DaminiMohan  Your comment is one of the best said ones here, couldnt have said it better. cheers

  • LibbyHostBuchmeier

    This list contains information that is either 1) common sense and should be reciprocal in nature.  2) Complete sexist bullshit.  I am married to a MAN.  This should be titled “How to Date a Misogynist BOY.”

  • bakersdozen13

    Anabanana6994  You’re either a low-effort troll or a sad, lost little girl. If you’re the latter, I hope you get help.

  • bakersdozen13

    sterlingmallory DaminiMohan

    “Why does this make him insecure, sexist, or an asshole?”

    Because the “man” he describes with this list fits all three of those descriptions.  Read more of the discussion in the comments section if you want an answer to those questions. Most people feel that way.

    “First of all, I’ve seen about a thousand of these lists on the internet with the roles reversed, things girls want guys to know. Explain to me the difference?”

    There isn’t a difference. Those lists are equally insecure, sexist and asshole-ish. It’s almost as if human beings cannot be categorized by a low-effort check list written by an Internet blogger.

  • KatDolan

    LibbyHostBuchmeier  I was going to comment something similar! ^ you’re absolutely right

  • KatDolan

    sterlingmallory DaminiMohan  The girl should never flirt with his friends, but know that he wants to bang your friends, don’t take it personally….. bullshit

  • vdvjenna

    his internet search history, he wants to bang all my friends, he will choose his friends over me, with hold sex and he will cheat on you, you’ve got to watch your weight, gonna check out all women, he hates that short hair cut, if you make him watch a chick flick at least give him a blow job afterwards, and 3 somes? how about go fuck yourself. if you’re gonna be a scum bag on the internet and don’t want me know, it’s obvious hes hiding who he is. he wants to bang all my friends? get the fuck out of my life then. choose his friends over me? then half of the shit you just listed above is irrelevant. (such as he wants you to need n him and that bullshit), if i hold out on sex for a while and he can’t control his fucking sexual urges maybe I should simply move onto bigger better shit because life doesn’t revolve around cock and pussy. gonna check out every women you see? Well fine, but i’ll be thinking of sitting on channing tatums face while you’re down there. Doesn’t like that I cut my hair short? lol seriously? moving right along…I owe you a blow job because we watched a movie about love together? Sorry that there wasnt huge tits flopping around to make that movie more enjoyable for you you fucking cunt. You want a 3 some? honestly though just get out of my life!!! 

    Author of this post: you must have a really shitty life if you stand behind all of that shit!

  • AnonymousAnonymous1


  • richard28200

    LibbyHostBuchmeier He’s still checking out your friends.

  • KatDolan

    AnonymousAnonymous1  ^ yes. That ^

  • j1234567

    lynda1307  And this is the right way to interpret what he is saying. I agree with a little more than half of his points, but my significant other understands men will be men, and she doesn’t take most of this to heart what so ever because she knows I’m a good person and I see us equally. I empower her, she empowers me. And sexually we both like to explore a little and she knows I want to explore some things because she has explored some things as well.

  • richard28200

    Anabanana6994 Then leave!  Find someone who will treat you good.  I did with a girl that was the same way. Life is way too short.  You’re not going to tell me you have zero redeeming qualities someone somewhere would like.

  • lynda1307

    j1234567 lynda1307  Thanks for the agreement! I read this post as some thought processes that men have  and without thinking this is a to-do list for all women (or men) in every relationship. I really can’t figure out why so many women are so incredibly offended by this post.

  • bakersdozen13

    jimdiesel4 GREGORYABUTLER richcook1960  Man, I can’t scroll down without seeing your bitterness seeping into every other post. Look, dude, the best you can do is throw out “White Knight” and “short-haired feminist.” Like, that’s all you have in your quiver. That’s your only weapon. Pack up, go home, accept that you’re a lonely manchild with an outdated view of the world and let the adults talk, mmk?

  • richard28200

    KatDolan sterlingmallory DaminiMohan Kat, just because he wants your friends doesn’t mean he’s flirting.  You have to separate the two.  All we men ask is that you think logically.  I know that’s tough being that you’re a woman but at least try.


    jimdiesel4 GREGORYABUTLERrichcook1960Get rid of the fedora (or the trilby), shave the neckbeard and join us in the 21st century, son

  • KatDolan

    richard28200 KatDolan sterlingmallory DaminiMohan  Good point, that definitely makes me reconsider the sexist undertones.


    jimdiesel4 conerlysarichcook1960dude, higher female labor force participation rates mean that women don’t have to get married out of raw economic necessity. They can be selective.
    Obviously, you’re butthurt because nobody selected you.
    It would be more productive for you to use your sexual frustration as a motivator for you to hit the gym harder, focus on getting promoted at your job and calming down with your ludicrous fantasies about rapey “vagabonds” (does anybody even use that word in the 21st century?) and bread sex prostitution.
    Seriously, son – throw out the trilby and shave off the neckbeard!

  • DebbieShaw1

    All of those things apply to me, and I’m a woman – no really, chatter, chick-flicks, shoes, I don’t get them either!

  • sumotherguy

    I hope the person writing this is a senior citizen, and that we have evolved past this. If not, we’re in big trouble.

  • richard28200

    KatDolan If we’re really honest with ourselves, we know that our partner is attracted to other people in our lives. It’s just how we are. It’s really not even fair to hold it against the other person that they recognize beauty in the opposite sex. He wouldn’t have been interested in you if we wasn’t physically attracted or the reverse. It’s biology. It’d be no different than expecting someone to all of a sudden stop being able to be sad. Both are just human nature. People recognize beauty everywhere, even other people. It’s how they act that makes the difference since we have emotions. Hope you have a good evening.

  • DebbieShaw1

    @lynda1307 @j1234567 I agree with you, and I feel that a lot of women see what he’s saying about women is wrong. I don’t care about shoes, or change my mind about outfits, for example, and my fella is no less complex than I am. I took the article as a piece of humour. It was funny.

  • KatDolan

    richard28200 I absolutely agree. We’re designed to want to spread our genes and therefore ‘looking’ it’s not a reflex we can reign in easily. However everyone is different regardless of gender. Some people mind and some people don’t, and a lot that this article says strikes me as stereotypically misogynistic or at the very least contradicting. Things that “she” should do for “him” should always be a two way street. Sometimes I’d take the bigger piece of chicken, I want to be the best lover he’s ever had, and I he is definitely more complicated than I am. Everyone is different.

  • sknost

    I find it hilarious there is garbage like this all over the media about how men should treat women.  These pieces cite emotional differences and how men should empathize more at times, be stronger, weaker blah blah blah. All the double standard spewing, illogical bullshit that ensues, no one bats an eye.  Turn it around to how women should treat men based on a similar principal and everyone loses their minds.  

    One of the best pieces of satire I have come across regarding this neo-cosmopolitan, tip toeing, double standard bs that exists today on how a woman is entitled to be treated by her man.

    Pick a lane and drive ladies.

    Also, if you are going to comment on how sexist/pathetic/boyish/immature the author is, read more than the numerical heading.  Most are at least explained in a bit more detail than: 

    “4. He Will Choose His Friends Over You”

    Immediately below there is a paragraph elaborating on the shocker just stated.  For example: 

    “They’ve been with him for way longer than you have, and no matter how much he loves the regular sex, he’ll sacrifice it if you’re trying to 86 his buddies from his life.”
    For those unfamiliar with the term, 86 is synonymous with getting rid of.

  • wizard.prang

    Brilliant. I didn’t quite agree with everything, but Chuck did an excellent job of nailing down the basics.
    Let the name-calling and the caterwauling begin.

  • wizard.prang

    DaminiMohan Name-calling. How Feminists win arguments.

  • wizard.prang

    smokeybearzzz So how long have you been married then?

  • KarenBrown1

    So, women should put up with everything, no matter how insulting or inconsiderate, a man does, and comply with his every desire while not expecting the same in return. 

    Those who are saying these are reasonable, and nobody said the same simply applies for women should know that this gem was written by the same author-  http://wallstreetinsanity.com/why-you-shouldnt-be-nice-to-a-girl/

    Basically, tells a guy how to use passive aggressive insults and verbal abuse to tear her down so she will put up with everything he says and does without complaint.

    I must admit, I admire how well these two articles work together toward a guy’s benefit. 

    If you think it takes a feminazi to think that, reverse the suggestions and ask if you would put up with what’s on the list.  If not, then it doesn’t take a feminazi to object, just a normal human being.

  • wizard.prang

    sknost “Turn it around to how women should treat men based on a similar principal and everyone loses their minds”

    ^^ This

  • wizard.prang

    rita g For the same reason that he gets to stand on the deck while the ship goes down while you are in the lifeboat. Because.

  • RichJimenez

    KatDolan I didn’t read into it that much.  It seems to me like it’s just one part of the puzzle for happy relationships.  It just happens to be the guy’s piece.  The only thing I thought about when the big piece of chicken was mentioned was Chris Rock’s ending of the Bigger and Blacker stand up show from the 90’s.  Some of the sexual stuff I think is a little crude humor, but relatively harmless. If a guy expected that it’d be cruel.  You seem resonable if I may say.  Personally, I think the list could be summed up as #2.  If I was out somewhere with my SO she’d probably point you out and ask if I thought you were beautiful too.  I feel bad for guys that have uptight women.

  • DanielleDomoslai

    50. He’s Not As Complicated As You Are
    Don’t go thinking that
    means you’re deeper than he is, though. Or smarter. He just likes to
    keep it simple. If you can understand and appreciate that, you might end
    up complimenting each other very well.
     COMPLEMENTING*****  common error… compliment and complement are different words with different meanings. =)

  • j1234567

    lynda1307 j1234567  I can understand how they are offended. Like I said I agree with half of his points. His chick flick comment is stupid and I can’t relate (I like chick flicks) and I can’t relate to choosing hanging out with my guy friends over her, I like a balance. Though overall I understand him and he explains how males think, but he also highlights on not taking it literal multiple times.
     Though I only feel like I agree withs some sexist bias things apply to me because that’s what I look for in a person. A woman who embraces feminine qualities (Such as long hair, outfits, caring about appearance because it makes her feel good), but I treat this as a two way street ( ex. she admires that I care about my appearance as well).

  • j1234567

    wizard.prang sknost  I don’t think this is how men should treat women, but some things on here women should expect from men psychologically and biologically. Same goes if you highlighted some aspects about women.

  • steve2022

    All the women complaining on here are not only hilarious, but also why the divorce rate is so high. This is more or less how men work. Understand this list, and you have a boyfriend who will brag about you to his friends.

  • bakersdozen13

    steve2022  My boyfriend isn’t like this. He brags about me to his friends anyway.

  • SKrob

    Corrected title:  50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Boys

  • jtneighborhood

    Sure, this is really poorly written article and insulting to women, however the real problem is that it’s a completely inaccurate representation of nearly all men and you should have titled it:

    50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About A Handful Of Men That Are Out There That You Should Probably Stay Away From

    Thank you,
    The Majority of Mankind

  • SKrob

    steve2022  I think you should probably get over this notion that you’re all that.  Frankly, most women I know are just as fine moving on from some deadbeat boy as you say you are ready/willing to divorce.  Women are wising up.

  • SKrob

    wizard.prang  If you’re 21 or just haven’t matured beyond your early adult years.  This is utter rubbish and makes the author and anyone that agrees with him look silly and rather lame.

  • SKrob

    sknost  If you can distinguish between “learn to empathize more” and “give him anal”/”he wants to bang all your friends and it’s okay”, then you’re a fool.  Get over your martyr complex.  Makes you read as weak and impotent.

  • shawnigan0820

    100% agree with you on this, unfortunately it’s
    impossible to win against the tide of the outspoken jezebels who froth
    from the gash at proving a man wrong. (Sorry for being crude) This
    article is a humorous way at highlighting some of things men appreciate
    from their partner like support and trust.
    If 90% of men were honest after reading this list I’m sure they would agree with most of it.

  • SKrob

    j1234567 wizard.prang sknost  Newsflash:  women have the same biological impulses so whatever a guy is thinking about or doing, consider that your wife or girlfriend is either likely doing the same or thinking about it.

  • SKrob

    sumotherguy  More like someone whose maturation process is permanently stunted.

  • SKrob

    richard28200 LibbyHostBuchmeier  And she’s f*cking yours.  See how that works?  You are not the King of the Castle.  You only think you are.

  • shawnigan0820

    WordDisastersInSpace Your attempt at making a satirical parody of this list is fucking pathetic. Hopefully when you grow up you’ll understand the opposite sex enough to not be single the rest of your life. Your boyfriends probably reading this telling you how right you are and to rebute anyone elses opinion on a topic.

  • SKrob

    sterlingmallory DaminiMohan  His list is immature, selfish and rude.  He could have made a credible list that offered more than the insight of a 22 year old that has watched too many beer commercials telling him he’s way cool.

  • MichaelSebastianThompson

    Are people really taking advice from a man who goes by Chuck?

  • SKrob

    wizard.prang DaminiMohan  Still rolling with the martyr thing, eh?  You’re emasculating yourself, pal.

  • shawnigan0820

    If the guy you’re with takes a double take and turns his head in a completely different direction, then yes. he is indeed an asshole. But that’s not remotely close to what the OP was talking about.

  • Tyrion Swaggister

    This seems more aimed towards 1 man than all men. Here are the ones I don’t agree with, or at least don’t apply to me:
    4 (sometimes he wants to hang out with friends, sometimes he wants to hang out with you), 
    5 (I don’t think criticizing the mother thing is important), 
    10 (that’s foolish to be jealous of all your girlfriend’s guy friends), 
    12 (If they are hot friends then yes he would want to bang them), 
    13 (pool is a useless game), 
    18 (he might change his mind and want to marry later. just has to be ready for it), 
    25 (if you disagree, don’t take my side. I want you to have your own opinions),
    28 (if you can rock the short hair then he shouldn’t care), 
    29 (sure it would be nice to have her by your side but she isn’t a pet), 
    41 (i hate when people let me win. and it doesn’t bother me if i lose), 
    42 (i like chick flicks), 
    47 (dress however u wanna. just not slutty and its all good)

  • shawnigan0820

    Silverwane You sir are misinformed, I guarantee that 99% of men who would “ask for a blowjob after a movie” were denied, they wouldn’t ask again. Also, if your a young couple and your denying sex to him for a long period of time, especially as a form of punishment, it’s just rude and it would not suprise me if that person dropped you on your ass for someone else.

  • DestrySellers

    This list is ignorant…

  • Tyrion Swaggister

    the fact that Chuck used a picture of Don Jon at the top to represent all guys should say a lot about who he is.

  • Melika2928

    KarenBrown1  u obviously didn’t understand what this article said.

  • shawnigan0820

    rosevdwerf GeorgiaMueck Seperate and start your own society? Then watch is fail because progress isnt derived from bitching about shit online. This article just says that a guy wants the support and trust of his partner. Obv if what he’s doing is genuinely hurtful, then cut it off.

  • duffylala

    9. Withholding Sex Is A Dangerous Game
    I don’t care how mad you are at him, if you cut him off for an extended period of time, what happens next is on you.

    ^That’s rape talk. 

    This list is problematic on so many levels. Run of the mill “red pill” caveman propaganda.

  • Melika2928

    As usual you have to take these articles with a grain of salt and read between the lines, but many things on this list would have saved many relationships I have seen fall to ruin.  There is a lot of BS in here, but the general ideas can still apply.  Remember, no one is perfect, and we are all only human.

  • Melika2928

    duffylala  i believe it is leaning in the direction that he will find his satisfaction somewhere else besides with you, not towards rape.  That your mind went that way is troubling though.

  • duffylala

    Melika2928 Could also be true. But it just serves to reinforce the stereotype that men are incapable of controlling themselves sexually. Not saying a woman should ever use sex as a tool for manipulation, but the way the author presented this point is troubling. Sounds like a warning, as do a lot of the other points.

  • KarenBrown1

    Melika2928 KarenBrown1  Not agreeing is not the same as not understanding. Some are simple common sense that ALL people should expect of anyone they have a relationship with, including women, or friends. Some of it is incredibly insulting…to men. Well, unless they like being viewed as simple creatures ruled by their hormones..wait, that’s what some men say about women… 

    BTW, not all women even like ‘chick flicks’. Some like action flicks. But I’d watch a movie alone before I’m going to trade sex for a guy begrudgingly sitting his ass on the couch beside me. *shrug* 

    And seriously, I’m, supposed to ‘let him win’ and be his moral compass just a few points above my not being his mother?

  • Aaanonymus

    yeahhh i can see a lot of good points in there.. but not all of them apply to everyone.. and a lot of those sentences are sooo one-sided.. things aren’t only black and white.. gray!! gray for everyone! i say.. and more perspective too, thats what these is missing.

  • WordDisastersInSpace

    shawnigan0820 Wow, hit a nerve did I?  You seem so angry you can’t even keep straight whether or not you should assume I am single or have a boyfriend.

  • shawnigan0820

    Naw naw, all I said was I hope you don’t live the rest of your life alone, and coming from the person who wrote a shitty answer to every point on this list, not sure who is really more upset here.
    Keep bloggin’. Im sure your 3 besties appreciate it.

  • JeffMceachern

    Revisit 44. Line 2

  • rmontano0702

    DanielleDomoslai  do you get so excited every time you get to point that out? #tryhard

  • sknost

    Not understanding how satire works as a literary device makes you the fool.
    Just so you can freshen up on high school English, satire defined: the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
    Never said I agreed with the author in a literal sense, rather how his use of satire to illustrate a social argument or injustice goes over the heads of small minds, case in point.
    Makes you read like an uneducated, pretentious prick. Can you spot the literary device in the previous sentence?

  • WordDisastersInSpace

    shawnigan0820 Well, I appreciate all the readers.  Even the ones who have read my post in it’s entirety and took time out of their important life to to give a critical analysis and engage in such a sophisticated debate like the one we’re currently having.  Which part did you hate most?  The part where I suggested people should fight a wrestling match over the biggest piece of chicken or the ‘bad movie algorithm for determining sex acts?  I can see how someone would take those very seriously.

  • TessieHickey

    This post is ridiculous and sexist. Women are not more complicated than men, they are not mysterious, they are people who can easily be understood by something called communication. You know, like talking to each other and making an effort to understand. You should read this: http://freethoughtblogs.com/brutereason/2013/08/17/women-are-not-mysterious/ and maybe some of this: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/psysociety/2013/04/02/benevolent-sexism/

  • ElleDesu

    annieport ElleDesuAah, well, that’s your opinion, not mine. That’s not to say it’s wrong because I can see that we both interpreted it differently. I suppose we can agree to disagree then. I could see where you’re coming from, and I can honestly say that I respect you for that. Obviously, you care very much for the well-being of other females.
    I don’t know how you went through life or how others did/do.. but personally, I feel that it’s the responsibility of them, their peers and most
    importantly parents/guardians to steer them in the right direction. This goes for “impressionable girls” and even maturing boys. It’s definitely not my intention to insult any of these “innocent” and “unsuspecting” girls or you, really. As humans, we have choices to make and if somebody makes bad choices then they’ll learn from it. It’s life. I’ve been through it, you’ve been through it, I’m sure everyone has.

    However, I have to stress that it’s important for everyone to understand what they’re reading and decide for themselves what to take from it. That’s why we read. That’s why we’re literate. If we, as people and as a society, weren’t able to do that then I would lose all faith in humanity. Next thing you know, we’ll all go jumping off cliffs cause some article in a trendy magazine told us it was in this season. That’s my only concern because as I’ve mentioned before, while I don’t agree with everything on the list, I did find much of it humorous and truthful (in my experience). Clearly, it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone else, but I just thought that I would share my opinion.

  • ElleDesu

    SKrob j1234567wizard.prangsknostNobody said that women don’t have the same impulses.

  • DebbieShaw1

    Melika2928 duffylalaI think he’s saying “give him sex even if you don’t want it, regularly or he will find satisfaction elsewhere”. Rape talk inferred because of the “even if you don’t want it” part. Still, if the sex is not happening for an extended period, and there isn’t an unrelated (to the man) physical/mental/emotional problem causing the lack, then you’re probably not meant to be together anyway…

  • pochlm

    Wow I’m glad my husband isn’t like this at all- the men you describe are disgusting pigs!

  • thlya56

    Whoa, #9 is super fucked up. If a woman ( or ANYONE  for that matter ) doesn’t want to have sex, they shouldn’t be shamed for it or into it. That’s called rape. This entire list is incredibly sexist, WTF.

  • RichJimenez


  • DanielleDomoslai

    rmontano0702 DanielleDomoslai  yep! #youprobablydidn’tknowthateither #don’tbejealous #grammar #yolo

  • JessicaJednachowski

    I don’t agree with just about any of these…I’ve been living with my fiance for 3 years and together for 5..we are getting married in october…and more than half of this shit does not describe him..thank god.

  • RichJimenez

    The irony of your post.  You’ve been shacking up for three years and talk about how good he is to you.  So what’s his excuse for not marrying you this year?  Where’s your self-respect?

  • JessicaJednachowski

    RichJimenez We are getting married this year and we waited because we were saving money for the wedding that we are paying for for ourselves..we’ve been engaged for 2 years soo my self respect is just fine

  • DanielleDomoslai

    KarenBrown1 Melika2928  totally agree with everything you said. thank you!

  • RichJimenez

    JessicaJednachowski RichJimenez  $75 at the JP.  I’d never want a woman under my roof that didn’t have enough respect for herself not to require a man be totally committed and willing to die for her.  That’s love sister!

  • JessicaJednachowski

    RichJimenez JessicaJednachowskiI don’t understand what your saying..who said my fiance wasn’t totally committed to me and and that I had no respect for myself?  Where did you get any of that from what I posted. and what is JP

  • RichJimenez

    TessieHickey  Only sexist because men actually are expressing themselves instead of being browbeaten into submission.  If a woman’s was posted right beside it what would the difference be?  Not a darn bit of difference.

  • RichJimenez

    duffylala  meaning if he cheats it’s because you wouldn’t satisfy.

  • Anabanana6994

    bakersdozen13 Anabanana6994 I just understand that people get emotional, you don’t think I give him shit? man when its my time of the month… he fucking cant shit the right way… all im saying is guys think girls are bitches and girls think guys are dick heads, if you leave everytime you have a problem, what does that fix?

  • RichJimenez

    JessicaJednachowski RichJimenez  I’m going to break it down for you out of concern and love.  You can get mad but I refuse to reciprocate.  The fact you were living together before a ring was even introduced displays lack of respect for women on his part and a lack of respect for yourself.  A man should be willing to lay down his life for you before you agree to give it up and take care of the house.  The fact he didn’t shows he doesn’t care about you because it left him an out just in case.  You should require a commitment before doing such.  Having an put isn’t commitment.  JP is justice of the peace.  If you want to test him, tell him its going to happen this weekend or you’re done.  If he crawfishes you got your answer.  If he does it then you’ll be married.

  • mockthecasbah

    RichJimenez JessicaJednachowskithat is literally the most retarded thing I have read all month

  • myfakeevo

    duffylala youre an idiot. It says if you dont want to give it up he will get it somewhere else you twat.

  • TedStixon

    Wow, I’m a man, and I would like to say, I apologize to all women for this list.  Reading this almost made me embarrassed to be a man.  Ladies, please believe me when I say that not all men are complete f**king scumbags like whoever it was that wrote this trash.

  • misteeblue

    This is all about what men want… which self respecting woman would give in to all of these rules?

  • jdaws92

    This is kind of embarrassing, why is almost every other thing about sex? If that’s the main reason you’re in a relationship then you probably shouldn’t be in one.

  • JessicaJednachowski

    RichJimenez JessicaJednachowskiYou have no concern and love, you don’t know me first off.  Secondly, we purchased our home together I didn’t just move in with him. He does not have a lack of respect for myself or other women…and if you knew him you’d kick yourself for speaking that way and laying out judgement about someone you don’t know. I have respect for myself, in my own opinion I believe people should live together before getting married…and we were committed to each other, you don’t need a ring or a marriage to show commitment to each other.  Also, are you married?  Have you singly paid for a large wedding on your own?  Because when making a car payment, and a home mortgage it helps to save for a couple years to have a nice wedding where all of your friends and family can be there.  I appreciate your “love and concern” but I find you to be very offensive.  You don’t know me, my situation, or my fiance and you have the nerve to come out and tell me I have no self respect and that my fiance doesn’t have respect for me?  You should be ashamed of yourself to toss that type of judgement on someone, especially based off of a post that simply stated my fiance was not anything like a post that had been shared for “fun”. I do not need to test my fiance either, he would marry me today, tomorrow, or yesterday but we both want a wedding where our family is there, a traditional wedding.  To tell me my fiance left himself an out is a very hurtful thing to say..maybe you should re-read the things you post to people you don’t know. Please don’t respond back to me..

  • JessicaJednachowski

    mockthecasbah RichJimenezJessicaJednachowskiwhich?

  • backstreetfreestyle

    First of all, I’m sure most women have “realized” these things about men. It doesn’t make it acceptable. A few points on the list were fine and really quite true, but It’s reads like these that let young men think they are validated in having no regard for others.

  • suzyqball

    misteeblueI think you missed the point. The title is “50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men”.  They aren’t rules – just a hint at what he’s probably thinking.

  • TedStixon

    backstreetfreestyle  This list really did bother me as a man, because it was just so nasty, misogynistic, simplistic and juvenile.  This is honestly not a good illustration of most good men.  This is just a poor illustration of very selfish, childish men who think they are speaking for everyone of us.  I thought this was just disgusting overall.  Some of the points were alright, but on the whole, it was just disheartening to read.

  • NastasyaTrudeaux

    #51 He wants you to understand men and be compliant right after the disclaimer that he will never bother trying to understand women.

  • XavierPoobah

    KarenBrown1  If you can’t handle him at his worst, then you don’t deserve him at his best. 

    Sound familiar? That’s the same feminist BS that get trolled around the interwebs as “You go girl”.

    There are a thousand list like this about women in the guise of empowerment. Maybe you have your blinders on for too long.

  • mockthecasbah

    JessicaJednachowski mockthecasbahRichJimenez
    The retarded guy/future marriage counselor, clearly

  • onelifeonechance

    “Oh my god, it’s so sexist and ignorant, blah, blah, blah….”

    The majority of people who take any sort of offense to this clear attempt to find humor in the situation of a relationship along with, here and there, peppering in some legitimate IDEAS (not end all, be all rules), are the same people who probably find Cosmo articles enlightening.  Taking a portion of one thing, such as #9 and it sounding like rape… is totally ignorant and a great way to twist the intentions of the article.  We all know what he meant.  Lack of a sexual relationship can strain any relationship.  Have you had your sex life stopped for an extended period of time?  How’d that turn out for you?  Relationship probably ended.  

    And at least it’s a dude writing an article for the things guys want.  I can’t begin to imagine the countless articles about how to “turn on your man” that are written by women.  If I want to know how to turn on a woman, I’d ask a woman.  Simple logic there.  Also, calling the guy out as uneducated on this topic because he goes by “Chuck”?  Idiot.  Your middle name is Sebastian.  Glass houses, bro.

    It’s satirical writing, folks.  Loosen the stick up your backside and enjoy it for what it is.

  • sknost

    @SKrob Do you read what you regurgitate on your keyboard? Where in any of that post did Steve claim or infer anything close to “being all that” or anything about him in anyway involved in/ready for divorce.
    Anyone who reads your ignorant, completely misguided rambling is now dumber. For the few who applaud it, may God have mercy on your souls.

  • ZachvonSzeremy

    misteeblue  Its a direct response to ALL the never ending lists that women make bitching about how men don’t care, don’t understand us, are douchebags, ETC. So for once, the tables are turned and now we are the bad guys? Fuck that!

  • antistotle

    thlya56 You (hopefully) misunderstand what he is saying.
    There is a difference between not wanting to have sex because you’ve got a headache or a yeast infection or it’s that time of the month or you’re just tired and morning comes to early, and using sex as a weapon or an instrument of revenge or to get your way in a fight. 

    If you do the former, meh, we get over it. If you do that latter it is particularly damaging and will harm your relationship.

  • ZachvonSzeremy

    RichJimenez JessicaJednachowski  Wow, you seem to have your head quite far up your own asshole my friend. Weddings don’t take years to save for? I don’t know about you, but if someone has barely enough money to put food on the table, then it can take quite a while to save for. You must be one of those pious ass born agains. Get with the program.

  • fewterer

    This list is purely misogynistic. “You can’t change him” Okay, but he can change me and I have to follow all of these stupid rules? I think not. Why don’t you step back and look at what you’re telling women. Just because you are a man doesn’t mean you can have no regard for others, nor can you stomp all over women. If you really want to be a “gentleman” then why don’t you treat a woman like you would want to be treated, as an equal.

  • kamenserica

    RichJimenez JessicaJednachowski  you’re an idiot… just saying!

  • themassivefail

    jdaws92 It’s pretty much the ONLY thing we are designed to do with the opposite sex. A plug goes into a socket. That’s it. Luckily, we humans have slightly more going for us than daily electrical conveyances, but the point is the same. It’s our primal instinct. It will always be relevant to a good, solid, long lasting relationship.

  • kamenserica

    duffylala  really, rape talk?  The author clearly meant that you shouldn’t be a completely selfish person and simply refuse to have sex.  Hey, everyone has their needs, and human sexuality is primarily considered a means to bond with the other person, anthropologically speaking..

  • VictoriaKrajci

    Shut your face, you know nothing about women.

  • themassivefail


  • kamenserica

    SKrob steve2022  no, people simply get married for the wrong reasons… that’s why the divorce rates are high.  Everyone is stupid, nobody’s getting any smarter.. that’s for damn sure!

  • jw123456

    This article is absolutely horrendous. It is a great example to use in a sociology class about why women are perceived as mindless, sex objects instead of independent individuals free to speak their minds and be who they are. 

    So sickening and degrading towards women. There is too much to say, I can’t even get started.

  • jw123456


    Exactly, this article reads like men are allowed to be completely selfish and women should accommodate for their every need.  I feel bad for the writer, they obviously have a skewed view of how a relationship should really be.

  • sahipps

    There are a lot of overly sensitive women in this comments section.  These aren’t rules, they aren’t mandatory, they aren’t continuous.  They are just things from a guy to help women relate to guys.  I understand and believe many of them.  The author puts down guys in this post too, so he isn’t totally bias.  If you can’t let your guard down enough to take this in and get the point, then you have a problem.  Maybe because people are too busy defending themselves, its one reason divorce is so prevalent…

  • KaylaTulugarjuk

    first of all how dare you.. this is absoloutely disgusting and demeaning, and shouldn’t be on the internet for young girls to see. No I will not alienate myself from my friends or stop doing what I enjoy or consult the man I’m with when I CUT MY HAIR. Thinking that all women should not only understand these ’50 things women should realize about men’ but listen and FOLLOW them is terrifying. The writer seems to think in the mindset of one that thinks women should be complaint and submissive and cater to a mans every need and whim. I think i need to go wash my brain with bleach to get this piece of trash off my mind…..

  • KaylaTulugarjuk

    fuck you.

  • Kyarra06

    …is it bad that he loves Sex and the City then and I hate it? XD

  • ErikaAmairani

    jw123456   Out of curiosity, what are 2 things that make you believe this perceives women as sex dolls?

  • NeroPetite

    ridiculous bullshit uhmm no

  • TheOG

    Final point: He’s not as complicated as you are…..alright Mr. Henderson, you could have fooled me with that one considering you just rattled off FIFTY POINTS THAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD REALIZE ABOUT A MAN. You are one needy little boy. Good luck finding a lady!

  • imapoetdammit

    Well. Thank christ I’m a lesbian and don’t have to deal with this shit then.

  • RobertChanshinPark

    jw123456 Please just shut the f*ck up. It’s uptight, feminist biatches like you that give some women such a bad name,

  • Rational_Thinking88

    misteeblue  Although as a male I don’t agree with half of what the author wrote,they’re not rules….

  • petesuv

    Wow, anal, anal, anal..and threesomes, and like what he likes, geeez, what a pathetic man..cant face the woman during sex, likes to to inflict pain, and obviously is gay..time to admit it, move on, and stop writing ”pieces” for heteros,..Do you consider a ladyboy a man?..or a woman?, just asking, since you like anal..so much..ugggh, what a joke..

  • MostlyLeeFaye

    This article has made me so glad that I’m a lesbian. Men are too complicated.

  • LunaCrux

    RobertChanshinPark jw123456 Why don’t you shut the fuck up you whimpering little bitch. “It’s uptight, feminist biatches like you that give some women such a bad name,” Oh really? Why the fuck would we care what sort of name we gave to you if we were standing up for ourselves? Fucking grow up and learn to actually swear little baby. Boo hoo. Sorry I cussed in front of you. Oh and one other thing, feminists are women that believe in equality of men and women, I don’t know how that could be a bad thing. If you think it is, you are definitely the worthless, sexist sack of guts I’ve ever come across.

  • dabs9321

    Ur spittin truth. Women need to just claim equality and shut the fuck up about chivalry and shit

  • SueShiny

    MostlyLeeFaye  This article confirmed how idiotic men are.

  • Jezzerat

    RichJimenez JessicaJednachowski  Who the fuck says anyone HAS to get married in the first place?  Mind your own goddamn business, Rich.

  • Jezzerat

    thlya56  Let’s not equate a guilt trip with rape.  That’s just fucking stupid.

  • SueShiny

    RobertChanshinPark jw123456  It’s rude men like you that call women “biatches” that makes feminists pissed off. Would you speak to your mother like that? Yeah, probably.

  • irishbob89

    LunaCrux RobertChanshinParkjw123456

  • TedStixon

    SueShiny  Hey, don’t lop all men in together with the idiot who wrote this.  As a man, I gotta say, this is not reflective of me at all.  The author is clearly just an immature, misogynistic prick.

  • ConnorSmith

    holy shit, how did social justice get into the comments section?

  • Camel Cigarettes

    @RobertChanshinPark … Dont use feminism like its a dirty word, you little prick.
    Women standing up for themselves has as sexual objects is a good thing. Do you like people looking and talking about your mother as a slut? or a sex doll? a piece of meat? how about your sister? daughter when the time comes?  You as a person have no right to put down feminism and what it does for women. Back to fuck down and get educated and learn some respect – and as feminist, Im gonna say – you’re a cunt.

  • RichJimenez

    ZachvonSzeremy RichJimenez JessicaJednachowski I already said it.  Justice of the Peace…………
    Religion has nothing to do with it.  It has to do with respect for women which as far as I’m concerned doesn’t take religion to have.

  • RichJimenez

    JessicaJednachowski RichJimenez What I said about him is true as harsh as it may seem.  I’m a guy, we don’t move in unless we want one foot out of the door.

  • RichJimenez

    suzyqball misteeblue Get out of here with that comprehension Suzie.  Aint no one got time for that!

  • RichJimenez

    Camel Cigarettes Feminism was a very bad thing for women and society.

  • KittySilverluna

    1-same stuff for us, only that amongst bdsm porn it also includes barbie movies and very embarassing chick stuff
    2-we love to change for you, as long as you don’t make us change and you let this process occur naturally
    4-no problem, smart women integrate in their men’s group of friends anyway (and a nice quickie in the bathroom can also be quite hot)
    5-as long as his family is not barging in while we are in our private couple time, i’m not even taking that in consideration
    6-that would be stupid, yes you’re right
    7-neither should u 😉
    8-i do things without asking, so he might have a pleasant surprise (and, no, he’s not allowed to ask me, that ruins the surprise)
    9-awkwardly enough, it think it mostly goes the other way (not only me, but a hight number of friends)
    10-he should be, and also, he should give us reasons continuously to be happy we chose him, not one of them (we do the same thing – outfits, attention, fun activities together)
    11-bla bla – this is too sexual to discuss here in public
    13- indeed. you’re right. also basketball, footbal, dota, wow, or any other activities he enjoyes, because otherwise you will feel left out, and bitch again
    14-yes i know we are lazy fuckers, us women 🙂
    15-but sometimes we don’t wear any king of jewelry (especially if we’re sporty)
    16- i do <3
    17- always (100% right)
    18-dayum scarry shit (most women are scared of reproducing without being married)
    20- i know. that’s cute. we want them too 🙂
    23-if he liked it, he should have been more enthusiastic about it, and before we chose another one, look at it and say “yuck, first one 100% better. trust your instincts. you chos this the first time, you must have known something” and then, we will be insta ready to go out
    24-yes indeed something sporty is better
    25-same  (in public)
    33-almost every time. women can be strong and smart, but if they don’t find refugee in their men, they become feminists and crazy lesbians :))
    34- always
    35-want a man? treat him like one. want a lady? treat her like one. simple
    36-same (meaning, yes, tell me if u had others before- not knowing if you did or didn’t do it before is awkward-but just that)
    37-same. and also best friend 
    38-he won’t feel the need to. neither would i 
    39- sure
    40- :)))))))))))))))))))) 
    41- no, he should be better than me; i’m not lowering my standards to make him feel like a man. the key to evolution is the constant struggle to get better
    42- horror or retarded comedy
    43- really? i have never experienced that. as for me, i wouldn’t be attracted to the idea of 2 men and 1 lady 🙂
    45- i will. sorry for forgetting from time to time
    46- no i don’t . i’m not right all the time and i admit it. but please give me a good argument and make me understand why i am not. don’t just say “this is not how things are done” and that’s it 🙂
    47- that contradicts rule 23 (good looks and good outfits might need time, so you will have to chose what you preffer. some men preffer waiting 2 hrs for their women to be smokin hot, some might preffer them simple and insta ready)
    50- noone is complicated. knowing the reasons for wich the other pe

  • aynstein

    Wow this is dumb as hell! These things are for scumbugs guys and what they want in a relationship. Scratch that, I meant relationshit. Not every guy is like this, believe me ladies. It’s not all about sex and all of you people should get that through your thick heads. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you fall in love.
    17. You’ve Got To Watch Your Weight
    I’m 15 but I think I’m smarter than you. Bye.

  • aynstein

    thin* adios motherfuckers

  • wizard.prang

    SKrob Someone had to bite… 51 years old, happily married to the most fabulous woman who ever walked God’s green Earth for over 27 years.

    That’s Game, Set and Match, pal. Quit while you’re ahead.

  • ShelbiDanialleSarver

    ErikaAmairani jw123456  
    “If you make him watch a chick flick, you should at least give him a  blowjob, anal, or a threesome.” 
    “Don’t get fat.”
    “Always look hot.”

    I mean, honestly this entire thing is just a big, “me man, do as say,” kind of thing. Like I understand some of them, but then there’s the whole, “he wants to bang all your friends, but you better not even think about flirting with any of his.” I don’t know. It all seems very two-sided, but with only one side being catered to.

  • fhockey89

    I’m in no way a feminist and while I agree with a lot of these points about men (because I grew up with a brother and father and from my past relationships), because “boys will be boys”. There are some points I don’t necessarily agree with.
    1.) The threesome thing: believe me I know that’s every man’s fantasy, even when they’re married. But if you’re with the right guy, sex with that one special person will be good enough. He won’t need a threesome and he definitely won’t, or at least shouldn’t, bring it up.
    2.) He wants to bang all your friends: I don’t know; maybe. The only time I’ve heard that are from douchebags and players. Again, if you’re with the right guy, he’s not thinking of your friends. Yes, we all check the opposite sex out in a relationship. We’re all guilty of it. But I’m not sure about the point “he wants to bang all of your friends” is exactly true.
    3.) You owe him sex if he sits through a chick flick: You’re kidding me right? Yeahhhhh. That goes both ways bro! If I have to sit through one of your stupid things, I better be getting something out of that as well. But again, if you’re in a real relationship, you make sacrifices for each other because you love each other. Believe it or not, that’s what love is. And for you all “bros” out there; doing something for your girl because your willing to, goes a looooong way. You’ll get sex way more than not if you do something, without expecting anything in return. And that goes for those high maintenance females as well.
    4.) Don’t flirt with your friends: No shit. No girl should be flirting with her man’s friends. If she is, then you have bigger problems to worry about; because if she’s doing that in front of your face, think about what you she’s doing when you’re not around.

  • Gavin Henderson

    Haha you’re 15 and you just showed it. Watch your weight is something that everyone should do because if the obesity of our nation but yes in a relationship one should remain attractive because no matter what you say about the inside the outside will always have some effect. Threesome’s are not cheering because your significant other is still with you and you are both fucking the same person thus not cheating. So yes he is against cheating, no he is not a hypocrite and no you are not smarter than him.

  • CharlesFrancoisMcGovern

    themassivefail jdaws92  It’s saddening that you believe that

  • CharlesFrancoisMcGovern

    ConnorSmith  Because stuff like this is damaging society

  • JessicaHarrison


  • Lizzles08

    sahipps  Fair enough… but even if I wasn’t overly sensitive, let’s say there was some truth to these and most or all men secretly thought this way.  In that case, I think I speak for most  women when I say I’d be much happier remaining single and pursuing my own interests.  I get your point here, but I really do have more faith in the male population than that… there are definitely great guys out there who don’t think like this.  I’m pretty up front with people I date about how I am and what I tolerate, and if the above is how they really think, then they’re completely free to leave.  While you’re likely to dismiss this as me being oversensitive and taking this all too seriously, respecting women and moving away from damaging stereotypes IS important.  It probably slipped the author’s mind that women are giving up a lot by being in a relationship too, so the entitled tone isn’t a one-way street here.  The article claims that women should just tell the guy how he feels instead of making him guess, but if guys actually believe the above points, why aren’t they as up front with their girlfriends about that?  Because their girlfriends would get mad or leave them?  That’s what I thought.

  • Lizzles08

    TedStixon  Thank you Ted!  I certainly have more faith in the male population than this (the author just reminds me of a few clowns in high school who couldn’t get a date)!

  • Lizzles08

    RichJimenez JessicaJednachowski  Jessica, don’t waste your time even responding to this guy.  My friend’s racist, sexist 95 year old grandpa wouldn’t even say something like this.  He’s just trolling for attention.

  • Lizzles08

    Melika2928  personally, I’m thankful that some of my relationships have failed, haha.  If I were with a guy who thought that way, I’d thank my lucky stars if that one ended.

  • Lizzles08

    jtneighborhood  AMEN!

  • sknost

    Camel Cigarettes  Right… calling someone a cunt in the name of feminism empowers women.  Your logic is laughable.

  • Lizzles08

    steve2022  Almost every woman who was once young, naive, and probably listened to idiots like this guy has dated one complete moron before realizing “what the hell was I thinking, thank goodness I didn’t marry this idiot.”  Unfortunately some people do marry that guy, and subsequently have to divorce them because they suck so badly.  My guess is… you’re that guy.

  • SophieMcGhee

    This is sexist on both sides and is encouraging the gender binary. Why can’t men want different things? Why can’t women just be who they are? People vary enough where this is all bullshit- you find the person who works with you. And the fact that it is expecting women to memorize this and change themselves for a relationship,  (“its your job to make him happy”) is complete bullshit. Double standards.

  • RichJimenez

    Lizzles08 RichJimenez JessicaJednachowski Doubt it.  Every study out there proves my stance right.  Funny that I’m showing more respect for women than they are for themselves.  What happened to you ladies?

  • Lizzles08

    j1234567 wizard.prang sknost  Pretty sure we’re not biologically wired for anal.  Just saying.

  • RichJimenez

    Lizzles08 RichJimenez JessicaJednachowski It didn’t include *opposite of what I stand for.

  • Lizzles08

    fhockey89  FYI… if you the believe, as most people (at least in America) do, that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, then you are by definition a feminist.

  • annieport

    ElleDesu annieport  I see your point also. That is true, people shouldn’t take articles seriously or base any of their decisions on them. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that too many men really do think this way, and too many women put up with it because they think they have no choice. Stuff like this only promotes that sort of behavior, especially in young people. I just wish people as selfish and disrespectful as the guy who wrote this didn’t have the chance to get their “opinions” published.
    Oh well, anyway like I said, I do see your point as well and I think we may not actually disagree as much as I thought. So, thanks for explaining.

  • DanielCooke

    12, 41 and 43 dont apply to me but almost all of this would apply to all men.
    LOL’d at all the delusionist man hating feminist/lesbians in the comments.You must be real mad you havent had some quality sex in a long time or at all with a D.You act like this and wonder why you are so unhappy in life?Fine, die alone, men dont care.Plenty of decent women out there not like yous.

  • annieport

    rosevdwerf annieport  Exactly. This guy needs to get his head out of his own ass.

  • DanielCooke

    Complains like fuck then says women arent complains.Who complains more men or women?Nuff said

  • bakersdozen13

    DanielCooke SophieMcGhee  Can someone please translate this child’s ramblings to English?

  • SophieMcGhee

    RichJimenez sknost  HA! hahahahahahahahaha. bigots. you just don’t like that we can have our own opinions, can be equally intelligent, and can be as imperfect about expressing them as we like because we are people too. How many times have i heard a man cuss out something because he is angry? If you are dismissing her right to swear because it makes her arguement invalid you are just reaching. Calling people a cunt isn’t what makes women empowered- it’s not the swearing that does that- she was calling the person a cunt because they are devalueing women and as a feminist she was angry and calling the person out on it. Or if your arguement is that ‘cunt’ being an insult would do the opposite of empower women i would challenge that it is a double standard. If someone were called a ‘prick’ no one would think it is devalueing men. 

    Or you can just keep taking things out of context so you can feel better about yourselves.

  • bakersdozen13

    DanielCooke  If you knew how to read, you’d understand that most of the “man hating feminist/lesbians” in this comment thread are actually sticking up for men. Because the men in their lives are far removed from the insecure little boy the author describes. Please try again.

  • DanielCooke

    bakersdozen13 DanielCooke SophieMcGhee  
    Im 22 and if you have a problem with my english-

  • DanielCooke

    bakersdozen13 DanielCooke  
    Die alone like a good little bitch.This article is as straight and honest as it gets.Anyone who says otherwise is a feminist/lesbian or dellusionist or feminized die alone try hard beta male.Next.

  • fhockey89

    Lizzles08 I hate the “feminist”. Why? Because most real “feminists” are constantly preaching and ranting about “women’s rights” which I don’t. I do believe both men and women do have or should have equal rights, but I’m not outside picketing and voting for Obama (sorry if I offended you) “fighting for equal rights”. Newsflash for all you “true feminists” out there; it’s 2014. Not 1954. Women have been entitled to more rights, more executive and managerial job positions, celebrity fame, than ever in history. I hate that word “feminist” and just because I quietly believe and am for equal rights, does not, making my a feminist. And that goes for every other woman who thinks like I do. That’s just my opinion though and you’re entitled to yours.

  • annieport

    DanielCooke  LOLOLOLOLOL it’s funny how you just make assumptions about the women (and men) commenting who disagree with the sexism and disrespect that is dripping from this article. I am not a lesbian or a man hater, and I have awesome fucking sex with my boyfriend all the time. However, my boyfriend doesn’t treat me like an ignorant, annoying sex doll that is only here for his entertainment and the rest of the time I need to shut up and sit by his side like a little puppy dog (which is just a more blunt way of summing up everything this article implies). Any self respecting woman or man would be offended by this “list” because it makes both sexes look absolutely ridiculous and pathetic. “man haters” would actually agree with this… because it makes men sound like disgusting, thoughtless pigs. You need to reevaluate your comprehension skills, pal.

  • DanielCooke

    annieport DanielCooke  
    Your boyfriend is a beta male who just puts up with your bullshit.Hard luck on getting the bottom of the gene pool.Men are more sexual than women, more honest and level headed then women in general, get over it.

  • RichJimenez

    DanielCooke bakersdozen13 Beta male/faux white night is the best adjective for some of these guys.

  • Lizzles08

    fhockey89 Lizzles08  not offended – I get your point of view.  I applaud you for being in favor of equal rights.  If you look up the definition of feminist, though, that’s what it is and a lot of people don’t realize that.  Unfortunately it’s a word some people associate with an extremist, bra-burning “down with men” type of minority.  Maybe all of society isn’t ready to start using that word but semantics count.  Agree that we are both entitled to our own opinions, though.

  • sknost

    SophieMcGhee  I am sorry Sophie, but if you read  that as a manifesto that should be memorized, that is your first mistake.  

    Double standards?  There are a million articles a day geared at women by women telling them how men should make more of an effort to understand women.  Literally this same article with all its sexism and entitlement from the females perspective and many (not all) nod along and agree with it.  Not saying the above article is 100 percent accurate to all men everywhere, just  that i think the author raises some good points about “double standards” and when the shoe is on the other foot its women bashing.  Women bash men all the time and its perfectly acceptable.

  • RichJimenez

    SophieMcGhee RichJimenez sknost Point out where I said any of that.  You can’t.  End of.

  • annieport

    DanielCooke annieport  Lol oh my goodness you poor little boy. “beta male”? You have no idea what my boyfriend is like. I’m not even going to argue with you because you are so so pathetic. The only girl you will be able to get with your attitude, is one with absolutely no self respect. However, I am sure that is not a problem for you. Have fun with your sad little life, compadre.

  • bigcountry418

    I’m just trying to get to step one and get a date.

  • RichJimenez

    annieport DanielCooke In your emotional rage you missed the whole point.  Imagine that, a lady thinking with emotions vs. objectivity.  The article doesn’t imply that one bit.  It’s just what men want, whether it be all or some of the list.

  • fhockey89

    Lizzles08 I 100% agree with you. And I’d totally wouldn’t mind that word is if like you said, wasn’t associated with the extremist.

  • DanielCooke

    RichJimenez DanielCooke bakersdozen13  
    Exactly man.And these are the same men who will die alone, emasculate themselves and simply arent attractive to women and they are more like women then men or rather they have most of the negatives of the female sex but almost NONE of the positives of being of the male sex.They are just these girls opinion in a deeper voice and thats what a lot of immature younger girls think they want.Roll on a few years and they get bored of walking all over their man and will start complaining ‘theres no good men’ the smart ones either cop on or else they die alone or simply go below their standards of what attracts them/makes them feel complete and marries a beta male and remains feeling empty/unhappy for the rest of their life.

  • AndreaBoyd

    richcook1960  are you gay?

  • DanielCooke

    annieport DanielCooke  
    I have a very good idea of what your boyfriend is like cause he puts up with your BS-Low testosterone, very little opinion of his own, essentially you are in a relationship with a well trained dog, not a man.Fast forward 5-10 years and lets see if youre married?Doubt it, maybe 1% of women settle with this kind of man and are happy and complete.Good day.

  • SueShiny

    bigcountry418  you will find a date as long as you arent a jerk like the guy that wrote this! 🙂

  • bakersdozen13

    DanielCooke bakersdozen13 SophieMcGhee  That’s about the level of maturity I’d expect from someone like you. Thanks for proving my point!

  • DanielCooke

    A honest woman who knows whats up.Keep rockin, lady

  • irishbob89

    Ladies, ladies, ladies. Dear oh dear oh dear.
    You mightn’t like these “things”, some of them may offend you, but unfortunately they’re as real as a heart attack.
    And they apply to EVERY straight man in the world. 
    This is what we’re like, warts and all.

    You need to accept it, or go somewhere else, because we ain’t changing.

    Yes, even those pathetic “white knights” who’re apologizing on behalf of men everywhere. ESPECIALLY them.

    Your wonderful, caring husband who you think doesn’t act this way? Guess what, when your back is turned he’s down the pub telling his mates how much he’d love to try anal with you, but because he’s a pathetic, emasculated beta, he doesn’t have the balls.
    How many times has he fantasized about a threesome with you and that hot milf next door? His internet search history? You better have some strong bleach ready!

    Deep within him, he has the same desires and thoughts as every other one of us.
    He’s undressed your best friend when she comes over to visit.
    And secretly he despises your new pixie haircut but doesn’t have the courage to say so.

    Now he might SAY different (like the white knights on this thread) but they do this for one reason only: to curry favour, and to get into your pants.

    Oh they’ll deny it (I can’t wait for the WK’s to start denying it), but they know it’s true.
    So ladies, this is men, in the raw, as real as it gets, Please deal with it.

  • CReiL

    DanielCooke annieport  assuming you speak for men everywhere, men also don’t know the difference between then and than. “Men” should go back to eighth grade where these kind of generalizations and grammar mistakes would be more acceptable.

  • bakersdozen13

    RichJimenez DanielCooke bakersdozen13  But we’re not telling you what to think. We’re telling you how the men we know and love think and behave…and it’s not anything like this (THANK GOD). 

    I love men who blame all of their woes on “the feminist movement.” It’s literally your favorite strawman. Take some personal accountability, children.

  • vetipie

    Wow this sounds like a total Douche Bag, unfortunately the world is full of dicks

  • SueShiny

    TedStixon SueShiny  I meant to say guys like the one who wrote the article lol

  • annieport

    DanielCooke annieport  “my boyfriend doesn’t treat me like an ignorant, annoying sex doll that is only here for his entertainment and the rest of the time I need to shut up and sit by his side like a little puppy dog”… so from this you automatically know all of those things you’ve just described about my boyfriend? So, honestly, in your opinion you aren’t a real man unless you treat women like shit? Please tell me how you can justify this; and by “justify” I don’t mean just by insulting me and him, considering you’ve no idea anything about us.

  • vetipie

    DanielCooke sounds like you need to try anal sex up your ass you are so retentive

  • bakersdozen13

    DanielCooke bakersdozen13  Awww, did I strike a nerve? I love when Red Pillers/MRA extremists leave their little circlejerks and try to interact with the rest of the world. They faceplant SO dang hard.

    I’m in a loving, fulfilling relationship with a partner who adores me, respects me and treats me like an equal. In turn, I adore him, respect him and treat him like an equal. It’s safe to bet you can’t claim the same.

  • vetipie

    Daniel you are doing a great job complaining, whining, and attacking.

  • DanielCooke

    bakersdozen13 DanielCooke SophieMcGhee  
    I dont beat around the bush, and in probably the best article I have ever seen on men on the internet with all these beta males and FEMinists commenting its hard to take a no face keyboard warrior like yourself seriously that only voices their opinion here because it is anonymous.

  • DanielCooke

    CReiL DanielCooke annieport  
    Yeh and now Im going to be anal about your writing because you didnt capitalize 😉
    Feminist retard>>>>>>>>>>>OUT

  • annieport

    RichJimenez annieport doesn’t imply what? That women are “ignorant (#1, #7, #24) annoying (#8, #44) sex dolls (#9, #11, #17, #42, #43)”? Because I am pretty sure it does. Again, please work on your comprehension skills… or maybe, just pull your head out of your own entitled ass and stop making excuses for sexism.

  • irishbob89

    Their isn’t any men who don’t think this way. None. Because it’s how we’re wired.
    Now, there’s men who’ll lie through their teeth and say what you want to hear to get in your pants and have an easy life (like a lot of the “respectful boyfriends” of the ladies on this thread) but deep down they’re the same.
    No exceptions.

  • vetipie

    Daniel, is a tiny boy, hahaha. Your actions will get you nothing.

  • vetipie

    DanielCooke I bet you have small cock, small boy syndrome

  • DanielCooke

    annieport DanielCooke  
    Youre delusional, he puts up with your BS like youve written for sex.Congratulations that was simple wasnt it?Now go have a conversation with your beta male where he will DENY DENY DENY like a good dog because youve already instilled your fucked up ideas in his head, like the well trained dog that he is.
    For the record I treat women amazing and have been told so, but I dont put up with FEMinist BS ideals which are alienating the sexes from eachother and increasing hugely the number of mail order brides.

  • AlexanderBarone

    This “list” is misogynistic and rooted in terrible ideals that, frankly, are archaic. 
    If any modern man follows this “guideline”, he’s, frankly, pathetic.

  • bakersdozen13

    DanielCooke bakersdozen13 SophieMcGhee  Oh, believe me, kiddo. Based on the word vomit you’re spewing, I find it hard to believe you’ve ever “beat around a bush” in any capacity. 

    I love how your arguments are condensed to Internet buzzwords like “keyboard warrior” and “white knight.” Yes. We get it. You read How to be An Alpha Male on the Internet 101.  We’re so impressed.

    Would people take me more seriously if I uploaded a black-and-white photo of me looking away from the camera, faux brooding on some deep thought? Because that’s the pinnacle of winning credibility on the Internet.

  • DanielCooke

    vetipie DanielCooke  
    Big cock, big boy, high test syndrome.
    No name retard>>>>>>>>>>>OUT

  • DanielCooke

    Die alone with your cat 😀

  • irishbob89

    AlexanderBarone Its real, fortunately, or unfortunately. You can chose to ignore it, or you can work with what’s there. Your decision.

  • annieport

    DanielCooke RichJimenez  “these men will die alone” and “simply aren’t attractive to women”. LOLOLOL for the sake of being as shallow as you guys, I took a look at your facebook and you are both ugly as sin. Man you two are silly silly silly.

  • DanielCooke

    bakersdozen13 DanielCooke  
    Treats him like an equal…Tell me more about all the dates in which he pays for everything and presents he buys you.
    Cool dog brah

  • DanielCooke

    annieport DanielCooke RichJimenez  
    IM SO FUCKING UGLY DAMN.Go back to bossing around your dog.

  • bakersdozen13

    DanielCooke bakersdozen13  It seems like you don’t have much of an idea of how adult relationships, so sure, I’d love to educate you. 

    When he asks me out, he pays. When I ask him out, I pay. It’s about 50-50. We get each other little gifts, little tokens of affection pretty frequently. We spoil each other on anniversaries and birthdays. See, that’s part of being in an ADULT, equal relationship. Things work both ways. Does that make you more bitter, or less?

    This is a lot of fun – watching you try SO HARD to gain steam, only to get smacked down over and over and over again.

  • vetipie

    @Danielcooke. I got your number, your that little ugly boy that needs to watch “how to build muscles” videos.. Small boy syndrome. Small penis syndrome. So you compensate by blabbing hate. You were a fat little kid, short and not attractive, so you need to put down women to feel better about yourself. You have no idea of your own shadow as your narcissism gets in your way.  Alcohol plays a dominant role in your life, verging on abuse.

  • annieport

    DanielCooke annieport  Oh my god you are literally the stupidest human I’ve ever come across. I asked for a valid example of how you are justifying your assumptions, not just MORE assumptions. What fucked up ideas do I have, that I am instilling in his head? Because I do not think I have expressed any of my ideas to you, simply pointed out how you were terribly wrong and you became defensive and starting attacking the integrity of a man you know nothing about. I feel sad for you, you seem to have a lot of anger inside of you. Lol.

  • Lizzles08

    sknost SophieMcGhee  Sorry to jump in here, but I don’t think anyone here is advocating making bashing men a part of accepted societal standards.  I for one think it’s a great thing to encourage BOTH men and women to understand each other, just not in a way that effectively makes one gender secondary to the other (like this article does).  

    I for one don’t think it’s acceptable to bash all men OR women– BOTH are detrimental to both genders.  Example: the quintessential cleaning product commercial featuring a woman recounting her big dumb idiot husband made a mess and she had to clean it.  Yes, this is reinforcing colossally outdated stereotypes of the woman always being the one who does the cleaning, but it’s also insulting to the man to assume that he is incapable of cleaning or doing his part in taking care of the home.  Some men are stay-at-home dads and excellent fathers, and no that doesn’t make you “less of a man.”  Ironically, a lot of the put-downs toward men are by other men, too (just as some women put each other down).  This has to stop.

  • Lizzles08

    fhockey89 Lizzles08  Well, I’m just hoping society catches on, as I think they will, and it will become acceptable terminology for everyone.  I think more people believe in equal rights than we think… it’s just getting to admit it that can be tough 😉

  • irishbob89

    DanielCooke Nail on head Daniel. The “oh I’ve an amazing boyfriend who treats my amazing” stuff makes me laugh out loud.
    Cos them fuckers are probably the biggest perverts of them all.

  • sknost

    SophieMcGhee RichJimenez sknost  Your logic is so off Sophie.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however it does not make their opinion right.  She has every right to swear, i just find it laughable that she is using one of the most derogatory terms for a female and justifying it in the name of empowering women.  That is beyond “reaching” that is a complete oxymoron.  

    Double standard?? You are a typing double standard.  By your logic: “I’m going to call you a cunt, but its OK because its in the name of feminism and as a woman, that is what we fight for, the right to degrade other women.”   Do you see how moronic this is?  


  • bakersdozen13

    annieport DanielCooke  If you want a real laugh, visit his Facebook page. It’s 90% links ranting about women and relationships (and a bonus dick size article!) and 10% posting shirtless in front of the mirror. What a sad little man.

  • DanielCooke

    annieport DanielCooke  
    Stupidest?Nice word.I have to say I love females and the way I get treated in real life emotionally by the ones that care about me but when it comes to critical thinking in differences between the sexes and how it should be so both will be happy and complete long term, most younger and even some older females literally have no fucking idea whatsoever.Were not the same, men are in general more honest, creative, level headed, critical thinkers.Women are more caring, loving, compassionate.There is plenty of double standards in life and we just have to get over that but what you fail to see is FEMinism has about 10x more, making it much worse.Me out.

  • DanielCooke

    bakersdozen13 DanielCooke  
    Im not trying hard at all.Fact is if hes not like the article for the most part, hes beta/white knight and from the sounds of it you made him that way and put those ideas into his head.So you have a weak minded, easily swayed, low test(You know, the hormone that should be high in a male and what separates him from being a female) male as a partner who doesnt know what he wants and thats why hes with you.Real catch you got there.
    Thats me out, done with talking to no face, no name dellusionist FEMinists who have a huge presence and huge mouth online, but when it comes to real life theyre just manipulating their boyfriend or just trudging through life unhappy as fuck.Hey misery likes company, but sorry I only hang with positive people.

  • DanielCooke

    bakersdozen13 annieport DanielCooke  
    Its called bodybuilding…because you know, I actually ant to compete one day?Anyways you dont need to worry about that cause its not something youl ever see in person, you obese, no face, no name retard.Yeh go read all the stuff on my facebook, read all of it, masturbate to all my pics.Glad to know you have that kind of spare time.Goodbye.

  • CatHougie

    This article seems like it was written by a character on Mad Men….wow. You think we would have improved ourselves since the 1960s.

  • Lizzles08

    irishbob89 BS.  Because I’m pretty sure that lying about your basic desires to “get in their pants” would actually NOT make for an easy life.  In fact that sounds like a horrible life.  No guy would do that.  

    You sound so sure of yourself, that all men are the same, as if wanting anal and threesomes were an inherent part of male nature (I’ve known multiple guys that turned those down when presented the opportunity– and the opportunity that no one would know or judge them).  I could cite pages and pages of evidence to the contrary, including male commenters refuting that all men are like the article.  The burden of proof is on you, my friend.  “That’s how we’re wired” isn’t sufficient.

  • bakersdozen13

    DanielCooke bakersdozen13  Keep projecting your own shortcomings on my wonderful boyfriend, mmk? It’s super cute, in a pathetic sort of way. 🙂 Best of luck coping with that loneliness!

  • sknost

    Lizzles08 sknost SophieMcGhee  I agree completely, Lizzles08.  I do not advocate either gender bashing the other, i am simply pointing out that i think the author has a great piece of satire here.  When this article has the sexes reversed, everyone just accepts it.  Definitely not right, just stating how it is and to quote Sophie a complete “double standard”.

  • bakersdozen13

    DanielCooke bakersdozen13 annieport  The fun thing is, you can only speculate what I’m like, what my boyfriend is like, what our relationship is like – but I get to see living, breathing proof that you’re an under-built, butterface with a persecution complex bigger than your penis. You obsess over women, over doing things the “Alpha” way (yet women still rule your life lolololololol), and where has it gotten you? A lonely, bitter near-illiterate whiner (WHINING IS SO ALPHA OMMMG)? Was that the goal?

  • CC4

    The funniest thing about this list is the comments.. So much drama over so little. Clearly you people have no sense of humour? It is not a set of rules, a list of directions or course of action. 

    This is actually just a funny list of things women could do that would make 90% of men stupidly happy. The funny thing is that you see every day these lists telling you how men should treat a woman like a princess, spoil her and do all this crazy stuff. Which, just so you know, I completely agree with. 

     The point is this list is just a generalisation of the things that run through a testosterone filled mind. The fact that your man treats you great is not because he doesn’t necessarily want these things it’s because he is going out of his way to make you happy. As this post is suggesting women should do equally for a man. 

    So many times i’ve read the word equal here, yet very few people seem to understand what it actually means.

  • Lizzles08

    jw123456  I totally agree with you.  I guess the one silver lining of reading this is that many of the responses to the article reinforce the fact that society is going in the right direction.  Not all responses, but many.  The misogynist creeps on here will either be humiliated after realizing they’ve been on the wrong side of history, or will (hopefully) get with the times and think “gosh, why did I ever say anything that horrible.”

  • SumikoSaulson

    I agree with #2 “Don’t try to change him.” As far as the rest of the list goes: the main problem I have is that it is all about how to try to change HER. The secondary issue I take with it is that it seems to assume that all men are really insecure. Not all men are as insecure as the ones being described on this list.

  • SumikoSaulson

    DanielCooke  My sex life is great, thanks for asking.

  • SumikoSaulson

    DanielCooke Do you tell that to your mother, Daniel?

  • SumikoSaulson

    sknost f you’re saying that this is a parody of those articles about how women should treat men – in that light, it’s hilarious.

  • SumikoSaulson

    fhockey89  i agree with you, not all guys are like that, and some guys were not raised to act that way. And as far as #2 goes, while we are all guilty of checking out the opposite sex, when you are with someone out of respect you are not supposed to let them catch you doing it, and you are not supposed to rub it in their face. Unless it’s people you don’t know i.e. celebrities: I don’t care that he’s checking out Megan Fox. I don’t “get” the chick flick reference. I see chick flicks with my mom or my female friends: why would I force him to watch one?

  • ConnorSmith

    ConnorSmith  How, exactly?

  • sknost

    SumikoSaulson sknost  minor tweak- a parody/satire of articles about how men should understand women.

  • Lizzles08

    XavierPoobah KarenBrown1  Do you think men and women should have equal rights?  Yes?  Then you’re a feminist (if not, you’re an anachronistic anomaly who will get left behind as being on the wrong side of history, much like pro-segregationists of the south in the 60’s).  

    Additionally, “you go girl” (to stay consistent with the rather hokey example you provided) does not and should not in any way pertain to anything putting men down.  Let’s say I worked really hard and got a good job.  “You go girl” would be appropriate.  Now let’s say my boyfriend wouldn’t sleep with me so I cheated on him.  High fives from my girl friends and a “you go girl” would not be appropriate.  

    The empowerment that a lot of these articles seek to provide is meant to be positive, not putting men down or attempting to train them like a monkey so they do everything we say.  To claim otherwise might suggest that you either have a misplaced paranoia or you’re exclusively reading highly extremist stuff that doesn’t begin to capture the spirit behind the empowerment movement.  Maybe you’re not reading these articles at all and are just making erroneous assumptions based on what sexist people are saying.  Either way– believe it or not, you CAN have supportive relationships where neither gender is considered secondary to the other.

  • Lizzles08

    wizard.prang SKrob  Do you make her give you blowjobs after watching a chick flick?

  • SumikoSaulson

    sknost SumikoSaulson  Thanks. That’s what I meant. Typo.

  • wizard.prang

    Lizzles08 wizard.prangIrrelevant. She does not watch chick flicks. Too much “Drama”
    Apparently the “I didn’t quite agree with everything” bit was lost on you.

  • Lizzles08

    wizard.prang Lizzles08  I’ll pray for your wife tonight, rat king.

  • Lizzles08

    bakersdozen13 DanielCooke  I just have to say… bakersdozen13’s comments are all amazing I’m loving this.

  • ConnorSmith

    AlexanderBarone  It’s a joke-post. Completely satire.

  • ConnorSmith

    Everyone, Please understand that this is a joke-post. It is intended as Satire. Please, Stop taking it all so seriously.

  • annieport

    DanielCooke annieport  Stupidest is a word genius. You cannot spell, and you make assumptions about which gender has more of which quality-which is the STUPIDEST thing you can do because it’s different for each person, not based on gender. Poor, delusional, ugly little boy. I really hope for your sake that your outlook on a lot of things change as you mature.

  • SumikoSaulson

    ConnorSmith  It took me a while to figure out that it was satire/parody. >shrug<

  • ChavonneBrown

    DanielCooke SophieMcGhee  Clearly you complain more Daniel, you’ve been complaining for hours Daniel. All you do is embarrass the gender by asserting some absurd alpha male supremacy over the herd of beta men as you see them. What are you trying to prove? Who are you trying to prove it to? You assert also the analytical superiority of men but I have found a wealth of logic in both genders. You talk about women as more compassionate and men as more creative. You can assign these traits in general to an entire half of the species can you? I hadn’t realised your bodybuilding and loneliness made you both god and an authority on personal relationships. Enjoy your small world, Daniel. I don’t care how sophisticated you think you are: the fool doth think he is wise.

  • ChavonneBrown

    ConnorSmith  By offering people like @DanielCooke a place to air their archaic views. Then again, also lets us knock him down.

  • ChavonneBrown

    RichJimenez Camel Cigarettes  What? Do you hear yourself speaking? The treatment of half of the human race as human beings is a bad thing? Please, outline your argument for me.

  • ChavonneBrown

    SumikoSaulson ConnorSmith  I really enjoy how it’s brought some of the worst sexists out to wave their banners in agreement. Like a racist viewing American History X as a polemic against black people. Funny stuff.

  • SumikoSaulson

    ChavonneBrown SumikoSaulson ConnorSmith  I know! But I think it is mostly just one guy.

  • ChavonneBrown

    SumikoSaulson ChavonneBrown ConnorSmith  There are two other fellows with him, a pack of alpha males which technically would result in them tearing each other apart.

  • Sero7311

    26. Please go on adventures together. Find new interests together. Be spontaneous… Life is too short to get into a bitter routine when you’re young. 
    27. I said this before, NO ONE is a mind reader. If you cannot openly talk to your partner about what you need and want you are not mature enough to be in a relationship and will most likely be unhappy with anyone.
    28. Men, woman cut their hair for their own happiness. Not yours. If you want to be happy let them be confident with how they look. (I know my husband prefers short hair and was sad when I started to grow it out. I was tired of the same look so for my own happiness I changed things up. *GASP* He still loves me and wants sex on the regular so…)
    29. You are now partners in crime. Go mingle, but in the end be at each others side. But if you do EVERYTHING together what will you have to talk about?
    30. You are now in a committed relationship DO NOT FLIRT WITH ANYONE! Flirtation is the first step in getting to know someone intimately. If you are doing this you are not truly in love and should just end your relationship. There is no such thing as harmless flirtation. If you don’t believe me, go tell your partner you’ve been flirting but aye, “it was harmless” and see how they react. I bet they’re hurt and losing trust in you.
    31. True enough. Inspire one another.
    32. Whatever you want in bed he will do it… This is probably true. But I cannot agree that a man’s fantasies are so much darker than a woman’s. I won’t do into details I’ll just say I’ve made my husband speechless he just smiled and smiled.
    33. Be each others rock. Be their truest support system. Why else choose to give your life to someone else?
    34. I do tend to give him the bigger portions…
    35. Emasculating… no not during a fight, this is definitely dangerous ground. But otherwise most men have a sense of humor. 
    36. Don’t bring up sexual pasts unless it’s funny or makes the person feel great about their own performance. 
    37. True. Works both ways.
    38. If he cheats on you leave and never go back. If she cheats on you leave and never go back.
    39. I’m old school and believe this. But here is a conundrum for you, what do you do with double doors. You hold a door open and there’s another door? As a woman do I just wait or go ahead?
    40. Be each other’s moral compass. Keep  one another on track. It’s a great way to get through life. 
    41. Let him win sometimes. I’m sorry but no. My husband and I are too competitive for this bullshit. When we play a game we play to win. And if we are butt hurt about it we usually pick on each other until we are both laughing and it ends in bed… So respect someone enough to never coddle them.
    42. Umm… I’m on the fence with this one. Chick flicks are awful and yes he deserves head if you made him sit through something he didn’t want to watch. But in that same respect if you are watching an awful action movie , I’ll use RoboGeisha as the example, and she makes it through with out complaint she deserves head  while she’s eating a big bowl of what ever the fuck she wants.
    43. Threesomes… Gahh, I understand why a guy would want it to happen. But having been in a few myself here is what sucks about them. One girl will always be left feeling unwanted and unsatisfied. It’s like the whole time the guy is trying to figure out which girl is better. It’s not fun and is solely about the guy. Trust me men, you are not enough to truly satisfy two women. And if they both claimed to have gotten off they are either lying, or taking the time to get each other off while you nap.
    44. If you need noise put some headphones one. Seriously I hate pointless chattering.
    45.Everyone can use an ego boost from time to time. Don’t give someone else the opportunity to be your significant other’s ego boost. 
    46. You don’t always have to be right. This goes both ways. Honestly I don’t know how many times I’ve just wanted to get an opinion out of my mouth before it’s critiqued. 
    47. It may sound sexiest but I cannot disagree with this. If you man sees you getting way more dolled up going out with the girls than with him he’s going to wonder who you are trying to impress.
    48. He’s not your dad.
    49. You are not his mother. 
    50. He’s complicated, but he doesn’t want to talk about it or let you know. And sometimes your complexity scares the shit out of him and when you break down from bottling it up he doesn’t know what to do. If he stays by you, holding you and just says it’s okay over and over, you have yourself a keeper.

  • Sero7311

    I know this is satire, and that it is meant as a joke, but I see these kinds of articles everywhere. Women’s magazines even post them. It’s ridiculous. So here’s my version. You don’t have to read it, but I would to see people’s reactions. 
     1. Stay away from his internet history. UNLESS : He challenges you to look. If he protests and says he is unlike other guys and never looks at that stuff, please look and then call him out on his bull shit. (But honestly don’t be surprised if you do or do not find anything. It’s hard to tell now with the private windows)
    2. You cant change him. Nope, and if you love him you shouldn’t try. If he does things that hurt you, all you can do is tell him how you feel and hope he loves you enough to change for himself. 
    3. You SHOULD take it personally when he checks out other girls. And here is why : Men spend most of their day at work or with friends. If he cannot control himself for the few hours he is out with you he does not respect you. He can check out girls on his own time. 
    4. He will choose his friends over you… What girl is telling her boyfriend/husband to not spend time with his friends? This is petty and childish. He has a life outside of you and I would hope you have a life outside of him. (An amazing girlfriend/wife would be welcome in his friends circle and know when to head out to let them have guys night) But in that same respect BOTH need to make time for each other. 
    5. Only bitch about family together. I’ve gotten pretty hot about my husband criticizing my mother so this is very much dangerous ground on both sides. 
    6. If you’ve talked it through and forgiven each other, LET SHIT GO. This goes for BOTH SIDES. I’ve ended relationships because guys couldn’t let go of things I told them about my past or even arguments we had in our past. Holding onto these things will just eat you up inside. 
    7. Perfectly stated, for both sides. 
    8. Not all women bitch. The second my husband gets through the door I have coffee waiting and his favorite video game up. When I get home he has coffee waiting and my favorite video game up. Just make each other feel missed and wanted. It doesn’t take much, just a hug and a how was your day.
    9. With holding sex is a very dangerous game. And it is also stupid. If you aren’t grown up to both maturely talk about what is causing a problem within your relationship then you WILL NOT last as a couple. But men, know that girls have toys that can replace you quite easily. Just sayin’….
    10. He’s jealous of all your straight guy friends. So unless he can become friends with them, probably not the best idea to hang out with them all the time. GUYS, She’s jealous of all your straight girl friends. Same applies. AND, do not  make friends with new girls (and girls… with new guys) after you are in a committed relationship unless your significant other is involved. This will lead to arguments I promise you. 
    11. He wants to try anal. Every man loves a woman who is THC (Three holes certified) My advice : start in missionary as this will help you be less tight, breath and just relax. You can also start on top that way you have more control.  Men, LET HER DO IT. Do not just shove it in there unless you are prepared to take a dildo to the bum to see how it feels. It hurts when you do not prepare yourself and it will turn her off from letting you do it again. Also nipple and clit stimulation is a MUST during this process if you want it again. 
    12. Men, if you tell her you want to bang her friends, if you flirt with her friends or are caught staring inappropriately you will find she has less and less friends. Girls already have a hard time trusting other girls. We are taught from a young age to be in competition with women and no matter how logical she is this will be a struggle for the rest of her life. So if you want to go out with the guys on a Saturday night but you’ve alienated her from all of her friends what do you think is going to happen??
    13. You should learn to play pool. Seriously it’s a lot of fun, and it is fun to shark people with your husband/boyfriend. Men do not expect females to be good at… well anything from the sounds of this article. 
    14. He wants you to seduce him. And quite honestly it’s a lot of fun to try new ways to get him going. If you can get him to put down a game he is playing you have won. On that same subject. MEN. Girls love to be seduced. Women love sex. They love to be wanted. So don’t just knock on the back door with your morning wood. Make her shake until she wants you just as much as you want her.
    15. Pretty spot on. Same goes for women buying men presents. If you don’t like it, tell her don’t be an ass about it just say I’m glad you thought of me, but can you really see me wearing this?
    16. You can’t both complain that you want to be needed and be annoyed by someone being needy. Both sides, make your needs known. NO ONE is a mind reader.
    17. Being healthy is important. But men, if you notice your girlfriend/wife is crash dieting and starving herself to fit what she thinks you want, talk to her. Because chances are this isn’t what you mean.
    18. If you’ve been living together for three years she probably doesn’t care if you’re not getting married. But women if it is important to you TELL THEM. 
    19. Ultimatums DO NOT WORK. On either side. Period.
    20. Not everyone wants kids. Just talk about it. If you want 8 kids and he adamantly  wants none and you still marry him who’s fault is it you’re unsatisfied?
    21. BWAHAHAHA No he doesn’t. No one does. Hopefully there’s enough trust and respect there though that this isn’t an issue.
    22. Become interested in each other. But don’t expect him to take up knitting and don’t expect her to take up lifting.  
    23. This will pretty much never be resolved. Even the coolest girl will change a few times. A women’s body and mood is in constant flux. 🙂 
    24. I have little interest in shoes… But men need to realize we dress for other women. Again it’s that feeling of constant competition. And I know men who have more tennis shoes than I have clothes.
    25. You should always take his side… when you’re around other people. And him yours. Unless you’re playing a game where you’re trying to kick his ass or they are obviously wrong. But when you are alone a friendly debate can be both challenging and satisfying.

  • RichJimenez

    annieport  That’s okay for you to think that. Daniel Cooke must be handsome enough to pull the girls that’s on his profile. I’ve gotten my fair share too. It’s about projecting an image of being able to provide and protect your woman. I’m not buying your insult. I think it’s a weak attempt to emasculate. I’m a dude and can see he’s not ugly. What you’re doing is the equivalent of a 3rd grade girl hitting the guy she likes. I’d have no problem drinking a pint with Daniel at the Long Hall or Kavanagh’s. You, not so much.

  • thisisnoise16

    annieport RichJimenez  So when a guy wants anal or a threesome, that means he’s treating her as a sex doll? 
    It’s funny, when women have interests, ladies will defend it and call any criticizers sexist, which they should. But when men have perfectly fine, natural interests, they’re somehow acting disgustingly or somehow degrading women by wanting to have a fun sex life.
    You should watch what you’re calling sexist, because in this case you’d classify also. Many of the implications in this article ARE, but not #9, #11, or #43. 
    As for #9, that’s not treating women as sex objects. It’s that sex is an important activity for intimacy and emotional bonding. Withholding that is insulting to men more because of what it represents as to where the relationship is going. Stone-walling your boyfriend/husband just because of an argument creates distance and that hurts, emotionally.

  • Milehisnk

    bakersdozen13 RichJimenezDanielCookeThe irony is lost.  “We’re telling you how the men we know and love think and behave…and it’s not anything like this.”

    Well, actually, it probably is a LOT like this.  We aren’t mind readers, and neither are you.  You don’t have a clue about 1/10th of what goes through mens minds.  I’d bet 95% of the men you know, absolutely fit the majority of this list.  It’s not sexism, it’s not anything other than brutal honesty.

  • JessicaJednachowski

    RichJimenez Lizzles08JessicaJednachowskiyou know people move in with each other now days before getting married to avoid the possibility of divorce. You have your right to your opinion and that is just what it is Rich..an opinion. I don’t have to explain anything to you, a man wouldn’t buy a house with a woman to have one foot out the door..you don’t know the meaning of self respect or respect in general. and another thing..why move in with someone if you want one foot out of the door?  My guess is your single..and have never been in a committed relationship because you don’t know the definition of a committed relationship.  A ring and a marriage certificate are not the only two things that make a couple committed..I’m sorry but they don’t, in my opinion.  You can say what you will about my fiance..but just because your a “man” does not mean you can speak for every other man out there okay?

  • JessicaJednachowski

    RichJimenez ZachvonSzeremyJessicaJednachowskiNot everyone wants to go to Justice of the Peace..some people want a nice traditional family wedding..so yes those do take a while to save for.

  • vetipie

    ConnorSmith  yet boys like @DanielCooke take it literally, and therefore installs oppression

  • Jynxpixie

    ConnorSmith It’s not very successful satire. Satire not only aims up but is formatted in a way to make a point on how ridiculous an idea is. This is formatted like any other “women are there for men’s desires to be lived in and through”.

  • StormCalysta

    Did this really say let him try anal??? Really? No. -.- fuckin sickos.

  • RobertFerguson2

    StormCalysta  Okay miss Pussy on a pedestal.

  • TedStixon

    ConnorSmith  The issue is, though, that there really isn’t anything in this list that makes it stand out as a joke/satire.  It reads like it was written as a sort-of serious piece (with some stupid humor thrown in).

  • Glitzi

    SumikoSaulson  quite insightful about it being about changing her! We are supposed to acknowledge and accept the intricacies (or simplicities) of man by sacrificing our own womanly nature lol.. not that I think a lot of this stuff is unreasonable, but still

  • sknost

    Jynxpixie ConnorSmith  I disagree.  I think it is extremely successful, especially given how much it has stirred the pot.  Its formatted just like every other “X amount of things men should understand women” post out there almost to a “T”.    And @TedStixon, lighten up bro, i don’t think your utter disgust is winning you any points with the ladies in real life.

  • hkq999

    CatHougie  not really. too many sex references. no one would have talked about anal sex so openly in the early ’60s. this list just sounds like it was written by a somewhat sexist person from today. mad men is also an exaggeration and some of it is plain false, many people who actually lived in the ’60s say the show is not accurate at all. the sexism of the ’50s and ’60s is often greatly exaggerated. we are actually more sexist today in some ways.

  • saj18

    satire or not, a lot of these are based off truth. Women can hate these truths, call people who vocalize it sexists, but it’s still how a guy thinks and as rule number two states.. You can’t change him.   The rules that don’t apply very much are 12,13,28 and 45. I don’t care about you buttering me up, with some friends the thought crosses my mind but mostly as a simple curiosity without intent . I would never cheat on my girl (I know how it feels to be cheated on). If a girl knows how to play pool, this means nothing for most guys. 
    1. Don’t try to emasculate me in public. I treat all people with respect even if I disagree with them. Do unto others yeah?
    2. It is super hot when the women initiates intimacy. If its me 24/7 I might start to think she doesn’t like or want it.
    3. Don’t flirt with my buddies. That’s obvious. they’ll tell me to ditch you cause you’re not loyal
    4. You don’t always have to be right… I admit when im wrong, please do the same.
    5. Quiet is valuable. I love talking to you, but there are times when I just want to sit on the couch and relax.
    6. Sex as a punishment is stupid. talk it out, fix it. I get you may not be turned on cause you’re mad but doing it to hurt me is petty.
    7. I don’t need you to agree with me in public on stuff, but I do see you as my EQUAL partner and appreciate back up.
    8. Men love blowjobs. We don’t watch movies expecting to be rewarded for watching them.. But any suitable reason or occasion for one is fine with us. 
    9. Men Don’t want some cookie cutter woman. They want one with intelligence and morals, and one that makes him a better man. Just like you guys have high standards for men, we too have high standards in our ideal woman. We want someone we can actually grow with. not just grow old with.

  • Milehisnk

    angstykitten Then you obviously don’t read Huffington Post, or anything from Moms Demand Action or any number of other liberal groups/pages.

  • ShawnKingston

    ConnorSmithMaybe I’m missing something, but most of these seemed to not be that
    bad, or really what I would even call “sexist.” Maybe the bj thing after
    watching a chick flick, the anal thing, and definitely the working out thing were all a bit out there, but the
    rest of it didn’t really seem to be a problem. If I’m totally off point
    here, please tell me so.

  • bakersdozen13

    Milehisnk bakersdozen13 RichJimenez DanielCooke  That’s not irony buuut…OK, I’ll bite.

    You know what? YOU don’t know what goes on through every man’s mind. You know what goes through yours. You know what goes through your buddies’.

    So don’t follow up “We aren’t mind readers” with “Here’s what men really think…” You simply don’t know either. Looks like we’ve chosen to associate ourselves with different men.

    I don’t pretend to speak for all women. Don’t speak for all men. Hypocrite.

  • Milehisnk

    TedStixon ConnorSmithIt was written as tongue in cheek.  Yes, most of the list is true for most men.  But that’s the comedy in it.  “Truth is stranger than fiction.” definitely holds true here.  Not every item on the list applies to everyone, but I’d be willing to bet that if you reverse roles and posted this towards men about women, it would still hold mostly true.

  • BeShanaman

    DanielCooke  lol forreallllll

  • BeShanaman

    DanielCooke bakersdozen13  try hard beta maleeeee lol for REALLLLLLL

  • BeShanaman

    annieport DanielCooke RichJimenez  Nice ad hominem there… Attack his person ie: call him ugly. Super effective argument.

  • saj18

    annieport DanielCooke RichJimenez  shallow would be in calling someone ugly not by looking at their facebook. You’re better than that.

  • BeShanaman

    DanielCooke bakersdozen13 annieport  

    I wish I could buy you a beer.

  • saj18

    annieport RichJimenez  Not entirely sure on my comprehension skills, but I am decent at math (I’m a man so that’s to be assumed). you had issues with 10 out of 50. So that makes this article 80% fine/okay.  Now about the comprehension… Telling you to stay away from his internet history makes you ignorant how??? Letting you know we don’t care about shoes makes a woman ignorant how???  Asking you not to bring up awkward history makes you ignorant how???  Letting you know that men prefer quiet once in a while makes you annoying how?? Telling you that both men and women need to be healthy, men are curious about anal cause most have never had it, withholding sex as punishment is bad, men like blowjobs, and they again are curious about threesomes because most of us have never had it makes you a sex doll how??? 
    Do you happen to not follow these 10 pieces of advice? Do you feel ignorant, annoying, and like a sex doll because men think this way? You shouldn’t. I don’t think you’re annoying, ignorant, or a sex doll and I find that I have a lot in common with this article.

  • Marie Claire Jones

    JessicaGalu  It’s because the article is a piece of crap.

    I do not care if the person I date checks out other people. I actually enjoy having conversation about people I find attractive with the person I date.

    It doesn’t change anything to the fact that this article is a piece of crap. 

    It makes seem both men and women as completely idiotic sexist stereotypes.

  • RichJimenez

    Marie Claire Jones JessicaGalu This is the woman guys dream about.  Your man looks almost exactly like the main character from The Americans.

  • darrahchristel

    What a sad way to portray men.

  • Marie Claire Jones

    I feel so enlightened now that I’ve learned that apparently all men are walking stereotypes with absolutely no emotional intelligence, no relationship communication skills, no sexual communication skills, no social skills, no understanding of human psychology, no capacity of social adaptation, no capacity of making moral decisions on their own, and no capacity of personal growth.

  • RichJimenez

    ChavonneBrown RichJimenez Camel Cigarettes She called me a bigot.  Not that it reduces me to crying but I want her to prove where I stated that.

  • RichJimenez

    Lizzles08 irishbob89 “Opportunity that no one would know”.  Well, if no one else would know and it takes a woman where does that leave you in the equation since you know? Hmmmm.

  • dreambig207

    As a man I can safely say a lot of this is bullshit. Real men don’t think like this. I may not like shoes but I care about you if your my girlfriend, I may not want to talk all the time but I value your thoughts interests and passions. Most of these are infected with selfishness, insecurity and immaturity… just stick with porn if you’re a misogynist. Or better yet buy a sex doll because that’s how this article treats women.

  • JoshuaAbdool

    It’s funny, this article is far more offensive to men than it is to women, portraying them as stupid, morally depraved, simpletons who’s egos need to be constantly stroked, who are lead more by their biological desires than that section of their brain responsible for rationality.
    Yet when you read the comments you wont find many men complaining about this (we generally don’t care). Instead, however, you will find women complaining about the fact that it is misogynistic  (a word that is so abused as to not have any value anymore). They of course are completely oblivious to how it is offensive to men.
    Truly strange. 
    (please like this comment, my tender ego needs stroking)

  • Wordtolife2

    Hello all, Check out this blog post
    looking at 20 real things that women should realise about men: A
    Christian Viewpoint.
    God bless

  • AjaSpanier

    Tell me this is a parody please..

  • saj18

    dreambig207 where in the article does the author say he does not value a woman’s thoughts or interests… Where in the article does the author say he does not care about his girlfriend or that women shouldn’t be treated with respect. Your argument is invalid due to being based off of… well.. nothing.

  • saj18

    Marie Claire Jones  believe it or not but most women are walking stereotypes too. Let’s not get into those now LOL.

  • RachaelDeLashmit

    saj18 You said his argument was invalid and based off of nothing before you even waited for his answer… lol.

  • themassivefail

    CharlesFrancoisMcGovern themassivefailjdaws92 It’s sadder that you don’t. Face facts.

  • saj18

    RachaelDeLashmit saj18  his argument would be his first post. The questions were rhetorical because I already know the answer as should he. No response was or is required and therefore I could safely tell him his argument is invalid due to not be founded on anything.

  • saj18

    RachaelDeLashmit saj18 In other cases where I DO tell someone their point of view or argument (sometimes life) is invalid prematurely, the act is on purpose. I call it the preemptive strike.  
    The closer, finisher, argument winner, debater’s gauntlet, and clever tactic also could substitute as names.
    I’m not looking for a fight Rachael, I just call out people when they say something that makes no sense. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but God help me I have to say something if it don’t make no rhyme or reason.

  • Misschief

    RobertFerguson2 StormCalysta  i believe you mean anus on a pedestal.

  • Misschief

    JoshuaAbdool  so glad other people feel this way.

  • Tehddy

    All this article taught me is that men are all selfish and that if women want to be happy we have to create a new society for only women… Oh, and it’s possible. You can harvest cells from bone marrow that can take the place of a sperm cell. And all babies from this will, of course, be female. Thanks for making me realize this, article writer.

  • Misschief

    this article almost made me a lesbian

  • EthanGagnon

    Goddamn people are mad. Relax folks, if anyone out there takes this seriously or actually follows this guideline just steer clear. Why are people so easy to offend in this day and age?

  • Odera

    The hate on this article is hilarious its all subjective and some people can relate to some points more than others. And this is written by a man so of course its goign to have his ideas of the perfect relationship if your a female and what he says upsets you dont bitch about it either find a man who’s ideals arent like this or take it as it is and article written by one dude from the perspective of himself and other friends. I cant tell you how many times Ive read female articles of this nature and said well thats bullshit. Its give and take.

  • AlexBlaha

    Oh god, kill me now. Ok ladies, most of these are over the top and outrageous. Few, very few, of these I can actually relate to. But seriously, I thought we were trying to create gender equality. Men and woman aren’t all that different, problem is most people don’t know the roots of men and women. A lot of things we don’t understand about women/men are because we are not educated enough about each gender’s ‘instinct’ or like ‘in our DNA’. For example, why men like big breasts.. because the bigger they are the better they will feed our children. Another example, why women like strong men, because they can protect her and her family. It goes a lot deeper like sexually and instincts that help us find the right mate. Like with all things, you have to understand WHY, the reason, not just look at it step by step the way this article portrays it.

  • AnyCarino

    1 Thing This Author Should Know Before Writing An Article That Marginalizes Both Sexes

    1. Don’t write a list containing 50 standards of all men and end it with “He’s not as complicated as you are”. 

    Kind of contradictory… just saying lol!!

  • JoshuaAbdool

    Tehddy being facetious right?, bah, I can never seem to tell across the internet.

  • johnsonrm5

    Sometimes, I get a little down and out about being a feminine lesbian. 

    Why could I just not be born to like boys?

    I would go off, marry a nice guy, Mom would be so thrilled… 


    Then I read articles like this, 

    and I realize… 

    Thank you God for making me a lesbian, because if this bs was my only option… 

    I would become a nun….

  • Kristelle

    Triple_Bizzle Kristelle  No, I’m not going to “appreciate” this, because it’s written by a heteronormative male whose intention is to bash women. Men are literally *always* telling women how to look/act/etc. This is just one more list about how women have to act in order to be attractive to men (seriously, the onus is not on a partner to be their significant other’s “moral compass”. That is absolutely ridiculous. If you don’t have a moral compass of your own, you probably shouldn’t be dating someone).

  • sknost

    Congratulations on finally feeling like your sexual preference has been substantiated by a parody internet article. Must feel so liberating!!! You hate men regardless, so why bother waste your time on reading/commenting other than to reassure your lesbianism? If you really need that kind of reassurance I would say you are about as confident in your lifestyle as the author is about his. But I’m thrilled that this gives your life meaning.

  • VantastikKim

    Well this is stupid.

  • jspade24

    The majority of women commenting are pretty pissed off, or whatever, at this article. What I find interesting is when some woman that works for some shit magazine tells you “50 Things That Your Man Wants You To Do” you eat that shit up. But when the article is written by a guy its Oh so offensive, and men are so selfish. Sorry to say this, but 95% of this shit is true and any guy that seems touchy by something this dude said probably read the article with his girl and hes offended because shes offended.

  • bakersdozen13

    BeShanaman  Wrong on two accounts. 1). Out-smarting lonely, bitter trolls takes minimal effort. 2) I’m female. You’d realize that if you had an ounce of reading comprehension. To the back of the line you go.

  • xoxochanel123

    DanielCooke What makes you think its okay to try to stereotype and categorize different sexes ? Everyone is different in their own way? I train in mixed martial arts and cage fight, but i also do pageants what does that categorize me as? Whenever I grew up i trained with both men and woman and I never ever thought anything was wrong or different, everyone has their own categories in life they’re good at, its not based off of sex, my own MMA instructor taught me that.. and he was a guy.

  • xoxochanel123

    I dont really care for this article, I think it makes real men look bad. I’m pretty sure its a joke though ..

  • Odera

    sknost  hear hear

  • knfelton

    By saying a woman owes him sex after participating in an activity the woman likes, he is devaluing her interests and basically saying he’s only spending time doing what she wants to do so he can get a little nookie at the end. That is not respectful nor is it valuing a woman’s interests. 

    By saying that women shouldn’t spend time with other men but that women should ignore it if their man is staring at other women is, as he pointed out, a double standard. It’s also disrespectful and devalues a woman’s thoughts on her man looking at other women. 

    By giving 50 things that women should know about men but then saying “we’re not as complicated as you” is hypocritical and demeaning. 

    Did you even read the same article we did? The author never outright says that he doesn’t respect or value women but nearly every single statement he made was disrespectful, demeaning, or devaluing towards women. Wake the fuck up.

  • NateRelyea

    List of things Women should know about men:
    1. Most of us when we got to number 10, stopped reading.
    2. That’s because we don’t find loads of crap like this “entertaining”
    3. Most of us are sexual, BUT that doesn’t necessarily we want crazy crap.
    4. We like sports, if you want to be cute vote for our team… if you want to playfully fight though? Sure vote Red Sox…
    5. We like simple things, so we need a shorter list than 50 for EVERYTHING.
    6. Don’t be dishonest.
    7. Don’t expect to change us.
    8. Be spontaneous as long as it doesn’t have to do with money.
    9. Look at my list and say “Thank you glorious human being for not wasting 15 minutes or however long it takes to read a novel of a list.”
    10. Each sex thinks the other is more complicated. (This goes to men and women) If you don’t want to fight, don’t debate who’s more so complicated… you both suck.

  • leftytgirl

    As punishment for writing this garbage, the author should be condemned to dating his own ego for the rest of eternity.

  • TiberiusNikuPatterson

    leftytgirl  As punishment for leaving this comment, you should be condemned to dealing with bitches like you for the rest of eternity.

  • TiberiusNikuPatterson

    johnsonrm5  Wow, it must be really lonely up there in your ivory tower. I hope you fall out and plummet to your “death.”

  • TiberiusNikuPatterson

    sknost  I would say you’re my hero but that spot is reserved. Still, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  • TiberiusNikuPatterson

    Misschief  Your comment almost made you look like a feminist twat. Oh, wait… It did.

  • TiberiusNikuPatterson

    Aside from the women bitching that the author of this article “almost made them lesbians” or the ones who use this to validate already being lesbians, it’s obvious that this article doesn’t apply to everyone. In fact, this describes the type of man that thinks he’s all that AND a bag of chauvinist chips. I think it’s funny that this guy writes something like this and women lose their shit. I mean, the amount of hate in here is ridiculous. No one forced you to read it. It’s not like every, single man is like that. It’s not like women need to be subservient. That wasn’t the point of this pointlessly huge list. What it did is tell women to stop being stuck-up, self-righteous twats and actually act like a normal person. Aw, did you get mad because your boyfriend/fiance/husband/whatever couldn’t pick up on your subtle hints? Too bad. How about you actually tell him directly what he wants? I know, novel thought. You women are so worried about being right and having things your way that you seem to not realize how much effort it takes for men to not flip a shit on you every time you pull some shit like that. I will say this, in no uncertain terms: VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS NOT OK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Unless, of course, she’s legit trying to kill you. Then, defend yourself. That would apply to anyone, so cool your jets.

  • evemaina1

    Was this article written in 1920? “save the big chicken for him, he works hard, he deserves it” so we are presuming all women are housewives who don’t work hard or have no jobs. Actually I take that back even housewives work hard too. Such crap

  • knfeisty saj18  First of all, he’s not saying that you really owe him anything but that its nice to give back when you put him through that horrible movie. This stuff isn’t all written in stone, its a joke and its kinda like “hey if you didn’t know already that to (some) guys your movies suck and since he watched it with you because he loves you it wouldn’t hurt to give him a blowjob to show him you love him too” not saying that a blow job shows love but the women reading this will read way far into what I just wrote and think I’m a jackass… 
    And thats where the “we are not as complicated” part comes in… Its not that we are less complicated its just that we don’t care about a lot of little things that do not actually affect the outcome of our future. An example would be your shoes… no we don’t care that this shoe has a strap and this shoe is a slip on, what we care about is that you can walk comfortably for the night and that you really like what you are wearing because it’s your happiness that we care about, not the actual look of the shoe. 

    Also “Spending time” with other men and “looking” at women is a lot different. When walking down the street and a guy sees a woman that’s attractive he may be thinking “wow she’s probably pretty hot naked”, but that doesn’t mean he’s even going to make eye contact with her. But when a woman goes and hangs out with other guys, us guys know what is probably on in the mind of the guys she’s hanging out with. And even if the guy she’s hanging out with is gay or just her best friend there could still be a little voice in the back of your mans head saying “hey, I want to know what he knows about her”… or maybe he won’t care… 

    I think this article really showed more that us men can be weak inside and that little things make us happy and little things can set us off in a relationship. Its not a guideline on how to treat your man, its more of a list of tips that could or could not be affecting him… 

    You need to realize this isn’t a list you should follow word for word in the least bit. Its just a list of things the guy who wrote it thought could be helpful for women. 
    Growing up with two sisters and a stay at home mom I feel I can state that guys are pretty basic compared to women.
    We don’t have a time of the month that affects our hormones they way women do, we don’t have to worry about vaginal infections, we don’t have to look pretty every time we go out, we aren’t judged by our looks the way women are, we automatically get priority in a lot of different ways and yes its unfair… obviously the list can go on while for guys the burden used to be “you need to grow up and get a good education so you can support your family” and now that isn’t even a thing because Women work just as hard as men and support their families just as much. 

    Want to know what it doesn’t say on this list? 
    That there are a lot of men out there that respect the shit out of women for going through what they go through for just being women. 
    Do women ever think that men wanted to be the head of the house because you women have it hard enough already and you shouldn’t have to work for your money?
    Men LOVE women… we just aren’t always the best at showing it…
    We wouldn’t be here without you.

    Ps. To all of the Lesbians getting pissed off about this article… 

    No one cares.

  • BriannaMarieCole

    johnsonrm5 The GOOD news is, most of the men I have met are NOT like this guy!

  • ZacharyDylanHann

    Tehddy  no 1 cares

  • ZacharyDylanHann

    johnsonrm5  no 1 cares

  • JakeSales

    Jeez people need to calm the fuck down! If you have a temper tantrum every time you see something that offended you on the internet you are gonna live a very upsetting life.
    I actually found this article entertaining, some points i wouldn’t agree on but most I can relate to. Well done author 🙂

  • DarcyHalloran

    Well most of this I agree with and All but one I did for the same guy and well he cheated on me so… The one I don’t agree with is the double standard you wanna fuck my friends but I can’t flirt with yours. I don’t actually flirt with your friends don’t flirt or wanna fuck with mine. Everything else even the chicken I do, but so far I’ve been cheated on, and shocker here his excuse was that i’m too good for him. Which is bs so again…wtf mate lol
    (25 female)

  • leftytgirl

    TiberiusNikuPatterson leftytgirl  Yours wasn’t even clever.

  • bbox127

    …is this a joke? I’m no feminist, but this is beyond insulting.  Grow up, Peter Pan.

  • MKUltraXI

    leftytgirl TiberiusNikuPatterson  and yours was?

  • AndyMaine

    Thank you for talking for us in behalf of all the male species in this Earth.

  • hello_submarine

    Either this article makes guys sound needy, or guys are actually needy in general.
    Stop being so selfish and grow up.

  • saj18

    bakersdozen13 MilehisnkRichJimenezDanielCookePlease think baker. He is in a far more capable position of determining what goes on in a man’s mind because
    1. he’s a man.
    2. there is a range of normalcy in which most men fall.
    3. He is statistically likely to be in that range
    4. that means that he would be a credible source on this topic.
    you were to tell me what goes on in the mind of a woman, I would take
    your word for it because… You’re a woman… You would know far better
    than I. I have 0 experience on what a woman is thinking. You’d be
    infinitely more credible if and only if, for the reason that you have
    the mind of a woman and you know for a fact what goes on inside of at
    least one female thought process.
    Your own experience when it
    comes to what men think is.. Nothing. You try to divert attention from
    this fact by saying you know men, see how they behave, here what they
    say, but you if you boil it down, You have no idea what a man THINKS at
    all except from what he tells you after having that thought filtered by
    his inhibitions, mouth, and what he knows is morally correct.
    does not once say he speaks for all men. he merely pointed out you are
    not in a position to contribute to this conversation because it is
    impossible for you to truly understand what a man thinks. You can
    sympathize, but you cannot empathize.
    What is truly grinding and a
    little arrogant is how women think they’re going to tell us men they
    know how we THINK better than we do. A guy says, “this is how most men
    think.” and then a woman says, NO, men do not think like this…Reverse
    the roles please. How arrogant or pig headed would you find a guy who
    said, hey women, I know what goes on inside your head better than you do
    yourself. Yeah… THAT’s how you guys are coming off as.
    understand all men are different which means of course 100% of this
    isn’t going to match. That would be impossible. However, for the most
    part.  A lot of this does match. Deal with it.

  • RichJimenez

    These comments really are a sad example of the type of women we deal with today.  Most points deal with having his back and you gals are bitching about it.  Yet, it’s expected we cater to you.  Feminism has taught any attempt on a man’s part to express his desires is an automatic put down to women if its not 100% catering to them.  And you wonder why so many men don’t want to marry or be faithful.  It’s a selfish princess complex run amok.

  • saj18

    bakersdozen13 MilehisnkRichJimenezDanielCookeWhat would be hypocritical would be Miles arguing that he knows a woman’s thought process better than a female. THAT would be hypocrisy. Telling you that you don’t know what 95% of men think is just a miscalculated honest estimate. The true and accurate percentage is that you do not know what goes on inside of 100% of men’s heads. Not truly at least. You can guess, and observe, and hypothesize, but you do not TRULY know. Which makes your entire argument funny.  He knows for a fact exactly what at least  goes on inside one male mind.He has had access to masculine thoughts you never will, or could, have access to. A lifetime of one males thoughts gives him more credibility to make an accurate judgement then what you got, which to be frank is nothing. Not trying to hurt your feelings or anything. I am only pointing out that even though this may seem sexist, you are not qualified to say what happens inside of a man’s mind. Just as I am not qualified to talk with certainty on what happens in a females mind.

  • MarkPompeo

    saj18 bakersdozen13MilehisnkRichJimenezDanielCookeSo much win in this comment. You get a gold star. http://aspirusseniorhealth.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/gold-star-seo1.jpg

  • mdgarcia760

    Wow Jessica I’m pretty sure you are one of the few girls that understood this article (and men) better than most women. 
    Yes, I look at other women and admire their beauty but that doesn’t mean that I inappropriately stare at them or rub it in my girlfriends face. Guys are very visual (it’s one of many things which make us different from girls) and it’s more of an instinct to look at other girls than out of disrespect for our girlfriends/wives. Plus, I’m pretty sure most women would stop to check out a good looking guy with a fit body. It would mean nothing to me if my girlfriend did that because I know that I am the one she wants to be with (and vice versa). 
    And yes, this article may not have portrayed all types of guys and may have exaggerated on some things, but I think this article does a decent job of showing the mindset of a simple guy. We really aren’t that complicated and like you said, women tend to obsess over things. That is why I’m not surprised that women are offended by some of the #’s this article talks about. IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A CLEAR-CUT GUIDELINE ABOUT MEN. IT’S MEANT TO GIVE WOMEN A BETTER UNDERSTANDING ABOUT THE NEEDS, WANTS, AND DESIRES OF MEN. DON’T TAKE EACH # SO PERSONALLY.

  • MorganKross

    You are all a bunch of feminist cunts if you actually take offense to this list. It’s not offensive and most of it is based on simple truths. Get over yourselves, you pathetic self-righteous pigeons.

  • duke73

    Here’s the TWIST from a true Experience:  I’m 40 and I’ve always been a gentlemen to my past girlfriends since I first started dating as my mother raised me to be;  I’ve spent countless hours shopping with them, take them to nice dinners on ‘just because’ occasions, listen to their problems without judgment, sent them flowers to work on non-special occasions, went on trips, prepared candle-light picnics, bought them material things they wanted. 
    YET IN RETURN, I never got the sexual- naughty experiences, never got them to reveal their true inner wild side to me. After we break up- WHY do you women end-up living with a loser living with his mom or his rat-hole apartment, barely can afford a car, can have them take orders like grab him and his friends a beer while he belches a burp out lout,  gets to FUCK her anytime and anywhere he wants to including pulling a threesome for him,  fight after fight they still throw themselves at these pigs. I DON’T FUCKING GET IT!!  And I’m the nice guy women want yet they pull the crazy wild stuff with the others?!  I’m done being the nice guy.  Bitch – go get me a beer and suck me and my buddies dick.

  • davekeln23

    TiberiusNikuPatterson Misschief  God forbid somebody thinks people should be treated equally.

  • BethanyTallulahHoward

    This is  complete idiotic, over-generalised rubbish. Do women really need instructions on how to deal with men’s inability to control their innate sexual desires? Did it not occur to you that women, a like to men, are biologically structured to want sex and support from their partner? Did it also not occur to you that women might also have a ‘fragile ego’ – and you telling them to lose weight is complete hypocrisy. It is infuriating that we are expected to tolerate complete male ignorance of their supposed supremacy.

  • GradeBMaple

    Puh-fucking-lease. You’re not talking about men; you’re talking about yourself. And yourself is a gross, victim-blaming, insecure, misogynistic piece of shit.

  • RachelisStrange

    Any man this 100% caters to i would not wish to know or date. Perfect quote for myself, because i don’t overgeneralize men, ”Too many guys think I’m a concept, or I complete them, or I’m gonna make them alive. But I’m just a fucked-up girl who’s lookin’ for my own peace of mind; don’t assign me yours.”

  • bakersdozen13

    saj18 bakersdozen13 Milehisnk RichJimenez DanielCooke  

    Sigh, let’s break this down.

  • bakersdozen13

    saj18 bakersdozen13 Milehisnk RichJimenez DanielCooke  

    “You are not in a position to contribute to this conversation because it is impossible for you to truly understand what a man thinks. You can sympathize, but you cannot empathize.”
    Ah, if only this type of logic was used when men try to spout of their opinions on abortion or birth control. (And before we fall down this slippery slope, I DO think men should have a voice in both, but it goes to show the “you don’t fall in this category so you don’t have a say” thinking is flawed).
    “A guy says, “this is how most men think.” and then a woman says, NO, men do not think like this…Reverse the roles please. How arrogant or pig headed would you find a guy who said, hey women, I know what goes on inside your head better than you do yourself. Yeah… THAT’s how you guys are coming off as.”

    Am I? Because if this was a list of 50 Things Every Man Should Know about Women and it was littered with low-effort, generalizations like “She wants you to cry when you watch a chick flick” or “She wants you to be the breadwinner” or “She’ll go shoe shopping for five hours if she could,” I would HOPE a strong contingent of men could speak out saying “Um, no. The women I know aren’t like this.” Pig headed? Arrogant? I’d celebrate those guys. I’d thank them for helping stick up for the majority of my gender.

    Clearly, SOME MEN are like this (Notice how they’ve trashed the thread with “FEMINIST LESBIANS!” as their main weapon? That’s not a coincidence.). But I won’t believe for one second this is how all – or even most – men think.

    You are SO darn focused on Not being a man = Not knowing how a man thinks = Most men think this. If the men in my life thought even half these things, they must be the world’s best set of actors. Because they don’t ACT like they think this, they don’t SAY that they think this. In fact, their words and actions are, by and large, the opposite of this.
    Actually, do me a favor. Sort this thread by “Top Comments.” Take a good look at the highest rated comments speaking out against this list. Tell me…Are those – for the most part – men or women? Am I speaking for men? Because it looks like they’re speaking quite loudly themselves.
    Get back to me on that one.

  • giorgiramirez

    sknost  you just did the same she did by replying to her. You’re obviously offended lmao

  • giorgiramirez

    TiberiusNikuPatterson Misschief  you’re a cunt shutup troll

  • giorgiramirez

    ZacharyDylanHann Tehddy  obviously you do since you took your time to reply to her. nice try

  • Crystal86

    Am I the only woman who isn’t offended by this list?!.. lol.. It’s just a list that some guy made up.. I don’t understand how some people think…

  • dmills083

    TiberiusNikuPatterson johnsonrm5  and you’re wishing death on someone who disagrees with you on a parody article?

  • BeShanaman

    bakersdozen13 BeShanaman  hahahaha sooooo lonely over here. Too bad the commenter JessicaGalu is my girlfriend. 

    Soooo.. wrong on two accounts. Not trolling, and not lonely. I don’t need to be in line, cause I’m not waiting on anything. This article describes me to a T, and my girl wouldn’t have it any other way. Also, in what way did I refer to you as a male? I was agreeing with DanielCooke  that these men that won’t admit to half of this shit are “tryhard beta male” or “faux white knights.”

    To be honest I have no idea where you could have interpreted me referring to you as a male from. If you could shed some light on this it would be appreciated.

    Congratulations on YOUR reading comprehension skills.  

    Sorry that you’re so insecure that you need a man to lie to you about the basic human processes that go on in most every human male.

  • BeShanaman

    RichJimenez Marie Claire Jones JessicaGalu  

    Haha thanks man. I’ve had people tell me I look like James Deen, too. lelllll

  • BeShanaman

    Crystal86  It would seem as though yourself and my girlfriend JessicaGalu are among the minority. Anyone that can’t accept most of these is just butthurt that many males in fact would be very happy boyfriends if their girlfriends listened to this. Nowhere does it say that we should outwardly ask them of ANY of this, as that would be incredibly demeaning and hurtful. That is why it’s in a post like this, not a personal email to a significant other. Some of the things in here are obviously hyperbole, such as owing a threesome or anal for watching a boring chick flick or whatever, but people these days take everything at face value. 

    Everyone wants to be up in arms about something. 

    If anyone is wondering I treat my girlfriend wonderfully, and she can attest to this. I legitimately try not to let my eyes rove when we’re out, but it happens. Sorry that jiggly things grab my attention, again it’s hardwired. I’ll also say that just because we want to fuck your friends, does not mean we will flirt with them. It just means that somewhere in our brains we go “uhhhh, yep. would do her” and then we fucking let it go, because (at least in my case) I am in a committed relationship.

  • wtf85

    lol, Whoever wrote this sounds like a DOUCHEBAG who can’t be more than 25. Anyway. Let’s flip this 180 ladies and write one RIGHT BACK AT HIM:

    50 Things Every Man Should Realize About Women

    1) We aren’t your sex object: Yeah, we get your crazy perverted mind is filled with porn, or has been until you met US, but meet me, your princess. You will from now on appreciate having me, see me for more than just your twisted bedroom fantasies and you will learn what real life means, not just a sequel to your pornographic fantasies. Button up your collar, wipe the counter if you make crumbs on it, and change your damn underwear once a day.

    2) We aren’t your maid: In careers, men like to say “everything you can do I can do better”. Alright brawny man, suit up and by that I mean, change your business clothes, roll up your sleeves, and scrub those dishes because momma had a long day and it’s your turn to take out the trash

    3) We don’t care if you like anal, we like Darcy from Pride and Prejudice: First of all, if you like it up the ass, you’re probably gay, so go explore that avenue and come back to me when you’re sure you aren’t. All that romantic stuff and fairy tales we read as children when our princes rescues us on a white horse STILL applies. If you’re going to come to the date shabby, so back to your bong in your dumpy apartment, college boy. 

    4) We want children too, but they are TOUGH: Having kids is tough. Men are crazy and they think, bam, I turned 30, it’s time to knock her up. Um, NO. If your finances aren’t in check, if you still treat your mother like she’s your only queen and if you think raising small children is easy, you are in for a WILD RIDE MY FRIEND. You don’t like when I whine/nag to you to pick up your clothes off the floor? Try having a 2 year old who whines if you put her socks on wrong, or when your face is nose deep in the smelliest poop when diaper changing and wiggles on the changing table, MAD at your for changing her poop and you just feel like the most worthless person in the world, THAT is what having children is like. Sure, when they are old enough to say I Love You, it’s cute, but guess what papa bear, that is after two years of slavery to raise your bonnie blue baby. Of course you love them, it was the hardest unfathomable thing you’ve ever done!

    5) I have eyes too: You want to screw my friends? First of all, you’re a pig and shouldn’t think like that, second of all, I have eyes too and I’m sure at least one of your friends is hot too. If you don’t think I have eyes, you’re crazy. Here’s the rule, I won’t look if you won’t. If you want to be single, the door is RIGHT THERE

    6) Watch my weight after I have your babies? I’ll watch my weight when you watch these kids: Listen dude, I might have been slammin hot when you met me, and I can guarantee at any age or 10 pounds plus or minus, there will always be a man out there that will treat me like a princess and I guarantee if you’re a jerk I will find him and have him put you to shame, but aside from that, the focus shouldn’t be on weight, it should be on health. If a woman has a baby, her body goes through all these changes. Also, do you know how hard it is to be hot and NOT hit on? Us women like our momma image because, yeah, knowing you’re attractive is great when you’re an insecure teenager, but by the time you’re a woman, you know you’re worth and you can go from not to hot in 10 seconds: it’s called style and makeup and I will whip out hot momma if you make me and I guarantee you will have to fight off the crowds of admirers. Oh, and because we’re married I am trying not to attract wandering eye man whores to me, but if marriage means nothing to you, don’t test me, I am your wife and you should know our story, how we got there and the support we need to give each other throughout everything.

    7) 3-somes? How about take my a$$ to Hawaii: If you are dating me, you should want to marry me or what the hell am I wasting my time? You have time to think about 3 somes when you should be proving to me why you are husband material? Hold the damn door, ask me if I like this sparkly dress, buy it and take me on a date fool

    8) You like when I’m the boss. I put you through hell when I teach you to respect me unlike your other whorey girlfriends which you screwed then dumped, but that’s exactly when you dumped them. They were hot, they were skanky, they were nice, they….blew you while watching chickflicks (wtf the author of the above post is such a douche lol) but who do you really want? I nice lady who hold it down in your home who definitely looks stylin’ on date night. You want someone decent and classy like your mother. So STFU and button that collar, darling.

  • cmclaughlin88

    Apparently this really offended a lot of people? I laughed through most of this list actually… your shit is just as twisted as his shit ladies so unwind your panties jeez! Every guy I have dated as met more than half this list… I really don’t think he is saying anything we didnt already know… If you are not already aware of most of these then I want to know what reality you are living in lol. Stop whining and laugh about it

  • KayvanSylvan

    I think, based on context, the last line of the article should read ” If you can understand and appreciate that, you might end up complementing each other very well.”

  • MatthewKisseberth

    saj18 bakersdozen13MilehisnkRichJimenezDanielCookeLoved the reply. This guy was simply saying know these things, doesnt mean you have to practice them or believe in them with all your heart and vagina! Good gracious God almighty, women get so heated over nothing. Its a damn article about how men are, and if you ask me it was very accurate. Not saying we are all pigs and blah blah blah, but on a truthful and somewhat comedic level, the writer of this article made his points very clear.

  • MatthewKisseberth

    bakersdozen13 saj18MilehisnkRichJimenezDanielCookeFalse, I can tell what a man is thinking within 10 minutes of befriending him. Because we are fairly simple human beings with natural desires and tendancies.

  • MatthewKisseberth

    DarcyHalloran Sorry to hear that he cheated on you, that sucks 100% of the time. Not every guy wants to fuck his girl’s friends, that one I dont agree with either. Guys DO get jealous of your guy friends, every guy is the jealous type.. some things just trigger the jealousy in some quicker than others. There are so many caviots to each and every one of the things he said in this article that is is impossible to touch on them all, but it brings about some very important conversation for couples and for men and women in general. Hope you find a guy that is loyal and treats you like a princess! Cheers! =)

  • MatthewKisseberth

    evemaina1 Wow, not what he was insinuating at all, that was just your own interpretation and it obviously triggered something that made you decide to remark on it. My interpretation is, men usually eat more anyways and he probably would have eaten what you didnt.. so just let him have the bigger piece. LoL (See, much more simple)

  • MatthewKisseberth

    MKUltraXI leftytgirlTiberiusNikuPattersonI can date my own ego? damn.. and i’ve been single this whole time..

  • JessIsCAlamity

    saj18 Deal with it? Fair enough.
    Some of these things do not apply to a man, these  specific stipulations apply to very insecure males. 
    Are we willing to say that is fair, fellas? Because it’s true. 
     I’m certain they occur. I agree it is irresponsible and ignorant for women to act like these are not absolute truths (I was married for five years: I do not get the luxury of delusion.)

  • MatthewKisseberth

    xoxochanel123 It was a lot of comedic writing, without putting the “lol’s” in after each sentence. Some people just take things way to literally, (or personally) #lightenup

  • Crystal86

    BeShanaman Crystal86 JessicaGalu

     I agree!!

    It’s human nature to notice someone attractive, I can’t help but notice an attractive man.. I don’t stare or anything, but I can’t help but look.. & a guy can’t help but look if they see skin!

    The only way I could get offended from my guy checking someone out, is if i’m right beside him and he’s staring at someone else.. It’s one thing to look, but it’s another thing to stare… I’m glad that hasn’t happened to me yet lol. 😛 

    Just because men think about having sex with a lot of women, it doesn’t mean they’ll actually do it.. There’s a huge difference between thinking, and actually doing! 

    .. Some of these people just need to chill out.

  • MatthewKisseberth

    Misschief I like turtles

  • JessIsCAlamity

    MorganKross  Because any woman (or man) who identifies with human rights (eminism) are pathetic and self-righteous….?  Jeez, man.

  • Crystal86

    BeShanaman JessicaGalu 

    If they didn’t want to know this stuff then they shouldn’t have read it.. Every guy is different, and just because most men can relate to this list, it doesn’t mean all men think the same.

  • saj18

    bakersdozen13 saj18MilehisnkRichJimenezDanielCookeI do enjoy a good tussle in the forum sheets and hearing different outlooks is something broadens my horizons. I would like to make a few points though because I feel like we’ve reached an impasse and nothing you say to me or I to you will change our minds.
    Point 1:Being a man in my opinion makes you more qualified to talk about being a man. This is not due to the telepathy that having balls gives us (though that does help), but rather from the fact that men have more familiarity, and that familiarity makes us more qualified to discuss this issue than you. I would not argue with a chef on how to cook food. The reasoning being not because he is telepathically linked to a cookbook, but because he is more familiar with one.
    Point 2: You are you. You may not feel confident enough to talk about, or for, the average woman but this is not the point. The point is you are more qualified than a man to speak for the average woman and that is why I would not argue with you. This is again not from telepathy (which is a word I think you are fond of) but from you being more familiar with women then I am. The experiences you draw upon to make your judgements are probably more accurate then the observations I make from an outsider’s perspective.
    Point 3: It is not about falling into categories which grant you the right to speak. It is the undeniable fact that some people are more qualified to talk about subjects than others because they are familiar with them. I do not argue with black people about racism, or women about sexism, or gays about homosexuality. I can voice my opinions on the topic, but to disagree with them blatantly insinuates arrogance. If a black guy tells me that the African race still feels oppressed, I am not qualified to argue with him and say that racism is a dead institution. Why? Hint: familiarity. (Not his telepathy with all black people.)
    Point 4: You would have no problem with a man sticking up for women. I have no problem for women sticking up for men. You would have a problem if a man disagreed with you on the subject if the roles were reversed however. If you said that not all women cry at chick flicks but I said, all the women I know cry so therefore you’re wrong…. I’m sure you would have issue with me saying that my observations from an outside perspective on a select few women, beat your lifetime’s worth of experiences.
    Point 5: last one I promise lol. Most of this article is accurate. If you look through it you’ll find maybe 5-10 questions, or 10-20% of the article does not match you man. Please, sit him down and ask him these in the form of a question. Do you like it when I insult you in public? No. Do you want me by your side? Yes. Do you enjoy quiet once in a while? Yes. Do you like it when I act like a child? No. Do you like feeling needed? Yes. Do you want to be the best lover I’ve ever had? Yes. Do you want me to bring you up or drag you down in life? Up. The list goes on….. Point is that most men do fill this niche. I don’t fantasize about my fiance’s friends, I care nothing about hair, long or short, and I enjoy a good debate so I don’t need her to agree with me 24/7 (though shooting me down in front of people is always embarrassing). 75% and up of this list however probably is universally accepted as accurate about men. What man likes being emasculated in front of anybody? or at all???
    The men disagreeing with this post are saying this man is a douche for fantasizing about his gf’s friends or wanting anal and in that regard I kind of agree. However I think they fall in the common trap of finding the 5-10 things wrong with this article and not the 40 <—– things right.
    I’m glad you found the time to read and respond to my posts. I understand your viewpoint and though I don’t agree with it, no harm, no foul. I’m sorry we couldn’t reach common ground. shit happens ;).

  • saj18

    JessIsCAlamity saj18 I think it’s fair Jessiscalamity. I appreciate the bend you show in compromising. I’ll meet ya halfway.

  • dead_stout

    this is the most entertaining comment section I might have ever read!

    i just re-posted this article informing anyone that there is an abundance of single women (or to be single) found in the comment section of this article.

  • saj18

    DarcyHalloran If you really do follow all of these pieces of advice, you’re going to make one lucky son of a bitch happy someday. Sometimes you get a rotten apple and I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s always weird for us men when we see good women with bad guys cause we know our own kind so well, that we spot them in minutes and tear our hair out cause you’ve been dating em for months and haven’t reached that conclusion yet. Men for the most part have a really good bullshit detector when it comes to their own gender. Kind of like how women can tell when other women are being insincere or fake. I’d suggest sneakily running the guy by your straight male friends by doing some group hangout or party. They can get a vibe and honestly let you know their opinion and their reasons for it. Then you can make your own judgement on whether your BS detector is goin off with the new info or not. Best of luck to you Darcy. You deserve a great guy.

  • saj18

    leftytgirl Other than the anal, threesomes, lusting after friends, and the short hair, ( I dont know many guys who give a damn about hair length) the other 46 things seem pretty spot on plus or minus a few… Thank god I don’t get condemned on my exams when I get around 92% right… I’d condemn you for condemning something that was 90ish percent right, but then i realize you’re a woman, and realizing the 90% stat would involve math. <—- clever? huahauhuahuahua

  • saj18

    MatthewKisseberth xoxochanel123  If I could, I’d lol the hell out of this article.

  • this list could be shortened down to one thing: men are needy asswipes stay away from them

  • foshizznizz


  • cdc4220

    I don’t understand how this is surprising to any woman….I, personally, know all this stuff already.  And to the woman who are shocked by it or offended….lighten up! Sounds like you have something stuck up your princess ass and would probably enjoy #11 if you stopped thinking you were the top priority in the relationship……And yes I am a female saying this!

  • twilighthowitzer

    pizzer  And sexist pigs like you deserve a life without a partner!

  • Marie Claire Jones

    TiberiusNikuPatterson You should refrain from using big words you don’t understand, such as ”feminist”.

  • sknost

    You are exactly what this article mocks.

  • SandiPuglieseHernaez

    Surely any one human being is a bit more complex than the 50 steadfast rules written here.  This reads like the rules for dating the most basic and boring cliche.  Cute little article though, I guess.

  • Marie Claire Jones


    I will start by stating that I have nothing against oral sex, anal sex, threesome as long as they occur between consensual sexual partners.

    Your entire comment is completely beside the point.

    You show no understanding whatsoever of the meaning of the word ”sexism”.

    This article is problematic, not because it promotes sexual exploration. It doesn’t. 

    Not only doesn’t it promotes sexual exploration because it presents a very rigid idea of gender roles which creates a very restrictive frame of acceptable sexual behaviour, it also reinforces traditional gender roles which are sexist.

  • jspade24

    I wish I had a fact checking machine, because Im willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that most of you women that are absurdly pissed off at this list of shit are either super single or have a horrid sex life. If youre such a prude something like this and a joke about giving a blowjob if a guy watches a chick flick sets you off, I bet youre a horrible lay. Thats right I said it, bllllooooowwwwwjjjjjooooobbbbbb. Yes, thats why youre single. Youre a selfish prude that cringes at the word blowjob but fills every moment of silence with blah blah blah because you think the space is there for your voice to fill, upset that your friends arent real friends anymore since they dont bitch about men with you because theyre in relationships, and you probably havent seen the inside of the gym in months. This article isnt about you, its for you. A lot if this stuff is dead on true, obviously not all fifty, I’d say about a strong 38 of these are spot on. Sorry youre so butt hurt, but its okay, you’ll always have books, batteries, and cookie dough.

  • ModernOldSchool

    wtf85 1) it doesn’t say you have to be a porn star. It just simply says to accept that he watches porn.
    2) The article says that you shouldn’t be his maid and that he needs to grow up if he never cleans.
    3) It doesn’t say you even have to do anal. It says understand that he wants it.
    4) There is a difference between dealing with your crying child and and a grown woman that nags ALL OF THE TIME. 
    5) It says nothing about looking. It says flirting. There is a big difference between checking them out and flirting with one of his friends.
    6) Yes you should watch your weight and if not for him then for your own damn self. It does also say that the guy should watch is weight as well. Oh and he’s not talking about just a little 10 pounds. He’s talking about the women who suddenly weigh 60 pounds more.
    7) It doesn’t take much to think about a threesome. And no he should not take you to Hawaii just because you’re dating. That’s a lot of money to spend on a person before you’re even sure if the relationship will work out. Plus, you’re crazy to think he should want to marry you just because he’s dating you. That’s not something you contemplate until after a solid year of dating in my opinion.  Oh and he also says that you should allow him to be gentleman for you.
    8) No man likes when you put them through hell. That is not at all why he likes you. The article says that he wants a girl that looks good on date night and that he probably likes you because you share similar qualities as his mother.

    Now, I’m assuming you either didn’t read the whole article or you’re nit picking. Almost everything you just said the article agrees with in some way so either read the article in its entierty or don’t say anything about it at all.

  • bakersdozen13

    BeShanaman bakersdozen13 JessicaGalu DanielCooke  

    “try hard beta maleeeee lol for REALLLLLLL”

    When you say that in response to something I said, it certainly sounds like you’re addressing me, you sad little boy. Congrats on entrapping a weak-minded simpleton into a relationship. I pity you both. Toodles!

  • Mattfire141

    ModernOldSchool Right on! Apparently @wtf85 doesn’t get it.. thank god she isn’t my girlfriend!

  • bakersdozen13

    JessicaGalu bakersdozen13 DanielCooke  


    My goodness, the stupids are coming out in full force today.

    I’ll say this to you nice an easy, sweetie (I see you date someone who literally refers to other men as “Betas,” so I’m not going to give you too much credit in the brains department).

    User “@DanielCooke wrote “tell me more about all the dates in which he pays for everything and presents he buys you.” I responded that we split dates and gifts equally. I wasn’t using that as an example of how our relationship is based on equality. I didn’t say our love was based on dates or money. 

    I was answering a question. Your entire soapbox of a comment is based on misinterpreting a direct question I was answering. That is so, so very sad. (And hilarious.)

    I bet your boyfriend likes ’em dumb, doesn’t he?  Doesn’t challenge him as much. Probably makes him feel more like a man? (By the way, does it make him feel more or less like an “Alpha” when his submissive girlfriend has to come on the Internet and defend him? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA)

  • AreYouSerious71

    BeShanaman Crystal86 JessicaGalu  The highest rated comments are almost virtually all men. Why would they be butthurt about this list? Obviously they dont have to subscribe to this nonsense to find fulfilling relationships. What works for you doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else.

  • AreYouSerious71

    RichJimenez  The highest rated  comments all come from men. Your argument is invalid.

  • AreYouSerious71

    MatthewKisseberth saj18 bakersdozen13 Milehisnk RichJimenez DanielCooke  

    Women get heated over nothing? The saj guy posted the original rant! Gotta love the selective sexism.

  • AreYouSerious71

    MatthewKisseberth MKUltraXI leftytgirl TiberiusNikuPatterson  Shocking.

  • AreYouSerious71

    BeShanaman RichJimenez Marie Claire Jones JessicaGalu


    Not at all.

  • wtf85

    ModernOldSchool wtf85  you guys are dumb! obviously I’m reflecting the tone of this jacka$$, you guys can hop on that train too! I’m obviously an awesome loving wife to an amazing sexy man and we’re Catholic and happy. Have a great life!

  • Marty75

    The article was childish at best. I happen to know many men who would be offended with a number of things on this list. There is some truth to most of it, but it is written with a seriously bad tone, joking or not.
    A few other thoughts:
    The women should lighten up. Take the article for what it is, a piece of smartass crap that takes viens of truth and blows them out into a male chauvinist fantasy. Pick your battles ladies- can’t fight everything on all fronts. And really, some men just like to see who they can piss off. And some just hope some women are dumb enough to fall for this shit.
    The comments were far worse than the article. While I don’t agree with most of them, I am absolutely stunned at the name calling by some of the men. “Cunt” “bitch” and other heinous insults sound more like a hate of the female species. I suppose some girl along the way hurt you and I am sorry she did. But spouting hate like that makes you look like a train wreck. No decent man would do that. (Even the porn crazed, I-wanna- fuck-your-friends-ones!) Some of the female comments are not great but sorry guys yours really take the cake!
    I don’t like any list that suggests one person in the relationship cater to a list of wants for the other. No one is going to be happy that way.
    Just because you want something does not mean you should get them. My daughter wants to eat 50lbs of candy but she is not going to get it. One day I hope people can decipher between wants and needs. Then maybe we can actually begin to make each other happy.
    And this men have needs and hard-wired. Bullshit! I don’t understand how men can allow themselves to be described as a bunch of lowly carnally depraved Neanderthals that have no ability to control their desires. Have you no pride; no self worth? We don’t buy that crap when pedophiles and other depraved individuals claim it, why would we believe that of men. Personally I think you should all feel insulted.
    News flash: If you tell or imply to someone that they have to do something in order for you to be happy, they aren’t going to do it. Even if they are willing they are going to avoid it because one: they don’t like to be told and two: they don’t like feeling used for someone else’s gratification. If you love and respect one another and treat each other with thoughtfulness and kindness, you’ll get most of what you want without having to refer to a list. But then again so will your partner because you will be doing it for them too. Everyone wins, no one has to demand a damned thing and there is no name calling or power struggle.
    It’s all about respect people and looking out for each other. Once you can realize and accept that, life will be a lot better for all of us.

  • AreYouSerious71

    pizzer  Nah, come on. That’s not fair. Most men aren’t like this. The author can’t speak for everyone.

  • alwaysbefore

    Um…chauvinists are pieces of shit…feminists stand for equality. This list seems fair to me. And the same tips can apply both ways, it’s not that big of a deal.

  • AreYouSerious71

    dead_stout  You’re so edgy!

  • dc136


  • dc136

    evemaina1  There’s these things called jokes. Learn to take one

  • Real RF

    This says more about the writer than anything else, and no we do not want to hear about how you want anal or that you are an entitled rapey  control freak.   What a vile person.

  • JeffPortlance

    pizzer  Lesbian??

  • JeffPortlance

    I would agree with maybe 10-20% of these rules but some are pretty common sense rules for either gender.

  • dfarag1

    pizzer  That’s a bit much. These make sense to me (and i’m a girl). You have to lighten up.

  • MichelleHerbrandChase

    Pretty much sums up my Husband’s way of thinking 🙂 Ladies lighten up while it was written in a joking manner – the majority is TRUE get over it!

  • scowman91

    Looks like guys need to lighten up a bit more if this is the list of things we ‘should’ realise about men….. bloody hell, and I thought women were high maintenance….. maybe ill start doing more of these things ‘to make my man happy’ when guys stop farting and picking their noses, not shaving, letting themselves get fat, hairy and sweaty, belching, being selfish in bed, thinking romance is for ‘pussys’ …. my god the list goes on…. 
    Silly silly writer. People in glass houses should not throw stones my friend.

  • sknost

    BethanyTallulahHoward  You know what is infuriating? The women on here who don’t even bother to read it before losing their shit.  You clearly did not, and that is extremely ignorant.  

    Men cannot control their sexual desires? Checking a woman out vs acting on it are very different things.  And where does it say anywhere above that women should lose weight?  All it says is that because you are now together, does not mean its acceptable to let yourself go. Supremacy? again point to anywhere above that states men are superior/ to women.

    Before you get up and arms about something, i suggest you read it before bashing it based on your own agenda.

    -Ignorant Male, supposedly supreme

  • sknost

    AreYouSerious71 Actually, Rich poses quite a well framed, valid argument based in logic and reasoning, with specific examples.  Not emotion and ignorance.  Areyoubutthurt71? DOES IT HUUUUUUUURT????   Cheers to anyone who knows the reference.

  • MikeWalsh2

    Very rarely do I agree with these lists, but this one is spot on.

  • JessIsCAlamity

    saj18 JessIsCAlamity  Thanks. Again, because: married. lol 
    But yeah, I think some of these are intended in a comedic/humorous way, but it reads as a legitimate list of desires.
    That said: the things that are true are pretty terrible, when you think of it. Not necessarily in a malicious way, but even the subtext of this article says should the roles be reversed… well.. shitstorms abound. Just. Saying. 
    Also- for the record: true feminism is merely the expectation of basic/equal human rights. There are always over-zealous and extreme cases: they are not the rule, but they stand out in your mind.

  • BeShanaman

    bakersdozen13 BeShanaman deleted_35302508_JessicaGalu DanielCooke  

    The girl who can’t follow a fucking comment thread tells me I need to check my reading comprehension. What a joke. My girlfriend wasn’t defending me, she was agreeing with me. 

    Also again with the ad hominem… “sad little boy,” weak minded simpleton.” I hope you realize that others can detect when you can’t actually formulate a real argument, and thus resort to attacking a person rather than their argument.

    Maybe come back and try again?

    …Although there’s really nothing you can say to sway me from the opinion that a male that will lie about what goes on in their head (wanting to copulate with most every attractive female – albeit not necessary acting on it) for the benefit of the girlfriend to believe that she’s living in some fairy tale realm where once you secure a significant other that no other female will be something to look at or “size up” is in FACT either a try hard beta, or faux white knight. 

    It’s all about how we deal with these natural occurrences that determine the constitution of the person, not the occurrences themselves.

  • BeShanaman

    MichelleHerbrandChase  I’m so absolutely blown away at how much people are offended by this. It just shows how disconnected with reality some of these folks are. Quite frightening really. Everyone wants their goddamn fairy tale… smh

  • Jezzerat

    MikeWalsh2  “A shocking internet study revealed today that douchebags tend to agree on horrible douchey opinions.”

  • Jezzerat

    MichelleHerbrandChase  Just because you settled for an asshole doesn’t mean everyone should.

  • sknost

    giorgiramirez sknost  Yes i am offended, because its offensive to men.  Did the same? Did what the same? I don’t follow…

  • MichelleHerbrandChase

    Jezzerat MichelleHerbrandChase  Very far from it actually…unlike what others may settle for..mine is not afraid to speak the truth!! Which is far more desirable than a mushy whipped little boy 😉

  • Jezzerat

    cdc4220  Your gender doesn’t make it any less idiotic a thing to say, just more disappointing.

  • VladMargulis

    This should be called 50 Things Every Woman Should Realize http://wallstreetinsanity.com/author/chuck-henderson/

  • BeShanaman

    RihanM  Seriously, all these fucking tryhards claiming that they’ll never even THINK about another female ever again. What a joke.

  • Jezzerat

    wtf85  Just FYI:  if you ever stop and wonder where you went horribly wrong, the solution to dealing with the douchebaggery of the original article wasn’t to go and try to prove it right.

  • ursa minor beta

    Crystal86, nah, same here

  • GradeBMaple

    dc136 If your jokes contribute to the oppression of marginalized groups, you suck at comedy.

  • MondoVox

    Why is everyone so pissed off about this article? I am a woman and I agree with most of it. My guess is that the women who are angry about this article are the same ones who post that horrific Marilyn Monroe quote on their Facebook newsfeed and on dating sites: “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I
    make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if
    you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me
    at my best.” Nobody wants a woman like this unless she is one of the hottest women on the planet…and none of us commenting here fit that bill.

    Sorry ladies but relationships are about give and take and about understanding what is going on in your partner’s mind. This list deals with what is going on in a man’s mind, and we can easily put together 50 points for a man to learn about what is going on in a woman’s mind. When you see a bunch of men agreeing with this list it means there is truth here, not that every man who agrees with it is a broken child and that you are right. Men watch porn. Men *think* about anal. Men like you looking your best. Men want to have sex with you and it damages relationships when you withhold it. Common sense, that is what this list is.

  • sknost

    MondoVox  For the win.

  • CraigJauvtis

    For me to make women happy I follow this little secret “Happy wife, happy life”. There are some good suggestions for people above no matter their sex is. No one likes to be bombarded the second they walk into the door.

  • CraigJauvtis

    Crystal86 BeShanaman deleted_35302508_JessicaGalu  Agree 100%. People will always window shop the opposite sex. As long as they do not make it obvious or cheat what difference does it make,

  • vancitydude

    Spot on. Agree 100%

  • zero56

    scowman91  “when guys stop farting and picking their noses, not shaving, letting themselves get fat, hairy and sweaty, belching, being selfish in bed, thinking romance is for ‘pusses'”
    Evidently your past relationships have made you bitter.  
    Date better people.  It’s not every male’s fault that you chose to date repugnant people.  

    “Silly silly writer. People in glass houses should not throw stones my friend.” 
    Did you date the guy who wrote this?  Or is he just responsible for every (evidently) lame person you’ve dated?  

    I’m just kidding, I think that outlook is completely fair and not intellectually insulting at all….*rolls eyes*

  • vancitydude

    Real RF  You’re way overreacting, plus you’re probably an ugly feminist lol

  • zero56

    Real RF  Oh…well….than why’d you read the article?  Or did the first thee to six things listed not make it absolutely clear what sort of list it was going to be?

  • KendallCoombs

    Jezzerat MikeWalsh2  implying this list is flawed? try actually thinking about life and understanding that different folks want different things. Mondo Vox’s post said it perfectly well. Try being less of a douche jezzerat

  • vancitydude

    wtf85  I sense a lot of anger with this one here… gotten laid lately?

  • KendallCoombs

    Jezzerat MichelleHerbrandChase  Jezzerat okay now im actually starting to feel bad for you. Seriously u need to learn about empathy and try understanding other ppl some more. this list doesnt say u HAVE to do this or you’re a bad woman. its explaining how many if not all men think (roughly, not EVERY point will apply to every guy, but many do). as a man i would do things to make my woman happy. if both partners arent looking to do the same thing, that is a shit relationship. 
    it goes back to compromise, between what each partner wants. 
    not just what u want- or him

  • Uh Oh 2434

    Wow what a interesting list…”I can have my own dreams if I want” geee thank you. As far as your application for anal…DENIED!! Unfortunately, your not the type girls give anal to. In fact, your not even the type boys give anal to. You’re just a dinosaur left over from a time when women didn’t have any rights. The men who get to have the wild threesomes and anal sex or sex in general, are the ones who evolved from cavemen.

  • KendallCoombs

    SandiPuglieseHernaez  sigh apply common sense. can u do that? please? you think the goal of this list was to literally explain 100% in all aspects of life how any and all men think? You want the writer to account for the individual factors that make each person who they are?
    like…re-read your comment. why.  This is in general, and partially joking. All guys have this stuff in em instinctualy, instinct isnt all we are (same for women) but it is a part of us, and if you ignore that, then u dont understand people in general

  • KendallCoombs

    cdc4220  well said. Im really not sure what the thought process is for folks getting so upset. It’s meant to be taken with a grain of salt. A good man would be looking to make his woman happy too, and when both are trying to do that, you have a great relationship. 
    I suspect some women reading this feel like this list is trying to impose each point here as rules they must live by, as opposed to just points to consider. No good partner will want the other perso nto do somethign they dont want to do. breathe ppl. relax lol

  • pizzer

    twilighthowitzer ‘sexist pig’ you do realise what sexism is, right?

  • SandiPuglieseHernaez

    KendallCoombs SandiPuglieseHernaez  I calmly stated my opinion Kendall, I think articles like this generally cater to the lowest common denominator.  No I don’t think I will “read it again” as I found reading it the first time mind-numbing enough.  We can have different opinions, I stated mine in a respectful manner and  I didn’t attack anyone so feel free to jog on and find someone else to harp on.

  • pizzer

    AreYouSerious71 i was making a joke with how this article is terrible and exaggerated. i know that most men aren’t like that

  • pizzer

    jspade24  hey look, its an asswipe! they aren’t very rare, but its still amusing to watch them fail

  • KelseyMullen

    Can I just say that I don’t agree with 100% of this list (I’ll admit to agreeing with one or two things, sure), and that doesn’t actually make me: stupid, ugly, lonely, sad, naive, prude-ish or any of the other horrible, demeaning names that have been thrown around here? Everybody is entitled to their opinions, but nobody has the right to spread reckless hate.

  • callmelill93

    I hope this is a joke….if not I pity any woman who ever comes in contact with the guy that wrote this.

  • CraigJauvtis

    callmelill93  Some items on this list are off base but there are some very useful suggestions as well for any relationship no matter what the sex.

  • Crystal86

    CraigJauvtis Crystal86 BeShanaman deleted_35302508_JessicaGalu  Exactly!

  • Marie Claire Jones

    jspade24  Again, like many of your fellow commenters, you’re completely beside the point.

    This article s problematic, not because it promotes sexual exploration.

    It absolutely doesn’t. 

    It promotes an extremely regid idea of gender roles which, studies have shown, creates for those who follow them a very restrictive frame of acceptable sexual behaviour.

    People in relationships that follow traditional gender roles usually have less communication skills, which also means that they are less likely to feel comfortable expressing their sexual desires to their partners.

    This article is problematic because it reinforces traditional gender roles by applying to both genders canevas based on stereotypes that should not exist because they create a power unbalance between men and women…

  • Hilarious – would be very frightening for the human race if it wasn’t a joke

  • NateRelyea

    @saj18 just stop commenting please? XD

  • NateRelyea

    DanielCooke annieport  Excuse me… But Daniel, can you please define for me what “beta male” is supposed to mean? And also how bout you take some some science studies into account before you make blank statement such as “men are more sexual” you are wrong sir. Men just reach their sexual peak at a different time than women… I can definitely assure you, I treat women in a semi equal level, and I have a very strong mind and intellect. So how about you stop making the perverse statements of a bitter sexist male, and realize “hey, there’s 3 guys agreeing with me out of THOUSANDS… Maybe the common denominator is just me, and these other clowns that think they’re “real men” just cause of their size and sex drive.” And I sure as hell don’t agree with this list. And I sure as hell don’t have a woman inside my mind controlling my thoughts and desires.

  • JennMontgomery

    Real RF  Rapey? That’s intense, I don;t recall that word being used or suggested. Overreact much?

  • Marie Claire Jones


    There’s not much that supports essentialist theories about gender.

  • saj18

    NateRelyea  I think it would be more logical to stop reading things you’re not interested in.

  • AmandaMelodieBeezes

    MondoVox not that i think everything here is wrong but overall it needs work. saying stuff
    like “you can have your dreams if you want” makes it sound like he is implying once your mans dreams are completed then you can have yours. and girls like to look at other men just as much as other men like to look at other women. why would he be aloud and i have to “suck it up” but i must watch for his feeling when it comes to checking guys out. this article makes it seem like the guy has no self esteem. for example when it says that i must never disagree with him in public or my relationship is basically ruined. like i understand where he is coming from but he needs to phrase that differently. also not all men think about anal and even if they did..its my body and i shouldnt have to do something that i am uncomfortable with when this whole article is telling us to not make our man uncomfortable, well what about the women? also the part about guys at a party wants you to be beside him the hole time is complete bullshit. guys like to talk with their guys about “guy stuff” and their friends who are single dont want to have to watch out about the inappropriate things they are going to say about girls because you are there. also the part about “if your going to make him watch a chick flick then give him a blow job” i thought he said that he wants us girls to show interests in the stuff guys like because guys like sharing stuff they are interested in with their girlfriends…well its the same thing for girls. we want to cuddle and watch movies we like that might be considered a “chick flick” and if she wants to give him a blow job then good for him. he can hang out with his friends and do whatever he wants but the problem is when he doesnt pay attention to her and puts her as a last priority, that is when the problems start. i agree that girls should come out and say whats bothering them instead of saying “nothing” and then pouting. point is, every relationship is different and when a girl and guy meet, they need to figure out together what they each like and not like then go from there and compromise. however this article is one sided and not that im trying to be a feminist or whatever but there are deff things wrong with this article. the writer is trying to make life easier only for men and honestly its not extreme but it does make it seem like hes trying to say that girls have to always put the man first to make the relationship work and that is just not true. both the girl and guy/ guy and guy/ girl and girl/ or whatever should equally put effort into the relationship if you want it to work.
    ps. withholding sex is dumb because thats how it starts then next minute the both of you are not having sex anymore but i can understand that if you are mad at your significant other then you dont exactly want to jump in bed with them. imagine your mad at him but you fuck him anyway? then he wont care to solve the problem because hes still getting the pleasure. so it is a debatable subject .
    making an article like this but for girls will end up being the same thing: favoring the girls needs and not any of the boys.

  • MartinNoel

    Jezzerat MichelleHerbrandChase  love this guy, hes totally right

  • jspade24

    Marie Claire Jones jspade24  

    What gender roles? I dont see anywhere in this article “have my dinner ready on time, do the dishes, vacuuming, fold the laundry, stay in the kitchen, youre not allowed to work, etc.”. Its saying that yea a lot of dudes can be wild cards from time to time, be his morale compass, guys like that. Its saying no you dont have the right to bombard me with your petty work bullsh*t as soon as my foot crosses the threshold of the door. I promise I’ll listen to all your “im a woman and my life is so hard” shit, but if you want me to be patient stop being selfish and give me a minute to relax. Its saying Im wanna be the best sexual experience youve ever had, tell me what you like so I can make you feel a way youve never felt before. Its saying Im not your dad, so kill that baby talk garbage. Yes be my muse, make we want to be a better person, a better man. And yes I liked what you had on the first time, so can we please f*cking go lol. These are things that men think but dont say, Why? Because for whatever reason it comes back to this. Being insensitive, trying to degrade women, or the “if you think like this youre not a real man”. I think that last one is hilarious. This isnt a HE-MAN….I am great and powerful……..me run the world smash rocks article. Its not promoting male empowerment. Its for you. Take it, its yours.

  • bakersdozen13


    >My guess is that the women who are angry about this article are the same ones who post that horrific Marilyn Monroe quote on their Facebook newsfeed and on dating sites

    Nice try, but nope. If it makes you feel better about yourself to build up a strawman against other women, go for it. Sounds like you’re the kind of woman who is “one of the guys” because other women don’t “get” her. That’s endearing in high school. Not so much as an adult.

    As for a “a bunch of men agreeing with this list,” I strongly encourage you to sort the thread by “top comments” and see what you get (and note the gender of the dissenters).

    You aren’t a unique, special butterfly because you agree with this list. Every single one of us understands that men watch porn, think about anal and want to see us at our best. You cherry picked the most neutral numbers on this list to support your argument. Sure, some of these are pretty freaking obvious. Others are insulting and downright sexist (mostly towards men).

  • bakersdozen13

    BeShanaman bakersdozen13 deleted_35302508_JessicaGalu DanielCooke  

    You dolt, when you respond to ME and another man (who you obviously agreed with, so you wouldn’t be talking about him) with “tryhard beta male” – how am I to know you aren’t talking about me? You didn’t say “PEOPLE LIKE THIS ARE…tryhard beta males.” You provided no context. Just low-level, unoriginal trolling. 

    Get off your high horse about personal attacks. You use the words “beta” and “white knight” LITERALLY to describe other men. Like, not sarcastically. Not making fun of people who do use those terms. No. You ACTUALLY use those words to describe other men, and you’re 100% sincere about it. I can’t take anything you say seriously.

    Also love how your girlfriend deleted her profile after a nice verbal smacking. Did you command her to do that or did she have a free choice this time around? Yap all you want about the male gaze. Females have something similar too, Neanderthal. My boyfriend and I openly talk about the attractive people that cross our paths. It’s just that some men (obviously not you by the looks of things) are happy and secure enough in their relationships that it’s not at the forefront of their minds. They don’t fall back on the pseudo-science of human biological programming. 

    Done wiping the floor with you. I’ll bow out of this conversation. Farewell!

  • Jessica0079

    Ka_uilaniKim klynneb3There are definitely some boring action movies. There are good car chases, like in the movie, “Ronin”, and there are super-long and boring car chases that you wish would just end already. Same with fights.

  • Jessica0079

    WordDisastersInSpace This is perfect.

  • HDobre

    he s not as complicated as you are, but this is a list of 50 things that could seem strange for a woman 🙂

  • Topperfalkon

    Well, apparently livefyre has a hidden comment length imit, meaning I can’t do a point-by-point rebuttal, but I felt better for writing it regardless.

    Point is, this article makes terrible assumptions about women AND men, especially around image, appearance, and sexual preferences. There’s some fairly dangerous “advice” here, along with some completely wrong advice, and the advice that could be considered “correct” is generally applicable to all scenarios, not just a woman’s “role” in a relationship.

  • pinquot

    I’m nitpicking at this point, but the whole idea of couples functioning on the principle of “He has to watch a movie he doesn’t want to watch; she has to suck him off” irritates me on a few levels.  First of all, why on earth would you want to make him watch a movie you both know he’ll hate?  (I’m not even saying “chick flicks” because I’m sure there are some chick flicks some guys enjoy and certainly not every movie a guy doesn’t like is a chick flick.)  Why wouldn’t you, the woman, just watch it on your own?  Why do you want to waste two hours of someone else’s day?  Secondly, suck dicks when you want to; it can be fun.  But any situation in which there is an “obligation” to do so is disgusting and so are the kind of men who even want women to ever “owe” them sex.  Isn’t a big part of pleasure, for most normal people of BOTH genders, the fact that the other person likes it too?  Don’t men consistently say that enthusiasm on the “blower’s” part is a huge part of what makes a good blowjob enjoyable?  So how good can it possibly be when it’s being done not because a woman wants to but because she’s basically paying a bill?  Hey straight couples: watch whatever movies you want to watch, but don’t make other people watch them if they’re not into it.  Perform all the oral sex you want (and ask for it if you think the other person is shy) but never feel OBLIGATED to do it, because besides being a disservice to you, no good sex is going to come out of a sense of duty.  WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS TO THEMSELVES AND EACH OTHER?  I know there is always some sacrifice involved in being with someone, but your whole relationship operates on the principle of “We’ll take turns doing things we don’t want to do for the other person’s benefit,” please end it and figure some stuff out before you start a new one.

  • MithileshPatle

    Does this author know how brilliantly he has written this article? I mean these 50 points pretty much sums up things about being a man. Hats off! I bow to you Sir.

  • DannyJane

    This is horseshit.  If this is what’s needed in a relationship then you better re-evaluate it.  Me, I wan a MAN not a whiny little boy who pouts and chases my girlfriends.  We all have insecurities, but this is crap.  This isn’t how adults behave with each other, except possibly when horsing around.

  • Elizabeth10

    The problem about this article really stems from the author’s motive to make it.  The fact that he has blatantly decided that there is no way men could ever understand women under any circumstances.  This “little secret” he has that men don’t know shit about women is your excuse for being lazy and not taking the time and patience to understand another human being that has feelings yet has different genitalia .  This “overarching feminine mystery” is something collectively applied to all women maybe, but it can’t be your excuse for how you handle your relationships with a woman.  While men and women may always have a hard time understanding each other, you can’t just give up trying to understand women completely and write a list about the things they should do instead so you can be lazy and ignorant.


  • MondoVox

    bakersdozen13 MondoVox 
    Actually I am not making an argument, nor am I building up a strawman against other women. I merely am agreeing with the article. That my agreement upsets you so much isn’t my problem.  And for the record, I absolutely positively am NOT one of the guys – in fact I am the opposite: a feminine woman who likes to attract men and treat them well.

  • bloodprofessor

    Wall Street Stupidity

  • OmarElFassi

    JennMontgomery Real RF  
    “9. Withholding Sex Is A Dangerous Game
    I don’t care how mad you are at him, if you cut him off for an extended period of time, what happens next is on you.”
    Oh, did you not read the article? If there is one sentence that most obviously suggests rape, or emotional/physical abuse, in response to not having sex, it is this one. Perhaps you are lacking in the memory department of your brain, preventing you to ‘recall.’

  • Mr_Innovative

    I think this article is good in letting you know what you may need to consider when you’re wondering what he’s thinking. The amount of criticism in the comments may stem from the way some of the descriptions and points are written, so here’s my attempt at a revised version;
    1:If you find something wrong in your partner’s internet history (or texts, or email, or any other sort of personal thing), as tempting as it may be, don’t yell right off the bat.
    Ask why, encourage them to be honest about it and reassure them that it’s okay to be honest – you want the two of you to talk about this and come up with a solution. Their first thought is that you’ve invaded their privacy, so they would be semi-focused on this (if you yell, they’ll yell), and though it is true that there should be nothing there that could upset you in the first place, you’ve cornered them now, it’s time to negotiate, not the time to “bite their head off”. Unless they’re cheating on you, then go ahead, they deserve the yelling.
    2:You can’t just tell them to change and expect them to.
    There’s reasons why people do what they do, and that reason is their past experiences, and they do it because they believe it to be right. They can’t change right away because it is just so hard to go from knowing one thing to another when your entire life so far had been the way it is now. It’s also painful when someone tells you what you think is right is wrong, even if it is wrong. So be gentle, be subtle, and lead by example. As a couple, you’re encouraged to rub your good traits off to each other and tolerate whatever wrong there is. You keep your shape, they see you keeping fit, they’ll start thinking about it themselves, simple as – and remember that you’re there to support them, not to force them.
    3:It is true that some men can’t grow out of the habit of checking out other women.
    It comes from their adolescent days, when they’re with their buddies at a night club, single, and it seems like it’s how guys bond at that age… for some, it becomes a habit they can’t kick. This isn’t entirely your man’s fault though, everyone likes to dress well, some dress for attention, and some really really tries to get attention with how they’re dressed. It’s like a really catchy billboard, it’s there to grab people’s attention on purpose, and that’s what just happened to your man. This billboard just caught his attention. Give him a nudge, remind him or something (lightly). The best way to deal with it is not to stress about it because for some, it will simply keep happening – If you really want to, why don’t you point out that girl to him first, see how he reacts.
    4:Don’t come between your partner and their friends.
    If you’re asking to go out for dinner at a certain date and your partner says they’ve already made plans with their friends, don’t push – just try another date. If you don’t like one of their friends, let your partner know – by all means you can avoid that particular person as much as possible (or be present in every single event that person is in with your partner), but never ask them to sever ties. Your partner gets along with them, he/she doesn’t understand why you don’t like this person.
    5:Well bad-mouthing someone else’s relative is just rude anyway…
    6:Let by-gone be by-gone.
    If someone is in the wrong, apologised and you’ve forgiven them then bringing it up again is like breaking a promise. They know they’re wrong, they’re sorry it happened, and nobody likes getting semi-blackmailed.
    7:If you ask a tough question and their honest answer hurts you, don’t make them regret being honest.
    It’s tough I know, but if your partner tells you they have feelings for someone else, would you rather them tell you about it or not? If you want them to keep being honest with you, just keep bearing in your mind that it takes a lot of courage to be honest when you know you’ll be in for some killing.
    8:Your partner had a long day at work, they’ve been looking forward to some rest when they get back. It’s the least that they deserve… and of course, you can expect the same back.
    9:I’m quite sure everyone likes their partner to be attracted to them, so attracted that they can’t resist you. If you withhold sex, the other would feel like you’re not attracted to them anymore that you’re able to withhold sex from them. If it is that bad that you’re withholding sex, there’s other things you can do that lets you do that without saying it like sleeping in a different room. Remember though, the worse a situation is, the more there is a need in the two of you sitting in the same room discussing it (with a cool head).
    10:If you have a problem with your partner, talk to your partner.
    You can talk to your family, but it’s generally a bad idea to talk to anyone else about it because a) Most people will have a biased motive in their advice to you. b) Why would you want other people to look down on your partner? c)Despite what some people say, their reputation and credibility is important to them, so if you actually still want to be with your partner, doing this just made your chances of making up a lot smaller. If you don’t want to be with your partner anymore, just leave them, and let that be the end.
    I’ll just do the top 10, but I hope it gives some readers the idea that each of these points have a base message which really, applies to anyone. The writer simply tried to write it in a way so that the male audience would be able to relate to it more.

  • TessieHickey

    MondoVox  I trust you, I do not post shitty fake quotes by anyone on my facebook.  But I am pissed off at this article, because of things like: 9. Withholding Sex Is A Dangerous Game
    I don’t care how mad you are at him, if you cut him off for an extended period of time, what happens next is on you. ….Uhh.. what? Rape?? Cheating?? Yup, those are pretty dangerous things. I’m sorry, but If I’m really pissed off because a guy is being a douchebag.. I’m not going to be in the mood. 

    And this: 
    11. He Wants To Try Anal…He might never ask for it, but he wants it. And odds are, most, if not all of his former girlfriends wouldn’t let him. Let him have it at least once, maybe on his birthday. It’ll be a bonding experience. ….Oh really?! And he will let me shove a huge dildo up his ass for a bonding experience at least once??

  • MondoVox

    OmarElFassi JennMontgomeryReal RF 
    No, that sentence does not suggest rape. It suggests that he will seek sex elsewhere which will be the demise of the relationship. This is true for men and women,: when people are sexually neglected, it kills the relationship. Sex is not just about orgasms, it is also about bonding and intimacy. Without it, you are just friends. I can cite examples of women whose male partners started playing video games for 10 hours a day and as such didn’t have sex anymore. Those women sought replacements and rightfully so.

  • OmarElFassi

    saj18 leftytgirl  Not clever at all, in fact, that last little line about women and math does in fact make it seem like your intellect rivals only that of a mentally-retarded baboon (although that’s insulting to the mentally-ill and to the baboons). “the other 46 things seem pretty spot on plus or minus a few…” Really? So you mean to tell me that all of us are simplistic little apes whose desires can be grasped in 46 little points? Perhaps for the people like you suffering from very low mental capabilities they can, but most heterosexual relationships cannot be ‘summed up’ in fifty sentences. 

    Also, this isn’t an exam. Women are not tests you can pass or fail. They have emotional substance. Until then, maybe you can stop spewing your stupid crap around the internet.

  • BeShanaman

    bakersdozen13 MondoVox  LOL at your completely backfired attempt to justify your ridiculous standpoint. Not only do you not know how to refrain from ad hominem, but the whole “look at the top comments” argument is totally flawed because most of the votes on the guys are probably women. More than likely these same women we reference who train these beta, faux white knight guys to tell these exact lies so they can remain in their little fairy tale world where no one but your SO is looked at or thought about.

  • Rubyloubyloulu

    Sooo…. Women must make the effort by showing an interest in things their man enjoys. But we must give sexual favours for them to to the same?!

    Oh, and if you want your love to last, you have to submit lo them buggering you?

    Any man of that mindset can F right off! Most likely with a kick up the arse to get them on their way, too.

  • DannyJane

    Rubyloubyloulu  Relationships work both ways.  We’re hearing all the things men WANT, but nothing about what they are willing to do in return.  It isn’t romantic to talk this way, but every relationship is based on mutual negotiation.  I want this, you want that.  I want you to be interested in the things interest me.  I, therefore, must show an interest in the things you like.  You want me to watch football, fine.  We’ll record my movie and watch it together after the game.  You want to spend time with your friends–great, I’ll call my girlfriends and meet you later for drinks.


  • This is fucking stupid. So fucking stupid. A relationship is a two way street, a woman does NOT owe shit to any man. And with holding sex? “What ever happens next is on you”? That is not justifiable no matter what. This is so misogynistic and ridiculous. Whoever wrote this must be miserable.

  • Rubyloubyloulu

    JactheStrange Don’t forget : ‘We want to shag most of your friends – get used to it. But if we just THINK you’re flirting with ours… We won’t be able to be their friend anymore and it’s all your fault!’

    Honestly, what kind of a moron writes that?! Ha.

    Not worth commenting on, really.

  • Ewoks

    lolll all i can think of when reading this article is some sleazy frat boy who goes to bars trying to pull off a fedora, and maybe get laid for the first time in his life. 

    “He looks to his woman to keep him in check. Make sure he always does the right thing.” HA! Pretty sure my boyfriend is smart enough to make his own choices. If anything, this article is putting down men. I know many men who are far more classy and intelligent than this jackass.

  • JordanNottakingyourshitH

    Choke on your own disgusting spunk, little boy.

  • airgoats

    DannyJane  apololgies, but i believe this more refers to the immaturity of many, obviously not all, but many girls in our generation. this pretty much wraps up every girlfriend i’ve ever had and the “problems” they had with me, but if they would just take one second to think about how i thought, our relationship would have been a thousand times easier because i literally spend every second of every day worrying about how they felt and what they thought, when they couldn’t take even a moment to do the same

  • conerlysa

    WordDisastersInSpace This is great. I hope you don’t mind if I share this with some friends.

  • JessicaRose1

    “And if you need any extra help, I do offer private tutorials. You know where to find me.”

    Underneath a fedora, jerking off with the lubrication of his own tears in his mother’s basement.

  • JessicaRose1

    My boyfriend was so grossly offended by this post that I couldn’t get him to stop talking about it over dinner.  He was making jokes all night.  I offered to take him out to dinner because he worked a double and I had the day off.  Don’t worry, I didn’t have to save him the biggest chicken leg because I let him order whatever his little heart desired.  But we both work hard and we both have full time jobs since this isn’t 1955 and all.  He was cracking jokes all night like, “THANKS FOR EMASCULATING ME BY PAYING THE BILL,” etc.

    But I’m not surprised that this article offended my boyfriend more than it did me.  Women are complex, yes, but to say that men aren’t might as well be a slap in the face (or dick.  Look, OP, I can be tongue and cheek with my writing, too.  maybe I should start writing for  some shitty hole-in-the-wall blog.)  Men and women both are multifaceted, complex, thought-provoking, quizzical beings.  That’s people.  Don’t sell yourself so short, you sick, sad, little monkey.  And don’t throw all of the other men in the world under the bus, assuming that they think and feel the same way that you do, because they don’t.  Maybe if you saw women as people, because they are biologically so, you would find that they aren’t any more difficult to understand than your run-of-the-mill Joe Shmoe on the street.  I hope that one day you get over yourself and this crazy notion that people can be lumped into two simple categories based on what genitalia they were born with.

  • Jezzerat

    BeShanaman bakersdozen13 MondoVox  If you have to resort to stupid, bullshit terminology like “alpha” and “beta” males, you’ve already lost the argument.

  • DannyJane

    airgoats DannyJane  Funny.  Your description pretty well covers many of the so-called men I have met.  If you’re worrying about what they feel and think, why not ask them?  It may take a little prodding.  Most young women are conditioned against answering unless they believe the man sincerely wants to know. Then it become a risk that he will fling it in her face the next time they have an arguement or else use it to manipulate her later.

  • Marie Claire Jones


    There is much more to the construction of gender to the simplified description you’ve made of traditional gender roles.

    The way you describe men and women lack of subtility.

    You assume that men are not able of acting morally without help and that, unlike them, women are. Both men and women can be amoral/moral. You are imposing restrictive gender roles on both of their shoulders when you make a statement such as the one that you did. It is also extremely disturbing because you insinuate that men have absolutely no control over their actions and that they need a woman to tell them what to do or else they have no understanding whatsoever of morality. Considering the fact that women, like men, can be both moral and amoral, you are stating that men-who are, apparently, beings with absolutely no will nor social conscience- can not take a moral decision without the help of someone that could have absolutely no sense of morality as well. Not only do you perpetuate this image of a men that has absolutely no inner-strenght, you also make the woman responsible of whatever amoral act this weak man you describe might chose to make.

    Secondly, you are describing men as beings that do not talk about whatever issues they are going through and women as people that can’t spend a moment of their life without thinking about them. Again, both men and women can have find it easy or not to express how they feel about whatever ordeal they are going through depending on the context in which they were brought up. Not only does this perpetuate very restrictive gender norms for men by insinuating that they should not express how they feel about whatever issues they are going through, it’s also really condescending towards anyone that is able to communicate such things. By this, you and the author are stating that trying to communicating what makes you feel uncomfortable or sad is something bad and weak. Again, it’s really problematic considering the fact that men are most likely to commit suicide or to adopt violent behaviour than women because they are brought up to hide what they are feeling. Their feelings are, not unlike the ones of women who are brought up the same way,  expressed through verbal and physical aggressivity. They are most of the time repressed and, when  these people, are feeling extremely depressed, they don’t turn to anyone because they are taught that doing so is a sign of weakness. In consequence, those people are most likely to commit suicide when things get more rough.

    Thirdly, your statement on sexuality is, again, completely lacking in nuance. Like the author of this article, you are putting men in a situation of dominance in your description of sexuality between men and women. No, you won’t be able to please a woman if you’re not able to understand that sexuality is an exchange, that it needs a lot of communication, that it requires the respect of the desires and LIMITS (which the author of this article seemingly don’t care about) of both partners, and that being sexual is not something masculine. 

    Fourthly, stating something ridiculous such as ”I’m not your dad” is a creepy insinuation that women are seeking their father when being with their partners. I won’t even going to lose time one explaining how disturbing this statement is.

    There’s clearly nothing wrong with the statement ”be my muse”. Everybody should be able to find a partner that helps their personal growth.

    I don’t see how you are blind to the fact that stating ”And yes I liked what you had on the first time, so can we please f*cking go lol” is not a perpetuation of traditional gender roles of men and women. Your are insinuating by this comment that women spend a crazy amount of time working on their apparence and that men spend absolutely no time on it…I don’t even understand how you don’t see that you’re perpetuating disturbing stereotypes by stating such a thing. Some women spend a lot of time caring about the way they look, some don’t. Some men spend a lot of time caring about the way they look, some don’t.

    …Anyway, I hope this helped you in the process of sticking your head out of your ass.

  • JessicaRose1

    JoshuaAbdool  First off I just wanted to say that I saw a lot of men commenting negatively on this article. And a lot of women talking about how it was offensive to men (myself included.)  As for the women who are talking about misogyny, I think you should care about their “complaining” because misogyny hurts men, too.  All of those comments telling guys to “man up,” stem from misogyny.  If having feminine traits wasn’t seen as such a horrible thing, men would be more liberated, as well.

  • JessicaRose1

    callmelill93  I pity the guy who wrote this if he ever comes in contact with any woman who read it! I carry mace.

  • saj18

    OmarElFassi saj18 leftytgirl  Interesting. I normally don’t lower myself to insults in a debate; though I do appreciate your bluntness. Lets raise the maturity of this conversation my 15 year old adversary ;). First point I would like to make is that I never called women tests. I said that the author was around 90ish percent accurate. So in reality, the thing being tested isn’t women at all, but the accuracy of the author’s statements. I’d chew you out more, but I didn’t really get into reading comprehension till about the 10th grade myself, so next year  when you cover it in English class, you wont make the easy mistakes like you did above. You’ll also cover the topic of irony, which you used superbly by calling me mentally retarded, all the while failing to understand the very post you’re criticizing. Well done.
    Giving an object 46 qualities is not simplifying it by any means. Every human contains 23 pairs of chromosomes for a total of 46 chromosome. Are you saying that since there are only a MERE 23 different chromosome types (or qualities), that DNA  is suddenly simple? Those 23 pairs of chromosomes result in 6 billion plus unique humans. Numbers do not dictate the level simplicity. There is only one you, does that make you 50 times simpler than this list? I don’t think so. 
    Please read the article. The author says these are 50 things you should realize about men. Did he say these are ALL the things you need to realize about men? Did he say that you can simplify men down to ONLY these 50 qualities? Did he say that men ARE these 50 things and nothing else? No. He did not. I again, won’t chastise you that much because again, I can’t chew you out for something you’ve never covered in depth.
    Please don’t take offense to my guess at your age. You have one of those baby faces and the way you dress/write gives off a very teenager vibe. Mature adults normally don’t resort to vituperative language to make their points seem more valid. Life also tends to beat out most of the arrogance that teenagers still reek of. My last parting advice before I stop following this conversation is to never assume you’re the smartest person in the room. Embarrassment always follows someone who insults another person’s intelligence, all the while looking rather foolish themselves.

  • OmarElFassi

    Actually, you’re spot on for my age, which makes your attempts to “raise the maturity of this conversation” seem more futile by resorting to the things you very much accused me of: personal insults. Baby face, really? How refined for someone supposedly older than me, hiding behind the comfort of anonimosity. Also, this changes nothing to the fact that you out rightly stated women were bad at math, so to be honest with you you’re really no one to ‘raise maturity’; instead, the only thing you seem able to do is lower it to abysmal standards. Sorry almighty anonymous and significantly older man that seems to have enough life experience to know that life washes away the smell of arrogance of a teen (I liked that part though).
    Unfortunately for you, however, I already did cover irony, and I also covered logical fallacies, which seem to be teeming in that lengthy post of yours. If you want to build a strawman against my argument, so be it, but I am pretty sure you’re wrong:
    “Did he say that you can simplify men down to ONLY these 50 qualities? Did he say that men ARE these 50 things and nothing else?”
    This article is about men, true, but also, as the title states “EVERY woman,” a gross generalization on the author’s part, which subsequently also means that EVERY man can also be classified as the person being depicted by the author (a somewhat creepy and uncontrollable man who clings to his masculinity maybe a little too much for anyone’s good.
    Perhaps I did not phrase my argument correctly, hence the confusion. These implied ‘characteristics’ given by the author about men and women are offensive in their little 50-points-form. I can’t even begin to imagine what the author could have done with more, but as they are right now, they put both genders under unfavorable light.
    I liked your second paragraph, if anything, and I guess I was wrong for that part. But looking at your activity stream, I wonder what your obsession with this article is, and why you defend it with such tenacity. Do you have nothing else to do? Fighting anonymously with a 15 year-old on the web? Perhaps you should go out, see the world, meet Priyanshi Somani, fellow 15 year old girl who won awards for her mental capabilities in math. Or has life not washed the pride you older people seem to reek of because of your experience yet?

  • katmandoo

    vancitydude  If a man wants everything on this list, he’s not going to be wanted by a lot of people. There are maybe 7 good things on this list. Everything else is disgusting

  • wholfe

    It’s not a point-by-point rebuttal, but it is a response of sorts in a similar spirit to the original:


  • dubiousmike

    The author has the emotional maturity of a 16 year old, with the experience of a 24 year old.  I don’t think any Manhattan women expect any more than this from little boys.

  • dubiousmike

    And this website has a section called “Girls”.  Classy.

  • NOLAtoChile

    i’ve been in a happy relationship for a while and it sure as hell isn’t because I listen to ignorant machos like you.

  • JoshuaAbdool

    JessicaRose1 JoshuaAbdool This response is going to be incredibly long, but I believe it needs to be written  so I would be more than happy if persons read it through with an open mind. 

     It would be remiss of me not to mention you are missing the point. What I am pointing at rather is a growing trend in society to claim victim-hood in any remotely offensive material whether or not one is the main victim. It takes a special kind of arrogance and disregard to say that this article is women hating without pointing to the fact that it is also offensive to men because quite simply, it is more offensive to men.
    But nobody cares about a man’s problems because men are disposable ( to understand what I’m talking about one needs to read some evolutionary psychology, unhappily I find that persons who take women’s studies shy away from scientific or logic courses which not only severely impairs their ability to suggest alternative theories for observable trends but impairs their ability to analyse the “facts”they get in their women studies course.) —- this can be seen in the number of buffoons who still aren’t aware that the wage gap has nothing to do with sexism but rather has to do with work patterns—- (They see the bare stat men earn $1 to every 70 cents women earn and they lack the mental tools to dissect it, so they assume it has to do with sexism.)
    Now I know what you are thinking, “this fella went off on a tangent” , indeed, but you owe me this tangent since you talking about “comments telling guys to man up” was a tangent itself. I have never referred to those types of comments in my comment, rather, I was talking about more direct assaults on the stereotypical male traits (as previously alluded to).
    Now purely for fun I am going to deal with your suggestion that telling guys to “man up”stems from misogyny. (this is another attempt to claim ultimate victim-hood)
    On the face of it your logic seems sound, you tell a man to man-up therefore it is implied that to be a women is bad or rather that women’s traits are undesirable. However your approach is unduly simplistic and the conclusion does not necessarily follow from the premise. In truth, its not that women’s traits are undesirable, rather, as a man you do not have the right to them, let me explain:
    When you tell a man to “man-up” what you are objecting to is his complaining. This is because men,in the view of society, don’t generally have as much right to complain as women because they are inherently less valuable. (again this comes from evolutionary psychology, explaining this fully would take too much time but briefly, in mankind’s earliest times in order to expand civilisation at a high enough rate, all the women were needed but only a few men, the alpha males , the rest of the men were therefore disposable.–Our practices for generations upon generations had this fact at its basis and it became deeply ingrained, women didn’t hunt not because society wanted them to be dependent upon men, but rather, because hunting got you killed and they were too valuable. Women weren’t allowed in the army for the same reason , men in the 1920’s were the ones working in the coal mines because it kills you. —I would add quite funny enough is when the women’s rights movement began they only petitioned for equality in the highest jobs, none of them wanted equality in the coal mines.  Even today women only want equality in politics and positions of power to which there are absolutely no structural bars any more unless we are talking about places outside of Europe and North America . They have forgotten about the other male dominated fields garbage collecting, sewage maintenance, working in any kind of mine etc.   Equality at the top but not at the bottom of course. ) The idea of male disposability can be seen all around you but for some concrete examples :-
    1. Prostate cancer kills almost as much men as breast cancer kills women, yet a disproportionately smaller portion of money goes towards getting rid of it. In fact almost all forms of cancer kill more men than women, but society focuses most on the one that doesn’t.
    2. More men than women are the victim of violent crimes, despite what you might have heard to the contrary, even in the mind of a criminal they would more readily attack a man. 
    3. Women generally get lower sentences for the same crimes as men, and this is only partially explained by women more often having responsibility to care the child.
    … In conclusion when a man is told to “man-up” what is suggested is not “don’t be like a woman, woman are weak”but rather “don’t be like a woman, you don’t have the right to and we don’t care about your problems”.
    I’m not saying society is male-hating either , what I am suggesting with this post rather is that many of the trends feminists attribute to sexism are actually more based upon habit. And that makes a hell of a lot more sense anyway, society is complicated, full of sophisticated, intelligent people and we would not have gotten anywhere if our decisions were based on sexism.

  • jspade24

    Marie Claire Jones jspade24  

    Oh my goodness, you’re so darn smart! Is that what you hope people tell you every time you obviously over diagnose someone or something? Men dont have a problem communicating, but this whole monologue youve put together makes me wonder if you notice that people check out halfway through a conversation with you. They’re probably actually thinking of committing suicide. So you think having someone by your side to that is on your team that could give you a different view from a morality stand point is “perpetuating the the image of not having inner strength”? Well thats just dumb, well unless theyre a know it all, which you apparently are. Men dont have a problem talking, as long as youre talking about something and not droning on and on about nothing. If youre curious to see what that actually looks like check out your reply. You said ALL of that and still dont get the point, hell the only reason I read it all if because Im sitting in an airport. Im guessing youre one of those types that try to talk other people into thinking theyre smart. You say being sexual isnt anything masculine, which in turn I ask do you have any male friends? I’m not even gonna talk about sex with you. And the fact that a lot of women tend to be with guys that are similar to their father is pretty much general knowledge. I mean youre so smart, I thought you knew that already. Third, just because you talk a lot doesnt make you smart, you cant dazzle everyone with a bunch of words, some people actually can see the forest for the trees. And fourthly…….the end.

  • jspade24

    Marie Claire Jones  

    And wouldnt I have to be pulling my head out of my ass? Youre so frickin smart, maybe you could help me with the physics of sticking my head out of my ass. I mean I’d have to be, like, inside out for that to work right?

  • MelissaMoore1
  • turbopanther

    pizzer twilighthowitzer Uhh…discrimination or generalizing based entirely on gender and not some stupid bullshit about “power+prejudice” because that’s a ridiculous made up social justice definition?

  • turbopanther

    GradeBMaple Victim-blaming?  What the fuck?

  • turbopanther

    JessIsCAlamity MorganKrossIf you identify with feminism, you’re fucked up, since feminism is about as far from human rights as a housecat is from

  • turbopanther

    davekeln23 TiberiusNikuPattersonMisschiefPlenty of people think that.  None of those people are feminists.

  • turbopanther

    Tehddy No they can’t, they can increase the sperm count of men whose sperm count is too low to allow for children.
    Whoops, you’re a fucking idiot.
    Also, please go live in your own new society and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

  • turbopanther

    Lizzles08 fhockey89Really?  Because I think men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, and I think feminists can fuck right off back under the bridges they call home.

  • turbopanther

    TalinAbadian jimdiesel4adrii_munizIt’s about the most insulting thing to be, yes.

  • turbopanther

    NikkiCallahan If you’re withholding sex from him, using lack of sex as a punishment for things he does, and threatening to not have sex with him if he does certain things, you are being abusive.

  • turbopanther

    Heather_W Triple_BizzleOr, and here’s a thought, maybe he didn’t go into what women should be getting out of the relationship because that wasn’t the point of this article.

  • XoshitaMorales

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt  theeeeeeeeee fuuuuck !!! He wants to bang my gfs ! whaaatt whoever wrote this is retarded !

  • StevenBeynon

    This is one of the most disgusting sexist things I’ve ever read.

  • abcXO5914

    This is the most disgusting thing i have ever read. The author of this is a MAJOR toolbag. I would bet that he has never and will never have a successful relationship. I am a woman and by no means am i a feminist but… what the actual fuck? He wants to “bang” 90% of your girlfriends but if he even thinks you are attracted to one of his friends….”there will be bad times ahead” I hope the author will forever live a lonley and miserable life.

  • StevenBeynon  thats what i was thinking. This made me NEVER want another boyfriend. My last one sucked, and this list is so objectifying. I think I’ll go throw up now. (this will also help to keep me looking slim for all the guys out there who want me to look like a model)

  • JoshuaAbdool  I think women are just used to hearing these things… 
    I know these are things I’ve heard guys say, or they say it through their actions. Yes, the article is offensive, but these are things thrown at me daily.

  • RexLittle

    One thing that should be noted is that there are exceptions to most, if not all, of these points.  For sure, I’m an exception to #20.  I’m old enough to have grandchildren in their 20’s if I’d had kids, but I never wanted them.  My first marriage broke up because she got baby rabies at 29 and I wouldn’t go along.

  • AltonAllen

    This is spot on!   I nodded my head at everyone of these!  It’s nice to see something on the internet that acknowledges the fact that gender differences do exist!  BRAVO!

  • AltonAllen

    MondoVox , they are pissed off at the article because of conditioning.  They’ve been conditioned to believe in the myth of gender equality.  That men and women are the same and that a relationship should not only disregard these differences but that men are not entitled to their natural tendencies (some will go so far as to depict the natural tendencies of men as evil ie. the ever expanding definition of sexism and rape culture).  The great thing about this article twofold: (1) it is rooted in real experiences and amount of ideological mythos can change or alter these actual realities described in this list; (2) the pissed off commenters can be as pissed as they desire but thinking people will not listen to them because the list describes something actual and real. The overly pious and pissed off commenters (pseudo feminists and their mangina enablers) have nothing to discredit the items on this list except an indignation that was conditioned by a set of ideas and beliefs that have no basis in reality.  This is the cool thing about the internet which is the world of text.  In the world of text emotion and false indignation cannot survive.  Ideas that are tried and true are validated by actual experience and can withstand all the foot stomping, yelling, and hysterical emotions that are used as a substitute for a well thought out argument.

  • Jezzerat

    AltonAllen MondoVox  Your opinions are execrable, but fortunately your particular brand of macho crap is on the way out.  Misogynistic bullshit like what you’re spouting is becoming more and more unaccepted by society at large.  The modern Neanderthal is just as doomed as his prehistoric counterpart, and it is about fucking time.

  • YacayobMaldo

    This article has some truth to it, but the kind of men he’s talking about don’t post comments online. There are valid points (30, 49) as well as laughable ones (42, 43).

  • dragon3tte49

    if he wants anal , he can go do it in his mother’s asshole

  • AltonAllen

    Jezzerat, I’ve been reading your comments.  Have you ever looked at your responses to other people’s commentaries?  I don’t mind insults or expletives.  I’m completely okay with that however, the use of them as a substitute for a sound argument with supporting details shows that you actually don’t have an argument to make.  If you don’t believe me, re-read your comments.  There is absolutely no substance to the things you say. Your curses and insults seem more of an opinion and since you’ve done nothing to substantiate these sentiments of yours, you have made an unsupported argument.  One of my points was that gender differences exist.  Is this something you disagree with?  If so then explain the reasons behind your contention because you have not done this at all.  I’ve also asserted that the content of the list is rooted in experience.  The only proof of this I have are my own personal experiences and those I’ve read from other males on the internet.  If you disagree with this maybe you should put forth your substantiating details as a counterargument because you’ve not done that either.  I could go on but I’d also like to address a couple of other vagaries you mentioned.   You say that my brand of “macho crap” is on the way out.  I have a couple of questions: (1) what exactly is macho crap?  I have no clue what you are talking about when you use that term.  Please clarify; (2) the macho crap that you have yet to provide a definition for is “on the way out”?  Once again, you never explain this.  Let us assume that this “macho crap” is the content of my comment and, of course, my comment is based upon the content of this article.  If, as you assert, this subject matter is “on the way out” then why are you here to tell me this?  In fact, you are actually serving no purpose by issuing this admonition for this “macho crap” will, inevitably, cease to exist because, in your own words, it is “on the way out”. 
    If you are going to troll at least be thoughtful about it.  There is nothing thoughtful about unsubstantiated opinions, insults, and curse words.  You don’t strike me as being intelligent.  You come off as impulsive and irrational.  And I am not basing this on your response to me.  Instead, I am basing this on your many comments on this particular thread.  You say nothing of substance.  You say nothing meaningful.  If a person with a scintilla or shred of common sense were to read your comments, they would have to summon their better natures in order to not refer to you as being either stupid or dumb.  I strongly recommend that you work harder at becoming more thoughtful and intelligent (ie. read a book that challenges your ideas) so that you may become better at trolling.  Thus far, all you’ve done was turn people off from the ideas that you are doing an awful job of promoting.  If I were a person who found this article’s content troubling and wrong, the first thing I’d do would ask this site moderator to ban you.  Not because of anything you’ve said but the way you carry yourself.  The last thing I would want is for anyone to believe that my ideas and disagreement with this article is, in any way, associated with a complete idiot.

  • Catherine1234

    So, from I have read, (to create a strong and lasting relationship):
    – the woman must accept that the man is watching porn (no. 1)
    – just be cool if he became interested in other women (no. 3)
    – accept the fact that we will never be on the first place in their lives (no. 4)
    – we have to learn to like what movies they like (no. 22) but if they watch a movie that girls like they have to be rewarded (no. 42)
    – accept that he can be gelous on our boy-friends (no. 10) but he wants to have sex with our girl-friends (no. 12) and in the same
    time we must never flirt with they boy-friends (no. 30).
    It just doesn’t seems fair to me.

  • bakersdozen13

    BeShanaman bakersdozen13 MondoVox  

    Sigh, didn’t I already dispatch you earlier? Now you’re piggybacking off of someone else’s comment in hopes to redeem yourself. LOL fail.

  • bakersdozen13

    MondoVox bakersdozen13

    I may have misjudged my characterization, but my main point remains the same.

    Your agreement with this load of tripe doesn’t upset me. The fact that you think you’re somehow unique and special because you highlight and agree with the tamest parts of the list actually made me laugh out loud. It’s interesting that, in your eyes, that people like you are “allowed” to express your agreement with this list but people like me “should just move on.” 

    Men vocally disagree with this list (funny how you ignored that point). Their disagreements have been the top comments.

  • bakersdozen13

    AltonAllen MondoVox  

    “That men and women are the same and that a relationship should not only disregard these differences but that men are not entitled to their natural tendencies”

    Then you misunderstand completely. Most progressive thinkers understand that equality != the same. Men and women are equal. Men and women are NOT “the same.” The average human understands that. I would certainly hope you wouldn’t put yourself above the pretty woman in your photo (if that’s you and her). I hope you recognize your inherent differences but also accept that you’re equals as human beings.

    Men are certainly entitled to “their natural tendencies,” but to reduce a man to those natural tendencies as this list does is insulting toward the entire gender. My man and I *both* enjoy attractive human beings that catch our eye. We talk about them. We wink-wink-nudge-nudge “What a hottie.” But that doesn’t sum up his entire person or even a majority of his entire person.

    No one is trying to neuter any men here. We’re just saying men are so much more than this load of backwash.

    Now I see you’ve called out the “pseudo feminists and mangina enablers” in this comment thread (just moments before expressing how people have to resort to insults as a “substitute for a sound argument” lol hypocrisy much?). I’m waiting for similar comments about the underdeveloped manchildren who scream “LESBIAN FEMINISTS!1!!1!!! BETA WHITE KNITES!1!1 TEHY DONT GET LAIDD!!!!!!!11” on this thread. 
    Or is that just your own bias kicking in? Hell, based on your comments (I mean, “mangina,” really???), you’re downright enabling them. For someone who presents himself so logically and articulately, you don’t seem much different than the mouth-frothing faux-“Alpha bros” who have run rampant on this thread. You just write prettier.

  • AltonAllen

    bakersdozen13 I am going to address one thing you’ve said at this moment.  Later, should my time permit, I address another comment of yours:
    “Men are certainly entitled to ‘their natural tendencies,’ but to reduce a man to those natural tendencies as this list does…”
    For starters, the list doesn’t do that.  I reject the premise in your comment for you isolate these natural tendencies as if they exist alone, and this is not the case.  These natural tendencies are acted upon and in acting upon them man learns through the application of his own reason.  And what man learns from this act becomes practice and these practices are passed on to other men (although the author seems to possess the optimistic belief that such things can be passed on to women as well as evidenced by the title of this article).  Certainly man wants to bang his wife’s or fiancée’s friends but the rational man does not act upon this because either his reason, the wisdom of others, or prior experiences (which creates wisdom) teach that this behavior threatens that which he values in the relationship with either his wife or fiancée.  And the pursuit of this value coupled with his reason restrains this natural tendency.  However, this natural tendency does not go away and there is nothing wrong with that for it’s natural.  However, the irrational man denies this tendency because he denies himself and his nature (many of these men have had their minds poisoned by a belief that men are depicted as morally inferior and women are morally superior).  The irrational woman denies these tendencies as well, and when they appear in men, such women castigate men for that which is naturally occurring.  My experiences have shown that more than a minority of women have acted in this manner, failing to realize what is natural because they cannot escape the narcissism wrought by emotional insecurity thus they view the natural as not being natural but as an affront to themselves – women have done little to discredit the stereotype of female self centeredness and egocentrism (reality television programs that feature the popular Bridezillas put female narcissism on display for all to see with no meaningful counter narrative ).   Such women belittle the man who brandishes that which is natural, sometimes invoking invented maladies that produce phony accusations such as “sex fiend” or “cheater”.  And this is the entire point of this list, for men to share that which has been wrought by the combination of reason and natural tendency, a uniquely male wisdom that promotes stable and peaceful living.  And you deny this.  Now, what were you saying about natural tendencies again?

  • MTSMTS pandabear81  We’re not disagreeing to give him BJ. But it’s not payment. Using sex for payment in a relationship is disgusting.

  • akma ElyahDucos  actually, I like men that are intelligent. Weird, huh?

  • xcliu

    Whoever wrote this article – good intentions, but the perspective is shaming to women. http://drkellyflanagan.com/2013/04/17/a-daddys-letter-to-his-little-girl-about-her-future-husband/

  • AltonAllen

    xcliu This is not shaming, this is describing a reality about men that exists.  A person who feels shame for this is a person who feels shame as a result of an unchangeable and ever present feature of reality.  This is like feeling shame for rain, soil, sunshine, and the inevitable growth of the plant life that results from these things..

  • Hollyucinogen

    Some of these are incredibly fucking creepy. #9 literally make me do a double-take in shock.

  • BrianCurtis1

    Hollyucinogen I don’t see anything creepy about it. “Dear, I’m going to have sex N times a week. Whether you’re involved in any of it is up to you.” Perfectly reasonable.

  • John Dee

    Hollyucinogen aaaand that is why ladies like you have such a hard time finding and keeping a husband.  

    I hope you enjoy cats…

  • John Dee

    Hollyucinogen P.S. you are incredibly creepy too.

  • John Dee

    xcliu I’m sure that telling a heroin addict to get clean is an act of shaming too, but that doesn’t change the fact that if they keep up the addiction they will inevitably overdose.
    In a culture that provides a ridiculous amount of rationalization and justification for every possible action its women take (no matter how harmful) its about time someone delivered a bit of uncensored truth like this article.  If you feel a sense of shame, good.  You’re beginning to at least realize that you have something to be ashamed of.

  • John Dee

    dragon3tte49 You seem to be speaking from a place of experience. How’d that for out for ya, champ?

  • John Dee

    dubiousmikeI think all that Manhattan women expect is the guy to have enough cash, and the rest is negotiable.

  • John Dee

    DannyJane All a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing.  You need to understand that men – real men like the ones you keep saying you want – actually think this way.  Either grow up and deal with it, or head back to your hugbox where no one will ever hurt your feelings.

  • John Dee

    Psychic Heart “frightening for the human race ”  
    News Flash:

    The men and women who agree with this article are actually producing the next generation of the human race (as they have always done).  The genetic abnormalities who find it offensive, conveniently find themselves single and childless past the age of 35 (yes, that would be natural selection working out the defects).

  • John Dee

    vancitydude “For the girls that don’t, do at your own risk: you  might not be able to keep the kind of man you truly want.”

  • John Dee

    bakersdozen13 The truth hurts a bit too much for you, doesn’t it?

  • John Dee

    Jezzerat  I’d like to see some proof for the assertions in your little temper tantrum, princess.
    Do you understand anything about evolution at all?

  • John Dee

    BeShanaman bakersdozen13MondoVox 
      Indeed.  I’m thinking they’re either sockpuppeting, or calling out the beta orbiter reinforcements.

  • John Dee

    You’re convinced the terminology is invalid, but can you even explain why?  
     I don’t think so.

    That’s some tidy “logic” there.  Hint: a real argument consists of more than just venting your feels.

  • KnaveMurdok

    Men are extremely emotional and insecure. Unlike women however, we are USED to getting everything we want RIGHT NOW, and it is YOUR JOB as a woman to provide that service. It is important than a man’s insecurities never show, thus propagating the myth that all men are 100% confident and in control of their emotions (assuming they have any at all). This is why men who show emotion or any kind of lack of control are immediately assumed to be women.

  • DannyJane

    John Dee DannyJane  I know that, Johnny.  I’m married to one.  Sadly, he’s in the minority.  It’s the rest I have problems with.

  • cameronsmith

    50 Things Every Man Should Realise About Women

    Here’s one for the men. Ladies, please hang around, you may stand where you wish. Don’t worry I’m not going to hit on your boyfriends and husbands, but I got a few things to tell them. Trust me, this is my own opinion, you may take from it what you will.
    Ok guys, now it’s just you and me. You’re all looking very human today, maybe we can go respect each other sometime – no, shit. That’s not what I’m supposed to say.
    Anyway, the reason I pulled you all aside, is to show you my perspective. Wait! Don’t leave, I wasn’t kidding. I haven’t got it out of my system yet.
    Seriously, though, I want to let you in on a little secret, Chuck Henderson doesn’t know shit about anything. He just can’t figure it out, and all his attempts end in humiliating defeat. So stop expecting him to understand the intricate humanity that is the feminine psyche and just accept the fact that it’s never going to happen. However…there is hope. Once he stops over-thinking women and realises that they are much less complex than he thinks, he could grow up, learn compassion and understand the nature of gender based oppression.
    So here’s a list of things, Chuck, that will help you create a strong and lasting relationship with just about any girl who is willing to give you a second chance of attitude. And if you need any extra help, I’ll give you a kick up the arse.
    1. You gotta stay away from her bedside draw
    You can’t handle it. It’s more or less the same for every girl, so don’t think she’s a perv or anything. But if you go browsing into what she’s using to finally sexually satisfy herself, you’ll regret it. Women are more sexually complicated and 7/10 you won’t be able to make her orgasm without her own hand or a vibrator assisting the process.
    2. You can’t change her
    Don’t try to change her by writing some bogus advice list on some website.
    3. You shouldn’t take it personally when she talks to other men.
    She’s a human being who likes to talk to other human beings.
    4. She will choose her friends over you
    You are also her friend, probably her best friend. And she yours, if you respect each other.
    5. Never criticise her mother
    Never criticise anyone

    6. You have to let shit go
    If she gets period blood on the sheets, don’t make her feel like shit about it. It was an accident, it’s not like she’s enjoying it.
    7. Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.
    If you ask her whether she feels as though the housework is equally shared, you won’t enjoy the answer. Though who would ask that right? A considerate person would
    8. You can’t bombard her the second she takes of her clothes.
    She doesn’t owe you any sexual favours, sex is mutually pleasurable only if both parties are in the mood for it. Your sexual pleasure does not rank over her wishes.
    9. Withholding sex is a sympathetic game
    Relationships get to the point where sex is less passionate, acknowledging this and enjoying the woman’s mind more than her body demonstrates sexual maturity and respect for her character
    10. She’s jealous of your domination of society
    Can you imagine if humans could be born a third biological gender, neither male nor female, something else. Imagine this gender was bigger, stronger and more aggressive than you, a gender which has oppressed you throughout history. If you wear shorts, or a deep V top, you risk being raped and then being accused of inviting the attack by your choice of clothes. Appreciate that women are treated as second-class citizens, be part of the solution not the problem.
    11. She wants you to try appreciating her
    Don’t let yourself start taking her for granted, the unmatched effort she puts into the relationship and making you happy will destroy the relationship
    12. She wants to get to know your friends
    I’m not saying she’ll do it, but she wants to. Don’t take it personally – she’s wanted to get to know most of the people you love. It’s really not that big a deal. But understand that sometimes your friends may not treat women as kindly as they treat you. This is why she doesn’t want to be around some or your boisterous mates 
    13. You should learn to cook
    There’s nothing sexier than a man who knows how to cook and doesn’t expect a women to do it more because of her biology
    14. She wants you to talk to her
    And you should want to talk to her, why are you with her if you don’t care what she has to say? Sex? You’ll need to care about more than that if you want a happy partnership.
    15. She notices when you don’t listen
    You’d never do that to your mates
    16. She wants you to need her
    17. You’ve got to watch your weight
    But she loves you, and she’s not that shallow so she won’t leave you if you gain some weight. Be healthy for your own well-being
    18. If you’ve been living together for longer than three years, you’ve probably had the marriage conversation and discussed both your hopes for the future.
    Marriage isn’t the finish line of love.
    19. Ultimatums should NOT be needed
    If it has got to the point where a certain behaviour is so damaging to her happiness, you should want to stop it to be kind. You shouldn’t need to be threatened with the end of a relationship before you’ll stop drinking/cheating/doing drugs/gambling/lying/abandoning/beating her.
    20. She wants kids
    Maybe, but not necessarily with you.
    21. Just don’t lie, everybody fucks up. 
    Grow a pair of boobs, own up, hope for the best.
    22. She wants you to like what she likes
    So don’t be an arsehole and insist she gives you a blow job just because she tried to share something she likes with you.
    23. She thought you looked good when you cried
    You have been conditioned to believe that “shouldering your burdens” is a good idea, but it can seriously mess you up. You have a right to be upset if you feel upset, and she will appreciate your emotional honesty
    24. She has no interest in football
    Some may genuinely enjoy it, but for most it’s the most trivial pointless money wasting bollocks that she doesn’t care about. 
    25. You shouldn’t take sides
    A loving relationship is not a battle, there’s no winner. You’re a team working together to be happy in life

  • cameronsmith

    26. She wants you to expose yourself to new things
    It’s not her responsibility to provide you with all your new experiences, go find some yourself
    27. You need to tell her exactly what you want
    Don’t mislead her when you don’t want to enter into a relationship, it’s hard but it’s much kinder
    28. She hates that you care more about her hair than her personality
    29. She might want you by her side
    If she ever needs an abortion, it is heartless to make her feel alone and responsible for your shared mistake.
    30. As you grow together you might grow out of other friendships
    31. You should aspire to be each others muses
    32. Whatever it is you want in bed, she might not want to do
    Women don’t have prostates, she might not feel as much pleasure from anal as you do.
    33. She needs to talk things over sometimes
    Don’t try to emotionally repress her, thats YOUR thing
    34. Save the big piece of chicken for whoever would like it
    35. Don’t EVER de-feminise her
    She’s a woman if she burps, farts, shits, has hairy armpits, or doesn’t wear make-up, heels, skirts or push up bras.
    36. She does want to hear about your sexual past
    It’s interesting history
    37. She wants you to be the best lover she’s ever had
    But unless you make an effort to learn about her sexually instead of getting advice from porn stars who are paid to act horny, you won’t be. She will probably lie to you to spare your feelings, because she’s conditioned to respect your pride over her pleasure.
    38. If either of you cheat, you need to find out why
    40. She shouldn’t be your moral compass
    She shouldn’t need to stop you from doing the wrong thing. If you’re doing bad things that’s your fault
    41. She shouldn’t need to let you win to comfort your ego
    Find self confidence from being good to others working hard to achieve your goals, not from winning at tekken.
    42. If you make her watch a football match, at least cook dinner afterwards.
    And if you agree to watch a film with her, don’t resent her for making that choice and sexually threaten her.
    43. Speaking of threesomes…would you consider having one with another guy?
    44. Don’t ever tell someone you love to shut the fuck up.
    If there’s something important on her mind, you shouldn’t need to be told to care
    45. Everyone should compliment each other more
    With the barrage of self-esteem damaging fake images we’re subjected to, everyone needs compliments
    46. No one is ever right
    Right and wrong are subjective, respect each others different opinions
    47. She may look as good as she wants to look
    If her dressing up communicates more to you than her words, you’re not listening.
    48. She’s not your mum
    Do your share of cooking, cleaning and housework.
    49. You’re not her dad
    She needs affection, not protection
    50. Everyone is complicated
    Learning and communicating makes it uncomplicated

  • whatchagonnado2

    Hollyucinogen Absolutely. So many men act as if they are always ready and wanting sex. Bull. If a woman said #9 to a man, men would pee themselves and call her all kinds of names.

  • MinnieMathilda

    KnaveMurdok You’re saying men are  three-year olds and women are their Moms?

  • MinnieMathilda

    John Dee Hollyucinogen Well, according to #9 a husband will rape me. I cat won’t.

  • LucidLove

    Who ever wrote this bullshit, must have big problems with his inner
    masculinity. It’s full of sophistic FALSE statements and they only apply
    for non-real men. It’s also childish not to mention, as men have
    troubles growing up and renouncing their ego in front of a Woman. This
    is just garbage, although, you have some, very few, points that are true
    and can pass as common sense. I would like to mention, that Men in
    general are not only different, but weak. While you give consent to men not knowing shit about women as if that’s alright, you have the impudence to give advices on what women should care to know about men? I mean men don’t give a fuck about understanding the complexity of women and here you are demanding and expecting women to comply to their “simplicity”… I see a double-standard here. So fucking get over it you
    misogynist arrogant and deviant wimp.

  • JoeyKelly

    Wow. That’s offensive.

  • MayaXanthos

    I’m not really “offended” by this article…partially because I try not to invest that much emotion in the internet, but mostly because I am too confused about whether it is insulting to men or women or both.  It’s just kind of a mash-up of silly stereotypes.  There are a few things that would make sense and be helpful if they weren’t written in such an offhandedly terrible way.  There are more things that are nearly on the verge of dangerous.  Some of the things here are just outright lies in my experience (#10,11,20,24,42,48,29…to name a few–just basing this on personal experience in my life and the lives of people I know).  Mostly though, taken as a whole, a relationship where a woman followed all of these to the letter sounds like a pretty awful experience for both people involved.  I guess people have the right to have whatever kind of relationship they want but this is definitely not the kind of relationship I would ever want to be involved in.  It also seems to leave off any room for variance.  What about S&M relationships where the man is submissive? What about homosexual relationships? What about Daddy/Babygirl relationships? What about other kinds of relationship dynamics?  Saying all men are the same is like saying that all people are the same; it just isn’t true.

  • Abdull93

    Well maybe ur alright Anna but I disagree with some point …..

  • 457

    This is literal trash wtf

  • marissahasting

    This is a terrible list. I am a little offended by it. The worst part is that I found it on my facebook page because one of my female friend ‘liked’ it. If this is how she thinks a healthy and fair relationship works, then I’m concerned for her and any other woman who reads this chauvinistic article.

    Dear Ladies, this is NOT how a healthy relationship works.

  • ek123

    article does not provide legitimate goals or “secrets” to having a healthy relationship.
    Many of your “realizations” insinuate that women are responsible for keeping
    their man happy without regard to what she truly wants or need. Instead, your
    article implies women are inferior to men and are at men’s disposal when they
    misbehave by not following this list. The title itself implies women are lesser
    because they have not realized these facts about men that seem so obvious. Pressures in our society that are represented
    in articles like this make women feel like they constantly must be perfect and
    living to serve their man. Following these points does not automatically create
    a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Instead, articles like this inhibit
    healthy relationships from developing honestly, naturally, and openly, which
    hurts everyone involved- both men and women. A truly healthy relationship is
    not based in the sweeping generalizations that you have made. Men and women
    should both be offended by this article.

  • AlexanderVanArsdall

    Hollyucinogen  You read #9 and thought “rape!?!”  I read #9 as “he’ll find sex elsewhere.”  I seriously doubt the author was implying rape with that one.  Good God.

  • AlexanderVanArsdall

    MinnieMathilda John Dee Hollyucinogen  According to #9, a husband will cheat on you, not rape you.  Sheesh.

  • AlexanderVanArsdall

    JactheStrange  The withholding sex was leading to a man cheating on his better half, not raping her.  Jesus.

  • AlexanderVanArsdall

    Uh, ladies, #9 isn’t justifying or even referencing rape, it’s stating that if you withhold sex from a man for too long, he’ll find it elsewhere or just break off the relationship entirely.  Jesus.

  • JessicaRose1

    John Dee Jezzerat  Hey there, sweetie!  No, not Jezzerat, I’m talking to you, John Pee.  
    You cute, little, simple minded boy!  First of all, so I don’t get the same disrespectful tone, I should start by noting that i’m a studied geneticist with a minor in anthropology, so yeah, I understand evolution quite a bit!  But the funny thing about Jezzerat’s post is that it has nothing to do with genetics at all, but a state of mind that can be inherited and/or evolve,a lot like our DNA!  But it can also change, much like allele frequencies do throughout different populations!  Anyway, I think what my friend Jezzerat here was trying to say, is that your frame of mind is clearly out-dated.  In order to keep up with the fast-moving times, you should probably change your ideals or hope for some catastrophic event that results in a bottleneck-type scenario where the only people left are just as ignorant as you are.  Best of luck!

  • MinnieMathilda

    AlexanderVanArsdall MinnieMathildaJohn DeeHollyucinogen”what happens next is on you”? As a reaction to not having sex with him?
    How does this not sound like a threat?

  • AlexanderVanArsdall

    MinnieMathilda Because it isn’t.  It’s been a warning from many, MANY websites and magazines that withholding sex from your partner for too long will result in you being cheated on or you getting dumped.  If a man has been cut off for too long, he’ll likely get what he’s missing from someone else.  Or he’ll resent the fact that you’re manipulating him in one of the worst ways possible, and decide that you aren’t worth the effort.
    Thinking the author is justifying rape instead of warning of the obvious says one heck of a lot more about you than it does about the author (or men in general).

  • yabakulov

    This is such bullshit, I can’t even take it seriously.  Just because you are an insecure, stubborn, needy, weak boy doesn’t mean the rest of us are.  I don’t need a woman to inspire me, I don’t check out other chicks in front of a woman I’m with, I know what incognito mode is so I don’t have to worry about my internet history, I actually DO want a woman to tell me what she really thinks instead of just validating my opinion, and I’m O.K. with a woman having female AND male friends to confide in.  You are pathetic, dude–just an embarrassment to men.  Ladies, please don’t mistake us for the kind of person that this list would actually be TRUE about just because it happens to be true about the guy who wrote it.

  • yabakulov

    MayaXanthos  I am a man and I’m offended.  This article portrays men as needy, weak, selfish, attention-seeking, stubborn, egotistical, and I am none of those things.  Perhaps the douchebag who wrote this garbage is, but not me and not most men, and thank you as a woman for knowing that, because who knows how many women are reading this and thinking “are all men really like this?”  Actually, i don’t think it would be that many, because women (and all people) ARE thoughtful and know that this is coming from  the perspective of one man who has all the characteristics I mentioned before, but that most men do not.

  • YoungOG

    XoshitaMorales  Is it retarded because its not true or because you don’t want it to be true….Because as a guy I have always wanted to bang one of my girls’ friends or sisters

  • YoungOG

    NOLAtoChile  Chile as in Santiago?

  • YoungOG

    #12 is so atrocious haha… But I am pretty sure it has been true for me with every girl I have ever been involvedwith.

  • AltonAllen

    yabakulov Don’t place me in that bag.  I have a healthy acceptance of the ways in which I differ from females.  We all have urges and demeanors unique to our gender and admitting this is a healthy thing.  I find that people who have forced themselves to deny these natural traits do so for political reason because they’ve been indoctrinated to believe that the purpose of ideology is to deny that which is naturally occurring.  Objections like the one you are raising remind me much of the way right wing conservatives try to legislate morality or civil rights leaders try to deny an individual’s right of thought through shaming and the force of law.

  • MinnieMathilda

    AlexanderVanArsdall MinnieMathildaWell  – if he says it will lead to cheating then he shouldn’t make it sound like a threat. Why doesn’t he say: “He will go looking elsewhere?” or “He will get it on with someone else?”
    For me it sounds like a threat. A serious threat. I don’t care what it says about me.
    And I don’t say it tells me anything about men in general. Just about the insecure being whoever wrote this.

  • AltonAllen

    MinnieMathilda   You sound ridiculous.  You argument is that he did not say something in a softer way.  You acknowledge that the alternatives you offered say the same thing as “lead to cheating” yet you are upset with the fact that he did not say “lead to cheating” in a different way.   THEN, from this you conclude that the author is insecure yet you show no relationship between his phrasing and his sense of security.  There is no rational connection between the two.  Your entire argument makes no sense.  It’s as if you already had an opinion of both the author and the article before reading the article.  You then felt the need to express your opinion without ever thinking it through then wrote your comment.

  • MarkJamesDengler

    Coming from an ACTUAL guy, this is an absolutely terrible list.

  • mg9000

    This is disgusting and chauvinistic at best. Whoever wrote this needs to go down a line of being slapped by every woman in his family, starting with his grandma. Can this site please find people who aren’t using a 15-year-old’s brain to write articles..

  • AlexanderVanArsdall

    mg9000  Shouldn’t you be burning a bra somewhere?

  • SkylarBall

    marissahasting  You’re offended? So what?

  • SkylarBall

    AlexanderVanArsdall  Exactly. Nowhere does it say that you have to have sex with him if you don’t want to, but if you DON’T want to have sex with him, then you shouldn’t be in a relationship with him anyway.

  • marissahasting

    SkylarBall Aren’t you? http://www.livefyre.com/profile/40648210/ said it best – “This article portrays men as needy, weak, selfish, attention-seeking, stubborn, egotistical.” Or maybe that’s the kind of person you are, Idk.

    I showed my boyfriend this and he even disagreed with everything written here. 
    A real relationship wont work this way. This article should come with a disclaimer.

  • BuckDat

    MarkJamesDengler  coming from another actual guy, this list is on point…every single one

  • JeremyEtringer

    mg9000  You sound weak, obese, and totally unloved.

  • JeremyEtringer

    MarkJamesDengler  “guy” clearly not a Man. Go further feminize yourself elsewhere Sally, if you find this so disagreeable.

  • JeremyEtringer

    Hollyucinogen  Yeah, he can completely disregard and ignore you.

  • JaredKnowlton1

    mg9000  You’re right, it’s pathetic.  There are a few valid points, but not many.

  • JaredKnowlton1

    SkylarBall AlexanderVanArsdall  More so, it means what it says.  There are plenty of women that punish men with no sex, not because they don’t want to have sex.  It’s messed up.  Don’t do that.  Deal with the problem.

  • OmoOmo

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  • CRTReporter

    MarkJamesDengler Thank God!

  • gaussminigun

    50 things every woman should realize about men who have insanely huge egos

  • daisyele_

    This is the most sexist piece of shit I’ve ever read. “He can’t help himself.” AW thats cute! All those rapes, those murders, all because a man ‘couldn’t control himself’?

  • SabahKahlanMorticiaFayde

    Most men still have the view until they’ve matured more but there are some who really don’t think like that at all. My husband isn’t like any of this and actually found most of this pretty retarded, he was brought up to be a gentleman and even in his wilder days he still didn’t do most of this. I honestly think this was made as a joke, not all guys are the same and most I know wouldn’t do even half of this. I agree it’s not very funny but some are blowing this out of proportion, calm guys there’s worse things happening that we should be angry about or focusing on.

  • RagenChastain

    1950 called, they want their article back.

  • ErwinBlonk

    For a second I thought this was meant seriously. Sites imitating The Onion keep popping up it seems.

  • Bjdjkwqwdq

    JeremyEtringer you sound like a cunt…..just sayin……

  • Bjdjkwqwdq

    JeremyEtringer go further your fucking face on a sharp rock…..

  • Bjdjkwqwdq

    MarkJamesDengler You sound like a guy who actually respects women and loves them, therefore does not expect them to do half the ridiculous crap in that list….kudos to you and thank you for being honest! At the end of the day men and women are both human beings right? I think we both agree the “I am a man, I can’t help it and you should just accept it” is a bit of a cunt mentally….JeremyEtringer

  • chefbowser


  • ChristyWojcik

    VERY DEGRADING TO WOMEN ” he wants to bang your friends” ? Discusting.

  • The_nice_guy

    okay for the women who are bitching stfu. and do something for the guy for once. i personally love my gf i would do anything for her, when i say ANYTHING I MEAN ANYTHING. and she would for me. all who are bitching that this article is not true ur single assssssssss  FUCK!!! keep up ur attitude and you’lll stay like that forever!!!! you bitch

  • AltonAllen

    ChristyWojcik, exactly because sexual attraction, and anything sexual for that matter is yucky and disgusting!  In fact, anything sexual is immoral!  Our society needs Sharia law to keep this from happening.  If only we could dress women in giant tents that do not show curves or body parts, and we have men live in monasteries, this problem would never exist.  In fact, men and women should be separated from one another forever because you know how men cannot resist the “va-jay-jay” and women love themselves some “vitamin D”.

  • AltonAllen

    daisyele_  “Attention shoppers, we have a ‘FALSE EQUIVALENCE’ breakage in aisle 9.  Please watch your step.  The aisle is flooded with intellectual dishonesty.”

  • AltonAllen

    MarkJamesDengler I’ve been instructed to give this to you:  http://www.returnofkings.com/28129/the-white-knight-landing-page

  • AltonAllen

    Bjdjkwqwdq I’ve been instructed to give this to you…. By the way, you’re welcome. 

  • Jsoule

    John Dee Psychic Heart Well, I was with a man who was kind of like the jerkoff that wrote this….let’s just say that ended.  I DO have a child and the asshole I was with….I fucked his friend after I left him.  Have a nice day.  By the way, your woman wants to fuck your friends too.  See how that works?  She’s tired of you, trust me.  Her fantasies are not with you, sir.

  • Jsoule

    John Dee vancitydude Your girl wants to fuck your friends, bro.  How does that make you feel?  I’m fairly certain she already has.  Too much time with a limp cock like you just makes her panties want to drop for the buddy of yours that isn’t such a self-centered cunt.  That’s the honest truth…deal with that instead of trying to tell everyone that this list is true.  It is true, for selfish little cocksuckers who’s mothers’ failed them.

  • Jsoule

    John Dee bakersdozen13 Obviously the truth hurts for little boys like you.  All that butt-hurt up there in that article is indicative that you need a woman to keep you maintained.  My three year-old is more self-maintaining than that, jesus….  She has to serve you for you to be happy…but she’s fucking your friends because you’re just a dick.  A dick is not interesting, funny, giving or even worth time, so she hops on one while your ass isn’t home.  Guys like you don’t keep women….you don’t keep her faithful, that’s for sure, ahahaha.  And the woman who serves obediently without ever asking for decency in return…is a spineless bitch that nobody (including you) respects.  Keep a bitch you don’t respect and what does that say about you?  You’re a dick, that’s what.  A washed-up old dick.

  • Jsoule

    JeremyEtringer mg9000 You fucked up putting your picture up, bud.  You’re not attractive and you look creepy as fuck.  Grow some facial hair, ditch the ugly blue shirt and queer tie, then maybe you’ll look ‘okay’.  I bet you have a small dick though, so you’re a waste anyway.

  • LucileJdv

    This is one of the most gender biased pieces I have ever read. Wow. Men are not all the same. Women neither. And this is sad and pathetic that people still have this view on life in the 21th century.

  • notmorganfreeman

    Well I wonder what point exactly people stopped taking this as a funny list that you may or may not be able to relate to certain #s and share with friends to have a laugh, and moved to making it a very serious rule book to deconstruct and complain about. This is a funny article. That is where it begins and ends. I would say no 50 point list can really be a rule book to anything in the world seeing as there are 7billion+ people on the planet. Since when did the internet community become experts on being miserable and mardy about everything that they dont exactly agree with. Oh right I remember… since forever. I never bother to post online because it seems futile but for some reason I couldnt help myself this time.

  • socialismisevil

    ChristyWojcik not even remotely degrading to women, “he wants to bang your friends” NOT disgusting in the least. just facts. feminism most likely taught you that, and it would be wrong. also its why more and more relationships are not lasting. feminism is ugly women that cant get a significant other, who are angry and jealous, and therefore trying to keep everyone else from having a working and happy relationship.

  • socialismisevil

    LucileJdv um….no its not, PC crap is whats wrong with this world, and whats sad and pathetic is you believe the PC liberal crap. of the 50 things 99.9% of the men out there will be able to relate to, and no less than 45 of the 50 items will apply

  • socialismisevil

    RagenChastain 1950 called and they didnt have stuff like this then. (though for the record this is NAILED IT spot on for ANY TIME PERIOD!!) 
    facts are facts, and nature ALWAYS wins over nurture.

  • socialismisevil

    SabahKahlanMorticiaFayde ill be calling bullshit now. he told you that because he knows how you are. he agreed with most everything there. this also has noting to do with maturity.

  • socialismisevil

    daisyele_ wow, didnt take your batshitcrazy pill today did you?

  • socialismisevil

    marissahasting this is a GREAT list. if you are offended grow a pair. this actually IS how a healthy and FAIR relationship works. being a wimp just gets you walked on, and that is also UNHEALTHY. this is all fact, and the vast majority of REAL men will easily be able to relate. you have been feminized, which will lead to your undoing at some point.

  • socialismisevil

    457 no its literal fact.

  • socialismisevil

    yabakulov MayaXanthos no your comment portrays you that way. this article portrays fact. its just how men are. if you are not that way, you need to grow a pair.

  • socialismisevil

    JoeyKelly only to the stupid, weak, and deballed….

  • socialismisevil

    cameronsmith close but no cigar…you completely missed on many but nailed a few. the article did a much better and more accurate job

  • socialismisevil

    MinnieMathilda John Dee Hollyucinogen um no you ignorant fucktard, according to #9 your boyfriend will  be fucking x times a week, you can be there and enjoy it or you can be at home while he is at your best friends house…its up to you. feminism has made you stupid

  • socialismisevil

    MinnieMathilda AlexanderVanArsdall John Dee Hollyucinogen very easily, unless you are some sort of whack job libtard feminazi. close minded moron

  • socialismisevil

    gaussminigun and insanely normal egos, and insanely small egos….so like basically all men.

  • socialismisevil

    Bjdjkwqwdq JeremyEtringer just saying what

  • socialismisevil

    mg9000 this is not only NOT disgusting, its also NOT chauvinistic. whoever wrote this is a genius, who has balls enough to speak the truth in a world of PC pussies.

  • socialismisevil

    Bjdjkwqwdq pussy go further your ass off a 900 foot cliff onto sharp rocks

  • socialismisevil

    Bjdjkwqwdq no he sounds like a deballed pussy. just like you. at the end of the day men and women are extremely different, no mater what the PC feminist bullshit claims. facts are facts, you can deal with them or be wrong. i dont care, but there is a reason society is becoming sissified. it will eventually lead to our demise as a species

  • JackRandall1

    Jsoule John Dee bakersdozen13 Okay seriously what is your problem? all you have done in this thread is attempt to emasculate (poorly and immaturely) guys by saying their girls are cheating on them. You have done nothing but spew hate. I don’t know what kind of personal vendetta you have against men but you honestly need some therapy or something. the article did nothing but attempt to give a perspective on a few truths of Men and common traits that they have. Most of it accurate. No man agrees with all 50 items because all people are unique (duh). But there is a perspective here that I think is valuable. Honestly its assumed that women should do all of these things without equivalent understanding and consideration being given back. But in today’s society its pretty common for mens emotions and feelings and nature to be ignored and demonized. all this article is trying to say is “hey guys have feelings that you need to be sensitive to.” God knows men are expected to be sensitive to a woman’s feelings and desires. Honestly I am curious as to what kind of man you would want? Is every point on here that inaccurate to you or are you just upset by a select few? (obviously the withholding sex one seems to strike a nerve) Because if you honestly don’t think men have a right to have these feelings and desires than you are being quite unrealistic.

  • pileofcrap

    For all you nagging about this article, it’s pretty much fairly true. Reading it revealed things that I now see I do and don’t even realize I’m doing it. Sure we’re not all cookie cutter but I would say this is a good generalized piece about men. There are some things we just do, just want, and this article is giving you a bit of information about the innerworkings of a man. I would even have to say that somethings on this list you’ve said to yourself “my guy isn’t like that” — well he probably is but is too polite or worried to say anything. Kudos to the author.

  • pileofcrap

    yabakulov MayaXanthos man… we took completely different things away from this article…

  • pileofcrap

    AlexanderVanArsdall Hollyucinogen Alexander, that’s the problem with these 3rd wave pseudo-feminist.

  • pileofcrap

    SabahKahlanMorticiaFayde Your husband has probably learned that if he speaks out of turn against you even worse things will happen. Like I said in my own post, we’re not all cookie cutter, but I’d be willing to bet your husband would appreciate you more if you re-read this list and maybe gave him some positive feedback. Either that or you unknowingly already accommodate your mate well and hence no (or not many) issues arise. Just my perspective.

  • pileofcrap

    ErwinBlonk Do you mean like ads? If so, visiting the onion (if they have any active ads/link exchanges) would show them to you. I know I search something simple like “growing proper plants” and for days plant related ads and link changes show up for me.

  • pileofcrap

    LucileJdv What’s sad about it? Guys want affection, attention, and more wiggle room? That’s how I see this piece.

  • pileofcrap

    ChristyWojcik Men equate love with sex. If we’re not getting sex by our partner we typically assume something is wrong (often with us) and we go and find something to make ourselves feel better. Some men have more control over this than others, we’re not cookie cutter. But it’s the truth. Withhold what makes us sure everything is alright, pretend nothing isn’t or say nothing isn’t, then we’ll assume the worst. Think about it…

  • pileofcrap

    AltonAllen ChristyWojcik Sorry for asking but are you joking?

  • pileofcrap

    JsouleJeremyEtringermg9000  3rd wave pseudo-feminism. When you’re back’s against the wall, attack the way they look.

  • gaussminigun


    actually, the bigger your ego the more self entitled are, making you more prone to expecting women to follow the 50 suggests you see in this article.

    examples you might use to prove me otherwise:

    1. yourself, maybe you think you are no egomaniac, I remember watching a documentary on big egos and how most people think they’re being pretty modest, similar to an insane person thinking that they are sane, however I don’t know you, so we can’t really use that at an example

    2. people with small egos might just verbally act like they have egos, as a shield to make them look or feel confident, to impress their bros by saying “yeah i’d love a girl who’d always make me a sandwich” when they don’t really mean it

  • gaussminigun


    are you sure you have a girlfriend? you type like a 6 year old, calm yourself

  • roastporkbun

    socialismisevil ChristyWojcik That’s cool. So I’m assuming you are okay with your girlfriend fantasizing about having sex with your guy buddies, as well.

    If that’s the case then I see no problem.

  • roastporkbun

    If you think it’s okay for your girlfriend to fantasize about having sex with your male buddies, if you suck her clit after she’s spent the last 45 minutes listening to your commentary on the basketball game, and if you don’t start acting, dressing, and having sex like a like a lazy slob now that you’re out of the courtship phase and into the relationship phase, then I see nothing wrong with this article.
    But I’ll bet anything the guy who wrote this (and the guys who are agreeing with this) don’t play fair and don’t like when the tables are turned the other way.

  • Christoffer1

    As a man I’d like to note that multiple of these in no way apply to me, but of course when you sum of 50 generalizations about anything you won’t fit everyone. There are probably also large cultural differences, given how I’m from Norway and the men here tends to be feminist and more egalitarian-minded in general. But I’d like to comment on the ones I do not see myself in at all:
    “You Can’t Bombard Him The Second He Walks In The Door”

    Why would I not want to talk to my significant other when I come home, presumably from work and not having seen her all day. Why not bich a bit with her? (As long as I’m not the one getting attacked mind you). I also never drink beer alone, and if I’m watching something I’d prefer not to be disturbed after getting into it for 30 minutes.

    “Withholding Sex Is A Dangerous Game”

    I’m not sure how to interpret this other than “he could rape you and it’s your fault” … so this one is quite sick and disturbing. Of course, being denied sex from your significant other will be pretty frustrating, so sure, please don’t.

    “He’s Jealous Of All Your Straight Guy Friends”

    I want to be the only romantic interest in her life, not the only man in her life. Hell, even removing male friends she will still have her father and likely brothers as well. If you have a problem with her straight male friends, deal.
    “He Wants You To Need Him”

    I don’t have that big self-esteem issues, sorry.

    “You Should Always Take His Side”
    Embarrassing you in public is always bad, but I want my significant other to always be honest with me (at least within reason) and enjoy a good debate.
    “Don’t EVER Emasculate Him”
    How about just getting a thicker skin? Harsh stuff can be said in arguments, learn to deal with it.

    “You Should Let Him Open Doors For You”
    Yeah … it’s great that you’re being all sexist and shit but the gentleman concept is something we should throw in the trash. 😉
    Seriously, at this point it just a way for insecure men to feel important and build their self-esteem. Work on being less insecure instead.
    I have some other injections, but that’s the main stuff. Point 51. not all men are same. Learn to know your specific man to know these things.

  • ceejy

    “I don’t care how mad you are at him, if you cut him off for an extended period of time, what happens next is on you.”
    Yeah right… you mean like if he shoots up a bunch of people because you wouldn’t sleep with him? That’s on you? Every man is entitled to your body when and where and how they want it? I agree this article is part of the problem. Women: no man is entitled to your body or to make you do ANYTHING you don’t want to or feel comfortable doing. And if he does something when you decline THAT IS ON HIM. THAT IS ASSAULT.

  • JaredKnowlton1